Vanessa’s Mistake
(Vanessa’s Mistake — A misguided wife makes a tragic mistake after the influence of a friend. The ending of Part 1 leads to the events that will set the stage for revenge, and extreme pain in the final Part 2.)

Vanessa and I just left our twin girls, Stacey and Abbey, at the university after a long weekend visit. My name is Lucas Jones. My wife and I are now “empty nesters” and have missed being with our girls and arranged a visit for this past weekend. We have always been a close family and spend all our free time together, so it takes a while to get used to the absence of our girls.

As a senior engineer specializing in artificial intelligence, I worked from home, was well paid, in high demand, and could work anywhere in the world. For the sake of my family, I decided to work from home in my converted hobby room above the garage. Being home, I was able to see my girls every day as they were growing up, and now that they are gone, we miss them.

Vanessa, my wife of 20 years, has worked closely with Jackson Grant as his personal secretary for the last 7 years and has enjoyed being out of the house for a change. I mean, what wife wants to be home with her husband twenty-four hours a day, as our situation required? So when she got the job at the law firm, I encouraged her to take it, which turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

For years, Vanessa spent her free time doing yoga, modern dance classes, and hours at the gym to get out of the house and stay in shape. At 40 years old, she easily passed for 30, because of her toned body and spectacular breasts. I loved making love to her, and our sex life never waned. We still made love at least three times a week. Yes, it was not hard or mind-blowing sex, but we enjoyed our bodies and satisfied our needs. At least that was the illusion I was living.

Vanessa had her hobbies and I had mine, including fishing and boating. I saved up for a new bass boat and needed another $25,000 to buy the Bass Cat Puma, which cost only $75,000. I have been saving for the last five years, which was difficult because I had to pay all the bills and send my two daughters to college. At the rate I was going, it would have taken me another five years to save up the money.

Vanessa was great, and when she started working, she helped me save and contributed to my boat fund because she knew how much I wanted the new toy. She told me I was the best husband and appreciated how I took care of her and the girls all those years and that I was the best father ever. She always knew how to make me feel appreciated and loved. Vanessa was the first and only woman I ever loved, and I was grateful to have her in my life. We both looked forward to growing old together and spoiling our grandchildren. Life was beautiful.

Her Workplace

Vanessa loved her work, and Jackson loved that she worked for him. Her ability to meet his work requirements and her attention to detail made her extremely valuable to Jackson and the firm. Without going into detail, Vanessa saved Jackson’s butt on several occasions and enjoyed helping the firm’s other partners in emergencies.

Over the years we had dinner several times with Jackson and his wife Mary, who were great fun to be with. They had three children, two in university and a girl in high school. Eventually, we went out to dinner together a few times a year and also attended company events. After a few years, both Mary and I noticed how close Vanessa and Jackson seemed to be when we were together. Vanessa seemed to know Jackson as well or even better than Mary, which worried us a little.

One night, after dinner, we all went to the lounge and enjoyed some music and dancing. After a few dances, I was ready for a break. When we returned to the table, one of Vanessa’s favorite songs was playing and she asked me to dance with her. I pulled away smiling and said I needed a break. Jackson was still standing at the table and said I’ll dance if you want. I nodded and they walked out together.

Mary and I were talking and noticed that our spouses had not returned after several minutes. We noticed that our partners were still on the dance floor and were now dancing to a slow song. They were holding each other tightly as their bodies were closer together than a normal dance partner. As they danced, we looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. “Mary, do you think they are a little too friendly, or am I just imagining it?


Jackson and Vanessa dance a little too close in front of their spouses

“Yes, a little too cozy, and to be honest, I don’t like what I see here. I mean, they look like a couple, not friends.”

“Do you think they are, you know, having an affair?”

“I do not know, Lucas, but I am going to find out.”

They came back to us and acted unphased, without guilt about their appearance on the dance floor, as if everything was normal. That night in bed, I inadvertently brought up the subject of how comfortable they looked dancing.

Later That Night

“Vanessa, I couldn’t help but notice how close you are to Jackson and how comfortable you looked in his arms when you danced with him tonight. Is there anything I need to worry about, baby?”

She gave me an angry look and said, “Are you serious? Do you think I would ever cheat on you? Never! Jackson and I have become close friends because we work so closely together, and we are very comfortable as friends.”

“Don’t be angry, I was just asking. I mean, both Mary and I thought you looked more like a married couple the way you danced. You have danced with him many times. When you are out of town with him, do you often dance together?”

“Oh my God, are you jealous of Jackson? Honey, he’s 10 years older than you, and no comparison, you have nothing to worry about. Yes, we have danced a few times, but nothing more than you saw tonight, I promise you that.”

“Has he ever tried to do more with you?”

“Honey, I do not want to lie to you, and yes, he did try a few times, but I made it clear to him that I was happily married and would never cheat on you. He understood and knows better, and now we are just close friends.”

“Have you ever kissed him or done anything else with him?”

“Look, this is childish, and I just told you that I’ve never done anything sexual with him and that I’ve been faithful to you since we’ve been together. I’ve never been with another man.”

“But you didn’t answer my question. Having sex is one thing, but intimacy is also cheating in my eyes. Have you been intimate with him? Kissed him, held his hand, shared our private moments with him?”

“He tried to kiss me once and surprised me by doing so. After my shock, I pushed him away and told him I was off limits and it wasn’t going to happen. We held hands, yes, but not as a couple, just as friends. I swear I have been faithful to you and never showed him even a hint of intimacy. You have to believe me, I never lied to you, and I’m not going to start now.”

“Are you attracted to him; I mean, if we weren’t married, would he be someone you’d be with?”

“Honey, you want me to speak in hypothetical terms? Really? My God, you’re just a boy, a jealous boy. OK and if I’d never met you, he’d be a good catch. I mean, he’s good-looking, we get along well, and he’s a strong man, which is an aphrodisiac for a lot of women.”

That was the end of my evening. For some reason, I wasn’t happy, but I had no reason to be upset. I knew she was telling the truth and being honest. She wasn’t having an affair, and they were nothing more than friends. I still had a bad feeling, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Mary’s Drive Home:

That same evening, Mary had similar questions for her husband.

“Jackson, are you fucking Vanessa?” she yelled at Jackson as they drove home.

“No, of course not. Why would you ask me that?”

“Because I’m a woman, and I see things. I see the way you look at her, and the sexy way you dance together, which tells me you’ve danced with her many times. You talk about her like she’s the most important thing at the office. To be honest, sometimes I feel like she’s more your wife than I am. I’m just not sure you’re in fucking her. Tell me the truth, and don’t lie to me or I’ll cut your balls off in your sleep.”

“Mary, I love you and only you. I’ve never fucked Vanessa. Yes, we’re close and I think it shows when we’re together. We’ve been working together eight to ten hours a day for a couple of years now, and I guess you could say she’s kind of like my work wife. She knows what I like in my coffee, she knows my moods, and we talk about all kinds of things. But we’ve never had a sexual relationship. We’re just good friends, I promise.”

The Next Day

Mary called Lucas, and they exchanged their conversations and compared notes. Lucas wasn’t happy about the statement that she was Jackson’s work wife, but it reassured him that they both admitted there was no sex.

“Well, I’m not convinced, Lucas. I didn’t like what I saw last night, and I’ll keep a close eye on him and let you know if anything comes up.”

We said our goodbyes and promised to keep each other informed. What I didn’t know was that Mary was going to hire a PI to accompany him on their next trip out of town. A month later, Mary called me and asked me to meet her for lunch, which she had never done before. She explained to me that she had some information she wanted to share. We met for lunch the next day at a nearby Olive Garden.

“Lucas, since we last spoke, I hired a private investigator to accompany them on their trip to Nashville. Here is the report, which I’ll share with you, as promised.”

I felt my heart pounding with fear as I looked at the folder in front of me. She saw my face and tried to reassure me. “Don’t panic, Lucas, it’s not that bad, and in fact, it’s exactly what we’ve been told. But I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it. Here, take a look at this,” she said, handing me the file.

“According to the report, they checked into the hotel and then checked into separate rooms, and met for dinner at 7 p.m. They shared a bottle of wine, danced to three slow songs, talked at their table, and then took the elevator back to their separate rooms.

There was no sex or signs of misconduct, and aside from a few slow dances, nothing suggested an ongoing affair. The following night, they repeated the same events without incident. Attached were a dozen photos of them sitting next to each other and talking, and some of them dancing as we saw them that night at dinner, with a closeness that made us both uncomfortable. But nothing else. It seems that the two of them are faithful and honest in their relationship, but I worry that over time this could lead to an affair.”

“I agree, but I know Vanessa would never do that without telling me. One of her core values is honesty and she does nothing in secret, and cheating would be a big reason for that. She also knows that I would not condone adultery, and she would not jeopardize her marriage. I’ll keep an eye on them, but for now, I think they’ll both be faithful to us, Mary.”

The Following Week

It had been chilly at home since the night I had asked Vanessa about Jackson. She knew me and knew I was still angry because I had seen her so close that night. She gave me some time and space, and we eventually got back to normal. I noticed that she no longer talked about work when we were together, and she no longer mentioned Jackson’s name, which was a big change. Until that evening, she loved to come home and tell me about her day and how Jackson and she had done this or that or solved some problem together. Vanessa made an effort to ease my worries.

When she announced her upcoming trip, I could tell she was nervous about my feelings. It was the trip to Nashville where Mary sent the PI that I later learned nothing had happened. But before she left, Vanessa assured me that she loved me and I had nothing to worry about.

For whatever reason, after Mary told me she was his work wife, I became a little distant, and there was an obvious change in our relationship. I did not like the idea of sharing my wife, even if it was not sexual. But it bothered me so much that our sex life became less important and more casual. After we had been married for 20 years, Vanessa sensed my disposition and realized that something was wrong.

Vanessa’s reflection:

I felt terrible when he asked me if Jackson and I had an affair that night. I never thought our dancing would reveal how close we had become at work. Of course, I kept sexual situations out of our relationship, but Jackson and I became close friends and shared our personal feelings. We were aware of each other’s feelings and moods to the extent that we knew what the other was thinking. Over the years, a close friendship developed between us, and we had a special chemistry that kept us together. In another life, we both knew we’d be together, but neither of us made those feelings a reality. I loved Lucas more than anything in the world, except for my girls, and I’d never cheat on him or do anything behind his back. My marriage to Lucas and my family were the most important things in my life. I cherished our children, our wonderful life together, and my wonderful and loving husband. But since dinner with his wife that night, Lucas has been acting strange. He’s no longer so loving and has been distant. I know that my closeness to Jackson bothers him, and I don’t know what to do. I’m going to talk to Jackson in the morning. He’s always so helpful, and I need his help to get my marriage back on track.

A week later at her office

Jackson saw Vanessa’s expression as he entered his office, and knowing her so well, he knew she was in pain, “What’s wrong, Vanessa?”

“Lucas hasn’t been the same since he saw us dancing that night. He believes we are closer than just work associates. Nothing’s been the same since, and I need to make things right with him, but I don’t know how. Any ideas?”

“I understand what you’re saying. Mary felt the same way that night. I think our dance gave them some insight into our relationship. I made the mistake of telling Mary that I consider you my work wife because we’re so close throughout the day and know each other so well. That didn’t go over well and she was very upset too.”

Vanessa winced when she heard him call her his work wife, knowing that if Lucas heard that comment, it would become a real problem at home. She looked down at her hands, upset that her husband had been hurt by her display. Finally, she replied to Jackson, “I want to make it up to Lucas. He has been saving for this boat, and it’ll be several years before he has enough money. I wish I could give it to him to cheer him up and show him how much I love him. You’re a man, what would you think if I took out a loan for the balance and surprised you like this? Would he be angry or happy?”

Jackson thought about her words and had an idea, but didn’t immediately share it with Vanessa. “No, I’m not sure about that. Let me think about it and try to come up with something, and we can discuss it over lunch today. Would that be OK with you, babe?” She said yes, thanked him, and went back to work on a project.

What Jackson didn’t tell Vanessa was that Mary would be flying to Phoenix for two weeks next month to visit her mother, and maybe he had a plan that would solve his craving for this woman. Yes, Vanessa was his work colleague, but he had wanted her in his bed since he met her. The one night he had tried and she had rejected him so vehemently had kept him from trying again. She was the forbidden fruit, and the temptation was at its peak. Now, finally, after all the years, all the nights of dancing together, all the private thoughts they had shared, he might have a chance to have his way with her. As promised, Jackson took Vanessa out to lunch that day and shared his thoughts with her.


Once they were finished with their meal, Jackson smiled at Vanessa and said, “I don’t know how you’ll take it, but I have an idea I’d like to discuss with you. If you object, just say so and I’ll never bring it up again.”

“Okay, now you have got me curious. What do you have in mind?”

“It’s no secret how I feel about you, and we both know we’d be together if we were not married. I have wanted to be intimate with you and sleep with you since I met you, but I have respected your wishes and have not tried since that one time. I also love Mary, and I know you love Lucas, and I would not do anything to jeopardize either of our marriages.”
Vanessa looked at him, wondering where this was going. Yes, she was attracted to Jackson and wondered what it would be like to be with him sexually, but she would never consider cheating on Lucas.

“Jackson, yes, I feel the same way, but as I told you before, I would never cheat on my husband.”

“I understand, and I have an idea. What if there was a way to be together for once without cheating?”

“Are you crazy? Lucas would find out and my marriage would be over.”

“What if we told him? Then it would not be cheating.”

“Okay Jackson, we need to get you to the hospital. You have lost your mind. Did you hit your head or fall a flight of stairs?”

“Very funny, Vanessa. Let me tell you my idea. Mary will be gone for two weeks next month, and I have an idea that I think will benefit everyone. I’ll have access to the corporate resort for a weekend while Mary is gone. I will invite you and Lucas to celebrate with us that weekend to thank you for your years of hard work, and the resort weekend, food and drinks, the spa, boating, and fishing will be included.

That’s when we will tell Lucas that you and I’ve always been faithful to Mary and him, but that we intend to be together only once this weekend. After this one time, we’ll never go down that road again, we’ll be 100% faithful spouses. We’ll even put it in writing in a postnuptial agreement that states, we will waive all financial assets if we’re ever together again.”

“Jackson! You’re not listening! He’s not going to let me cheat on him. He’ll divorce me in a New York minute and never look back. I’ll never let that happen!”

“No Vanessa! It’s not cheating if he agrees to it. If you tell him beforehand that we’re doing it, it’s not cheating. And it goes even further. I will present him with an awarded bonus of $25,000, and explain that the bonus is to thank him for all your extra hours, and hard work. I’ll explain the bonus for the spouse that sacrificed his time for her hours away.

That’s the amount you said he needs for his boat. Listen, Vanessa, I know men, and if he knows you’re safe, and doing something you want to do, he will allow it. He’ll be there the entire time, and he’ll know you’re safe. He won’t feel like you’re cheating on him because he’ll know, and be okay with it. And besides, you’ll be with a friend — only one time in twenty years of marriage.

Lucas will get the boat he dreamed of, you and I’ll be together one time, and we can go back to our lives without wondering what it would be like. It’ll be a wonderful memory. I’m sure after twenty years he’ll agree to give you that one time. Like I said, I know guys, Vanessa, and I know that Lucas will give you this gift if we present it correctly. He loves you, and will understand when we explain that he’ll get you back forever, not to mention that wonderful boat he has been dreaming about.”

“Wow, you’ve thought this through. So, if we tell him we’re going to be together and he agrees, it’s not cheating? I don’t think he’ll agree to that.”

“What about you, Vanessa? Don’t you wonder what it would be like, just once? We’re so close, and I desire you so much. Tell me you don’t feel the same and I’ll forget all about it. Tell me that your loving husband won’t give you a one-time hall pass, after twenty years of marriage. Just once, because he knows that’s what you want. I promise you that it won’t change anything in your life. Once he knows it’s something you need to do, and only once, he’ll accept it.”

“Yes, you know how I feel about you. So, what’s your plan? How do we do this?”

“That’s my girl! You need to tell him about the weekend at the resort that goes from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. You explain to him all the amenities, and how nice it’ll be there, and that it’s a celebration of your years of service. I also think that after he agrees to the weekend, you should give him a little more love and show him how special he is to you. If he knows how much you love him, he won’t be insecure when we present our idea to him at the resort. Of course, if we tell him about our plans at the resort he may say no, and nothing will happen. However, I know when he sees the benefits, he’ll agree to this one-off event.”

For the next week, Jackson worked on Vanessa every day. He continued to try to convince her that it wasn’t cheating and that after 20 years, her husband would be understanding and allow her to be with her friend of 7 years, for just this one time. With the promise that it would be a one-time thing, her total commitment to him afterward, along with a renewal of their love, and the money for his boat, Jackson was convinced that it would be enough to allow her this one time with him.

After tremendous effort, he finally managed to convince Vanessa that it wasn’t cheating and that her husband would allow her to be with him this one time. As crazy as it sounded, Jackson somehow convinced her that it would work out perfectly and that she deserved this one-time hall pass.

Vanessa puts her plan into action

Excited, I told Lucas about the weekend and that it was a reward for my hard work and a thank you to Lucas for my extra hours on the road. With my enthusiasm, I convinced Lucas that it would be a great weekend.

After Lucas agreed to the weekend, I began the “Love Lucas” plan. I started dressing sexy every day, kissing and hugging him while we sat on the couch watching movies, rubbing his cock and sucking him off every night, swallowing all his cum, and reviving our sex life. I took him every night, every way. He was so happy, and our lovemaking was now hotter than ever.

One night I even gave him my ass, which had been off-limits throughout our marriage. We were like teenagers, and I showed him my appreciation in various ways. Special dinners where I told him how happy he made me, how great of a husband he was, and that I would never leave him. When we went out with our friends, I let it be known that Lucas was a great husband and wonderful lover. I could tell he was embarrassed by the attention, but I could also see how it cheered him up and made him smile. With a little effort on my part, our sex and relationship became stronger than ever. I had to remember all this after our weekend and continue to let him know how special he is to me.

It was true, I adored him and he was a great lover. He always made me feel loved and special. I enjoyed showering him with all that love and attention. He also liked it and started bringing me flowers and gifts. His loving words, his sweet kisses in bed, and his wonderful tongue between my legs, along with the hours he spent admiring and sucking on my sensitive nipples, led to the best sex I ever had. Yes, he’s a fantastic lover with a wonderful cock and an amazing tongue. I can’t imagine life with him. Like clockwork, we made love and satisfied each other every night until that night on Thursday. That was the first night since I started my “Love Lucas” plan that I refused to give him my pussy.

“Honey, not tonight. I want to keep my pussy off limits to you until we get to the resort and get you super horny.” The truth was that Jackson demanded that I keep my pussy fresh for him. I pushed away all the guilt that was rising inside of me, knowing that in a few days it would all be over and I’d then give Lucas 110% of myself forever. I just needed this one time with Jackson to get all the years of frustration out of my system.

Lucas’s thoughts:

When Mary told me that Jackson considered Vanessa his work wife, it upset me greatly. It bothered me so much that it affected our sex life and my sex drive. The thought of her having these feelings for another man is something I can’t handle, it’s not in my DNA.

Then suddenly everything changed when I came back from the gym one night and Vanessa was waiting for me in a sexy baby-doll nightgown. She knew I was upset, and now she was acting like her old self. She doesn’t talk about work or Jackson anymore, which is a big change. Usually I’ve to listen to how great her day was and how wonderful her boss is, blah blah blah. In the last couple of weeks, there’s been nothing. Not a single conversation about work, and now she’s become a new, exciting woman in bed, and our marriage has started to blossom again.

She dresses sexy every night and cooks special meals. Maybe she finally realizes how aroused I’ve become, and I can’t complain. The nightly blowjobs are a great way to get me back in bed. Blowjobs used to only happen on my birthday or special occasions, but now she takes me like a pro and even seems to enjoy swallowing my cum for the first time.

Things were getting better every night. We did new things, I even fucked her in the ass, which was an incredible pleasure. The new, increased sex was fantastic, but what I loved more than anything was how she treated me with other people. She made me feel special and important and I enjoyed all the attention.

My love for her was stronger than ever, and it was as if we were starting our relationship all over again. I tried to show her the same love, bringing her flowers and gifts and making sure she was satisfied while I licked and fucked her pussy longer and harder than ever before. We became closer than we had been in years and I have never felt so loved.

The Resort Weekend

It was Tuesday at noon when Jackson and Vanesa went to lunch to discuss the upcoming weekend.

She told Jackson how she explained to Lucas that the weekend was a special reward for their years of hard work. The resort had a spa, boating, fishing, hiking, and a promise of a relaxing weekend. They would arrive Friday around noon, and stay until after lunch on Sunday.

Several times she felt some guilt and almost canceled the weekend, but the sexual excitement, and chemistry she felt overrode her concerns. After all, Jackson convinced her that Lucas would go along with his plan. She reflected on how she had turned Jackson down for all those years because she cared about her marriage. But now, Jackson had finally convinced her that his plan would work.

When he came up with the idea, along with the $25,000 bonus Lucas would receive in appreciation for her years of work, he convinced her that they both needed this weekend to share the strong feelings they had kept hidden all these years. Just once, and then they would return to their partners and be faithful spouses for the rest of their years together.

On Friday morning, Lucas and Vanessa drove up the one-mile private road, which was covered with pine trees on both sides. It looked like a postcard as they admired the sprawling property. When they reached the clearing, they saw the resort nestled in the woods. It was private and secluded, overlooking five hundred miles of Lake Mercy shoreline. Lucas stopped in front of the grand lobby entrance where the young bellman took out their luggage and immediately delivered it to their room. The valet parked the car out of sight, and the hostess escorted them into the opulent lobby.

They were greeted by a young woman who handed them an envelope to welcome them to the resort. Jackson had arranged for only our group to be there that weekend, so they would have much more privacy and an intimate setting.

“Wow, that’s something. I can’t believe places like this exist, Lucas said enthusiastically.”

“I know, baby, isn’t it exciting? I hope you’re ready for a fun weekend and open to new experiences.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure I’ll enjoy acting like one of the rich people all weekend,” Lucas said smiling.

She opened the envelope and read it aloud. “Welcome to Lake Side Valhalla. A place where you can experience your dreams and relax in our beautiful surroundings. Please have our hostess take you to your room and settle in. I’ll be notified when you arrive and I’ll stop by to welcome you both to our resort. — Jackson Grant.”

“So formal, it’s amazing.” Vanessa was thrilled.

Once in their room, Lucas began unpacking while Vanessa explored the large suite, which had its kitchen, two bedrooms, a living room, and several big-screen TVs. It was almost as large as their flat, but much nicer furnished. Vanessa opened the curtains to reveal a view of the lake from her fifth-floor balcony. They stood outside on the balcony enjoying the view. Lucas put his arm around Vanessa and kissed her warmly, enjoying the romantic scene. After a few minutes, they broke their kiss when there was a knock at the door. Seconds later, Jackson entered the suite, smiled, and extended his hand to Lucas in a warm greeting. They shook hands as Vanessa stood nervously and extremely tense. She knew this was the moment of truth and a potential disaster if Jackson could not convince Lucas of his plans.


View from our room at the resort

“Welcome to our little resort and thank you for coming here this weekend,” Jackson said with a warm smile as the room door opened again, followed by a man pushing a cart into the room. On the cart was a chilled bottle of champagne and three glasses, along with some fruit and flowers. Vanessa squealed excitedly at the luxurious flowers and surroundings, hoping Lucas would feel the same.

After a nod from Jackson, the man twisted open the champagne bottle, and with a loud pop, the foam bubbled out of the bottle, just like you see in the movies. While everyone watched, the waiter poured the contents into the glasses. What Vanessa and Lucas did not notice was the small amount of white powder in the back glass, which disappeared as soon as it mixed with the liquid. Jackson had procured just the right dose of drugs to disable Lucas enough to keep him from disrupting his plans for the weekend.

“Lucas, before we toast, I’d like to present you with a gift as a thank you for Vanessa’s hard work, long business trips, and absence from you,” he said, handing him a fancy envelope. Inside was a check for $25,000 and a two-page document.

“I don’t understand,” Lucas said, somewhat confused looking at the check.

“You see, your wife has been a valuable asset to our firm, and we know you have made many sacrifices along the way. This is just our way of showing you our appreciation.”

Vanessa spoke up excitedly, “Oh my gosh, honey. Isn’t this incredible? Isn’t that the amount of money you need to buy your boat? Thank you, Jackson.” Vanessa hugged Lucas, who was still confused but happy about the gift.

As planned, Jackson turned to Vanessa and said, “Vanessa, do you have your phone handy? Why don’t you use your banking app and deposit it right now so it’s in your account immediately.”

“Good idea, but my battery is almost dead. Honey, give me your phone, you have the same banking app.”

Lucas handed her his iPhone and he signed the check. While Vanessa worked the phone app and took photos of the front and back of the check, Jackson asked Lucas to sign the paperwork that went with the check.

“I just need you to sign the confidentiality agreement for our legal and tax departments,” he said, handing Lucas a pen.

Lucas began reading the document, which was full of legal Jargon until Vanessa interrupted him. She tried to divert his attention from the document, which was a nondisclosure agreement that made it impossible for Lucas to talk about the weekend’s events. In a paragraph at the bottom of the second page was legal wording that included his agreement to receive the money for allowing his wife to spend the weekend with Jackson. It indicated that he had agreed to the arrangement for the $25,000 payment. Vanessa knew nothing about this part of the plan, and Jackson, knowing that this was the crucial moment, took control.

“Lucas, you can read the paperwork later, it’s just a standard document that says you won’t disclose the amount of the gift, and that it was part of the expenses for our business meeting.”

Vanessa kissed him and said, “Just sign it, baby, so I can finalize the deposit.”

He did. He quickly signed it and put it on the table while Vanessa finished the deposit into his bank account.

“That’s it, honey. The money is in your account, and when we get back, you can order your dream boat! Isn’t that great?”

Lucas was a little confused by the tumultuous events that were unfolding. He knew better, but against his better judgment, got swept up in excitement. When he noticed how happy Vanessa was, by the way, Jackson was treating him, the gift for the exact amount of money he needed for his boat, it all felt a little staged. Although he was cautious, he let himself get carried away with all the excitement and enjoyed the moment to the fullest. The way Vanessa was anxious to deposit the check into his account also struck him as odd, but after all, he didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“OK! Time for a toast,” Jackson said, passing the champagne glasses around.

“Here’s to spending overdue time with special friends. May the weekend bring us new joys and excitement?”


Jackson makes a toast

We clinked glasses and drank up as we looked out over the lake. Jackson knew the drug would take a few minutes to work, and entertained his guest until he knew it was time for his next move. After talking about the resort for five minutes, Jackson turned to Vanessa and said, “Vanessa, would you mind leaving Lucas and me alone for a few minutes?”
Vanessa knew this was the moment her husband would learn of her desire to spend the weekend together. She prayed he wouldn’t be hurt or upset by the news. She believed Jackson when he told her that her husband would give her a chance after he explained everything. Now, for the first time, she worried that her desire to be with Jackson might be something her husband wouldn’t agree with, but she pushed those thoughts aside as soon as she left the room.

Outside on the balcony, Jackson pointed to the lake and said, “Lucas, you’re going to have a great day fishing tomorrow. This lake is famous for sports fishing, and the guides know the perfect fishing spots, or so I’ve heard. I’m not much of an angler, but Vanessa tells me what’s your favorite hobby.” He kept talking to give the drugs time to work their magic. Finally, he saw the drugs starting to work on Lucas.

He watched as Lucas began to feel the effects of the drug, and saw him seek a chair. At this point, Lucas felt as if he just put down three vodka martinis, making him relaxed and unsteady on his feet. Jackson noticed this and helped Lucas into one of the chairs on the balcony. With Vanessa gone, the men were alone, and Jackson knew it was time to explain things before the drugs took full effect.

“Lucas, I want to thank you for bringing Vanessa here for the weekend. As you know, we’ve been very close for the past 7 years, but I swear we’ve never been together sexually. We both stayed faithful to Mary and you out of respect.”

Lucas smiled and nodded.

“The real reason for this weekend is that Vanessa and I just want to spend a weekend together. She’s been my co-worker for 7 years and sometimes I feel closer to her than I do to my wife. So I want her to be my real wife for the next two days. I know this may come as a shock to you, but you have to understand that this is just a one-time thing that we both want and will never happen again. After 20 years, I’ve convinced Vanessa that you can give her this one-time hall pass — a weekend with me. When you leave on Sunday, we’ll never talk about it again, and it’ll be as if it had never happened. Do you understand?”

Lucas felt the drugs, but he was still painfully aware of what Jackson was saying. He spoke slowly but clearly.

“No fucking way! I’ll kill you! Keep your hands off my wife.”

“Lucas, I’m only telling you this because I promised Vanessa. She would never cheat on you, don’t be mad at her. It took a great deal of effort, but I convinced her that you’d be okay with this, and allow her to be with me this one time. She insisted you wouldn’t allow it, but I spent the last month persuading her that you’d understand, and accept my gift. After I leave you, I’ll go to her and tell her that you agreed with everything, including our fantasy game this weekend. Don’t be angry with her, I can be convincing, and she trusts me completely.

I know the drugs are taking effect, don’t fight it, just relax. And before you go crazy, Vanessa has no idea I drugged you. I’ll tell her you will not mess up our plans, and look forward to seeing her again on Sunday afternoon. She will know that you are being treated like a VIP guest and that you agreed not to approach us, or talk to us until you leave. It’s part of our fantasy, you understand.

Lucas, you must know that Vanessa would never cheat on you and that she will only agree to us being together if you know and agree to our plans. I convinced her that you would be okay with us being together, it would not be cheating. The reason I am telling you this again is because we know you so well, and if you had known what I was planning, you never would have come here. That’s why we did not tell you earlier. I am truly sorry for deceiving you, but it was the only way for us to be together with your consent.”

Due to the effects of the drugs, it took Lucas great effort to speak, “Listen Asshole, I will never agree to this, and I will tell Mary.” He wanted to jump up from the chair and beat this man’s face to a pulp, but his body did not respond as he felt himself falling into a dark hole.

“Lucas, in the document you signed, you agreed to Vanessa being with me this weekend. You also agreed to the money as payment for lending her to me. Also, you’re legally bound not to talk to anyone about this weekend, including Mary. You signed the contract and deposited the money into your account from your phone. That’s all legal. Yes, I may have tricked you a bit, but it was the only way. Just try to accept it, you have no choice. Vanessa loves you, and it’ll be over before you know it. On Sunday night, everything will go back to the way it was before. You’ll have your wife back and your new boat. This wonderful woman will be yours again, forever.

There’s more, so try to stay with me, Lucas. Vanessa and her luggage will be gone when you wake up, so don’t panic. I’ve taken the liberty of removing your phone, tablet, and all communication devices. We’ve also taken other precautions and I’ve secured some muscle to make sure you don’t break the contract or do something stupid.”

The drugs prevented Lucas from speaking at that point, but he heard every word as he drifted further into the darkness he was trying to escape.

“Lucas, you have $25,000 for your boat, and all I ask is that you understand that Vanessa will be safe for the next two days as she experiences new things as my wife. To be fair, I’ve arranged for a companion to visit you and keep you company the entire time. This was my idea, and I had to convince Vanessa that you should have a plaything while Vanessa and I are together. She didn’t like it, but I made her realize how painful it would be for you to be alone during our fantasy time together. I think you’ll like it if you just accept things for what they are. When you wake up tonight, everything will be clear. Now get some rest.”

Lucas’s mind was a mess. Anger and rage coursed through his body, and his heart broke as he sat powerless. He couldn’t move as his body drifted into no man’s land. The last thing he saw was Jackson giving him a sympathetic smile and patting him on the back just before his eyes fell shut and the drugs took full effect.

Meeting with Vanessa


Lucas drugged and unconscious

Jackson left the room and instructed the men outside to go back in and put Lucas to bed while he slept off his intoxication. The two men entered the room and did as they were told while Jackson strolled into the elevator and up to his penthouse suite to begin his weekend with his new wife, Vanessa.

Vanessa paced back and forth in Jackson’s suite, anxiously waiting to see how their conversation went, and was startled when Jackson entered the room. She didn’t think Lucas would go along with Jackson’s plan and was nervous about her husband’s reaction.

“How did he take it? Is he OK?” she asked anxiously as he entered the room. Jackson could see her concern and knew he had to be convincing for his plan to work. So he told Vanessa, with conviction, his version of their meeting, which of course was a lie and the only way he knew she would accept his plan.

“Well, as you can imagine, he was shocked at first, but after I explained to him how much you love him, and that we need his blessing before we go on, he calmed down a little. He was against it and fought for you as we predicted, but when I explained that it was something you wanted and that it would only be this one time, he came around.

Then I reminded him about the money, and that it would be over on Sunday and that you two would be together forever, better than ever. Before I left, Lucas said if that’s what you want, he can give you this one time. He even mentioned your 20 years together, and said he could give you this weekend if it was important to you, and he couldn’t wait to hold you again on Sunday. He’s a good man, Vanessa, and he loves you more than I even realized. But, I’m not sure I’d be so generous with a woman as beautiful as you!

I think the company we’ve arranged for him will help take his mind off us. Now come here woman, and show me how much you love your new husband,” he said with a satisfied grin. He knew everything was going according to plan, and rejoiced in his genius. It was finally time to take this woman and make her his wife.

Vanessa was so happy that she ran into his arms and gave him a hot kiss that led to an hour of wild sex. After 7 years of flirting and holding back their feelings, they enjoyed crazy and wild sex to unleash their pent-up desires.

Vanessa dropped to her knees, pulled down Jonathan’s pants, took out his hard erection, and gave him a passionate blowjob. The ferocity of her actions surpassed anything she had shared with Lucas her sexual need was greater than she could remember. She could not wait and was now in control while Jackson watched with a wicked smile. He had finally gotten what he had been looking for after seven years, and now he had Lucas’s wife for the entire weekend.


Jackson pulled his cock out of her dripping mouth, straightened her up, and pushed her down on the bed so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air. He lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, and then he stuffed his hard cock into her very wet pussy without any love or care. Vanessa was like a bitch in heat and accepted his rough sex and hard thrusts as she moaned and whimpered under the hard fucking he gave her.

Within ten minutes, she had three of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced. This was not because Jackson was bigger or better, but because the sexual tension that had built up over all those years was being released. The first time, Jackson did not last long, and within a few minutes, he shot a big load of his cum into her pussy. She came again and they both slumped on the bed. They held each other for the next hour, lying naked next to each other and exploring each other’s bodies for the first time.

Without warning Jackson got up and went into the shower, leaving Vanessa alone with her thoughts. Satisfied with her orgasms, she was a little disappointed. Turns out that Jackson doesn’t lick pussy and that was something she was looking forward to. There was no love or tenderness like she has with Lucas. It was just lustful sex, dirty sex, and nothing more. For the first time, she started questioning her decision to be with Jackson instead of her husband.


Vanessa overcome with guilt

Suddenly alone, she realized what she had done and was overcome with guilt. She laid her head on the pillow and cried as she thought of Lucas for the first time since she had left him over an hour ago. Confusion ravished her thoughts. She was shocked to hear that Lucas agreed to everything, but maybe Jackson was right and she deserved a Hall Pass after twenty years of being a faithful wife. She knew she would give her husband as much love and as much sex as she could when they left here on Sunday. She told herself that she would make him the happiest husband ever because he was so generous and understanding.
To be continued…


Cindy Johnson (CindyTv)

Written by Cindy Johnson (CindyTv)

I am a fun-loving, positive Gurl, that enjoys writing about NSFW Cheating Wives tales, Revenge, Reconciliation, Love, Crossdressing, Getting Caught, and more...
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