Another fantasy (shame it is only a fantasy)

When my wife and I met I had been very honest with her about my past. I had been a swinger and had played with a lot of couples. On the other hand she had had few partners and even she described her sex life as vanilla. Sex had been good in our first few years but like everyone else, sex just became part of the marriage and the regularity of fucking had dwindled quite dramatically. I had initially suggested we shared our fantasies and mine always seemed to include her fucking other guys, whilst hers was about us fucking in different locations.

When I suggested we try and make some reality my wife was opposed to anything that included other people. What this meant was that we worked our way through her fantasy list quite easily and only did a couple of mine.

Every few months we had the ‘fantasy’ discussion and then one time I suggested she recount stories of past sexual encounters. She didn’t want to hear anything about my past and at first he recounting were quite matter of fact, the bland bits of her encounters. Each time we discussed it I pushed her harder for more detail. Then one evening I pushed and for some reason she decided to recount one of her encounters in great detail – I think her plan was to do it with the hope I would be shocked and stop asking. Instead as she went into more detail about his cock, how he licked her clit, how he had fucked her in great detail and cum inside her, my cock hardened. She saw it and was amazed that I could be turned on hearing how another guy had fucked her. The fuck that night was animalistic and it was hard and I shot a massive load into her.

The same thing happened next time she recounted a past fuck with another guy. This time though as we lay recovering from our fuck I asked her to imagine just how great it would be if it wasn’t just me hearing about how another guy had fucked her, but to watch and then for me to reclaim her used pussy. I suggested we started watching porn that covered this topic and over the next few months before we fucked we would watch a porn film.

It was coming up to my 50th birthday and I suggested we go away for the weekend. Instead my wife said that we should stay at home as she had a surprise planned for me. The day came and to be honest during the daytime nothing happened and I was a little disappointed. Then it got to 8pm and my wife told me to go to the bedroom which she had prepared for me and I was to strip naked. I did as instructed and my wife took about 5 minutes before joining me. She walked in and had changed. She was now wearing a peep hole bra, crotchless underwear and a mask. She was carrying a bag which she put on the bed. She had brought into the room one of our dining room chairs and placed it at the end of our bed and she told me to sit on. Out of the bag she pulled a box and said that this was my first birthday present. She handed it to me but the box was empty. It should have held a video camera. She went to the cupboard and told me not to worry and pulled out the camera already set up on a tripod. She positioned it in the corner of the room to capture the whole room and told me that she knew a fantasy of mine was to film us fucking so that was going to be one of my presents – and that was why she was wearing a mask. She said it had over 4hrs of memory and she pressed the record button.

She went back to the bag and brought out another box. She said this was to be another present and she would fit it. She took out the content and I wasn’t sure what it was until she came over and attached a cock cage onto my cock …. Which was already hardening. She told me she didn’t want me getting too excited too early on.

She then pulled out handcuffs from the bag. Firstly she attached each ankle to a front leg of the chair I was sat on and then my wrists were put into cuffs attached to the back legs. This meant my arms were now kept down my sides. She asked me if I felt vulnerable and I answered yes. Her answer was ‘good’. She asked me if I had any idea what was going to happen and I said no. Yet again she said good.

She sat at the end of the bed and started to rub her nipples, and I watched as they hardened. She then moved up the bed so she could sit with her back against the bed rest. She looked at the bedside clock and then back at me. She started to rub her pussy and then held it open. She looked at me and said, so you like hearing stories of other guy’s cocks that have been in my pussy. I said I did. She said that she wanted to tell me about one particular cock. She had only fucked it twice but it was the best fuck she had ever had. He was 10 years younger than her and he had the perfect cock. It was 9 inches long, a lovely mushroom head knob and a girth on it that would fill any woman. She told me how she sucked his cock and tasted his pre cum, how they 69 and he gave her a massive orgasm, and then how they fucked and it took a long time for her pussy to accommodate him and then she really enjoyed by being completely filled with his cock. She then said that she felt every jet of his cum squirt into her pussy and how he stayed inside for a long time as they kissed and cuddled. When he pulled out he looked at his creampie and then they laid together until he recovered for another fuck.

She then looked at me and said ‘what would you say if I told you that that happened last Thursday, and when we fucked that night you weren’t aware that another cock had fucked her married pussy earlier in the day.’ I said I doubted she would have done that but if the fuck was a real one it sounded like she had enjoyed it. She then asked again if I believed she had fucked another guy the week before and if she had done it what did I think. Again I said I doubted it but if she had fucked another guy I would have preferred knowing about before, during and after. With that our doorbell rang. My wife looked at the clock and said ‘right on time’. She got up to go to the door and I suggested she put something on as she was little *******. She said she didn’t need to. She left the room and she was gone for a few minutes. I could hear voices but couldn’t tell what was being said.

She re-entered the room and said that it was time for my real birthday present and I noticed a naked guy behind her. I then realised he was sporting the cock she had described fucking her. She said to him that ‘my husband doesn’t believe we fucked last week’ and he answered that ‘that’s a shame as it was a great fuck and he enjoyed having his cock inside her’. I started to speak but my wife told me to be quiet ---- she said ‘you must remain quiet if you want to watch us fuck. If you say anything we will go to the spare room and continue there, leaving you alone on your birthday!’

She turned to the guy and started to kiss him passionately, as she stroked his cock to full hardness. She stopped kissing him and looked at me ‘Remember, this is your fantasy and I am only doing this for you …….. but of course I am going to get as much fun out of it as I can …… and I hope the sight of me with this sexy big cocked man gets you really jealous. This is Mark and hopefully he meets your idea of a suitable cock’. She went and sat on the end of the bed a few feet away from me and her new friend stood in front of her. I watched as she licked his mushroom head and around the ridge and then swallowed as much of his cock into her mouth. She then pulled his cock out and squeezed it hard. I saw a blob of pre cum ooze from his cock and my wife said to me ‘looks like Mark’s juices are getting prepared for me, I don’t want to waste a drop’ and she licked the pre cum off his cock. She commented that it tasted sweet. She sucked his cock for a few minutes and then laid down on the bed, giving me a good view of her pussy as she opened her legs.

Mark got his face between her legs and unfortunately the view of her pussy was now blocked. However by the movements of his head, and my wife’s groans his tongue was clearly finding the right spot. It didn’t take long before he brought her to her first climax of the evening. He then knelt beside her and I could see his fingers entering her pussy and him sucking and nibbling her nipples. Every so often he moved and passionately kissed my wife before returning to give her nipples more attention. I heard her whisper something to him and he knelt up beside her so he could get both hands on her pussy. He held her open as far as he could and she said to me ‘I bet you are conflicted as to whether you want to watch Mark’s cock go deep inside me. Look at my hole and know it is no longer just for your cock. That before you touch it again another guy will have been in there and deposited his seed.’ She then said I could answer the following questions:

Do you like Mark’s cock --- I said Yes

Do you want to watch it disappear into my pussy – I said yes

Are you feeling jealous and humiliated – I said yes.

She leant forward and started to suck on Mark’s cock and squeeze his balls. When his cock fell from her mouth she said ‘His balls feel really full …… can’t wait for them to emptied deep inside me …… are you looking forward to seeing his cum dribble from me?’ - I said yes. She told Mark to lie on his back, with his head at the headboard end and his feet point to me sat in the chair. She got into the 69 position above him so I had a good view of her sucking his cock. He once again brought her to orgasm, but this time, just before the wave hit her she stopped sucking his cock and started saying that is good, oh yes, oh yes, looking directly at me. I watched as her body tensed and shuddered as the orgasm went through her. As the quivers ebbed away she moved around and was now in a position with her pussy positioned above Mark’s cock. He rubbed his knob along my wife’s pussy lips and then she told him to hold it still. She looked over her shoulder at me and said ‘I hope you are ready to fulfil your fantasy’ and she lowered her well lubricated pussy onto Mark’s cock. As it slid into her she let out an audible gasp.

She slowly rode his cock and I had a good view of it going in and out of my wife’s pussy. My caged cock was bursting trying to get out of the cage. I hadn’t really put much thought into how my wife would behave if she ever went through with fucking another guy so the next bit surprised me. She sat upright on his cock and then managed to swivel round on his cock without his cock popping out. She was looking at me and she leant back wards so I could see Mark’s cock move inside her with each hip movement. I watched as she took his full length into her pussy and his balls hit her clit. My wife had never been a dirty talker but I was now learning that I might have released a monster. She told me to look at Mark’s cock pushing in and out of her pussy. She said ‘it is bigger and thicker than yours and each time he buries fully inside me I feel him touching my cervix. It feels so much better inside me than yours does… how does that make you feel’. I told her it was humiliating but I could see she was enjoying herself. I watched her large tits bounce as she rode him. She then sat upright, swivelled around and was now facing away from me. I heard her say that she would prefer to be looking at Mark’s face and kissing him.

As my wife sped up I could see her large white ass cheeks wobbling and Mark trying to push his cock in as far as he could. She shouted for mark to fill her and it wasn’t long before he said he was about to cum. My wife sped up and I watched as his balls tensed and he screamed he was cumming. I was watching another guy pumping his cum into my wife. His cock was clearly doing something right as my wife joined him with her own orgasm – she rarely orgasmed from me penetrating her.

She stayed on top of mark for ages, kissing him passionately. She then said that she had better let her new cuckolded husband have a look at the damage that mark’s cock had done to her pussy. She rolled off Mark and laid down- as mark’s cock fell from her I saw some cum dribble out, but when she laid on her back I got a very clear view of her used pussy, wide open and cum dribbling from her. She told Mark to unlock the handcuffs and when I was free she told me to come closer to get a better look and smell mark’s cum inside her. She told me to lie on the bed next to her and asked Mark ‘shall I make him clean me up’ Mark said yes. She got into the 69 position above me and as she fondled my caged cock she told me things would never be the same again and lowered her pussy onto my face and told me to lick Mark’s cum from her.

When my wife felt I had gotten as much cum out of her as possible, she told me to go back to the chair and Mark handcuffed my hands and ankles back to the chair. She stood up and told Mark they should go downstairs as she needed a drink. She looked at me and told me that she didn’t know how long they would be. I watched my naked wife and naked Mark leave the room.

As I could not see the clock in the bedroom I had no idea of how much time was passing. It was torment as I could hear a lot of noises coming from downstairs and my imagination was running wild trying to work out what each one was. Was that the noise of my wife sucking his cock, were they just sitting and chatting, or were they playing. It seemed like ages before I heard my wife come up the stairs and she came back into the room. She said they were enjoying each other’s company downstairs and she was checking I was OK. I asked her what they were doing, and said that ‘it was for her to know and to tell me tomorrow’ and ‘they were deciding whether to come back to the bedroom for another fuck or do it downstairs’. She smiled at me and asked which I preferred. I knew I wanted to watch them again but decided the best policy was to say ‘that is for you to decide as all I want is for you to be happy’. She sat on the end of the bed and held her pussy open. She said ‘well you did such a good job of cleaning all his cum from my pussy that I really do think I need him to fill me again’. She stood up and left the room.

I could hear noises from downstairs and then there was the unmistakable sound of my wife having an orgasm. Was it by his tongue, was his cock inside her? My mind went crazy. It seemed like ages later I heard both coming up the stairs. My wife said ‘do you really think he would like this’ and Mark replied yes. The bedroom door was nearly closed and even though I couldn’t see anything on the other side I could hear everything. Mark told my wife to get on all fours. Then my wife said ‘oh that feels good’, mark asked if she was ready and she said yes. My wife groaned very loudly and said ‘yes, push it in all the way, fill me’. Then there was the unmistakable sound of a guy fucking a woman in the doggy position, his belly hitting the woman’s ass as he pushed deep in causing a slapping sound. My wife was saying lots of things, but mostly how good it felt and how his cock filled her.

This went on for a few minutes and the slapping sound stopped. I wondered if he had cum inside my wife but he hadn’t groaned or said anything. There was whispering and I heard my wife say ‘Ok pull your monster out of me’. The door opened and they both walked in. My wife asked if I had enjoyed imagining what had been happening downstairs and just outside the bedroom door. I said I had. She said ‘Mark has gotten the better of me- I wanted him to cum inside me so you could hear it but not see it, but he has reminded me it is your birthday and therefore you should be allowed to watch’. She got on all fours sideways to me and told me to watch as Mark impaled her on his cock. He slowly fucked her and I could see his cock pushing into her. Her tits were swinging with each thrust. Mark then said ‘after everything downstairs and on the hallway I am not going to last much longer’. My wife told him to fuck her hard and fill her with his seed. He sped up and my wife turned her head to look at me and said ‘come on Mark, I need to feel your warm liquid filling me, leaving your cock in thick spurts’. Mark groaned and pushed faster and deeper into my wife and she described very loudly the feeling of his cock pulsating inside her as his jests of cum shot from his knob.

Mark stayed inside my wife as she talked to me. She started by telling me how good his cock was, what a great fuck he was and how she could feel every jet of cum leave his cock. She said fucking me again would be such a letdown. Mark suggested she try my cock immediately as a comparison. She agreed. Mark pulled out and got the key to free the cuffs. My wife told me to come and stand in front of her, not wanting to move or lose any of Mark’s cum from her pussy. She was able to get the key for the cock cage and freed me and my cock immediately sprung up and grew to full hardness.

She told me to go and look at her pussy and describe what I saw. I told her it was wide open and I could see deep inside her (this was unusual unless she held her lips open, but this time her pussy had stayed stretched open) and there was a puddle of Mark’s cum. She told me to fuck her and as I pushed in her pussy felt so different, so loose. My wife commented she could hardly feel me inside her and to be honest the excitement of the whole evening meant it only took a few strokes before my cock spurted and added my cum to Mark’s. I pulled out and my wife told me to lie on the bed. She positioned her pussy over my face and lowered herself down and told me to lick all of Mark’s and my mixed cum from her. She licked my cock and told me that she bet the cum I was licking tasted good. When I had finished she refitted the cock cage and this time she told me to go downstairs, naked. As I left the bedroom Mark climbed back on the bed and they kissed. I was ordered to leave the door ajar but not too much and there would be serious consequences if I came back upstairs uninvited.

Being in the lounge was worse than being left alone in the bedroom. It was below the bedroom so I could hear the bed moving and they were clearly playing again. I could hear moans and groans, and laughter. It hit home that my wife was really enjoying herself when there was a very loud shout from her ‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop’ and then the screams of her orgasm filled the house. The lounge was also worse as there was a clock so I knew how long they were in the bedroom. The bed squeaking got louder and faster and I heard my wife shout out (most likely for my ears) ‘Yesss I want you to cum inside me, fill me’ and then it went quiet. I knew that that meant he was or had just filled my wife again with his cum.

There was quiet for about 20 minutes and then some movement. Mark came down the stairs fully dressed and came into the lounge. He thanked me for allowing him to use my wife for the night but then added ‘I don’t think you had any say in it though as she clearly needed a good fuck’. He went on ‘we have arranged another meet but I will let her tell you about it, and I really do look forward to pounding her pussy and emptying my balls deep inside her’.

He left our house and as soon as the front door closed I made my way upstairs. I entered the bedroom to find my wife lying uncovered on the bed. Her legs were wide open and I could see it was still open and Mark’s cum was dribbling from her, forming a small puddle on the bed. She looked at me and asked if I had enjoyed the evening. I said yes, but before I could say anything else, she replied ‘it isn’t over yet, get over here and lick my pussy clean’. I didn’t waste any time and had my tongue inside her pussy, tasting his cum. She told me to take my time so I did and paid a lot attention to her clit as well. I eventually made her orgasm and when she had recovered she reached for the key to the padlock on my cock cage and removed my cock cage. My cock sprung to attention. She asked me in what position I wanted to reclaim her pussy as mine. I told her I wanted her in the doggy position and for her to tell me all about Mark and how she liked his cock inside as I fucked her.

She got into position and as she described how Mark had made her orgasm and how his cock was so much better than mine as I pushed my cock into her and fucked her. It didn’t take long before I came inside her. We collapsed on the bed and my wife suggested we just go to sleep and we can talk about what happened in the morning.

Next morning I woke up to hear the shower running and my wife’s side of the bed was empty. I pulled the duvet back and looked at the sheet on the bed. There was dried cum all over it. I laid there waiting for her to come back into the room. She walked in, naked but for a towel wrapped around her wet hair. She looked at me lying naked on the bed. She told me that her pussy was sore from all the activity the night before and she held her lips open to show me she was red on the inside. She told me to stay silent as she talked.

She sat on the bed and said that she was sorry for how she had met Mark in secret and that the first fuck with him had been done without my knowledge. She reached to her bedside cabinet and got an envelope. I opened it to find it contained a thumb drive for a computer and another birthday card with the following message:

Happy Birthday – I hope you enjoyed last night’s main present. On this thumb drive is a film of my first meeting with this guy. You can watch as I take another man’s cock for the first time in our marriage. I hope you enjoy it.

She started to talk again. She said she didn’t think she could fuck another guy and had been in email exchanges with Mark for a few months. She had met him on a website forum and told him how I kept going on about her fucking other guys. He said whatever happened would be your husbands fault and he was willing to help in any way he could. Finally she plucked up courage to meet Mark for lunch and found it very easy to talk to him. The discussion wasn’t about sex so it was just two people meeting. However when they said their farewells they had a proper kiss and she said it sent electrical bolts through her body. She felt really guilty that night at home and she said she ignored Mark’s messages for a week. However, the pull was too great and they started chatting online again. Mark then invited her for a lunchtime drink. On the way there she purchased the video camera for my birthday present not really thinking about what she was going to use it. Over lunch they had a few alcoholic drinks and she showed Mark the camera. It was he who suggested that maybe he could make a film of her naked for me. My wife said it was the alcohol talking when she agreed to go back to his place. She said she wasn’t planning on fucking him.

However as he filmed her naked and then playing with her pussy Mark suggested a few more risqué shots to tease her husband. He quickly stripped and revealed his massive hard on. He suggested she stroke it on camera but lust took her over and soon he had put the camera down (still recording the bed and the action) and she was sucking his cock. One thing led to another and before she knew it, his cock inside her gave her a massive orgasm and then exploded deep inside her. She said she should have left then but she couldn’t as she wanted to try his cock again. The second fuck was even better.

The pangs of guilt really hit as she left his house and caught the bus home. She wanted to tell me that night but instead decided to set something up for my Birthday. She had looked through my browser history and noticed I regularly checked out cuckold website and videos and put the plan in place.

She told me it was my turn to talk. I told her I was at first hurt that she had fucked Mark without discussing it with me first. What hurt the most though was not being there to watch the first time she took another cock in our married life. However, knowing there is a video made up for this. I admitted I liked the scenario she set up and had enjoyed the rollercoaster of emotions it gave me.

She asked me if I wanted to do it again and I said yes. She then told me her plan. She had already arranged to go and spend a full night with Mark at his place which would be full of them fucking, but I had to stay at home and just imagine what was happening. She had decided though that it might be easy to build up emotions with a person if they met regularly so she just wanted it to be fucking. She liked the thrill of seeing, touching and tasting a new cock so what she wanted to do was for her and I to find a new cock for her every month. She would film the first fuck but I wouldn’t know when it was until after the event. The guy would then join us for a Saturday evening/night where I could watch/listen, and then she would spend the night with him on her own a week or so later. From the moment we started looking for a new cock for her, my cock would be caged and only released on the night she first fucked him as she told me what they had done. It would be recaged until the evening of the fuck session I was be allowed to watch. My cock would remain uncaged for a week but would be caged for the night she went to spend with the guy. She asked me If I would be Ok with that and I said yes. To make it formal she had drawn up a contract which she said was renegotiable every 6 months and I signed it to say I was now her cuckold.

My life was now mapped out. My wife’s pussy would take a new cock every month but at least this way I knew I would get to fuck her at least three times a month.
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