I wondered about the black SUV parked in our driveway as I unlocked the front door. No one’s car that I knew and none of my husband’s group of friends.

As the door closed, someone grabbed me from behind and clamped a hand over my mouth… a big hand …a black hand.

I panicked and tried to break free to no avail. The grip was vise-like. But I’m a fighter, so I tried jerking away from him trying to get to one of the guns we have stashed around the house.

But I never made it.

He still had one of my wrists clamped in an iron grip. This guy was strong and his size dwarfed me. He spun me around to face him and he grabbed me around the throat with his right hand. His hand was so big it went entirely around my neck.

“I don’t mind a little fight,” he said, “You’re making my dick hard.”

I struggled some but it was hopeless. I’m five foot – seven and he was at least six foot – two and muscular.

“But I don’t want to hurt you,” he said staring into my face while holding me by the neck.

I must have had a defiant look.

“You don’t want me to hurt you, do you?” he said tightening the grip on my neck.

I tried to speak but couldn’t, my air was cut off.

So, I shook my head.

“Good,” he said

Then he leaned in and kissed me full on the lips.

I struggled in vain, grabbing at his wrist but it was like steel. He kissed me harder and a tingle shot down my spine and another shot up my leg: the two meeting in the middle.

I came with a shiver and my face flushed with embarrassment.

What the hell is wrong with me? I thought, as the mini-orgasm tapered off. I could now smell his scent: earthy and animalistic. While still kissing my lips, he chuckled, sensing my state of arousal and confusion.

“I think you’re ready,” he said.

He turned me around like a ragdoll, still clutching my throat, and started dragging me up the stairs to our bedroom. I wondered where the hell my husband was because he was usually home before me.

When we got to the top of the stairs, I saw him.

Daniel, was tied, butt naked, to a chair in the corner of the bedroom. His wrists and ankles were secured tightly to the chair and it looked like a t-shirt was tied into a gag. His eyes were wide with fear and he was sporting half a hard-on. His clothes lay in a pile on the floor and looked like they’d been cut off him. He started struggling at his bonds when he saw me and he tried to yell through the gag. It sounded like he yelled my name, “Vicki!” but it was greatly muffled.

I tried to run to him but my new master still had me by the throat and around my waist.

“Not so fast, Vicki, is it? Hmm, I like that,” he said launching me onto the bed. My skirt flipped up and I smoothed it back down. I was able to breathe again. Before I could move, he had stepped in front of me blocking both a retreat off the bed or a lunge for my naked husband.

“We’re going to have some fun first,” he said smiling down on me. “Like I said, I don’t want to hurt you. But I will hurt your husband if you give me any shit.” He caught my eye, “Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” I croaked, still rubbing my throat.

“Good. You resist or try to hurt me and I hurt him. Easy rules. And who knows, you may enjoy this. Some others have in the end.”

I looked to my husband’s nightstand, for his gun he keeps there.

“Nope,” the guy said, “already took that. Anyway, that would be severely resisting, don’t you think? I’d really have to hurt your husband for that.”

My shoulders slumped. That’s all there was left. With the gun gone and this huge black man lurching over me ready to subdue me if I fought, I had no other recourse. I was trapped. I think he saw it in my eyes.

“Excellent,” he said. “Now,”…

He moved confidently to the side of the bed and grabbed my arm and dragged me closer to the headboard. I considered fighting again but this guy was built like a football player. Before I knew what was happening, he had already tied my left wrist to the bedpost with a rope he had hanging there. He kneeled on the bed and crawled across my body, reaching for my other wrist.

I knew if he got hold of it, I was finished, so I swung at him and connected with a pretty good punch to his face.

He grunted a little but other than that…no effect. But he looked pissed and he grabbed my wrist and pinned it down. He pointed a big, black finger in my face.

“That, lady, is against the rules,” he said rubbing his jaw.

He yanked my arm hard and roughly tied my right wrist to the other bedpost. I flailed around with my legs but it did no good. He climbed off me to the side where my husband was tied.

Since he had tied my wrists, he grabbed the front of my blouse and ripped it from my body. The suddenness of it startled me and I cried out. He unhooked the front of my bra and with a swift move he set my breasts free. All that was left were my skirt, panties and one high-heel shoe that hadn’t fallen off yet.

After he unhooked my skirt and slid it off, he hooked a big, black finger under the band of my panties and slowly pulled them down, ******** my mound, which is bald.

“Mmm, waxed pussy. I love waxed pussy. How did you know?” he said smiling at me.

I tried to reply but it didn’t come. He gently pulled them down the rest of the way, knocking my last shoe off and threw the panties at my husband. They landed on his shoulder, the crotch slick with my juices.

“I want to lick that pussy, but first the punishment. This is going to hurt him but don’t forget, it’s your fault.”

“Don’t” I cried out, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. Please don’t hurt him!”

He smiled.

“I hope you don’t do it again but your husband still gets the punishment.”


My screams didn’t help. He pulled back and landed a solid punch into my husband’s stomach. He doubled over in pain and would have fallen out of the chair if not tied to it. The panties on his shoulder flew off onto the carpet. Daniel groaned loudly, even with the gag. Moments later, he started dry heaving. Thankfully he didn’t throw up or he may have choked to death. I doubted this guy would take the gag off to help him out.

I knew it hurt because Daniel’s hard-on was gone instantly. He remained doubled over for a couple minutes but finally sat up. Seeing him in pain was hurting me inside but I couldn’t help.

During this time, I hadn’t realized my husband’s attacker was busy taking off his clothes. By the time I did notice, he was just pulling down his pants and underwear.

I couldn’t believe the size of the horse-cock that dropped out of his pants.

And it wasn’t even fully hard yet.

His cock was at least 10 inches long and thick as my wrist. It swung lazily back and forth in front of him, hypnotizing me.

“Oh…my…God!” I said before realizing it.

“NO!” my husband screamed through his gag but he really had no effective input to the situation, bound as he was.

I was still staring at this guy’s monstrous cock, when he grabbed it and shook it at me.

“You like that, lady?” he said smiling.

It was then I noticed the rest of him.

He was coal-black and his body was shining. His arms looked the size of my husband’s thighs and his stomach was a chiseled block of muscle.

Though I was repulsed by the situation, I was awed by his physique.

While shaking his cock, it started to harden, now looking like a black bat.

Against my will, my body betrayed me and I felt a trickle of juices run from my pussy down my leg.

I looked to Daniel and he was sitting up again, his dick, though dwarfed by the monster cock in front of me, was rock-hard and twitching. His eyebrows were arched in a painful, helplessness. He knew what was coming and though he was scared, he was excited as well.

So was I.

I could feel a heat building inside me and I subconsciously contracted the walls of my pussy thinking of what was coming.

My attacker walked to the foot of the bed and bent over, placing his lips bare inches from my dripping pussy. His tongue flicked out and rasped across my clit and lips.

Electric fire shot through me and I reflexively pushed my pussy towards his mouth. He chuckled and buried his face into me. My legs shook uncontrolled and I humped myself into his face. He was good and within minutes, I came…hard.

I screamed something and hyperventilated with the pulses of orgasm thrashing through me. He kept at it, lashing my clit and sucking my lips into his mouth. My screams continued but softened as he eased off his assault on my pussy.

My last screams faded and I kept saying “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” until it was unintelligible.

My brain was racing but my body was in heaven, the afterglow of a wracking orgasm subsiding to a pleasant, warm feeling washing through me.

I lifted my head and looked at him, his mouth and beard stubble glazed with my juices. As I watched, he got up and knelt between my legs, his gorgeous, shining cock pointing at me. He edged up until the weight of that monster lay on my pubis. The weight of it was amazing. He slapped it once against my skin, sending another wave of pleasure through me.

“Do you want it now, pretty lady?”

“Yes!” I said before thinking.

Embarrassed, I looked to Daniel watching us.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I explained. He blinked and shrugged his shoulders in surrender. I think he said “I love you” through the gag.

“Me too,” I said and then looked back to the God-cock waiting to enter me.

He grabbed it and placed the head to my drenched opening and pushed lightly.

“You want it?”

“Yes,” I said nodding.

“Then beg me.”

I was unsure what to say.

“Please put it in me,” I said looking into his eyes.

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head no.

God, that hurt. I wanted it.

“Please, put your big cock inside me,” I tried again.

Again, he shook his head no.

“Oh God, Master, please fuck me with that big, black cock of yours! I need it!”

That time worked.

He pushed forward and the plum-sized, shiny black head popped inside me.

It was ecstasy.

I realized it was the one thing in life I wanted at that very moment.

“God, yes,” I said, “Fuck me!”

Slowly he eased into me, inch by inch, stretching my fresh, pink pussy. At five inches, I felt the pressure begin to build.

He pumped those five inches slowly back and forth, each soft thrust sending never-before-felt pulses through my being.

Then, he pushed deeper: six, seven, eight inches into my soul and the pressure in my psyche doubled. He was making me whole with his gigantic love muscle as he pumped those new inches back and forth in and out of me. I was getting close.

Unbelievably, he gradually pushed in inches nine, ten and eleven, his bulbous head now gloriously smashed against my womb. He flexed his cock muscles and I could feel it expand my inner walls, more electricity shot through me.

I looked up at him smiling down on me. He knew what he was doing to me. He knew my pussy was on the verge. He knew his cock was controlling my life, or at least the only part of life that currently mattered to me.

“Fuck me hard,” I groaned. I couldn’t believe I said it. This was already twice the length and girth of any cock I’d ever had and I wanted it bad. I wanted his glistening black body pounding his giant black cock into me. Now!

He pulled back and slammed it in.

I screamed. His massive, meaty head thrust against my unprotected womb. He withdrew and thrust again, and again, and again. He was pounding me like a machine; a gorgeous, black sex machine. Each thrust hammered inside me, a monster orgasm building deep, a sound doubling and redoubling from within.

He had started grunting with each thrust, signaling he was nearing the end. That grunting magnified my own building low, raspy sound coming from my stomach. He pounded harder, faster, his already huge cock starting to expand.

“I’m going to cum,” he grunted and looked down at me.

“Then cum inside me, Master, cum deep inside me!” I yelled in a gravelly voice even I didn’t recognize.

And cum he did.

His cock swelled enormously inside me and pushed me over the edge with a shove. I felt his hot cum squirt into my womb as a thrashing orgasm overcame me. Wave after wave shocked my body, shooting pleasure through me as his massive cock continued to swell and dump copious amounts of his hot seed deep inside me.

He was still pumping into me when I **********.

When I awoke, I don’t know how much later, he was gone.

I looked down on myself and saw puddles of cum pooling on my stomach and pussy. It was all over the place. I half sat up and saw the sheets stained beyond belief. I fell back to the bed, sated, exhausted, and a giggle building inside me. My pussy ached.

Then I remembered Daniel.

I looked to him still tied to the chair.

His dick was half hard, a string of his own cum hanging from the head of his dick to a small puddle of cum on his leg. He was still gagged and helpless.

“I’m so sorry, honey.”

He looked at me as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“I’m sorry that I came. I’m sorry but I loved it. Every inch of that magnificent black cock. I couldn’t stop it.”

I tried to get up but couldn’t.

It was then I realized one of my wrists had been untied and the gun was back on Daniel’s nightstand.

I untied myself and got up to free Daniel. Cum poured out of my unprotected pussy onto Daniel’s leg as I pulled the gag from his mouth. I briefly worried that I wasn’t on the pill. But that thought sent another shiver of after-orgasm thumping through me and my knees buckled.

I sat on the bed as my pussy continued to drain an unknown black man’s seed.

“I love you,” he said.

“Me too,” was all I could manage as I untied his wrists and ankles.
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