by Cindy Johnson /


Lucas wakes up after the drugs wore off

When he opened his eyes two hours later, Lucas was confused and disoriented. He felt Vanessa’s warm skin lying next to him in bed and began to remember. As he turned to face his wife, he was brought back to reality by the fact that the young girl next to him wasn’t Vanessa. She was a young, sexy girl in her twenties that he didn’t recognize. With one swift movement, he sat up, startled, rubbing his eyes and trying to clear the cobwebs that the drugs had caused in his head.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

“Relax baby, I’m Sandy, your girlfriend for the weekend. Now lie back down and give me a hug, lover.”

Lucas jumped out of bed and when he realized he was naked, he grabbed his underwear on the floor and covered himself.

“Where’s my wife? You have to go.”

“I don’t know, but I’m yours for the weekend. It’s all arranged, and they said you’d be expecting me.”

“They lied to you and drugged me. It’s a set-up, and you have to go.”

“But I won’t get paid if you kick me out. Can’t I stay here, please?”

“Get dressed and let me think.”

At that moment, I looked around the room and noticed that Vanessa’s luggage and all her things were missing. Shit, she moved out of my room and into his. My cell phone was gone, so I used the hotel phone. I couldn’t call directly, but I got the operator who put me through to Jackson’s room. I was shocked when she answered.

“Vanessa, is that you?”

“Hi baby, yes it’s me. Are you OK?”

“No, I’m not OK. Where are you?”


Vanessa’s conversation from Jacksons' room

“Baby, just relax, I’ll be back with you on Sunday. In the meantime, I’ll be with Jackson. He told me you understood, and were OK with everything. Please don’t make a scene, we’ll be back together Sunday afternoon and everything will be OK. Do you like the girl Jackson got for you? I want you to enjoy her, it’s only fair. I don’t want you thinking about us this weekend.” At that moment, the phone went dead. It was disconnected and I was frustrated. I called back, but there was no answer.

Back in her room, Jackson hung up the phone and reminded Vanessa that there would be no contact until Sunday afternoon. He reminded her that the fantasy required them to have no contact and not think of Lucas as her husband until Sunday afternoon; after all, Jackson was now her husband for the weekend.

“Vanessa, I’m a jealous man and I’ll not allow my wife to talk to her old lovers,” he said, taking her in his arms and kissing her. She returned the kiss, feeling guilty for hanging up on Lucas, but she knew Jackson was right and followed his advice. After all, it was only for two days and they’d be together again forever.

Lucas was still holding the phone

That was it, I was just made a cuckold. I was ****** to accept my wife’s infidelity and had no other choice. Sandy, the ******, watched me talk to myself as I now stared at the phone.

After putting on my shoes, I told Sandy that she could stay, but to move into the other bedroom and that there would be no sex because I was still a married, faithful husband.
I tried to leave the room but found that it was locked from the outside. They locked me in the room, took away my phone, and made me a prisoner. I wanted to get out and started banging on the door. To my surprise, the door opened immediately.

When the door opened, I looked up at two very large men blocking the entrance. I’m an average-sized man — 6 feet tall and 190 pounds, but I had to look up at these giants and quickly understood the situation.

“Hello Lucas, I’m Jay and this is Blake. We’re your escorts for your stay to make sure you have a safe weekend.

“So you guys are my bodyguards?”

“Sort of. Where are you going now?”

“I need something to eat.”


The Bodyguards

The men weren’t very talkative and took me to the empty dining room where I was served food. They sat down at the neighboring table while I tried to plan my escape. Since I had no access to my car and was being supervised by these men, this was going to be difficult. At that moment, I realized that I could be a prisoner at this resort while my wife was being fucked by her lover. This was by far the worst day of my life. The woman I loved and trusted had just betrayed me in the worst way. Giving me some kind of drug, forcing me to accept her adultery, and making me a prisoner in the same resort where she cheats on me. And then she expects me to take her back after she soiled herself with another man. That’s not going to happen.

Jay looked at me and noticed my distress. “Lucas, are you OK?”

“No, Jay. I’m not fucking, OK. I’m going to kill that cocksucker and my wife. I’m far from OK.”

“I can understand how you feel, it must be difficult. But, Lucas, you have to understand that we’re here to protect you this weekend. You can’t hurt any of them because you’ll get hurt. That’s why he hired us, to protect you from doing something stupid. Man, it’s only for two days. In the meantime, you’ve got that sexy thing in your room and full access to the resort. Why don’t you enjoy the weekend, and then you can do what you need to do when you’re gone? You can either be angry and pissed off all weekend or enjoy the amenities. Either way, you’re stuck here and you’re not going to do anything crazy.”

“Maybe you’re right. I can divorce that bitch when I get home. Let her have her Fuck-fest and I’ll find a way to deal with it. I just can’t believe they did this to me and expect me to accept it all. They’re the dumbest people I’ve ever met if they think I’m just going to take this lying down.”

Blake gave me a sympathetic smile as I ate my dinner and read the itinerary Jackson had left. Fishing on the lake at 6 in the morning sounded good, and I decided to do just that. After all, why shouldn’t I? had nothing else to do but just stay angry. Lunch on the veranda at noon, massage at 2 pm, followed by spa treatments until 4 pm. Dinner at 6 p.m. at Lakeside Grill, formal attire. Formal attire? I did not bring anything formal, they can kiss my ass. I’ll wear whatever I want. I had no idea that one of the suits Vanessa had packed would be waiting for me in my room when I got back from the spa. This was all planned and orchestrated in advance. I never thought she could be so sneaky and cunning, but she always got what she wanted. Well, she will learn the price for her deceit and selfishness.

The men brought some food back to the room for Sandy, who was sitting in the large open living area watching a movie. I sat down next to her and just stared into space, trying to process the last twelve hours. She was smart and let me sit there without saying a word.

“You know they locked us in here, don’t you?”

“Yes, they told me everything.”

“And you’re OK with this?”

“Lucas, I’m not going to lie. What they’re doing is sick, and I can’t imagine how you feel. I only agreed to this after they agreed to my demands. I earned three months' pay to be locked up for two days with a good-looking man in an expensive suite at a great resort. I know I’m a bad person, but I need the money. Please don’t be mad at me, I’m not happy at all about what they’re doing to you. I’m here if you want to talk or do anything. I’m here for you this weekend.” I needed a friend and someone to talk to, so I agreed to the arrangement and went to my bedroom. I was still woozy from the drugs and needed sleep.

The next morning I dressed and went to the boat dock, as per the itinerary. By 6 a.m. I was on the lake with rods in the water, and by 7 a.m. I had three great catches. The lake was full of fish, and the size of the fish was the largest I had ever seen. Time flew by and thoughts of my cheating wife were thankfully forgotten. It was the best fishing I had ever experienced and for the first time since we arrived, I was happy and not thinking about the problem the adulterers had started.

I was back and cleaned up for lunch and was joined by Sandy on the Veranda with Blake and Jay, my new friends. They stood near our table as we were served a fantastic lunch and a bottle of wine. It was truly a lifestyle of the rich and famous. As I ate, I looked out at the big lake and felt the warm sun while trying not to think about my situation.

I didn’t see her approaching, and without warning Vanessa stood beside me and, as if in a hurry, kissed me on the forehead. As I jumped up, my bodyguards helped me back into my chair.


Vanessa greeted Lucas before going off with Jackson

“Hi sweetie, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for the weekend. I love you and I’ll see you at dinner.”

Before I could respond, she turned and walked away. She was wearing a sexy swimsuit and high heels that accentuated her tight butt and long legs. I was pissed and wanted to drown her in the lake, but I was ****** to sit there and be a good prisoner. I watched as she walked over to Jackson, who took her by the hand and gave her a loving kiss before they walked holding hands to the other side of the Veranda, where they sat down at a secluded table.

The pain of their betrayal and humiliation was something I can never put into words. I was stunned and speechless as I sat there knowing that my loving wife was acting as another man’s wife, and turning her back on our marriage, a hundred yards away. I felt tears streaming down my face, and for the first time, I felt broken and useless. I had sworn to myself that I would never experience that feeling again. Sandy sat down next to me, and gently wiped away my tears, comforting me over the despair she had just witnessed and felt.

My anger at seeing the two of them together was overwhelming, and the massage and spa did little to ease my feelings that afternoon. When we returned to our room, I sat down on the patio with Sandy and just stared out at the lake. She pulled her chair up next to mine and took me in her arms as I sat there crying about the end of my marriage and the loss of my wife.

We started talking and I poured everything out to her, which released some of my grief. She looked at me in shock, unable to believe what she was hearing. Sandy gave me a gentle smile and said, “That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Did your wife think you’d allow her to be his wife for a weekend while you were at the same resort? That’s just plain stupid. I feel bad for you. What can I do to help?”

“I don’t know anything right now, but maybe you’d like to have dinner with me and keep me company. I hate eating alone.”

“Yes, of course. They brought us clothes to wear for dinner. Yours is in the closet and my dress is on a hanger. When do we leave for dinner? “

“I guess they’re going to take us down at 6:00 p.m. Since we’re locked up here, we’re at their mercy.”


After getting dressed, I tried to open the door again to see if it was unlocked. I could feel my anger growing again, knowing I was trapped in this nightmare. I heard Sandy’s heels on the marble floor as she entered the hallway, and my mouth dropped open when I saw the dress she was wearing. Her big breasts were showing and her long legs looked stunning in the expensive high heels she was wearing.

“Do you like it?” she asked with a sexy smile.

“God, you’re beautiful. That dress looks amazing on you and you’re sexy as hell.”

She saw his hardness and pointed at his obvious arousal.

“Well, thanks for that,” she said, pointing to his obvious hard-on.

“Damn, if I wasn’t married to my crazy bitch, I’d be all over you.”

“That’s why I’m here, honey. I’m all yours, all weekend.”

The door opened, and our companions led us to dinner on the terrace overlooking the lake and grounds. There were some people present for dinner that I did not know, and apparently, this was to be a special event for the couple.

Sandy and I sat at the end of the long table across from Vanessa and Jackson’s seats. They were not there yet, and my chaperones gently suggested that we sit down. A few minutes later, I saw several people turn toward the garden area where Jackson and Vanesa were making an entrance.

When I turned around, I saw my beautiful wife in a stunning dress, her hair looking like that of a newlywed bride, and her face shining with dramatic makeup and a loving smile as the asshole grabbed her around the waist and led her to the table. She did not look me in the eyes. I hoped she would see my pain at her betrayal.

Seeing her go with him and act like his wife was so painful I wanted to cry. Sandy saw my pain, took my hand, and tried to calm me down. Asshole and my wife were now facing each other, and the other 6 couples were sitting to the side of us as they passed around the champagne flutes for the evening toast. When we all had our glasses, Asshole took the floor.

“A toast to my beautiful wife Vanessa and our guests who will be joining us for this wonderful evening.” Everyone raised their glasses except for me, as I gave Asshole a “death stare”


The Humiliating Toast by His Wife’s Lover

Another toast from Asshole: “To Lucas, our guest of honor, for his generosity and kindness. May this weekend bring you a new beginning and a happy life?”

Everyone turned to me and toasted while my eyes grew red with rage. Then my eyes fell out of my head when I saw that Vanessa, my soon-to-be-dead wife, was wearing what looked like a 2-carat engagement ring and a matching wedding band. Now, the rings I had given her were gone and replaced with her new husband. In my opinion, she took this opportunity to let everyone know that she had been replaced by a better man. When she noticed my expression and saw what I was looking at, she quickly covered her hand to keep me from looking any longer. Then I looked up as she gave me a sympathetic look and a knowing smile. I let myself fall back in my chair, startled, as people toasted me, the cuckold of the hour.

The couple was indeed living out the husband and wife fantasy and seemed to be living out a honeymoon fantasy as well. To me, this was frightening. I was looking into the deepest pits of Hell. I didn’t know how to deal with this sight and wanted to get up and leave, but Jay’s big hand-held me as he talked in my ear.

“Lucas, please stay seated and don’t disrespect your host. We don’t want anything to happen to you, and it’s the host’s wish that you be present at this meal.”

Sandy noticed my pain as tears welled up in my eyes from the mixture of humiliation, hurt, and anger. I did the only thing I could do to ease the pain: I started drinking. By the end of dinner, I was ***** and trying not to notice the loving attention of our hosts. I tried hard not to notice their kisses, hugs, and gentle touches as I drank myself further into oblivion.
After what felt like an eternity, the two guards helped me into my room and then tossed me into bed. Sandy took off my clothes and held me while I cried.

“That was the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen tonight. I can’t believe they made you watch their debauchery. Just hold on for one more day and you’ll be out of here.”

I heard her words and felt my head nestle against her large, soft breast, and then I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up with a headache and a terrible taste in my mouth. I showered and took a pain pill, freshened up, and then sat on the balcony, and then looked over at the clock. Only ten more hours, then this nightmare would be over, and then it’d be time to start my revenge.

Vanessa’s reflections:

That first night in his arms was incredible. Years of flirting and being close to each other led to a long love session. We kissed for hours, then he took my pussy and made me his wife. The fantasy I had dreamed of for years was now coming true. I thanked him with more kisses, a loving blowjob, and finally gave him my ass. That first night we did not stop fucking, and I am sure we copulated a dozen times. Feeling his arousal inside me brought out so many repressed feelings. It was even better than in my fantasy. He held me tightly and we kissed and caressed each other all night long.

When I woke up in his arms the next morning, I realized what I had done and I let it happen. I knew I didn’t love Jackson and it was just lust. Selfish lust that I wanted at any cost. I remember my husband’s words on the phone and how hurt he was. I felt the pain I might have caused him and I just wanted to run to him and ask him to forgive me for this stupid idea. Lucas was my one true love and I wanted him to save me, to come to me and take me back.
I was now terrified of what I had done, but at the same time, I felt Jackson’s hard cock against my pussy and realized we were not done yet. Carefully he turned me around and penetrated my still-wet pussy, fucking me hard until he came inside me with a loud moan. Then, without any love, he just got off me and went into the shower. I felt used and like a piece of meat and realized how stupid I had been.

The sad part was that after the excitement of the first night, the sex was less than average. The bastard did not even want to lick my pussy because he said that licking pussy was gross and only for wimps. All he was interested in was getting off inside my pussy, and after the first night, the excitement was gone. I even remember waiting for him to finish so it would be over. As soon as he came, he just rolled off me and didn’t care about my feelings.
Yes, I enjoyed the first night, the dinner, the fancy resort, and the treatment, but it was all an act. I wanted to run and hide when I saw the pain in Lucas’ eyes when he saw Jackson’s rings on my fingers. I cannot imagine the pain he felt when he learned that Jackson was going to replace him as my husband. How stupid could I have been? I need to make amends and ask him to forgive me.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Brunch Lakeside

At 9 o’clock it was time for brunch. Sandy and I were led to the outdoor terrace, where there was a huge selection of food and drinks. I drank several cups of coffee before digging into the huge selection of food. Sandy and I sat quietly, not talking and just keeping each other company. I only saw one guard accompanying us that morning, as the area was quiet and nothing was expected. I went back to the buffet to get my third plate when I saw Asshole walking across the patio into the pool, all alone. I looked around, but I was not being watched, and at that moment all the anger and resentment I had been suppressing was released, and I took action. I quietly set the plate down and tried to move out of sight and toward the pool to do something to the asshole for destroying my marriage and defiling my wife.

I was already 10 yards from the buffet and was about to start running when I was attacked from behind. Jay had been watching me from a distance and recognized the potential threat. My adrenaline was high, and I managed to kick him in the face, making him cry out in pain. I was able to get up and was about to make my way to the asshole when Blake came out of nowhere, and quickly took me down. I punched him hard in the face, bite Jay’s arm, and tried to escape, but only managed to get my ass kicked and thrown hard onto the pavement. I felt my nose break as it hit the ground at high speed and tasted blood in my mouth. I felt several body punches and devastating blows to my face. My left eye was quickly swollen shut, my nose was broken, my lip was split, and there was blood everywhere. The asshole didn’t even notice the threat and calmly continued to swim calmly. Jay and Blake escorted Sandy and me back to my room without making a scene.

Blake turned to Sandy and said somberly, “Clean him up. There’s a first aid kit in the bathroom. Because of his stupid behavior, you’re going to stay here until it’s time to leave.” As hurt as I was, I had to smile when I saw what I had done to Blake’s face. At least I got in a few punches before I was knocked down.

My face was a mess, and every breath I took was accompanied by extreme pain. My left eye was now swollen shut. My nose needed to be fixed as it was now crooked, and my lip hurt like hell. It looked like I had just gone three rounds with Conor McGregor. More painkillers and a short nap helped me get through the rest of the morning. We were brought a food tray and told to be ready to leave in four hours.”

Four more hours of Hell and I’d have my freedom and escape this nightmare. Was Vanessa planning to go home with me? From the looks of it, she’d be staying with her new husband. This sucked and I can’t imagine they thought I’d go along with all of this. I took more painkillers and tried to cope with the pain. My face was getting worse, and the ice packs weren’t stopping the swelling. I knew something was broken and needed medical attention when I got home

No one had noticed anything about my beating, but as I was being escorted to my waiting car, Vanessa looked out from the car window where she was waiting and saw me limping and battered. She ran out to meet me while my luggage was being stowed.

“Baby, what happened, are you OK?” she said, gently touching my face.

I backed away, looked at her with one eye and just said, “Fuck You!”

She recoiled from my anger and my words. Vanessa had never seen me so angry or used such words toward her in all the years of our marriage. Everyone looked over and saw the pain I was in as I carefully sat down in the driver’s seat. I probably had a broken rib in addition to the injuries on my face, but I wasn’t going to say a word or complain about my condition. I was surprised that she wanted to ride home with me. I had expected to ride alone, but there she was. My loving wife, talking to me and trying to nurture my feelings. This was so fucked up.

The first hour of the ride was uncomfortably quiet. During the ride, I groaned in pain at every little bump in the road. Between the pain from my injuries and my wife’s adultery, I was in no mood to talk or hold a conversation, but after the first hour, Vanessa could no longer stand the silence.

“Honey, everything will be OK. You can tell me what happened if you want, but when we get back, I’m going to take you to the doctor and get you fixed up. We’ll be fine, honey, and we can put this weekend behind us and spend the rest of your lives together, just you and me.”

My wife had either lost her mind or her brain had been taken over by aliens. I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t think straight between my pain and anger at the woman sitting next to me. I didn’t say a single word during the entire four-hour ride, and Vanessa was visibly worried and shaken by my injuries and the fact that I wasn’t talking to her.

Vanessa’s reflections on the weekend:

That was so much fun, and I’m so glad we finally got to spend some time together. Being with him at this resort and expressing all the feelings we’d been suppressing all these years made me realize how lucky I am to have a man like Lucas to give me this weekend. I can’t wait to be with Lucas again and hold him in my arms. Jackson was a fun guy, but he wasn’t my husband and I didn’t love him. I think we both realized it was just a one-time thing and now we can both put it behind us forever.

It’s time to go, and I’ll be back with him in a few minutes. Once I tell him how much I love him and hug him, I know everything will be back to normal. I’m waiting in the car when I see him, but why is he limping like that and oh my god what happened to his face? I ran to him and tried to hold him but I could see the pain he was in and asked him what happened. I had never heard him talk to me like that before. When I heard him yelling at me, I realized he was angry.

He looks terrible, and I need to know what happened and how my baby got hurt. Is he mad at me because he got hurt, did I do something? I need to take him home to bed and show him how much I love and appreciate him.

Damn, he’s not talking to me. I don’t know what to say.


Thank God we’ll be home soon, the pain is getting worse and I don’t know how much more I can take. I’ve got to get her out of the car and drive to a clinic to get more pain meds.
Before I even pulled into our street, I pressed the garage opener, backed into the driveway, and opened the SUV’s tailgate. She had to pee and immediately ran into the house when I stopped the car. With difficulty, I took out her luggage, closed the tailgate, and drove off. In the rearview mirror, I saw her run to the end of the driveway as I pulled away. Within seconds, I heard my cell phone ring, which had been stashed in the glove compartment. I didn’t answer it and just drove to the emergency room of a hospital across town because the pain was getting worse. I drove 30 miles to this hospital, which I hoped was far enough away that she wouldn’t find me.

I parked my car and somehow managed to limp into ER. When they saw me, they quickly brought me inside and laid me on one of the ER gurneys. They first took my insurance information and then my vital signs, which were elevated. I lay there waiting for the doctor, with only my cell phone next to me. I had ten calls from Vanessa and a dozen text messages. I realized I needed to let the girls know I was OK, and I turned on Facetime while I waited for treatment.

My girls reacted excitedly and were happy to hear from their daddy, but they screamed when they saw my face. I had to let them know I was OK and what was going on before they talked to their mom.

“Daddy, did you have an accident? Are you OK?”

“Listen, girls, I love you. Just listen. I was beaten up today by your mom’s boyfriend’s bodyguards and now I’m in the hospital receiving treatment. I dropped your mom off at home and I’m not going back. I’ll explain tomorrow but don’t tell your mom we talked or that I’m at a hospital. She’ll call you and I didn’t want you to worry. I’m not going to talk to her. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy. Did you say mommy’s boyfriend?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but yes. It’s been a terrible weekend for me, and I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I can’t go back home. I’ll get back to you, but I didn’t want you to worry when your mom calls. She’ll be mad because I left her and she doesn’t know where I’m. I love you girls, the doctors are here now. I’ll call you guys tomorrow. Please remember what I said. I love you guys.”

The girls looked at each other and were now crying for their father, who was hurt and in pain. The shock of hearing that Mom had a boyfriend made them angry because she had betrayed their father. Of course, their mother called a few minutes later.

“Mom, what have you done to Daddy? He looks terrible, and he’s in so much pain. He said your boyfriend’s bodyguards beat him up. Are you cheating on Daddy? What’s going on?”

Vanessa almost dropped the phone when she heard what the girls said, and now she felt anger when she heard that the bodyguards had beaten him up. Why would they do that?

“Honey, it’s not like that. I love your daddy.”

“Mom, Daddy said you were with your boyfriend this weekend. Tell the truth, Mom, we believe Daddy. Were you with another man this weekend?”

“Yes, but I don’t love him. It was just one time, and your father knew about it.”

“Mom, do you think we’re stupid? Dad would never let you be with another man. What did you do, Mom?”

“Listen, girls, this is between your father and me. Tell me where he is, I need to see him.”

“No, Mom, he made us promise not to tell you, but I can tell you that he’s very hurt and angry. He said he won’t go home, so I wouldn’t wait for him.”

Vanessa cried and hung up the video call. The girls knew there were big problems at home, but they had no choice but to wait for their father to call tomorrow. They slept very little because they were worried about their parents.

Examination results

After X-rays and a CT scan, I was told I had internal bleeding, two broken ribs, a broken nose, and a broken eye socket. I would be admitted and sedated, and the doctors would discuss treatment the next morning.

While waiting, I was approached by two police officers who asked me what had happened. When I told the admitting nurse that I had been assaulted, it was protocol to notify the police.

I told them the whole story; they took notes and told me they would write a report. That was the last thing I remember when the medication finally knocked me out.

Vanessa’s call to Jackson

Vanessa called Jackson and yelled at him after hearing his bodyguards beat Lucas up. Jackson had promised her that Lucas would enjoy the weekend, understand the one-time fling, and not be in any danger. He told her he did not know about the injuries and said he would find out and apologized. Then he thanked her again for the weekend. She was pissed, hung up, and threw her phone across the room. Finally, she realized Jackson was not being completely honest and had used her. Her anger rose as she screamed and yelled into the silent house.

He was not coming home, he was hurt and still in pain, and there was nothing she could do. She wanted him to come home and make love to her, and sobbed because she was alone now, without the love of her life.

Hospital next morning

The next morning the doctors came to see me. After sleeping through the night with the help of painkillers, I felt a little better. The doctors said my nose would need surgery, the ribs would heal, and the broken eye socket wouldn’t need surgery but would take up to six months to heal.

The nose surgery was scheduled, and I was kept in the hospital for four days until they were satisfied with the overall healing process of my body. I waited until later that night when I knew the girls would be home, and started video chatting.

“Hi girls, I’ll be OK. I’m having nose surgery tomorrow and they said my broken ribs and broken eye socket will heal in the next six months. I should be out of here in a few days.”

“Oh my God, broken ribs, nose, and eye? They sure did a number on you, Daddy.”

“Yes, they did, but I’ll be fine soon and I’ll be as cheerful as I used to be.”

“Mommy is worried about you. Can we tell where you are, Daddy?”

“No, baby. I’m afraid that if she finds out, she’ll send her goons to finish me off. The more I think about what she did and how I got beat up, the more I realize I’m not going back home. I don’t think I can forgive her. I don’t know where I’ll go, but it won’t be home.”

“Do you think she’d do something like that to you, Dad?”

“Girl, her goons tried to take me out, I don’t want to find out if she has something else planned for me.”

“We’re so sorry, Dad. When she called, we noticed she was crying and she begged us to tell her where you were.”

“Well, since you don’t know where I am, you have nothing to hide. Just tell her that I’m being treated for my injuries and won’t be available for the next few days. I won’t be answering her calls or texts, so she can stop trying. I love you girls and I’ll call you when I can, but right now I need some rest. If you need anything, just call me. I love you guys so much.”

The girls cried and hugged each other after the call. Their father had been hurt by their mother’s boyfriend. Their world was collapsing beneath their feet, and they were powerless to help. Anger and fear dominated them for the rest of the night, and they prayed that their father would be okay.

Planning before the Surgery

I called my partner at work and told him the sordid story and that I would be out of work for the next week. After 10 years, the business was running itself and my absence would not affect things. I did not tell him which hospital I was in so he would not have to lie to Vanessa. He offered me his rental apartment on the beach, which was not being used at the time, so I could recuperate. That was a relief, and now I had a place to stay. He said he would meet me there when I was ready.

The surgery went well, and I was told my nose would heal perfectly. My left eye was still swollen, and both eyes were now bruised from the surgery. I still had a fat lip from the cut I had sustained, and my nose was stuffed with gauze. I looked as bad as you could imagine and was scared to death when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was told the swelling and pain would go down in a few days and the medication would help.

The medication worked, and the next evening the girls called and persuaded me to call their mother and calm her down because she kept calling them for updates. I argued, but I realized that they loved their mother and I knew I had to talk to her at some point. So I decided to Facetime her after dinner and let her see the results of her fantasy weekend.

The Call to Vanessa:

It was 8 p.m. when her iPhone gave her the Facetime notification. She answered and cried out when she saw what I looked like. She could see that I was in a hospital and hurt worse than she thought.

She cried and apologized again and again. “I’m so sorry. Where are you, let me come to you, baby.”

“Vanessa, I’m fine, but you’re the last person I want to see. Your little escapade ended our marriage and put me in the hospital. The affection you showed him in front of me and the beating your lovers’ thugs gave me showed me that you don’t care about me. For the past two weeks, you’ve made me believe I was your only love, but you arranged this weekend to destroy me. But Vanessa, all you did was destroy our marriage and my love for you. I’ll not be coming home while I recover from my injuries. My broken eye socket will take a longer time to heal and I don’t want to lose my sight from the beating I received. I hope your fantasy weekend was everything you wanted it to be, and I hope you have a miserable life without me.”

She sobbed and said, “No. It’s not like that. He said you agreed to it and knew what we’d do. He promised me you’d have a great weekend and that you’d be happy for us and the money he gave you.”

“You’re completely insane. The money he gave me was in return for letting him fuck you. You’re nothing but a *****. Money for sex, you’re so fucking stupid. Did you also agree to drug me? After the drugs started working, he told me he’d fuck you and make you his wife. I couldn’t move or stop him.

Was it your idea to lock me in that room with an ******? Whose idea was it to surround me with bodyguards 24/7? I was locked up, had no phone, and couldn’t go anywhere without his goons by my side. Did you also tell them to beat me up like that?

I was his prisoner while you became his wife. You even exchanged your wedding rings and made sure I noticed. What evil entity has taken possession of you, Vanessa? What has become of you and where is my wife?

Yes, I saw how quickly you took off the rings you wore for 20 years to become his wife. The pain is too great for me to even consider taking you back after the level of humiliation and betrayal you have done to me. I’m afraid it’s over between us, Vanessa. You have destroyed our marriage. It will be difficult, but I’ll try to remember those first 20 wonderful years. I’ve already told the kids about your boyfriend, and they know I’ll be OK. Don’t worry about me, just move on and please leave me in peace.”

“Please baby, it wasn’t supposed to be like that. You have to believe me. Please come home. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll quit my job, I don’t want anyone but you and I never have. I love only you, please don’t leave me like this. This is a big misunderstanding; you have to give me a chance to explain.”

“I’m sorry, Vanessa. Seeing you two together is something I can’t get out of my head. I’m not sure I ever will. I can’t begin to explain how much pain you’ve caused. The pain from your cheating is ten times worse than the beating you arranged for me.”

“But it was just a game. We were just pretending, just a fantasy weekend, no love. I swear.”

“Really? Tell me, Vanessa…
  • How many times did you let him fuck you?
  • How many times did he make you cum?
  • How many times did you suck his cock?
  • How many times did you kiss him and cuddle with him after sex?”

I paused and let these questions sink in and then ended with, “No Vanessa, it was much more than a game. It was about my heart and my love. You threw them both away.”
Crying, she kept saying she was sorry and asked me to forgive her.

“Vanessa, don’t call me. I’m going to recover from the beatings and heal for a few weeks. I’ll call you when I’m better. Please don’t try to reach me, the pain you’ve inflicted on me is too much for me to handle right now.”

“I’m so sorry, baby,” she said as I ended the call.


Since I took care of all the household bills and health insurance, all the accounts were in my name. I closed the credit card and transferred all but $5,000 of the funds to my brokerage account, to which only I had access. The income would be enough income to cover the household bills until everything was settled. Money and finances were the least of my worries at that point.

My business was in a trust and would not be considered in a divorce. The prenup would be of no use because the only evidence of her adultery was my battered body. At 39, I still had a few good years left, and I would rebuild my life. There was no question that I needed some revenge, but I have time and I’m a patient man. Realizing that the medication was affecting my cognitive thinking, I discontinued taking any and focused the pain on my plans.

Six weeks later:

I finally began to feel like myself again. Living in the condo was a blessing. The morning walks on the beach awakened my spirits. And being able to work remotely helped with my recovery.

When Vanessa heard that Jackson’s men had beaten up Lucas, she was so upset that she stopped going to work. Jackson was afraid she would confess to his wife and decided to treat her as nicely as possible until she got over it. He kept her on the payroll putting her on sick leave with the HR department.

For the last two weeks, she was not feeling well and went to the doctor to be examined. The shock of the diagnosis was too great, and when they brought her back from fainting, they confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. 40 years old, and now pregnant and all alone. As if struck by lightning, she realized that the baby had to be Jackson’s, since Lucas had undergone a vasectomy two years ago. The tears would not stop, and she now felt lost and alone for the first time in her life.

Because she was still being covered by his insurance company, Lucas always received notifications and test results from the Cleveland Clinic My Chart, which he managed for the family. When he saw that there was a test result, he opened the account and learned that his cheating wife was pregnant. Knowing the baby could not be his, he immediately contacted his attorney and filed divorce papers. The prenuptial agreement would now go into effect. This made it clear to him that there was no reconciliation and no going back. Now it was time for the asshole to pay for his sins as well.

I warned the girls in the morning their mother was being served divorce papers. I explained to them that I had learned something that I could not live with and that their mother would have to explain it to them. I told them again that I loved them and that I would continue to pay for their expenses and school fees.

An hour later, my wife received the divorce papers. She collapsed on the couch and fainted again when she saw the attached pregnancy report. Adultery was the reason for the divorce, and pregnancy was the proof. Jackson was named the adulterer and father of the baby.

Karma’s a Bitch

Jackson’s wife, Mary met Lucas for lunch two days before Vanessa was served. My face was still messed up and I was still wearing an eye patch. I told her that her husband’s goons had done this to me and that everything would be clear after I told her the whole story. Then I showed her the pregnancy report and a copy of the divorce papers.

“You named my husband as the father in your divorce.”

“It pains me to say it, but yes. He had me sign papers preventing me from telling you what happened between your faithful husband and my cheating wife. But now that there will be a trial, I’ll tell you the whole story.”

After hearing the story, Mary wept and sat stunned as she realized how this selfish couple had caused so much suffering.

“If you can prove that he’s the father of this child, I’ll cut off his balls and put him out on the street. Lucas, do you have a good lawyer, I want the best one for my divorce.”

“Yes, mine is known for harsh vendettas, which I believe stemmed from his divorce a few years ago. I’ll arrange a joint meeting to discuss our options.”

“Lucas, I told you those two couldn’t be trusted. I’m going to kill that asshole,” Mary said with a fury Lucas had never seen before.

“Mary, I know how you feel. Somewhere inside me, I still love Vanessa. We’ve been happy for the last twenty years, and then it’s over after one weekend. My mind can’t quite process it all yet, and I’m in a living hell. I can’t for the life of me understand how the person you love can intentionally destroy you and expect you to accept their actions. I don’t know what to do Mary, but now that she’s pregnant with her lover’s baby, I can’t imagine ever being with her again. My love is slowly turning into hate, day by day.”

The blood test had indeed proven that Jackson was the father. Now Jackson at 50 and Vanessa at 40 would have to raise a child. At the PTA meetings, they will certainly be the oldest parents. Everyone will assume that they are grandparents. Screw them both!

Lucas would now be able to enforce the prenuptial agreement, which would give him the house and all related property, as well as control over all finances. As described, Vanessa would receive what she had entered the marriage with, namely her car and $12,000. She would now need a job to take care of her child and pay the bills. Vanessa would soon realize how good she had it before her big mistake and wish she could take it all back. Being a single mother, living in a run-down apartment building, paying for childcare, and having no free time at 40 was something she had certainly never considered.

Her life would soon revolve around diapers, breastfeeding, and raising a child. After learning what she had done to her husband, her family, and friends wanted nothing to do with her.

It turned out that I would not need revenge on Vanessa because she had burned herself. Her weekend of fun had cost her a wonderful marriage, the love of her children, the hatred of her family and friends, and her beautiful home and lifestyle. And now she had to raise her lover’s child alone, at 40 years old. She wanted her life back, but she had to learn the hard way that choices have consequences.

The Meeting

Vanessa had still not had a face-to-face meeting with Lucas since that weekend. She finally agreed to sign the divorce papers if he would meet with her one last time. They arranged to meet at a quiet café the following Friday.

By now, Vanessa was back at work but took Friday off to meet Lucas. She knew her marriage was over but needed to let Lucas understand what happened and somehow make him know that she always loved him and that he did not deserve what had happened.

Seeing her carry another man’s baby inside her as she approached the table rekindled all the hatred and anger, he had been able to suppress for the past month flared up again. It all came racing back in full force, and he knew that meeting Vanessa had been a mistake.

After two drinks, he was able to calm down and listen to Vanessa explain her side of the story and what Jackson had told her. She said she had never done anything without his permission and was sorry it had turned out that way.

She never knew how Jackson had played her until that meeting. For the next ten minutes, he told her everything. Lucas was stunned to see that she had no clue about the depth of his deceit. He almost felt sorry for her, but that quickly passed when he thought back to that weekend.

“Vanessa, you need to know the full story and what happened. Your boyfriend drugged me, kept me captive, and told me he was going to make you his wife. He then said he was going to tell you I was okay with your fantasy weekend — knowing that I was drugged and couldn’t move to stop him. I was a prisoner and told that I was going to become a cuckold and would not be able to stop him. He told me to accept his money as payment for lending you to him. He was treating you like a transaction, making you his *****. You picked a great guy, Vanessa.”

She sat there in shock, not knowing that Jackson had lied to her and made her believe that her husband was okay with her hall pass. For the first time since that weekend, she knew the truth and it rocked her back in her chair.

This was the first time Lucas had seen his soon-to-be ex-wife lose control. After hearing his full recount of the weekend, she screamed and threw her glass on the floor, cursing Jackson and herself for being so stupid. The few people in the café turned to see if I had hurt her, and soon realized it was an upset woman throwing a tantrum. A few minutes later she calmed down and just started sobbing.

“Lucas, I can’t believe I screwed up so badly. You’re the only man I’ve ever loved, and that predator convinced me that you agreed to a one-time free pass, and I allowed myself to believe it. There was no love between us, it was just sexual tension from 7 years of flirting. Hell, he was a terrible lover and didn’t give a damn about me. He just wanted to satisfy himself and I acted like a stupid high school girl and allowed him to use me. I’m so ashamed of myself and now I’m carrying his child. The asshole won’t even take responsibility and told me I was on my own because he’d have no money after paying for his divorce. He told me to abort the baby and move on.”

I listened and felt sorry for the woman I once loved and cared for. Unfortunately, her mistake was too great for me to undo and forgive. She had made some bad choices and would have to live with them for the rest of her life.

Suddenly, I saw her expression turn to stone. It was as if someone had flipped a switch and she became a different person. She looked at me, touched my hand and simply said, “I’ll always love you, Lucas. I’m sorry for my mistake and I know you can never forgive me.” She stood up and left me sitting there wondering if she just had a nervous breakdown.

Vanessa’s revenge

It was 2 p.m. when she went to her house and opened Lucas’s gun safe. She took out the small-caliber pistol and put it in her purse, turned around, and walked back to her car. The clock in the lobby of her office read 3 p.m. as she walked into Jackson’s office and closed the door behind her.

Jackson was shocked to see the anger in her eyes as she stood in front of his desk glaring down at him. “You lied to me and told me he agreed to the hall pass, and now I’ve lost my husband, my kids hate me, and I’m carrying your baby. All because you had to fuck me to prove you were the better man. You destroyed my marriage, and now I’m going to destroy you.”

Vanessa about to get her revenge

Jackson’s face suddenly showed his fear as Vanessa pulled out the revolver and fired two shots. The first shot punctured his right lung as Jackson was pushed back into his large executive chair. As he was pressed against the back of his chair, the second bullet pierced his neck fracturing the upper cervical vertebra. This twisted Jackson and he collapsed onto the desk, unconscious as he started to bleed out.

The staff heard the gunshots, called 911, and watched as Vanessa walked into the lobby and sat down in one of the chairs to wait for the police to arrive.


Jackson was transported by Flight for Life to a Level 1 trauma center and underwent immediate surgery. The collapsed lung was the easiest part of the surgery, and the projectile was removed without incident. However, the other projectile damaged his C3 vertebra and severed several critical nerves that they were unable to repair. A few days later, they learned that Jackson was now a quadriplegic and would spend the rest of his life rehabilitating and adjusting to being a cripple.

Vanessa was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. She was not released on bail and gave birth to her baby in jail. Because of her situation, she was ****** to give the baby up for adoption and await her trial.

After a lengthy trial that was widely reported in the media, she was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and acquitted of the charge of attempted murder. She remained in prison for the entire 6 months while all this was going on. Alone, without her baby, in the worst conditions imaginable, she cried and regretted that she had screwed up so badly. After two suicide attempts, she was placed in isolation, until sentencing. The judge could have sentenced her to 5 years in prison, but after reviewing the case and the circumstances, she was sentenced to 5 years in a mental institution, from which she can only be released after medical examinations and recommendations.

Jackson’s new life

While Vanessa was incarcerated and awaiting trial, I decided to visit Jackson at his new home, the rehabilitation center across town. It was a sad sight, as so many people who had suffered tragic accidents had been sent here to live and try to rehabilitate themselves as best they could.

I was taken to his ward, which was set up for paralyzed patients. Jackson was sitting in a chair with pillows holding him in place and a breathing tube connected to a machine that helped him breathe. He looked terrible and was no longer the big, strong man he once was. Anyone but me would feel a sense of sadness and pity for this man, but when I saw him, I could not help but smile.


Jackson after being shot by Vanessa

As I sat across from him, I could see his eyes following me, and I felt his discomfort. I sat silently for several minutes, staring into his sad eyes. After a few minutes, I decided to start the conversation.

“It’s ironic, isn’t it, Jackson?” I said, waiting for a response, knowing he couldn’t answer.

“Oh, I guess you’re not talking today. Anyway, what’s ironic is that the last time we talked, we were in exactly the opposite position. I was the one who couldn’t move and had to listen to your plans to take my wife and make her yours for the weekend.

You have to see the irony, Jackson. You’re sitting here, paralyzed by the woman you stole, facing the man you drugged and turned into a cuckold. For the rest of your life, you’ll never touch, steal or have sexual satisfaction with another man’s wife. What’s it like not to be able to move or speak, Jackson?

I’m sorry, I keep forgetting you can’t answer me. I’ll be the better man here Jackson, and visit you often to remind you of your mistakes. You reaped what you sowed and I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. I had some outrageous revenge planned for you for that weekend. Yes, after what you did, you wouldn’t get a free pass, and I was working hard to come up with something diabolical.

But I couldn’t have planned things better. My cheating wife, the woman you took from me, ends up putting you in a wheelchair for the rest of your miserable life. The baby you put in her womb was adopted, and neither of you will ever see the child. And to make things even easier for me, my stupid slut wife shoots you and goes to jail, and it looks like she’s going away for a while. I could not have dreamed up a better outcome. Come on, Jackson, you gotta see how beautiful this all is. Not even a smile or a nod? How boring you’ve become.

Well, I’m going to come by and bring you more great news from the outside world. You do want to see me again, don’t you, Jackson? If you don’t want me to visit again, just shake your head. Nothing? I guess that means you’re looking forward to my visit. I’ll see you soon, buddy. Don’t go anywhere. See, I made another joke. I’m going to enjoy our visit. Take care, see you soon.”

For the first time since the resort weekend, I had a spring in my step and had to smile. Maybe I was part masochist, but I really couldn’t come up with an act of revenge as good as the one Vanessa provided. As I left the parking lot, I had to laugh because these two stupid people had gotten exactly what they deserved.

Two weeks later, I stopped by to see Jackson again, but this time with Mary, his soon-to-be ex-wife, after convincing her to accompany me on one of my visits. I told her that we could cheer him up a little. I enjoyed the shock in his eyes when he saw me come in holding Mary’s hand. We sat down, and Mary told him all the family news, trying to be as positive as she could under the circumstances. We spent about twenty minutes with him and as we were leaving, I leaned over and whispered in Jackson’s ear to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Jackson, I know you can’t respond but I want you to know that I’m taking care of Mary for you and making her my wife, just like you did with Vanessa. She’s a great fuck and I love the way she sucks my cock. I’m taking her on holiday with me so we won’t be back for a while. Imagine us together with my cock in her ass and my cock in her pussy. I enjoy this irony very much. Have a miserable life, asshole!”

As I got up to leave, I saw a tear run down his face and just gave him a wink as I walked out with Mary in my arms. For the record, Mary and I never had sex, but I had to put that thought in Jackson’s head as he sat there helplessly, just as he did to me.

Yes, revenge was sweet, but this was karma and justified.

With a renewed feeling of satisfaction, I dropped Mary off back at her home and then drove an hour to meet Sandy. Yes, Sandy, the girl that spent the weekend with me at the resort. We stayed in contact with each other during the trial and became close friends.

Now that I was alone and divorcing Vanessa at some point in the future, I enjoyed spending time with Sandy. I loved fucking her and spending my weekends in her bed. Since she didn’t live nearby, it was easy to keep our relationship away from my girls or our friends. My sex life was my business, and my time with Sandy helped me regain my confidence and self-assurance. I was my old self again and having the best sex of my life. Sandy was a sexual superstar and taught me a lot of new tricks and games. We dated like that, on and off, for the next three years, and we both knew there would never be a long-term commitment. Eventually, she moved on and we remained friends.

The Claire Young Mental Facility

Life in the mental institution was light years better than in prison, but the most difficult thing she had to contend with was the other violent offenders in the institution. They scared her so much that she did not want to leave her room. With the help of daily counseling sessions, she found a way to cope and rebuild her life.


Vanessa in the mental ward

During the first month, she was attacked and spent two weeks in the infirmary. After that, she learned to make herself invisible and avoid contact with other patients. She spent 20 hours a day in her small room trying to cope with her new life. Her world had changed from one of happiness and luxury to one of utter despair, all because of her selfish and stupid behavior. How did she ever convince herself that her husband would ever agree to Jackson’s plan?

At night, as she drifted off to sleep, she still dreamed of being spooned by Lucas and his naked body. Other times she would wake up with visions of the bullet entering Jackson’s neck that ended the life he knew as well. The nightmares continued and her new world life was miserable. She remembered the words Lucas had said the last time they were together, “I hope you live a long, miserable life.” He got what he had wished for.

The visits from her daughters and family, except Lucas, were a great help, and after the first year, everyone saw that she was recovering from her breakdown. It took three years to conclude that she was well enough to return to society. Her attorney requested a meeting with the judge, and her entire family, including Lucas, was present when the judge read the reports and spoke with Vanessa and her attorney.

Judges Chamber

It was a cool autumn day when we met at the courthouse. We were escorted into the Judge’s office to review Vanessa’s petition for release. This was the first time I had seen Vanessa since the trial and the years have not been good to her. She lost weight and looked ten years older. I could tell she was shocked to see me and I noticed it was difficult for her to keep eye contact. I’m sure I brought back many memories she would have loved to forget.

After the formalities, the Judge started the meeting, “From the doctor’s report, it appears that Ms. Jones has resolved her issues and can safely return to society and is petitioning for release. However, I find it difficult to believe that she has fully recovered. I have the option of sending her back to the institution or prison for the remainder of her sentence. If I were to release her, where would she live?”

This was all to be expected, and we had discussed this with her attorney before this meeting. Her attorney stood up and stated that her family was willing to take her back in and support her until she got her life completely back on track.

“Your honor, Ms. Jones, would move back in with Mr. Jones and her two daughters. They would support her and make sure she can comply with the court’s requirements.”
Vanessa had no idea Lucas would take her back, and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. The judge looked compassionately at Vanessa and spoke,”

Ms. Jones Have you recovered, and do you regret your actions?

Sobbing, she replied, “Your Honor, not a day goes by that I pray for forgiveness from all the people I’ve hurt and whose lives I have harmed. My feelings of regret are too strong to put into words. I apologize for my actions and will accept any punishment you deem justified.”

The judge was moved by her account and asked Lucas some questions.

“Mr. Jones, do you agree to allow this woman to come back into your life and your home after what happened?”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“By her own words, she had an affair with another man and was carrying his baby. She was involved in your injuries and did things that I will not mention in this meeting. Why would you take her back?”

“Your Honor, we believe that she has atoned for her actions and that she is truly sorry for causing so much pain. She is the mother of our two daughters, and we want to help her recover and give her the love a mother deserves.”

The judge turned to Jackson’s wife and asked, “Mary Grant, your husband is paying a heavy price for his lies and actions. What would it mean to you to release Ms. Jones into the care of Mr. Jones?”

“Mary stood up and said, “Your Honor, my ex-husband caused this entire fiasco. He destroyed two marriages, lost his love child, and in the end, Ms. Jones committed a crime based on an emotional breakdown. I believe that Ms. Jones should be released, and I know that Mr. Jones and his family will help her become a useful part of society again.

Vanessa wept when she heard all the goodwill and love that was offered. Forgiveness and help were the last things she expected from anyone. Looking upward she said a prayer of thanks and waited for the judge to decide her fate.

The next day, she was released with a 2-year probation to complete her 5-year sentence. She moved into the guest room in her old house. The girls hugged their mother and showered her with the affection she so dearly needed. Lucas was certain that all the tears from the three women were going to flood the house as he watched and enjoyed the scene.

Lucas never filed the divorce papers after Vanessa’s rampage. He knew she was in a bad place during that time and he did not have the energy to finish her off while she was in jail, and he knew that there would be plenty of time for that later.

For some reason, the world seemed right, as if the scales had once again been rebalanced for the first time since the weekend at the resort and Vanessa’s mistake. Having her home and seeing their daughters so happy brought a smile to his face. They would have to see how things went from there.
Lucas continued to visit Jackson once a month. The visits became part of his healing process, and knowing that Vanessa had gotten his revenge helped him overcome the pain the couple had caused him three years ago.


After two years of probation, Vanessa was finally a free woman and remained my wife. After a long year living in the guest room, she moved back into the master bedroom and she continued her counseling. The first night I brought her back to our bed, I told her that I loved her but would never forgive her for the hurt and humiliation. I made it crystal clear that if she relapsed or showed any hint of disloyalty, I would throw her out, and divorce would be the least of her problems. It was awkward at first, but by the third time that night, our lovemaking was hot and satisfying. We were together again for the first time since her mistake. Somehow we found our way back and I felt whole again. I never stopped loving this woman and probably never would.

Vanessa never allowed herself to be captivated by another man again. She would not allow herself to be alone with men and made sure I was with her as much as possible. The actions she had taken, prison, years in the institution, and the loss of her family, led to a profound change in her thinking and personality. Vanessa was now a committed wife and made sure I knew that every second of every day. To be free again and still married was a blessing she would never betray again.
After years of struggle, Vanessa was a new woman. More beautiful than ever, full of love and energy. She never gave me a reason to doubt her love or loyalty. I still make the pilgrimage to see Asshole every month, but now I take Vanessa with me when I visit him to remind him why he’s living in the hell he created. We don’t talk to him when we visit because we’re too busy showing him how much we love each other and who Vanessa belongs to. Childish? Yes, but don’t judge me until you have felt the level of pain and humiliation I’ve experienced.

Vanessa satisfied my need for revenge. She unknowingly gave out the revenge I desired for the betrayal she and her lover did to me that fateful weekend. The results of her actions were that Jackson would never be able to use his body again and would spend the rest of his days in the hell he had created. The other was a self-inflicted revenge. The violent shooting caused her time in prison, scars from her beatings, and three years in the mental institution, followed by more years of counseling for the pain she inflicted on so many people.

Mary remarried and never visited Jackson again. He died a few years later from organ failure and the usual problems quadriplegics have. No one attended his funeral, and he was buried in Potter’s Field, a broken, sad man.

Vengeance was sweet, and the scales were balanced. We survived the storm and came out better on the other side.

“Never Lose Today’s Happiness by Thinking About Yesterday’s Pain”


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