di.jpgOne Friday evening after a couple of post work drinks with the lads I got home to find my gorgeous wife in the bath so naturally I began to get undressed with the intention of joining her & taking events to their usual conclusion in that situation, but she stopped me by saying, "No time for that Timmy. I've got to get ready to go out tonight. A friend's invited me to dinner & he'll be here to pick me up at seven."

Of course I wanted to know some details, like, He? What friend? Why wasn't I invited? & what was I supposed to eat if she was going out?

Apparently it was a guy she'd met in the supermarket that afternoon. I didn't know him, & I could order a takeaway if I didn't want to cook myself something.

I watched her stand up & noticed that she's Immacced her mound so it was as smooth as a billiard ball. Her quivering nipples were long & fat & obviously turgid with what I assumed was excited arousal. She's a tall, slim, twenty eight year old sex bomb with reddish blonde shoulder length curls & killer green eyes.

I watched her do her make-up in the magnifying lighted mirror asking questions all the time, I didn't understand if she only met him that afternoon how come she'd agreed to go out for dinner with him?

"Well not exactly going out for dinner," she corrected, "he's cooking for us at his place. Some exotic African dish I've never heard of."


I followed her into the bedroom where she'd already laid out her sexiest dress on the bed.

"You're not wearing that?" I squawked with astonishment. She'd never actually worn it outside the house, she said it was too revealing to be worn in public. It was made of crimson lace & was totally see through. She stepped into it sans underwear & said, "Yes. I thought it was time to show a bit of self confidence & try to overcome my insecurities."

"But that's not all you're showing Di." I seethed as I glared at her prominent teats brazenly poking the intricate mesh out provocatively & her bald mons gleaming wetly from between her shapely thighs. "& if you wear that I reckon your insecurities won't be all that gets come over."

She fulttered her eyelashes & smoothed the dress down over her small breasts & plump pudendum, "Very witty darling," she smiled. "& I do hope you're right."
We went downstairs & I carried on with my inquiry, "What's this guy like then? How old is he? Where does he live? What's his job?"

Diana went to the window & peered out saying, ""He's lovely. Tall & handsome & a real gentleman. His name's Marcus, he's twenty three & a personal fitness trainer. I told him I was thinking of starting a new fitness regime myself so he invited me round to his place for dinner to discuss my needs & find out if he has any ideas about what I should be concentrating on."

"Have you gone mad!" I exclaimed. "You know nothing at all about this guy yet here you are dressed like a high class ********* & you intend spending the evening with him."

She turned & almost sneered at me as she said, "More than just the evening I hope."

"What d'you mean?" I blubbed.

She grinned as she moved past me & patted my groin, "Well suffice it to say, don't wait up darling. I'll phone to let you know when I'll be coming home. He's here so I'm off. Enjoy your time alone darling. & don't do anything I wouldn't do for you."

With that she ran out of the door so I moved to the window & looked out. I could see the "handsome," black guy sitting behind the wheel of the white Mercedes & when she got into the car I saw her hand come around the back of his head & they kissed!

It was a very long kiss too.

Then they drove off & I was left alone with all kinds of torturous visions swirling around in my brain.

Four hours later my phone pinged & I saw someone had sent me a video. I clicked on it & watched the life changing events which were being played out on the small screen in front of me. Firstly was a clip of "him" sitting in the car outside our place obviously just pulled up & with his phone in some sort of holder on the dashboard. "Heeeeey, Marcus here man. Don't worry. She's gonna be in good hands," he laughed & waved his big hands in front of the phones camera. "& I mean that quite literally of course. & I'm gonna film everything for you so you won't miss a thing."

I heard the car door open & there was a slight rocking as Diana got in & closed it behind her. She leaned into view & kissed him passionately. "Thank God you got here nice & early darling," she gushed. "I've been like a cat on a hot tin roof for the last hour." She giggled, "Or should I say my pussy feels like it's been splayed out on a hot tin roof. Look!"

He moved the angle of the phone so I could see her wriggling the tight dress up around her waist. She opened her legs to display her leaking core & said, "Feel that baby! Feel how much I want you. Been thinking about you all afternoon. Kiss me again you sexy beast!"

His big black hand suddenly blocked my view of her cunt & I saw two of hs fingers disappear as they began to kiss above out of shot.
I heard my wife mumble, "Get it out darling. Let me see it again. I've missed it so much since this afternoon."

There was a rustling of clothes then she sighed, "Oh my God! I can't believe it's so beautiful! What a cock! You're built like a fucking horse aren't you lover! My stallion! My wonderful stud!"

The angle of the camera changed again until it stopped when it was showing Diana's small hands slowly stroking the biggest piece of black sausage I've seen outside of a butchers window. Even though it obviously wasn't hard it still looked enormous.

I cringed with envy, jealousy & fear all at the same time. I was fearful of the consequences which might follow Diana having a sexual liaison with this monster.I heard him growl, "I've fucked dozens of nympho white whores Diana but I can honestly say I've never known one who was so in love with it as you are."

Her pretty face came into shot & she leaned down to kiss the bulbous plum sized purple knob then she glanced at the recording device on the dash & smiled, "Let me show you how much I love him darling."

Marcus chuckled when she began licking his fat length lasciviously, "You gotta be the best cock sucker ever bitch! Open wide & get it in that filthy mouth of yours."
She promptly did as commanded & began sucking it noisily while he started the car & drove off.

"Get your foot up on the seat so I can see you wanking yourself you horny piece of cunt! Ah yes. That's it. What a fucking slut you are pretty Miss prim & proper."

He reached across & moved the phone again so I could see my wife lewdly splaying her pink labia apart so we could both see her coral tunnel panting & sweating then she slid three fingers into herself & groaned around the gag of flesh in her suctioning mouth. Her hand began moving in synchronicity with her nodding head.

He moved the phone again so I could see her bobbing head when he said, "You're too much for one man Diana. Even one as good as me. That's why I've invited some friends of mine to help out."

She lifted her head & gazed up at him. "How many?" was all she said.

"Five," he grinned. "Don't worry, they're all clean so you won't need any rubbers. 'cause I know how much you love to feel naked nigga cocks in you & how you adore watching them squirt their hot nigga spunk all over you don'tcha,"

"Yes darling," she agreed submissively. "I'm yours to do whatever you want with all weekend." Then she reopened her mouth & went back getting him hard.

All weekend? I screamed silently. I was going to have to put up with this torture all weekend? & no sign of surprise or reproval when she heard there were five other men who were going to have sex with her. Just a meek nod of acceptance.

"Get your tits out Di. Pull the top of the dress down so it's bunched up around your waist. I want everyone to be able to see you're naked in here with me."
Without pausing her sucking she used the hand she'd been wanking with to push the dress off her shoulders then pull it down her arms & off over her wrists & hands until it was where he'd told her he wanted to see it.

"Sit up & get your feet on the dashboard so you can wank us both off at the same time while you tell me what you want."

She lifted her head & whispered, "Yes my lord," as she smiled & wiped a swathe of saliva off her chin. Following his instructions she raised her feet & put one in the corner & the other behind the steering wheel. With a coy glance at the camera she returned the hand with the saliva to her oozing vagina & slid the other under the massive ebony limb now rigidly stretching up to its owners chest.

She began wanking them both & croaked, "Di Di wants her lord & masters mammoth nigga cock in her tiny, tight, hot, wet, white slutty cunt. I want you to fuck me all night long in every position you can think of. I'm coming already just thinking about it. You make me come just by kissing me. Just by showing it to me. Everything you do makes me come. I've never experienced anything like it. Look! Watch baby! Dirty Di Di coming for her incredible lover! Ah yes! Here! Here it is! For you my love! Never come like this before! You bastard! You fucking sex God! Oh my cunt! So happy! Want you so much! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Marcus laughed, "Fuckin' coach load of tourists watchin' you do that you randy slag!"

"Oh I don't care." she purred. "I want everyone to see how happy I am with you."

"Everyone'll see when I put it on the internet all right."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Timmy'll be ever so angry if you do that."

"Do we give a fuck about what TImmy thinks?"

"No," she laughed. "He's going to have to get used to a whole new way of life if he wants to stay with me."

"I'm gonna auction you off on the net Di. Anyone who wants a piece of you can have it for a price."

Diana carried on masturbating them both & cried, "Oh yes! I'll be your ***** & you'll be my pimp! You can sell me to everyone & film me loving it! & after they've all finished with me you'll make love to me. Fucking your spunk filled & spunk covered ***** until I swoon with the ecstasy I get from being screwed by this amazing tool."

She rubbed them both faster & whimpered, "Pull over darling! Please! I need it now! Please pull over & fuck me! I can't wait any more!"

Marcus laughed, "We're in the middle of town Di. There're people you know out there. You want them to see you getting serviced by the big black man?"

"Yes baby!" she gasped & moved her legs then turned in her seat & tried to climb onto his lap. "Please lover! Give it to me! Shove it up my cunt! I'm gonna come again! Come on! Ram it into me you sexy pig! Let me have what I love!"
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