Needs Immac.jpgI got home one Friday afternoon to find Diana in the bath & she told me that we had a date that evening. Apparently a guy she knew was the chairperson of an amateur camera club & he'd been complaining about a model he'd booked for a photo session phoning in ill & cancelling the appointment. He said the guys, (seemingly lady photographers are few & far between,) in the club would be really pissed off if he couldn't find a female who'd stand in for the poorly girl. Laughingly Diana said she'd do it if she was more photogenic. This Mac immediately jumped at the lifeline & assured her that she was more than photogenic, she was gorgeous & would be perfect for the job. & it paid two hundred quid for four hours of easy posing. Well Diana knows she's extremely photogenic 'cause I've been taking photos & filming her for years, even before we were married, & she always inspects the results critically so she knows what & what not to do. So anyway after asking him which kind of photos they'd be, he answered with a leering grin saying, "whatever you're comfortable with love." she ended up saying she'd do it.

When she got out of the tub I noticed that she'd already Immacced her mound & bum so she was as smooth as a billiard ball, my young, tall, slim, reddish blonde wife looked completely stunning & I knew I was in for a real treat that evening.

In the bedroom she'd already laid out a pile of clothes on the bed & asked me if I thought they'd do for what was expected of her. I let her see the look of astonishment on my face when I registered which dresses she'd chosen. "Are you sure about those darling?" I asked fearfully. They were creations she'd never worn outside of the house before because they were so revealing & seductive.

"Too much you think?" she said as she picked up a gossamer thin white evening gown & held it up against her wet body. It was looking at her through a veil of mist. Her turgid, crimson nipples & the beginning of her slit were all plain to see. "I'd have said too little actually," I tried a weak joke to ease the sexual tension I could feel oozing off her. "You know you can see everything you've got through that."

"Mmmmmmmm. I thought that was the idea. That's what they'll want to see isn't it. Everything I've got. & if I want to be seen as a good professional model I think it would be churlish of me to disappoint them don't you?"

She dropped the white dress & picked up a royal blue chiffon one with a V cut neckline which plunged to well below her navel & hip high vents cut into either side to facilitate her walking.

"Underwear is superfluous with this one too isn't it Timmy. I'm sure a profi wouldn't walk around with her bra or g-string on show would she."

"No I suppose you're right," I concurred & tried to surreptitiously adjust my erection in my trousers. She smirked at my obvious discomfort & swapped the blue dress for a black one which featured a halter neck consisting of nothing more than inch wide strips of silk which I knew would cover her aroused teats without hiding them. They were attached to a black & gold waist rope & from that same rope hung the bottom half of the garment which was comprised of a pair of narrow, upside down, isosceles triangles, the bases being three inches wide so the front one hid her slit & the rear one the crack of her delectable bum.

"Again, underwear would be tres unchic wouldn't it darling," she smiled.

"Whatever you say my love," I murmured.

"I'll take the scarlet fishnet mini too," she murmured almost to herself, "'cause I like the way my stiff nipples poke out through the wide mesh & it allows my mound to be seen as well doesn't it." Lastly she picked up her see through black lace number saying, "& I'll wear this one for the drive."

"But if they want some bikini shots, having no bikinis, I thought I'd take a few of my g-strings along. They'll do won't they?" She held out a handful of colourful lace, silk & satin triangles which were all about the size of a piece of Toblerone & half of them were split crotch as well.

"Yes," I croaked. "They're all so microscopic they won't get in the way of anything."

"& that's what you want isn't it Timmy. You want everyone to look at my naked body don't you. I know you love it when you see other men ogling & leching after me. It makes you feel proud to be my husband doesn't it. 'Cause everyone thinks you get to possess my body whenever you want it. Until I let them see what kind of man you really are. Then you love watching the things they do to me & hearing me scream with pleasure while I let them do whatever they want. That's why you love me so much isn't it darling?"

"Yes," I squeaked. "One of the reasons anyway."

She held up a scrap of golden lace & elastic saying, "I can't wait to pose in front of a load of black strangers wearing this. I love the way my cunt dangles through the gap."

"Black?" I queried.

"Oh yes. Didn't I tell you? It's mainly a Jamaican camera club but they've got a few real Africans in it too. & you know how much I love Africans."

I thought of her ex husband & how much she orgasmed with him whenever he visited us for a fuck. "Yes. I know," I mumbled guiltily.

She stepped into the lace dress & began to wriggle it up her long legs giggling, "I think we're in for a very long, incredibly fun filled evening & night tonight. What do you think sweetheart?"

I watched her push her small breasts up & together so they were to the fore under the tight material as I murmured, "Well I guess you'll certainly get filled alright."

She laughed out loud then patted my hard on as she walked past, "Not getting possessive or feeling a little jealous are you darling? That wouldn't do at all."

I shook my head. "No. You know I'll always let you do whatever you want. My only reason for living is to enable you to get all the pleasure you can & if that means letting a crowd of unknown black men use your willing body however they see fit then so be it."

"Good boy," she smiled over her shoulder. "Put your g-string on & we'll be ready to go."

I quickly took my trousers & boxers off, tucked my, (thankfully soft again,) penis between my legs & pulled on the g-string Diana had sewed a piece of sandpaper inside. I pulled it up tight so my penis was trapped where it was, (& quite uncomfortably so with the sandpaper rubbing against it every time I moved,) & should I have the temerity to get an erection the slight discomfort turned into excruciating agony which my sadistic wife took great pleasure in seeing me suffer.

I redressed & we left for the appointed meeting in the camera clubs meeting room above a pub in Gloucester.

Diana was rubbing the scratchy lace over her nipples & clit all the way & she babbling a lot of the time, (she tends to do that when she gets excited,) wondering how many men were going to be there. "He said sometimes there's only six or seven but for events like this, with a live model, there're usually a lot more. Could be as many as twenty or thirty. Word spreads you know. He said he was going to let it be known that the model's young, pretty & dead sexy & there's a chance that she might do nude stuff. That always attracts a lot more would be photographers." She put a hand on my groin & squeezed, "You wouldn't mind watching twenty or thirty of them fuck & bugger me would you darling?"

""No," I gasped & groaned. "Whatever you want Di."

"Good," she whispered. "'Cause that's exactly what I want. I want them all."

After a long painful drive, painful for me that is,) we arrived at our destination & I saw that the occasion looked to be well attended. I eventually counted twenty four guys who all started grinning & making ribald comments as soon as they saw their model walk through the door. I heard, "Wow! Look at that! She's hot! What a body! Christ! You can see right through that dress! She's even sexier than the other one! I hope she's gonna do nudes!" My restrained cock lurched agonisingly between my legs.

The room had been fitted out with a couch & a bed as props so it wasn't just a matter of making do with a stool or a chair or something like that.

Mac came over & introduced himself to me then said, "If it's okay with you I thought we could ask the lads for another fiver each & then Diana could do a bit of nude modelling or at least topless at the end."

I said it was okay with me as long as Diana was in agreement with the idea. Surprisingly, (not,) she was.

Wearing the dresses she'd chosen she was as good as naked anyway.

The first hour flew by & Diana spent about fifteen minutes in each dress looking terribly sophisticated with a glass of champagne in both the black lace & the blue chiffon ones, seductive with a cigarette in the fishnet mini, vampish & on the hunt in the almost non-existent black & gold silk & just completely mind blowingly sexy in the transparent white one. After posing in every position they called out for her to adopt & a lot of revealing ones she thought of herself she proclaimed herself to be ready for the bikini shots. She cooly told them she didn't actually have any bikinis but her thoughtful husband had bought her a few g-strings which could be used instead. When they saw what she meant by a g-string they all went mad, yelling comments relating to her beauty & her relaxed approach to the session. My sweet wife moved around, sat & lay down with various g-strings either lodged well up her slit or her full, long labia being perfectly framed by the split crotches. I could tell she was nearing her first climax when she began cupping her bare breasts & moving a fingertip over her bald glistening mound.

Mac eventually returned to me & said, "Another tenner off everyone if she'll pose with Uruba, he's the big really black guy over there."

I didn't have to ask for Diana's agreement. I knew what she'd say. The state she was in she'd probably have paid them to do what I guessed was going to happen next.
Diana didn't notice Uruba stripping off at the back of the crowd so the first time she saw him was when he walked through the front line & headed towards her on the bed.

"Oh my God!" she squawked when she saw him. "What a beauty! That is fucking huge! Wait! Let me stand up so we can kiss & I'll stroke it then they'll be able to see the proportions against my body properly."

She got off the bed & took his huge member in her little hands then smiled up at him & said, "You're gonna make me scream so loud with this fucker baby!"

They began to kiss & she started wanking him up to a full hard on against her soft tummy whilst muttering what I knew would be filth into his open mouth.

His big black hands roved all over her trembling, ivory white, compliant body, caressing her small breasts then cupping her taut buttocks in turn. After a few minutes of kissing she leant back & panted, "How about some photos of me worshipping it with my lips, mouth & tongue as well?"

Uruba grinned & nodded.

Diana kissed her way down his gleaming chest & stomach until she was on her knees in front of him eying the gigantic tool in her hands with greedy hunger writ large on her face.

She glanced my way & I thought I saw the vague beginnings of a self satisfied smile touch her lips just before his plum like purple knob did. She kissed its length from tip to base then all the way back up. She repeated the process but used her tongue instead of her lips. His erection was soon shining with traces of her saliva. With a submissive look up into his eyes she eventually opened her mouth wide & took him in. She ummmmmed & ahhhhhhed as she nodded her curly head back & forth & fondled his tennis ball sized bollocks.

Uruba soon grunted, "I gonna cum."

"Not yet!" Diana gasped as she fell back onto the bed & opened her slim legs. "Put it in first. Just for a second! That's all it'll take believe me. I'm so close." She bent her legs up so her knees were outside her shoulders then she reached down so she could splay her dribbling cunt open.

My trapped erection was getting rubbed raw.

"Fuck it baby," Diana growled huskily. "Come & shove that big black donkey cock up my tiny white wet cunt!"

So he did. He stepped up between her thighs & plunged it into her like a piston sliding into a well oiled chamber. Diana screamed out with ecstasy as her flat tummy inflated extraordinarily whilst accepting the mammoth intruder. She was shaking her head & yelling, "I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh my God how I'm coming!" while her long legs waved to & fro under the onslaught & she reached for his hips to try & pull him in further.

"I come now too," he growled & I saw his buttocks tensing.

"Yes!" she cried. "Do it! Come in me! Squirt that wonderful spunk up me!"

His glistening black arse jerked back & forth pausing at the end of every forwards thrust for a second before withdrawing for another lunge into the hot tight sleeve of her welcoming tunnel.

Diana lay there & wailed. "Oh yes baby! I can feel you flooding my womb! Fucking hell! What a load! That's fantastic! Don't stop! Please don't ever stop!"

Someone laughed, "He's gotta stop sometime darlin' but don't you worry..... there're plenty of us ready to take over & give you more."

It was only then that I noticed all the other men in the room had undressed while I was hypnotised by my wifes enthusiastic coupling. Diana still had only eyes for her latest lover & as Uruba moved back & his softening penis slithered out of her recalcitrant grip like a gleaming black mamba she stroked it lovingly & said, "Give me your telephone number later please darling. I'm going to be wanting to see a lot more of you."

Her hugely dilated vagina suddenly exuded a long, loud, wet fart & what looked to be about a pint of semen gushed out of the vacated orifice & splattered the floor between her feet. "Oh my God," she giggled. "'Scuse me. There was just so much of it. Next time I'll stand on my head afterwards to make sure it stays inside."

Then she noticed the crowd moving towards her & grinned at the wanking chap in front as she bent her legs up again, "You next?" she smiled happily. "I hope some of you are still filming this." He pushed his erection downwards & then moved forwards as he reached for her titties & said, "No worries lady. All cameras are pointing at you & recording this for posterity."

Diana groaned, "Oooooooohhhh! Another fat one. Christ I'm gonna have a cunt like a cow after you lot have been through me a few times."

"That what you want is it lady?" he asked as he sadistically tugged on her rigid nipples & stretched them to what I thought looked to be an impossible length. "You want us all a few times?"

"Yes please," she confirmed & began to hump back at him. "& a promise to make me your regular model from now on."

"You got that for sure," he laughed.

Diana looked around at the wanking circle of men & said, "How about getting me on top so my bum's available to anyone who wants it?"

"Oh you dirty bitch," grunted her lover. "I'm coming. Just let me come then you can get on top of the next guy."

"Okay," she concurred. "I can use my mouth & hands at the same time as well."

Her partner threw back his head & whooped. "Filthy fucking *****! The slag wants five at a time!"

A great cheer erupted from the hovering throng & they moved closer.

As suggested when her present fuck pulled out of her with a satisfactory plop she casually rolled over so she was kneeling over the gent who'd seated himself next to the copulating couple. With a long thick rope of sperm oozing out of her wide open cunt she dexterously took the new erection in her hand & introduced its head to the drooling entrance. With embarrassing ease, (I found it embarrassing anyway, Diana obviously didn't,) she lowered herself down onto the thick tool & kissed its old but fit looking owner whilst reaching behind her now defenceless bottom with both hands to pull her pert little buttocks apart. Before my view was blocked by one of the photographers I caught a fleeting glimpse of her tiny, shiney, pink puckered crater beckoning whoever wanted to fill it. I heard her yelp with what sounded like pleasant surprise when she was unceremoniously impaled there on the next fat cock.

She turned her head & for a split second I saw her look of concentrated lust as she opened her mouth to accept the nearest hard on.

I couldn't stand the pain any longer so I surreptitiously took off my shoes then my trousers & the excruciatingly painful g-string. My own hard on sprang up & drops of pre-cum flew off the tip. I knew better than to touch it. I was that close it would only take a stroke & I'd be spunking all over the floor. It was quite possible that I was going to ejaculate just from watching anyway. My dear wife looked so beautiful. Three cocks inside her, one in either hand & a dozen more were being wanked while their owners tried to touch any part of her naked body they could reach with them. Those closest to her were even using swathes of her hair wrapped around their dribbling cocks as a wank aid.

The ones who buggered her spunked a lot quicker than the rest so she had a few more up her bum than in her cunt or mouth & sporadically one would erupt in her hand or in the hand of the guy wanking it. Those invariably spurted their heavy loads straight into her face & hair until she looked like she'd had a full facial mask of sperm applied.

By the time they'd all had her the first ones were ready to go again & Diana was only too happy to accommodate them. She valiantly took all they had to offer in every conceivable position, standing, kneeling, crouching, sitting & laying down.

It was well after one in the morning before the few who'd wanted a third go had finished with her & she declared herself ready to go home. "As soon as my hubby's cleaned me out."

"Make sure you get it all out," she giggled & screwed her hips around so her open drooling cunt was mashed all over my face. "We don't want the neighbours laughing at you behind your back 'cause you're the father of black piccaninnies do we."

I sucked at her overflowing holes feverishly so she slapped my head & said, "Not so hard you pig. I'm awfully tender down there at the moment. Then dreamily she added, "I can't wait until the next time so I've got a few phone numbers I can call in between jobs. We're going to be kept very busy in future I guess."

I sobbed & pulled her delicious vagina even further open so I could poke my tongue into her again & again while I ejaculated mightily all over myself.

I love her madly.
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