Jim and Erica were finishing up packing their house up. They decided that with the cost of homes sky-rocketing that now would be a good time to sell. They had only been living in their modest home for a few years and already the asking price had doubled and they were sure that what happened at the last housing bubble would happen again. They wanted to cash in at the top of the bubble before it broke. They only had their house on the market for three days before it sold. Now they only had two weeks to pack-up and move somewhere.

Jim hated packing and often went slow on purpose. Erica would look over at him and he would either be staring at her watching her pack a box or he would be playing games on his phone, both of those upset her since they needed to be moved out soon. “Hey, let’s take a break and get some lunch, I’m starving, and we only have half the house to go.” Jim said as he stood up. He looked down and patted his small belly. “It’s time to feed the beast.” He said playfully as he patted it.

Erica laughed jokingly at his dumb joke but acquiesced and stood up. He loved looking at her. She wasn't tall in stature, only standing 5'6" but her body was built like a stick of dynamite. When you walked into a room that she was in, you knew it. Your eyes would immediately see her small frame and her body that she worked so hard to achieve. The hours of lunges and squats had formed an ass that bartenders could mix a drink on. It was tight and round. For a white girl she was an anomaly and befit a mention by Sir Mix-A-Lot. While her breasts were small, only 32A, they were made all the better by the pink nipples extending from them. When she was excited, which seemed to be all the time they would stretch out nearly an inch from her chest.

Another benefit of her smaller breasts was that she defied gravity and likely always would. She could wear skimpy tops with barely any material and even though she is now in her 40's she can still vie for the attention from 20-year old’s and she's even been hit on by a group of high school boys. But her body aside, her face was equally as beautiful. Her eyes held a life and an energy that made both men and women want to be near. They would give you life and take away your breath at the same time. Below those her smile was broad with thick lips and when she was happy her entire face would tell you.

His friends would always tell him that she was built on a small frame but that she was clearly built for a hard ride. He wasn’t sure what that meant but it was probably sexual. He knew that his friends all wanted to see her naked and often tricked him into giving them his phone so that they could try and find pictures of her. She was wearing one of his shirts that looked like a tent on her. It was dark red with the logo of a cartoon character, but it was unrecognizable since it had gone through the wash so many times. Now it was thin and worn and he loved when she wore it. Her nipples always poked through and he could swear that he could almost see through it in the right light. Paired with that she had on her black Lululemon yoga pants. She hardly ever wore a bra when she was around the house because she said that no one was going to see her, and it wasn’t like Jim cared.

Without taking stock of what they had left remaining Jim and Erica grabbed the keys to their car, some money, phones and their sunglasses. As they started to drive away, Erica finally took stock of her outfit. “We have to turn around. I look like shit and I’m not even wearing a bra!” She told whims he drove. He glanced over at her chest and saw the pronounced outline of her nipples against the fabric.

‘Holy shit, she’s never shown off outside. I hope I run into my friend Mark. Maybe I should call him and ask us to meet for lunch.’ Jim thought as he turned back to the road. Lately he’s had a fantasy of Erica being with other men. He likes to fantasize about his friends coming over and getting him so ***** that he passes out and they take turns fucking her and covering her with cum. “It’s fine honey, no one’s going to care. We’re just going over to Chic-Fil-A. We don’t even have to get out of the car.” He told her.

She glared at him for a moment then pulled down the visor and started to run her fingers through her hair. “I can’t believe you pushed me out the door looking like this. I look like one of those hood rats on the other side of town. Speaking of, I never want to live over there.” She told him as she continued to mess with her blond hair. Each time she ran her fingers through, it seemed to smooth out a few more wild blond hairs then settle at her shoulders. When they got to the fast food chain there was a long line of cars and they sat at the end of it. “We still need a place to live. You know that, right?” She asked him with a quizzical look on her face. He glanced over and nodded to her.

“I have that list of apartments in town. The houses for rent are astronomical and we can downsize for a bit, right?” He told her as he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a small notebook that he always kept on him. Then he handed her the notebook and found a pen in his center console and handed that to her as well.

She opened the notebook and found the list of places. There were 10 listed, Jim had written down the name, address and phone number. He found this all last night and was planning on calling around today after packing. She looked at the names and addresses of each. “Jim, some of these are in the black part of town. I told you I don’t want to live over there. It’s not safe.” She said and put a line through the bottom two places. She then picked up her phone and started with the top number. Jim heard the Erica talk happily with the person on the other end and write some random numbers down then once she was off the phone, she put a line through the name. “You wouldn’t believe what they want to charge. There’s no way we would make any money.” Jim was doing the math in his head, three down seven to go.

She made more calls which resulted in more lines through the list because they were fully rented out. Only two names remained on the list and Jim knew they were the worst when he found them and added them to the list. He put them on the bottom for a reason and they were only followed up by the ones in the black part of town because he knew that a shitty apartment may still be better than one filled with black people.

She called one of the last two places and a man with a loud voice came on the phone and talked with her. Erica asked questions about the rent, availability and amenities. She was all smiles until right before she hung up the phone. Jim heard the man say something and immediately after that Erica displayed a startled and disgusted look and without saying anything else, she hung up the phone and threw it down into the floorboard, like it was contagious. She then used the pen and drew five lines through that properties name and for emphasis, she wrote NO WAY IN HELL, over top of the lines. Jim glanced at the list and saw just the single lonely name remaining. “That man was a pure pig. He asked if I was planning on being home alone a lot and if my husband minded if I had a little company from time to time. What a disgusting pig.” They were nearing the front of the line and after they ordered their food and waited for it, Erica reached down and picked up her phone.

A young man who couldn’t have been older than 17 handed their food through Jim’s open window. He then handed them their drinks as well. Jim saw the young man look across at Erica. Look may be too loose of a word for what he was doing. This kid was staring a whole right through her shirt and at her pronounced nipples. Jim glanced over and noticed that they did seem to have hardened considerably after that last call. It made him wonder if there was something else going on in her head other than disgust. The young man broke his gaze in time to catch Jim’s eye. “Beautiful isn’t it?” He commented.

They both understood what it meant but as Erica looked over trying to figure out what they were talking about the kid recovered fantastically. “Sure is. Man, I hope I get a ride as sweet as this one.” And he tapped the window-sill of the car before smiling at Jim and returning for his next delivery.

“You men are weird, always comparing cars and dicks.” She said with a look that told him that she was only half-joking. She then looked in the book and dialed the remaining number. As she was talking, she pointed to the address in the book and indicated that he should drive there. He looked at the address and began driving there. After she got off the phone, she told him that they were reasonably priced and the woman on the phone seemed friendly. She told her she was going to be there shortly, and they ate on the way. They arrived just as they were finishing their lunch, and both got out at the same time to stretch. There didn’t seem to be anyone around, and Jim walked around the car to look at the place with Erica. As they let their eyes wander around the property, they felt like it was rundown but livable. There were mature trees and shrubs to give it a green look, but it was clear that lawn maintenance wasn’t a top priority here. They saw weeds and tall grass in every open patch of land. The playground that they were parked next to, was bleached of its bright blues and yellows from too many summers in the sun.

Since they didn’t have kids they didn’t care much. For them this place just needed to be manageable for a year or two until the housing bubble burst and they could reap the rewards. They walked in and the woman that Erica had talked to on the phone came right out. She was a short, heavy-set Latina woman with black hair that looked wet and she ignored Jim and went directly to Erica. “Buenos Dias, Señorita. How are you? I’m Marisol and we spoke on the phone. May I say that you are more beautiful than you sounded on the phone.” She said as she shook Erica’s hand. Jim stood next to Erica and he felt ignored because Marisol never even looked at him. “Come, Come, let me show you the apartment. It’s very lucky, you coming now. This is the last one and it’s right next to mine. We could be neighbors and maybe even good friends.” She said as she led Erica forward by placing her hand at the small of her back. Marisol finally acknowledged Jim as he walked behind them when she turned and faced him, “And this must be your husband.” She said as she plastered on a fake smile which lasted just a moment before he watched it turn to a scowl as she turned forward.

He then watched as Marisol looked his wife from head to toe. Jim said nothing as he saw her open her phone and point it at Erica’s back and he saw that she was taking pictures as she walked. He was about to say something when she announced they were there. The apartment in question was on the ground floor and Marisol pointed across the hall to another door. “This one’s mine!” She said proudly. Then she held her phone up and said, “Alright Erica. Let’s get a picture of you in front of your new apartment.” Erica stood awkwardly in front of the large beige door with the eyehole at the level with the top of her forehead. “Come on, Bella, with how pretty you are, you gotta know how to pose.” She said and Erica complied. She raised an arm and placed a hand behind her head and the other she put on her hip. As she pushed her hip out, she also pushed her chest forward. This last movement was what Marisol wanted and she took multiple shots of her. Jim watched Marisol behind her phone, and he saw her lick her lips. Then he looked at Erica and she was laughing and enjoying herself.

“Let’s go inside, shall we?” She said to Erica as she walked toward the door. She handed Erica the keys and let her open the door. “You’re about 40, right?” She asked.

“Great guess, that’s it exactly.” Erica said with amazement as she opened the door to the apartment. Both Erica and Marisol then tried to walk through the door at the same time and it looked like it was done as a comedic skit.

When they knocked into each other Marisol placed her hand on Erica’s ass intentionally and pushed her through. “Get your tight ass in there, little lady.” She said as she looked back at Jim and smirked. Jim wanted to leave but he couldn’t think of a good reason. He knew that Marisol was up to something and Erica seemed to be oblivious to it. “Wow, Erica, you must workout a lot. I was only joking but your ass is rather tight. Let’s see that shall we? You didn’t put the work in to not show it off a little. Am I right husband?” She turned and asked him. Erica also looked at him and waited for his response. When he didn’t say anything, Erica lifted the back of the shirt and Marisol breathed in sharply “Ay, Dios Mio! Mamacita el fuego!” She said. She then commended Erica on her work as she blatantly stared at his wife’s ass. She also took sneaky pictures with her phone that Erica didn’t notice but Jim was familiar with that technique. He had done it to his friends’ wives and his friends had done it to his wife. He was about to say something when Marisol pushed them further into the apartment.

As she showed Erica around, Jim was left as an afterthought and broke off to tour the small space by himself. He poked his head into a couple of the spaces and noticed the same inattention that plagued the outside of the building. When he caught up to Erica and Marisol, they were in the Master Bathroom and Erica was standing on the vanity. Marisol had her camera pointed up with the flashlight on. Erica was reaching for something high on the wall and it looked like Marisol was making sure she had enough light for whatever it was. As he got closer Marisol sensed him and tried to shield her phones screen and when he looked, he could see she was recording a video of her. He walked closer and heard Marisol say, “estúpido hijo de puta!!” She then put her phone down and scowled at him as she walked out of the room.

Jim’s Spanish was rusty, but he was pretty sure that she just called him a stupid motherfucker. He looked up at Erica to find out what she was doing and saw what Marisol was recording. She was looking straight up her shirt and videoing her breasts. Jim was angry but also intrigued and excited at the brazenness of this woman. Erica seemed to be done with whatever it was she was looking at and Jim helped her climb down from the vanity. They then walked through the rest of the apartment together and Marisol walked them out. She now seemed to be in a sour mood and hastily locked the door behind them. “Would you both like to sign for the apartment now?” Marisol asked as sweetly as she could muster but Jim still felt her shoot daggers at him with her eyes and that frightened him.

“We need to talk about it. Can we call you when we decide?” Erica asked.

“Marisol smiled broadly and simply said, “Sure honey, give me your number so I can text you a reminder later, in case you forget.” Erica told her the phone number and Jim watched as Marisol typed it into her phone. Erica then told Jim to give her his number as well and he gave her his number.

“Now you can reach either one of us.” Erica said happily. She truly seemed oblivious to the lecherous nature of this woman. They walked back to their car holding hands. As soon as they were in the car and the doors closed Jim saw Erica looking out at the property with the intention of imagining herself living there.

Before they left the apartments parking lot, their phones pinged with a message. “Thank you for visiting me at the Longarm Apartments. I hope that you both decide to come live with us and join our community. - Marisol”

“That was nice of her. “Erica said with a smile and looked up from her phone at Jim. They then drove out of the apartments parking lot and were on the highway before Jim’s phone dinged with a new message. Erica picked up his phone and checked the message. She then turned to Jim and screamed and started hitting him. “YOU SON OF A BITCH. YOU”RE CHEATING ON ME WITH SOME FUCKING SPIC! AND SHE AS BIG AS A FUCKING HOUSE TOO!” It took all of Jim’s skills as a driver to not wreck the car on the highway and to pull off to the side of the street. Once on the side he grabbed his phone from Erica who released it grudgingly and looked at the message.

The message read, “Sé que me viste mirando a tu esposa y no puedo esperar a que quede atrapada entre estas piernas comiendo mi gran coño descuidado. Solo sacudirás tu pequeña polla. Yo la poseeré.” The message was from a number that wasn’t a contact and the only indication of who it was came in the form of the attached picture. The picture showed a very tanned woman. Erica described her as a Spic and she very well could be Latino. The woman in the photo was fat and naked. She had her legs spread wide on the floor and her fingers of one hand spreading her pussy. Her other hand she used to hold and lift one of her large breasts with a brown nipple that looked bigger than a half-dollar.

While Erica fumed next to him, Jim started to type in the search function of his web browser on his phone. He copied the text in the message over to the translate site he found and read the results.

I know you saw me staring at your wife and I can't wait for her to be trapped between these legs eating out my big sloppy pussy. You will only ever jerk your tiny little dick. I'm gonna own her.”

“I hope you’re telling her you need a place to live because you aren’t living with me.” She told him with hatred.

Jim heard her but ignored her comment because he thought he knew who would have sent this and opened the messages to the one he received as a group message from Marisol. He compared the phone numbers and they matched. Then he dropped his phone in her lap. “I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m not cheating on you. It was that sleazy Marisol lady from the apartments. Check the numbers.” Jim said.

Confused by this new development she picked up the phone and looked at the numbers then back at the picture. “Then what does it say? Was she trying to hit on you?” She asked, concerned.

“I don’t think I play the right part in her play. If you open the web browser, you can read what it says.” Jim replied.

“Jim, I’m sorry that I jumped to that conclusion, but you understand why I would think that, don’t you?” She asked him. Then she read the messages meaning and her eyes bulged out of her head. “OMG, there’s no way she meant for this to be sent to you. I better tell her; I mean you don’t even speak Spanish. I wish they would finish the wall already.” She added. Then Jim watched her pick up her phone and start typing then send. She quickly got a reply and laughed and told Jim to take her home.

“What did she say?” Jim asked urgently. He wanted to know how she would be able to justify sending me this message and Erica not care.

“It was a mistake. She was trying to send it to her girlfriends’ husband. I guess her husband likes to be treated like a cuckold?” She said as she had to re-read the text. “She said that she was sorry we had to see her like that and that we will still come there.” As she finished explaining the answer Jim pulled the notebook from Erica’s lap along with the pen. Then as he drove, he found the correct page with apartment names and addresses he lined through the Longarm Apartments. “Why’d you do that? That was the one place left.” Erica asked.

“One, I think she meant to send it to me. Two, that place was unkempt and not suitable for us. Three, could you live there and see her everyday knowing exactly what was beneath those clothes?” He then handed her the notebook again and she smiled weakly and nodded her head in agreement.

She really didn’t think it was as bad as Jim was making it out to be but after the way she blew-up at him and hit him she wanted to give him a win. “If you want to, we can look at the other two I crossed out in the black part of town.” She told him and followed it up with another apology. “Again, I’m so sorry. I know you wouldn’t do anything like that. Tell me you forgive me.”

“Of course I forgive you honey. I completely understand how that looked and don’t even worry about it. I will take you up on those other places though. Give them a call and we will try the one you like best first. Since we are already out, let’s do it now.” He told her.

She looked at the list and called the first of the two numbers. Jim heard a man answer. He could tell that the man had a deep baritone voice and Erica seemed to react to it right away. Jim almost thought she seemed more docile and compliant when she was talking to him. When she got off the phone, she told him that they had apartments available and that they should come by to take a look. Jim put the address in for the apartment complex and steered the car in that direction. As they traveled on the main road through town, they could see the decay of the haughtier part of town they were used to into the disrepair of the urban part. The people on the streets gradually became less and less white until they noticed that they were the only white people visible in a city block.

Neither Jim or Erica is a racist mind you and they would be quick to tell you that. The fact is that they knew they harbored prejudice and that often steered their decisions. They approached the entrance of the apartments. Jim found a spot in the front of the clubhouse and parked. Erica was slow to get out and looked around to make sure that they were safe before she opened the door. When she finally did get out, her body language showed that she was guarded. Her shoulders were hunched, and she was trying to make herself as small as possible. “You must be the couple I spoke to on the phone a few moments ago!” A booming voice said to them. They looked at the entrance to the clubhouse and saw a man with a friendly smile. He was well over six feet tall and seemed to tower above the both of them. His barrel chest stretched his polo shirt tight then it seemed to form around the pooch of a belly he had. When they looked at him, they noticed that the sun seemed to reflect like a mirror on the top of his bald head. “Names Rocky, I take care of the things around her that need takin’ care of. If ya know what I mean.” He said as he shook Jim’s hand and winked like they were old acquaintances.

He then turned and tried to shake Erica’s hand and when she put her hand in his it looked like it swallowed it entirely. Seeing them stand next to each other Jim thought they looked like completely different species. The pure size of Rocky compared to the daintiness of Erica was amazing. Rocky laughed at her dainty hand and then held out a set of keys. “Here’s the keys for the apartment that available. If you like it come on back and we can talk about it.” He said and after Erica took the keys from him and the directions on how to get there, they were off and on their way. Jim saw the direction they needed to head and headed that way. Erica hesitated for a moment. She tried to take the whole environment in. The grass seemed well tended and the buildings all seemed well maintained and new. When she looked back to the clubhouse, she caught Rocky looking out at her and she noticed that his hand was just below the edge of the window, but it looked like he was rubbing something. When she looked at him, he was licking his lips and when their eyes met, he lifted his meaty paw and waved at her. She turned and hurried to catch up to Jim.

Jim and Erica talked about the apartments and about how nice it was. Both of them surprised at how nice it was. The apartment was another ground floor apartment which was fine with them. They didn’t want to carry their stuff up and to many stairs anyway. When they entered the apartment, it was large and spacious. The two bedrooms both seemed like Master Suites with their own connected bathrooms as well as a half-bath in the living spaces. The kitchen was fully updated, and it was more than they expected to get. Without a word between them they knew what the other was thinking and as they left and returned to the clubhouse, they were ready. Rocky was waiting for them in his office. When they walked through his door, he had two pens out and the contract for the lease all ready.

“Looks like you had us pegged from the start huh?” Jim said jokingly.

“I know a new tenant when I see one.” He said.

“When can we move in?” Erica asked.

“Today if you want. Just finish signing here and here and we are officially neighbors.” Rocky told them as he watched them finish signing the paperwork.

“What do you mean neighbors?” They asked in almost unison.

“I live right upstairs from you. Me and the maintenance tech are roommates which is good for you because we aren’t ever around the apartment because we both work too much. We also don’t party like some of the others in here and if you need a hand or four, we are right upstairs.” He said in an explanatory manner.

Jim wrote a check for the first and last month’s rent then handed it to him. In return Rocky handed them a set of keys and congratulated them before walking them out of the office.

On the way home they were happy. They now had a place to move to and weren’t going to be homeless when Escrow closed on their house. “We should start moving stuff over immediately.” Erica said as she sat in the passenger seat. Jim could see her excitement and it seemed to him that it took all of her willpower not to bounce out of the car. When they got home Jim and Erica walked into their home and now that they had a place they could move to, their current home began feeling alien. Jim was already tired from the day and since they had been out since lunch and it was now getting dark, he just wanted to rest. Erica on the other hand seemed even more invigorated. “I can’t believe I almost didn’t give that place a chance. Thank you for making us go. It’s perfect.” She told him.

Jim just made room on the couch after clearing some half-packed boxes and books off a cushion and sat down. He turned on the TV and started looking for what to watch. “What’s for dinner Hun?” He asked her without acknowledging what she had said.

“I’m too excited to even think about dinner. We have a new place that we can decorate and *Christen*” she said as she made air quotes with her hands. She moved to Jim sitting on the couch and straddled his legs. Jim felt her pants stretch across his lap and her breasts rested directly in front of him. “Plus, Rocky seemed really nice. His voice is so soothing. I almost felt like I was being hypnotized.” She told him as she ran her hands up and down his chest.

Jim lifted the shirt she was wearing over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her long nipples pointed at him in anticipation of what was to come. Jim leaned forward and took a nipple in her mouth and sucked on it as she reached down between them to unbutton his pants and take down the zipper. Without taking her nipple from his lips he reached down and pushed his pants as far down as they would go. Erica looked down and saw that Jim was already fully erect. She knew that she didn’t marry him for his prowess at sex but sometimes when they made love and she saw his small dick she wondered how a larger chalice would feel pushing into her. She reached down and began stroking his thin dick.

She could see that he was already near to an orgasm and she felt that she needed to hurry up on the action or she wouldn’t get anything. She quickly stood up and pulled her pants down to the floor then turned and faced her ass toward Jim. While backing up she reached for him as she sat down and with her other hand, she pulled the thong she was wearing to the side. They were trimmed in pink lace with a soft material inside with a flower design. Jim loved to use them when he jerked off and that was a lot. As she sat on his dick and began her normal small motions up and downs could feel that he was there, but she needed to play with her clit to get near her own climax. “Sorry baby, it’s coming already.” Jim said quickly.

It seemed to Erica that the longer they were married the quicker of a shot he was becoming. She didn’t give up and instead she kept his dick inside of her as it deflated and leaned back to her back was resting on his chest. She began to attack her clit with force and pinched her nipples in turn. He looked over her shoulder to see her pull each extended numb away from her chest and his eyes got big. Jim couldn’t remember the last time that she was this tenacious sexually.

Erica was feeling her orgasm approaching and for some reason she kept thinking about Rocky in that window and his voice with its melodic tones telling her ‘If you need a hand or four, we are right upstairs.’ She let herself cum and then laid-back panting on top of Jim. Once she caught her breath again, she stood up and put her hand between her legs to keep Jim’s cum from dripping out of her. Then she reached for a nearby towel they were packing and placed it between her legs.

“How about Pizza for our last night here? The girls at church told me about a new place that just opened up and it’s supposed to be really good.” Erica said.

“Can you go pick it up and bring it back here?” Jim asked in a pleading manner. He really didn’t want to leave the house again that night.

“I’ll go pick it up and while I’m out I can drop off our first boxes of stuff. Would that work?” She asked him.

“That’s fine. How long do you think you’ll be?” He said and looked at her for an answer.

“I dunno, the new place is on the other side of town and the pizza place is a couple minutes from that, so maybe an hour, hour and a half maybe. Have a snack until I get back. Okay?” She answered and Jim nodded. He stood up and kissed Erica lightly on the lips then sat back down on the couch. Erica stretched to the floor and pulled up her pants half way then used the towel to wipe any remaining cum from her pussy and panties before discarding the towel on the floor and pulling her pants up the rest of the way up until she had them tight against her body. She then looked herself over and made sure there were no creases. She then walked to their bedroom where she put on a purple sports bra workout shirt. This ensured that she wouldn’t be giving any free shows by accident like in Jim’s loose shirt from today.

She then made Jim come into the room and grab a couple of their clothing boxes that they didn’t need right now and carry them down with her to the car. Once the boxes were packed in the car they kissed again briefly, and she was on her way.

Jim was happy for the solitude this provided him, and he went and spent some time searching different porn sites. As far as she knew he never looked at this stuff. But truth be told he had fantasies she would never understand.

Erica sang to the music on the radio all the way to their new apartment. By the time she got there it was very dark, but the parking lots and buildings were all lit up. Even at night this place was great. There was more activity around and she noticed some young men she would have categorized as thugs. She parked as close to her new apartment as she could find and got out of her car. “Erica, Is that you? I know I said you could move in today, but I wasn’t really expecting you to. Hold on, we’ll come down and give you a hand.” She looked for the voice and saw that it was the apartment directly about theirs. She noticed Rocky and waved at him with a big smile on her face. He was in the process of standing and tapped the other man on the balcony with him and he stood up as well. In a moment they were walking toward them. From what she saw Rocky’s friend was very small. Although compared to Rocky most men are.

“I told ya about him, but this here is my roommate Jerry. Jerry lets help the pretty lady out.” He said as an introduction.

“Pleased to meet you Jerry.” She said and Jerry only smiled at her and shook her hand. She noticed missing teeth in his smile and a secret in his eyes. She didn’t know if that was good or bad for her and that was the first time she was worried here. The men then grabbed the boxes from her car and carried them to the building.

“Tell ya what Erica. How about we keep your boxes in our apartment right now and when you get in tomorrow, we can bring them down to ya. Your place is entirely safe but sometimes with the new tenants moving in, our youth gets a little crazy and likes to play tricks with your stuff. Nothing big and they won’t bug you once you’re all moved in. I promise.” Rocky told her in his smooth voice.

“That’s really sweet of you Rocky, Thank you.” She said and followed Rocky up the stairs carrying a box. Behind her was Jerry and as she turned to see how far back he was, she caught him staring at her ass. ‘I guess that’s to be expected. A black man checking out a little white girls’ ass. How typical.’ She thought as she turned around and continued up the stairs. The entered Rocky’s apartment and the men stacked the boxes in front of the couch. Erica put her box along with them and then got ready to leave.

“You want to take a load off and share a beer with your new neighbors?” Jerry finally spoke and he genuinely seemed to mean it.

Erica thought about what was left of her night and realized that it would only consist of sitting on the couch with Jim as he complained about what the Democrats were doing and how Trump at least had us pointed in the right direction for change. “Yeah, I think I will. Need to make the right impression and get some good friends and you both seem like the best.” She told them.

Jerry got up and grabbed a longneck bottle out of their refrigerator. When he returned and handed it to her, she looked at the bottle, “Miller? That’s funny, we drink the same thing at home sometimes.” After she finished her sentence, she lifted the bottle and both men enjoy how her slender pale neck lifted gracefully like a swan and they saw her swallow a few swigs of her beer then bend her neck down. The three of them were still standing and Rocky motioned toward the couch and the three of them sat down together. They were able to make small talk easily and after Erica finished her beer, she had thoughts that it was time to go but Jerry anticipated her needs and had already gotten her another beer as a replacement. She didn’t usually drink but this was a special occasion.

She took another drink from the new bottle then sent a text to Jim to let him know that she got held up in traffic on the way to the new place. His response was non-committal and she disregarded it. ‘Sometimes’ she thought, ‘that man can be entirely useless and a waste of space. I love him but why couldn’t he care more. He didn’t even offer to get the pizza.’

“Would you like some chocolate Erica?” Rocky asked her and held up a package that she wasn’t familiar with. She looked at the packaging and read Buddies ChocoLogs. The cartoon character on the package was cute and she liked to try new things and these men were already being so nice to her. She opened the package and took two squares of chocolate and ate them. When she finished them, she thought she noticed an after taste that she wasn’t familiar with.

The men both looked at each other and smiled. They knew that between the beers she drank, and the marijuana laced chocolate she just ate, that she would be their plaything in no time. As they settled back on the couch, they started their small-talk again and slowly started to see Erica sink deeper and deeper into the couch. The men used this time to take stock of the boxes they brought in. Erica had done all the labelling and they were, Work Clothes, Bed Sheets, Jim’s Clothes, and Personals.

Jerry moved closer to Erica and placed his hand on her knee as she spoke to Rocky. She briefly looked down at his hand on her leg but didn’t react and instead she turned back to Rocky like nothing was happening. Jerry started to rub her knee and thigh. Rocky took this time to begin the corruption he was hoping for since she called him. He knew she was a bored white girl from her voice. The fact that she was also trim and tight was even better. He wasn’t worried about her stiff lipped husband Jim but right now he wasn’t even here. “I tried to tell Jerry how pretty you were, but I couldn’t do you justice. Isn’t that right Jerry?” He said and brought her attention to Jerry who had moved completely off her knee and was now rubbing the length of her thigh near him.

She looked down, then up at him and he could see the confusion in her eyes as she tried to make sense of his hand. “Sure is, you are one of the prettiest white girls I’ve seen around her. And your outfit is slammin’. These pants are real soft. What are they made of?” He asked her.

“Most of it is a nylon I think but the cloth between my legs feels a little different and stretches more, so I think that's something else.” She said then opened her legs slightly more.

“That sounds nice. Mind if I feel them?” Rocky asked her.

She moved the leg not being rubbed by Jerry toward Rocky and this caused her legs to open wider. They now had a great view between Erica’s legs. Her arms laid lazily at her sides as Rocky approached her. She looked at him with glassy eyes and he reached out his meaty paw. When he placed it on the inside of her knee she breathed in sharply. “Did I hurt you?” He asked her.

“No, I was just startled how big your hand is.” she said.

“Then you will be really startled when you see my cock.” He said then followed that with a laugh that seemed to start deep in his body and resonate on the way out.

Erica laughed along with them and Jerry followed suit as well. “I’ve heard that black guys were bigger but I’m sure that’s just a wives tale.” She said as she glanced down at the crotch of his pants.

“Oh, so you wives like to talk about our big black cocks at your fancy church lunches huh?” Rocky asked her smiling.

“Nooo, those stuffy bitches only complain about all the corruption around us and how our way of life is under attack. I meant that it’s an urban legend. Even if you were bigger it’s not like you would be a lot bigger.” She said while gesturing in a way as to say not a real thing.

Rocky slowly slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, “Jerry you were right, this material is nice.” He commented as he kept moving up. Erica understood where his hand was going and moved her hands down. Her reflexes were slow, and they ended up landing on Rocky’s hands as they reached the crotch of her pants.

“That’s a no-no mister.” She said unconvincingly.

“You said it was a different material and so I wanted to see what you meant. So far it feels the same.” He told her as he slowly started to explore her pants with two of his meaty fingers. He could feel the heat building between her legs, and she held onto his hand tighter and her head rolled back as he put just the right amount of pressure on her sensitive clit.

“Oh My God, what is wrong with me?” She asked Jerry.

“Bitch you high as a kite. You ate two squares of Hydro-Chocolate.” He told her.

“Huh?” Was all she could muster.

“You ate chocolate laced with marijuana.” Rocky told her. “Now you lost your inhibitions that kept your strait-laced white girl persona, and clearly what’s coming out is that of a huge slut.” Rocky told her as he removed his hand from her lap. Erica kept her hands gripped to Rocky’s as he lifted it up and pressed it against her belly then slowly moved it down until she felt his hand move inside her pants.

“no, nO, No, NO! Right?” she said as she willed herself to act. Eventually she was able to sit up and then stand up in front of the men where she turned around and tried to berate them as best she could. “I’m married, you guys aren’t being cool right now. What if …. Jerry finds out? No, wait a minute. Your Jerry. Not my Jerry. Who’s my Jerry? Jim, Jim! That’s his name. What if he finds out?” She finally finished as she stood in front of them.

“Well then how about you take off those pants so I can feel them better.” Rocky said.

Erica held her hand up to her chin and looked like she was thinking about it seriously. “But then I would be in my underwear and that wouldn’t be okay.” She said.

Then Rocky and Jerry pointed at the clothes boxes behind her. She turned around and giggled to herself then asked them if they could open them for her. Jerry pulled out a multi-tool device from his pocket and stood up to the boxes and began opening them all. He started with the Work Clothes box and then as he continued through the other boxes he finished with the Personals. When he opened that one up, he was met with lingerie and different bras and panties. He held up a black mesh crotchless panty. Erica grabbed them from him and then gently pushed him away but kept her hand on his chest as she leaned over the box. She dug around with Jerry next to her. She tried to find something particular, but things were getting in the way.

She saw Jerry standing there and handed him the crotchless panties she was still holding then began pulling out handfuls of her lingerie and underwear and handing it to him. He would handle them and pull out a pair of panties and toss them over to Rocky on the couch who would inspect them then put them on his floor next to the couch. “Maybe after you find what you’re looking for we can have a little fashion show.” He told her from the couch.

“Maybe…Wait, no. I’m married Rocky, come on. Now where is it? There it is. Finally.” She said in a low voice. Then she pulled out a pair of short silk pajama shorts. They were Black with a small whit fringe around the leg holes and an elastic waist band. She then took what was remaining of her underwear from Jerry and tossed them back in the box.

Erica then looked around the room for a good place to change at and decided that anywhere but here would be too far away and take too long. She placed the shorts on top of the box then curled her thumbs inside the waistband of her pants and pulled them down. As she did this Rocky and Jerry were enjoying the show. Her pink trimmed panties came into view as she bent over at the waist and they both stared at how her delicious ass seemed to swallow her panties as they went between her cheeks.

When her pants were at her ankles and she was still bent over Rocky commented, “Looks like your husband got a little cum on your panty. There’s some dried up crusty cum that I can see from here.” He told her.

“That asshole. Oh well.” She said as she stayed bent over but reached up for the edge of her panties as well and brought those down as well where they pooled on the floor with her pants. From Rocky’s view he could see clearly between her legs and the glistening of her excited body pointing back at him. Sadly, for Jerry, all he saw was the top of her bared ass.

Jerry being so close though, he took this opportunity to reach out and feel her ******* ass in his dark hand. He always felt like the stark difference between a black hand on a thick white ass made it look all the more taboo and he loved it. He let his hand enjoy the warmth of her cheeks then, because he wasn’t sure how she would react, he slid down the center of her cheeks and between her legs past her asshole that he felt tighten instinctively to her pussy.

It was emanating heat so strongly that Jerry thought there was a fire during inside her. He ran his finger along the edge then removed his hand altogether. He examined his finger and tasted it. “Grade A Married White Girl pussy. All the niggas in the hood are gonna wanna try this.” Jerry said to Rocky.

Erica didn’t try to stop him, though she didn’t know if she had the faculty to stop him anyway, but once his hand was removed, she stepped into her pajama shorts and pulled them up. Then she stood up and faced Rocky on the couch then over at Jerry. “That wasn’t cool Jerry!” She said sternly and wagged a finger at him.

“The lady’s right Jerry. As a punishment you need to get this woman another beer and one of my special aspirins.” Rocky said from the couch. Jerry nodded knowingly and went for the requested items.

Erica turned her head to Rocky, “How do I look?” She asked him, forgetting that the entire reason she took off her pants was for him to feel the material. She felt the air conditioning in the room freely make its way between the loose openings of her legs and it sent shivers through her.

“The shorts look great but now the top doesn’t match.” Rocky said and he watched as Erica thought momentarily then pulled her top up and over her head. As she stood there topless with her shirt in her hand, she heard an audible gasp from Rocky and Jerry. She was instantly proud of herself.

Jerry returned with her beer and the tab of ecstasy that Rocky told him to get her. “No on the aspirin, I think she’ll be fine, and we can always give it to her next time if she doesn’t play nicely.” Rocky said as Jerry approached her. Jerry held out the beer to Erica who in turn handed him her purple shirt. They changed hands and Erica took a big drink from the bottle while at the same time Jerry once again went for an unasked-for grope.

His hand made a straight beeline for her breasts and the nipples that were standing solidly out from her chest like soldiers at attention. As his digits closed in on her excited nubs, she moaned through her beer bottle. He was still playing the game and removed his hand after the light groping and returned to his seat on the couch. “That looks a lot better now Neighbor. Now how about we keep talking over here on the couch?”

Erica showed a genuine smile at how nice these two men were being to her and she almost sauntered back over to them. She enjoyed the air on her breasts and couldn’t figure out why she didn’t do this earlier. As she sat down, she felt the men's hands fall back on her legs where they had previously been and to her it felt like they belonged there. “Now what were we talking about guys?” She asked with a blank look as she glanced back and forth from Rocky to Jerry.

“You were talking about how you wondered if the size thing was true. If black cocks were a lot bigger than the white boys.” Rocky told her.

“Oh yeah, so is it?” She asked with an, interested to learn more, tone in her voice.

Rocky sat back and opened his pants up. When she looked in his lap, she could see an impressive bulge, but it didn’t register what it was. “Dig in there and find out.” He told her as he removed his hand from her lap then pulled her hand to the opening of his pants where he let it go. With a mind of its own she watched her hand sneak into his pants and gripped what felt like a steel pole covered in flesh. She struggled to pull it out and had to lean over towards Rocky to be able to do it as she needed to use both hands.

Jerry had saw what was happening and already had his cock out and was slowly stroking it as she leaned away from him and her ass came into view. The loose legs of her shorts caused parts of her ass to come spilling out and he placed his free hand between her legs. She lifted a leg to allow him more access without even thinking about it and he found her pussy to be wetter than it had seemed just a moment ago.

His finger slid effortlessly back and forth, and he found the opening of her cunt and pushed a finger slowly into her. “Ugggghhhhh.” He heard escape from her lips as he pushed into her and he felt her push back onto his finger.

Erica was finally able to pull Rocky's cock free of his pants and she celebrated with a short bounce back and forth on the couch as she kept a hold of his hardened cock. As she bounced in excitement Jerry was pushing in and out of her more which caused her to orgasm for the first time tonight. She had a brief recall of earlier and how she tried to climax with her husband but couldn’t do it. Now Jerry; a stranger; was able to make her cum with just a finger.

She looked back at Jerry and saw his cock standing up as well, “Enjoying yourself?” She asked him with a smile.

“Fuck yeah I am. It feels like you are too. Taste this.” He said as he removed his finger and fed it to her. She opened her mouth and accepted his thick black digit which was coated in her fluids.

“Mmmmm, that’s tasty. Is that me?” She said as she unconsciously began stroking Rocky’s cock up and down. When she looked back there was no question that black men had bigger dicks and this flagpole in her hand was amazing. She felt that her position on the couch wouldn’t work for her because the angle didn’t allow for the proper inspection so she moved to where she was kneeling on the couch with her ass right in Jerry’s face which put her own face directly over Rocky’s cock.

His head was wider than Jim’s entire length and as she stroked it, she licked her lips. “Do you want to give it a taste?” Rocky asked her as he placed a guiding hand on the back of her head. She looked at him in the eyes briefly as she lowered down and felt the crown touch her lips. She lightly kissed it and licked it like she would a lollipop. Then slowly she opened her mouth and struggled to fit her mouth around the top.

As she was progressing with getting him in her mouth, she continued to stroke him and felt her shorts being pulled down her legs. She no longer seemed to care, and Jerry pushed his face directly on her pussy and began licking her cunt hard. As she felt him attack her pussy, her eyes bulged wide and the rest of Rocky’s head popped into her mouth. “That’s a good little white slut.” Rocky told her and that made her proud and happy to be commended.

“Now suck it, *****!” He told her as he placed more pressure on her head. She was obeying him and did indeed start sucking him with vigor. She found that she was able to fit more and more into her mouth. Erica saw that she still had a lot of cock remaining but couldn’t fit anymore without gagging.

Jerry continued to attack her thick ass as dove his tongue in and out repeatedly. He was using his tongue to fuck her, and she was reacting like a horny slut and began pushing back into his face. Erica lifted her off Rocky’s cock and turned her head back to Jerry. “Your tongue is thicker and longer than my husbands is. Give it to me hard please.” She said and batted her eyes.

“You got it babe.” He replied in turn. Erica turned and dove back down on Rocky’s cock and while she began to get use to the girth in her mouth once more Jerry kneeled on the cushion behind her. He pulled her thick ass-cheeks apart and lined up his cock with her cunt. He placed the head against her and pushed hard into her. She was tight against his cock and it felt like a vice. “Holy Shit Rocky, this pussy is going to milk me dry. Man, we are going to ruin this bitch in no time. We gonna have to get top dollar for this hoes body right away because if we get even half the boys that I think we will then we about to be rich.” Jerry told him as he started slowly pumping more and more and deeper and deeper.

“Don’t you dare cum in her. That’s my pussy to cum in first.” Rocky told her. Jerry nodded silently then slowly pulled his cock out until both men heard his head come out of her with an audible *Plop*. Rocky then gripped her hair and pulled her up. Once he had her looking at him, he said, “Beg me for my cock!”

“Please Rocky, Can I sit on your big black cock?” She begged.

“Get over here and sit on it then.” He told her as he pulled her over to his lap and made her straddle his lap. She reached down and lined his black pole up and sat down, letting it sink into her until all that was visible was the hair around the base of his dick. She leaned forward and tried to kiss Rocky. “A hoe don’t get kissed. Save that shit for your weak ass husband. You just here to make me cum.” He told her as he pushed her face to the side. She started pulling up then dropping back down, then repeated that movement over and over again. She closed her eyes and reached up to pinch her nipples and grope her own breasts and Rocky saw the moment she came all over his lap.

Rocky made her continue riding him on the couch and Jerry climbed on the couch and placed his cock at her mouth. When she opened her eyes, she wasn’t startled and instead she just opened her mouth and took him fully into her mouth. Jerry was smaller than Rocky but still very thick and long. She sucked hard but found it hard to perform well and right Rocky at the same time.

Even though she thought it was a bad blowjob Jerry pulled his dick out of her mouth and painted her face white when he blew his large load. She felt it cover her entire face and opened her mouth to tell him how impressed she was at the size but nearly drowned as his cum pooled in her mouth and drained down her throat.

She began pumping harder on top of him. Erica wanted to feel Rocky fill her cunt up completely. As she rode him, she released her breasts and began wiping Jerry’s cum from her face and feed herself the contents. When she finished cleaning her face Rocky pulled her off his lap and made her kneel between his legs.

“Are you sure you don’t want to fill my empty pussy with your potent black seed Daddy?” Erica asked him as she looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Shut the fuck up and take this load down your throat. If you take it all then I’ll let you do it again and introduce you to some more friends that can help you loosen up.” He told her.

Erica looked up at him then down at his cock that she was stroking quickly and then back up into his face. Rocky felt himself coming near the end and reached forward and grabbed two headful of her blond hair and pulled her into his lap. She opened her mouth in time as Rocky’s black cock shot a fountain of cum into her mouth. She started swallowing as quickly as she could and got almost all of it down her throat. What little did escape she licked her lips and pulled herself out of Rocky’s grip and leaned down to the carpet where some cum dripped from her lips and began licking and sucking the cum from the carpet.

When they saw this happening Rocky and Jerry laughed uproariously. Erica heard them laugh and began to feel self-conscious. She didn’t know how long she had been there, but she suspected that it was longer than she meant to stay. “I…I…I have to go home. Can I go home?” She asked, looking up at them from the carpet.

“Sure thing babe. We’ll play again tomorrow when you move in.” Rocky told her as he put his well-tended cock back in his pants. Erica got up from the floor naked and stood looking for her pants and shirt. She found both in a puddle near the boxes and when she picked up her pants, she couldn't find her panties. She placed the shirt over her head and was able to get it in place then stepped into her pants. As she pulled them against her pussy, she felt how wet they were, and the pants smelled like sex.

She looked around for anything else she left behind. She grabbed her keys and walked out as the men laughed and waved at her. She walked to her car and started it. It was 3am as she started to head home, and she didn’t know what she was going to tell Jim. The entire way home she tried to think of a good excuse. By the time she got home she decided that she would just tell him that she helped a homeless man near the pizza shop and that he was having a religious crisis.

As she walked in prepared to have Jim ask here where she’d been, she saw Jim right where he left him last night. He had fallen asleep and she hurried to the bedroom. Erica looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the face looking back at her. She saw streaks of dried cum in her hair and on her face. Any make-up that she was wearing was now streaked down her face.

‘That was the most amazing night of my life.’ She thought. Just before her phone notified her of an incoming message. She looked at her phone and to her surprise and amazement she saw that an unknown number had texted her a picture like it had to Jim earlier. This was showed a picture of her with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy doggystyle. She looked like a cheap *****. She looked at the picture and nearly forgot that there was a message as well. Erica brought the message up and it said, “Make sure you wear a short skirt with nothing under it tomorrow.

‘Oh my god. Can I do that? I can’t do that. Well, maybe if I just wear that beige dress. It’s cute and sexy and I think it will really make him happy.’ She thought. Erica then stripped down and climbed in the shower as she let the water spray the night away and make her look like the clean and honest wife that Jim knows. Erica felt the water drip from the ends of her nipples she found herself rubbing her fingers between her legs remembering the night. She began rubbing her sore pussy and teasing her clit until she was moaning loudly.

Once she had cum to her satisfaction, she stopped the shower and climbed out. She put on her pajamas she still had at the house and then walked out to the couch. “Honey, it’s time to come to bed. You’ve been out here for hours. Don’t you want to sleep with your wife honey?” She said to him.

Jim was slow to wake up, but he looked at her and said, “Honey, Where’s the pizza?”

“I tried to call you but you didn’t answer and so I didn’t know what pizza to get but when I got home you were already asleep, so I just left you there and fell asleep watching TV in our room. I’m tired of waiting for you to wake up so I decided to come and get you.” She said lying.

Jim apologized and got up. He hugged her and apologized again and walked to their bedroom where they fell asleep until moving day to their new apartment.
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