All of my stories are original and about real people that have reached out to me looking to read out the fantasy they thought was to taboo to ever see any other way. I have no limit to what I'm willing to write for my clients. Enjoy Ginas trip to Florida and reach out with any questions.

“Hey Gina, I know it’s been a rough year but I got this for you for your birthday.” Marco said as he handed his wife a small envelope. They had been married for seven years and he always struggled on what to get her for her birthday. This year he thought he did a great job and watched as his beautiful wife opened the envelope. He wanted it to be special this year, so he brought her to a nice restaurant. He saw the expression on her face go from calm to amazingly excited as she read the small note in the envelope. Her squeal of joy filled the restaurant and she almost seemed to jump out of her chair and over to him and squeeze him so tight that it physically hurt him.

“When do we leave?” She asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” He told her.

Then she leaned into him and kissed him aggressively. He let his hands wander down her back to her voluptuous butt and over it. He squeezed her tighter and she gave him a playful slap and told him, “Settle down tiger. Desserts not here yet.” Then she returned to her seat, but she wasn’t able to contain her excitement throughout the rest of dinner. “When we get to Orlando, what are we going to do?” She asked him.

“I already bought us tickets to a few theme parks and figured we would do some shopping around there. Since we get in late tomorrow, I was actually planning on taking you to a tattoo shop. I know you’ve been talking about getting some more ink.” Marco answered.

As they left the restaurant Gina clung close to Marco and they walked down the street together. It seemed like the city never seemed to calm down. It was always alive, always breathing. Wherever they looked there were always people. Gina held his hand and they walked in silence. Marco was wondering if Gina would be in the mood tonight and Gina was excitedly thinking about what she was going to bring and wear. Marco looked over at Gina and her eyes shone like diamonds and he could see that she was ready for this adventure

When they got home, Gina found their suitcases and laid them on the bed. Then she went to their closet and grabbed all the clothes she thought she would need. Marco saw her cover the bed and realized he wasn’t gonna get lucky tonight. Gina recognized his dejected stance and walked over to him. She ran her fingers through his hair then kissed him deeply. She left her face close to his and told him, “Tonight’s for packing and tomorrows for waking up the neighbors in the hotel.” Then she kissed him again. His hands reached around Gina and groped under her skirt. He began to make his way inside her panties and fondle her ass in earnest before she stepped away and stopped him.

“If I don’t get packed then you may not get to see me in this suit.” She said as she held up a swimsuit in black that he knew was to small for her top and that her breasts always seemed to spill out of. She never wore it here at home because their friends and neighbors might see and she had an image to protect. Once packed they realized that the day was late and they easily fell asleep. The next morning when they woke up they grabbed their bags and walked out the door of their apartment. Marco held the door open for her and looked her up and down as she passed him. She was wearing a pair of tight-fitting black pants. He’d seen pants like them on those skinny bitches but loved how they looked on Gina. Her ass looked big and he just wanted to reach out and grab it with two hands. Her top was busy, it was loose around the neck but the design looked like a leopard and a lion threw up on it. Marco didn’t understand the look but she always told him that he didn’t need to understand what looked good, that was her job. They then went down the stairs of their apartment and waited for the Uber that was going to take them to the airport.

As they waited Marco thought about how extraordinary it was that in such a short time that private transportation like this had become a normal thing and also felt uneasy about what it meant for the people he knew driving taxis in the city. He put those thoughts in the back of his mind as he saw an Escalade pull up and they quickly put their bags in the back and climbed in. The driver was clearly tall even sitting in the front of the SUV, he had a dark complexion and was handsome with graying hair amongst his head of black curls . He looked to be about 45 years old seemed to be quite fit from what they could tell as they settled in the back seats.

Gina ignored him and instead turned to Marco, “I found this bra in the closet and thought I would wear it for you.” She told him then lifted her shirt above her breasts. Marco stared at her breasts encased in a black Coco-Lee bra. He had never seen this bra before and he instantly felt his pants getting tighter. This bra had a large opening in the between her breasts and came together at the top near her neck. With her shirt down he actually thought it was another shirt she had on. The peek-a-boo panel between her breasts allowed him to see much of her breasts as they spilled into the opening and in the top center of this opening he could see her prominent chest tattoo. The blue of the ink seemed to push forward more than normal. Marco looked at her breasts then he looked at the driver.

They were still at the curb of their apartment and Marco watched as he stared at her bra encased breasts. “That is a mighty-fine bra ma’am. I seen one of them on a girlfriend of mine but I gotta say you fill yours out in a damn fine manner. My girl got hers from Fredericks of Hollywood, but it came with a matching panty.” He said as Marco saw him raise an eyebrow in a questioning manner.

Marco looked back at Gina and she pinned the shirt between her armpits as she lowered her arms down pulled the front of her tight pants lower. “Did they look like these?” She asked as a thin bit of lace came into view. It seemed like nothing more than two thin strings holding up a panel of black lace over her pussy.

“To know that I would need to see the back Mami’. Hers had a nice little open panel above her cheeks.” He said as he turned to look back at them.

“She’s not showing you her ass!” Marco said with as much authority as he could muster.

“Oh shush honey. It’s kind of exciting to start our vacation like this. It’s not like anyone else can see and you always said you wanted to show me off right?” She asked him. Then she looked at the driver and said, “I’ll show you but this is gonna be your tip and since I’m getting excited you’re not gonna have a problem with us getting a little frisky back here are you?” And she looked at him with a mischievous grin.

The driver simply smiled back at her, smiled then nodded his head. Seeing his reaction Gina kneeled in her seat and peeled the pants down over her round ass and Marcos eyes widened as it looked just how the driver described them. He couldn’t help but reach out and run a hand over her round cheeks with one hand and adjust his very erect dick. Gina saw him adjust himself and told him, “Take your cock out honey, I’m gonna give you a nice blowjob on the way to the airport.” Then looking at the driver over her shoulder she said, “Can we get going before you make us late to the airport?”

With that the driver turned in his seat but moved the rearview mirror down to be able to keep watching them in the back seat. Gina started by leaning over the seat and the driver enjoyed watching as her breasts sagged deeper. He wanted to stop the SUV and climb in the back and fuck the shit out of this horny little Puerto Rican. He was sure she would be down but was more concerned about her husband having a fit.

After a few minutes of trying to get leverage on her blowjob she pulled up in a huff and told Marco that this wasn’t working. Then she moved to the floor of the cabin with her ******* ass pointed toward the front and angled Marcos legs open toward her so she was between them. She then leaned forward again and pulled his cock back into her mouth. The driver waited until he could see that they were in a good rhythm and noticed that Marcos eyes were closed. Then he reached back and ran his dark hands over her ass and down between her cheeks.

Gina felt his hands and knew she should stop it but looked up at Marco and saw his eyes closed and decided that if he was getting pleasure then she should as well. She told herself that it was alright because they would never see this man again. Marco kept his eyes closed because he tried to concentrate and not cum to quickly again. The driver took her compliance as acceptance to keep going and as he slid his hands down her ass he moved it between her legs and first ran his pinky across the thin fabric over her pussy.

To her it felt amazing to be doing something so naughty without Marco even being aware. She almost came from the taboo nature of this experience and opened her legs wider to allow easier access to her sex. The driver noticed this and slid his finger into the fabric of her panties and began pushing his fingers in and out with a smooth and rhythmic tempo. Both the driver and Gina could tell that she wasn’t going to make it very long before she was going to cum. To their surprise it was Marco that grunted loudly and as Gina came up for a small breath he shot cum across her face in forceful spurts.

Breaking the spell from what was happening the driver withdrew his hand from her wet pussy and focused back on the route in front of him. Gina looked over at him in time to see him lick his fingers clean and comment, “Finger-lickin’ good.” Marco opened his eyes and looked down at Gina who looked flushed in the face and covered in his cum.

“I’m sorry babe.” He told her with a sheepish look. Then watched as Gina made it back into her seat without fixing her clothes. One breast still remained in her top but the other one had come out and she made no effort to put it away. He hadn’t noticed it but her pants were around her ankles and they allowed her to let her open her legs wide and she began reaching up with her fingers and begin wiping the cum off her face and then putting it in her mouth and swallowing it.

“Hot damn, What a woman you got there man. Fantastic tits, A hot box and she swallows too. Don’t let her come down to my neighborhood or she’d get all the cum. Fuck, or maybe do let her come down. Hahahaha.” The driver said as he laughed and kept an eye on Gina in his mirror.

As she was finishing her cleaning job they could see the airport approaching. Gina was able to get redressed before he stopped the car at the curb. Everyone then got out and the driver opened the back then pulled out their suitcases and handed them to Marco before addressing Gina. “Here’s my number, Be sure to give me a call and I will be happy to give you a ride home. Maybe He can drive while we entertain ourselves in the back seat.” Then he handed her a card, reached out grabbing her ass then walked back to his door, climbed in and drove away from them.

Marco looked at Gina confused but she waved him away and they entered the airport to continue their travels. They were able to get their tickets and made it to the security screening without issues. Once it was their turn at the screening Marco was surprised to see that a man had pulled Gina aside and began wanting her body with his metal detector. Soon it beeped and he watched as this stranger deftly ran his hands over her body and quickly squeezed and released her breasts ass and he even put his hand against her pussy. He looked around to see if anyone else saw what was happening but they all seemed more concerned with the delay.

Shortly after he started with her he told her to move along and even though she was only in front of him for a short time Marco noticed that he was already hard as she walked away from him. After he was scanned and sent through he caught up to her and she pulled him in and kissed him deeply. “Oh my god I am so fucking horny. I need to fuck. You have no idea. That man was all over me. Did you see that?” She asked him between passionate kisses.

“Yes I saw but I couldn’t help.” Marco told her.

They walked through the concourse and arrived at their gate then shortly after that they boarded their plane. As they boarded they could tell it was going to be a full flight and Marco realized his mistake. When he bought the tickets it looked like there were only two seats on one side and three on the other. He thought he bought tickets on the side with two seats and got an A seat and a C seat. Now as they walked down the aisle he looked and saw that there would be a B seat right between them. When they finally got to the back of the plane there was already a person in the B seat. He was a large man with pale pockmarked skin and as soon as he saw Gina he smiled a toothy grin as he knew she was going to be next to him.

“Would it be alright if we switch seats with you? I’d like to sit next to my wife.” Marco asked him.

Without looking away from Gina this man shook his head no and said, “And miss the chance of sitting next to this beautiful woman? Thats the only reason I buy this seat. That and to fuck with people.” Then he smirked and stood up.

Both men watched as Gina reached in the over head compartment and brought down a blanket. “I’m taking the window, I need to get some rest and take care of something. You can have the aisle. Get some rest before we land because you will need your A-game tonight.” She told him then lightly kissed him on the lips before squeezing in front of Seat B’s occupant. She chose to face him as she passed and he made no effort to avoid contact. In fact it seemed that he pushed his crotch forward as she passed and Marco watched her eyes go wide as she felt the sizable cock pressing against her belly. She soon passed him and sat down.

Marco also sat down and they all seemed to settle down and soon they were airborne. Gina pulled the blanket over her lap and closed her eyes. Seat B crossed his arms putting one hand out of eyesight from what Marco could see. Gina closed her eyes and he noticed that her hands were both under the blanket but her chest was above the blanket. Marco started to see what he thought was her shirt moving but each time he looked it seemed to stop.

Gina felt his hand almost as soon as they took off. He started by lightly pressing against the side of her chest and she felt like that was innocent enough. Especially after what just happened in the SUV on the way over. He then became more daring and placed his entire meaty hand on her breast and began kneading it softly then added pressure. Soon he found her nipple and began to lightly pinch it. She allowed this to go on without confrontation because she was so horny. When she put the blanket over her lap she immediately had both hands in her pants. One hand she used to pull the hood back from her clit and begin massaging her extended clit and her other hand she began fucking herself with her own fingers. Seat B’s molestation of her breast added to the excitement she felt and she was almost to her needed orgasm when Seat B removed his hand and pressed the call button.

The flight attendant arrived and he asked her for another blanket. He was then told that there were currently none available. “That’s alright, I’m sure she won’t mind sharing will you?” He asked and before waiting for an answer he pulled the blanket over himself as well. Under the blanket he moved his hand and placed it on her though and pulled her thigh open. She wasn’t sure why she was letting this happen, but she looked at Marco and he just shrugged.

Seat B then moved his hand up and pushed it into her pants and quickly found her wet and ready pussy. He began working her clit better than she expected and he quickly got her to the precipice of exactas before stopping and starting until it drove her insane. “Why are you doing this to me?” She whispered to him through clenched teeth close to his ear.

“I’m gonna need you to help me out if you want to get over that hill you are stuck on. Don’t worry my pants are elastic. Here I’ll help you.” He told her then grabbed her hand and pushed it into his pants. She felt his shaft and without looking at it she could already tell it was a monster and she wanted to see it but she couldn’t. She began stroking it and soon it felt like a bar in her hand. She couldn’t even wrap her hands all the way around. Marco wasn’t oblivious to what was happening and initially thought that this guy was jerking himself off. Both Seat B and Gina began quietly moaning and then both became still at almost the same time. Marco then watched as Gina brought her hand up and he saw that she opened her closed fist and inside her palm was a pool of cum.

“Your wife gives a great hand job. You should be very proud.” Seat B said as he pulled his hand out of her pants then wiped her juices on the blanket. He turned to Gina, “Waste not want not.” He said as he coaxed her hand up to her mouth where she tentatively looked at Marco and allowed he hand to be guided to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and allowed the warm cum to slide down her throat and both men watched with rapt attention as she swallowed then licked her hand clean of any remaining cum before also licking her lips in a satisfied manner. They then felt the plane begin the descent. After they landed they walked out of the terminal and were able to find their bags quickly.

“Looks like we can get an Uber in a minute. I bet they just drive around the airport waiting for fares. That’s what I would do.” Marco said as he looked up from his phone as they exited the baggage claim. Shortly after that they saw a moderate sized car and as it got closer they saw that it was a Black Toyota Camry. As it arrived the tinted windows obscured the driver but the hatch on the back popped and he rolled a window down.

“Marco and Gina?” He asked them.

“That’s us.” Gina responded.

“Name’s James put your stuff in the back and we will get you where you’re goin.” James told them.

Soon they were on the road away from the airport and they told James where the hotel was. They could tell that James was thin but not overly thin. He was clearly athletic and kept his hair close to a fade. He drove smoothly and Marco watched as he would steal glances back at Gina. ‘Had black men always stared at her when we were out or is this a new thing?’ Marco asked himself and he felt his dick twitch again as he thought about her hand wrapped around a black cock.

As they arrived at the hotel James parked in the front and after they unloaded the car Marco leaned in the front window, “Do you know if Ever After Tattoos is a quality place?” He asked James.

“Fuck yeah, my boy tattoos there. Who you seeing?” James asked him.

“We have an appointment in an hour with Chuck.’ He answered.

“What luck is that. That’s my man. You want me to wait and I can take you over?” James said to him.

“If you don’t mind that would make things super easy. Thank you.” He said in return then asked Gina, “Do you want to stay here while I check us in?”

“I guess, I was hoping to get a bit more dirty then clean up again before we went but it sounds like this may be better then we can just get down to it afterwards tonight.” Gina replied and turned and climbed in the front seat.

Marco walked into the hotel with their bags and had been gone for about 10 minutes and on his return he saw James with his hand on Ginas thigh running it up and down slowly. He opened the door as loudly as he could which surprised James and he quickly moved his hand from her thigh. “Your girl was telling me how smooth her pants were and I just had to have a feel. I got a thing for that ya know?” He sheepishly said back to Marco in the backseat. Gina just brushed off Marcos feigned concern and they were once again on the road. After another 10 minutes of easy conversation they arrived at a single story building on an otherwise empty lot with a single sign on a large post. On that sign was a cartoon depiction of a castle and a dragon then bordering the top and bottom were the words EVER AFTER at the top and TATTOO wrapped at the bottom.

James turned off the engine and opened his door. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to Chuck.” He told them as he guided them in and walked first into the building. “CHUCK, get out here you salty son of a bitch! I got a hot mama and her man here to see you.” He yelled when they were in the empty shop. Shortly after that a man in his 20’s with a large beard walked out wiping his hands on his jeans. He was covered in tattoos and it made his white skin colorful as it escaped the sleeves of his plain white shirt. Marco stayed quiet as James and Chuck embraced in a quick hug and then watched them talk quietly and dart their eyes in gina and Marco’s direction.

Soon, Chuck walked in their direction and smiled broadly before speaking to Gina, “I hear that we have some work to do. Is that correct?” He said. Then stood in front of Gina and looked at her intently from head to toe then back up to her eyes again. “Where are we working today?” He asked her.

Gina moved her hand up to her chest, “I have some work here already and I was hoping you could work off of it. I also wanted to have some touch-ups on my thigh as well.” And she moved her hand down and ran it up and down at top of her thigh while looking at Chuck. Marco looked on as Chucks eyes were drawn to her breasts then down to her crotch. Chuck looked over at him. “These are some pretty intimate areas. Are you going to be a problem man?” He asked Marco.

Gina spoke up and answered for him, “I’ve had my pussy finger-fucked by our Uber driver then jerked a guy off on the plane right in front of him. I’m sure we can handle a little touchy-feely while you work.” She said as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other and leveraged her hand on her hip in a stance that said she meant what she said.

“Is that right James? You got this ladies juices on your fingers? You lucky prick.” Chuck said to James.

“Fuck if it was me. All I did was feel up on her thigh, I’d have tried more but he came out to soon. I’ll be happy to remedy that right now though.” He spoke as he moved towards Gina.

“Fuck Off man. Your more than welcome to stay and see how it looks when I’m done but hands off. I don’t need you scaring away my clients.” Chuck told him as he waved him away. Then he turned to Marco and reached out and put his hand on Ginas breasts and began moving them around. “So this doesn’t bother you? How about this?” He asked as he then moved his hand down between her legs.

Marco replied while looking jittery, “We are here on vacation and I just want the work to be top-notch. If you need to touch and move things around then you have to. Gina’s all that matters.”

“Alright. I’m taking her now and you will sit here. You can come back once in a while to see the progress but there’s no room for you to stay there. We’d end up being on top of each other.” He told Marco, then walked away from him and Gina followed behind him.

“I seen him fuck a mans girl and get her cumming five minutes after meeting them. Better be careful of your girl man.” James said to him.

“We’ve been married a long time now. I’m not worried about her being unfaithful, she was just playing along earlier to make things exciting. She wouldn’t do anything without me.” He told James in reply. He then walked into the back of the studio and into the room he watched Chuck and his wife walk into. When he walked in he saw Gina sitting in a chair with her top already removed and her pants in a pool on the floor.

Gina smiled at him as Chuck was moving around his room putting ink in little bottles and getting a paid of paper towels ready then sat down in a chair that was placed between Gina’s legs. “He said we could hammer both spots this way.” She said then looked down as Chuck began moving his hands on her chest.

“This bra's gotta go as well I’m afraid.” Chuck said in a matter of fact manner.

“Why?” She asked him.

“Well you can leave it on but it’s gonna get fucked up while I work.” He told her.

She leaned forward toward Chuck and reached the bottom of the bra and pulled it up over her head and as she did so Chuck watched as one at a time her breasts fell from the trappings of the bra and bounced in front of him. He reached out gently and held one in the palm of each gloved hand. “Damn, Your nipples are harder than I have ever seen nipples get.” He said as he used his thumb on each finger to flick the nub of her nipples left and right. Then he leaned forward and placed first one then the other nipples in his mouth. With each breast he sucked then nibbled at her tit which caused her to squeal and Marco watched as she wrapped her hands around his head and pulled his head tighter against her chest.

He then broke loose and leaned back before he stood up. Marco watched as Chuck unbuckled his belt then opened the waistband of his pants and pulled them down his legs along with his underwear. He then sat down and his cock was pointing directly at Ginas cunt. He thought that he should say or do something but doing this would tell Gina that he didn’t trust her. Another thing that passed through his mind was that he wanted to see what else this guy would try.

To his surprise Chuck pulled his chair so close that his cock was rubbing against the crotch of Ginas panties. He leaned forward and as he did so his cock slid up along her panties and Marco watched as the fabric drew tight and seemed to pull in from the sides by the pressure of his movements. Chuck held his tattoo gun in one hand and placed his other hand on an ******* breast. As he began working on the tattoo in the center of his chest Marco noticed him slowly grinding his cock up and down the gusset of her panties. Before he even started to tattoo he put his tattoo gun down and then reached down and pushed her panties to the side.

He tried to push his cock into her very wet pussy but from his angle he didn’t have the leverage or height needed until he stood up. When he stood up he pushed forward and her pussy swallowed his entire cock in one smooth motion. As he pierced her she cried out in ecstasy. She had been waiting to get a cock in her pussy all day and at this point she didn’t care whose it was. Chuck began pumping in and out and speeding up quicker and quicker as he did. “James, Are you still out there?” He asked in a loud volume.

“Yeah man, I ain’t got nowhere else to be.” Was the reply that reached him from the front of the shop.

“I gotta have him come back here for a few minutes so you have to step out.” He told Marco before addressing James again. “Get your skinny black ass back here and see what that other Uber driver got.”

Marco dutifully moved back into the hallway and was quickly passed by James going into the room.

As soon as he was in the room James let out a holler. “Holy Shit man, That wasn’t even 5 minutes. This bitch must have been beyond ready for it. Think she’d mind sucking on this fat black dick?” He asked Chuck while fishing his cock out of his pants. He then turned back toward Marco. “What do you think? She ever have dark meat before?” He asked him. Marco looked down at his large impressive member and simply shook his head no. James turned back then walked to the head of the table and had Gina lie down on her back and she turned her head towards James.

As soon as he placed his cock at her lips she opened her mouth and leaned forward. She greedily took as much of his cock as she could but still much of his shaft remained out of her mouth. “Gotta prime this mouth some before we can go deep. Hows that pussy treatin’ ya’” James asked Chuck.

“Best pussy I’ve had in a long while. Gotta say I love it when you bring me tender treats like this one.” Chuck told him as they both began pumping in and out of Gina. She was to busy moaning around James thick cock and Chuck making her cum multiple times to even comprehend that they were talking let alone understand what they were saying.

“I was surprised as shit when they asked about the shop and just knew I had to be the one to bring them in for their appointment. I mean look at these titties.” He said as he reached across her chest and pulled up sharply on one of her hardened nipples. When he did that Gina screamed around his cock and James quickly pulled his cock out. It glistened in the light of the shop. “Damn, this wife of yours almost sucked my cock straight off my body. I still gotta check her oil levels when Chucks done.” He said to Marco in the hallway.

“Just…About…Doooooonne.” Chuck said as he slowed down then finally pulled out his cock and moved to her head and presented his cock to her empty and waiting mouth. She let him stick his cock in her mouth and she cleaned the dribbles of cum that still seemed to be emptying from his orgasm. She licked him clean and kept sucking him in her mouth and even moved her hands up to play with his balls. As she was manipulating him she forgot that her legs were wide open until she felt James grab her by the waist and deftly flip her over on her belly then slide her to where her feet dangled from the end of one side and her breasts flopped over the other side of the table width wise. Chuck stayed at her head and stuck his cock back in her face which she readily accepted into her mouth again and James lined his dick up with her pussy which was now dripping a steady stream of Chucks cum mixed with her own juices.

As James pushed the head of his dick into her Gina instinctively moved forward and she felt Chucks cock grow hard again and tickle the back of her throat. James didn’t seem to understand the idea of building up to a speed as what he did was to begin jack-hammering right away into Ginas already well used cunt. He reached forward and gripped a handful of her hair and began wildly pumping into her and after just five minutes of this he slumped over her back and was breathing heavy. As he relaxed on her back Chuck was just finishing up a second round with this wife and dumped a lesser load into her mouth than he left in her pussy. Both men then slowly pulled their cocks out of her and got dressed again. They then disappeared out the back and left Gina and Marco alone in the shop.

“I can’t believe that just happened.”Gina said, she was clearly exhausted and Marco could see that she was barely able to lift her head to look at him.

“That was so hot babe. I never even imagined something like that would happen.” He told her.

Gina used what little energy she had left to push herself up off the table then use some paper towels sitting on the table to collect the cum that was leaking from her pussy. Marco and Gina looked down and noticed how red her pussy had gotten and Gina remarked, “Guess I’ve never been fucked like that before huh?” She said to Marco.

“Definitely not by me.” He admitted.

After another seven minutes of waiting in the shop, James and Chuck came back in. “Alright you two, I gotta close up early. If your trip is a few days I might be able to squeeze you in later but as it is, you guys took up a lot of my time tonight so I gotta keep the deposit. You understand right?” He said as he started to push them out of his room and the shop entirely. Gina barely had time to put her shirt back on and held her bra in her hands. She had her pants pulled up but the river of cum was still slowly coming out and stained the crotch of her pants. “James here said he would drive you back to your hotel and give you his number so he could take you around town this week. You will just have to pay him in more than just money.”

Gina and Marco followed James out of the shop and climbed into his car and they all remained quite as they made their way back to the hotel. When they arrived, James pushed a slip of paper into the waistband of Ginas pants. “Here’s my number. Give me a call if you get lonely while Marco’s getting ice in the hotel or you need some company during your trip.” Then pushed deeper in her pants and slid his fingers through her sticky pussy then pulled them out and fed her his fingers. She opened her mouth and accepted the combined cum of James and Chuck then once his fingers were clean they exited his car and walked into the hotel and went up the elevator. As soon as they got in the room they fell into the bed and didn’t even change before falling asleep in each others arms. As Marco drifted off to sleep he had one final thought. ‘If this was the first day of their vacation, what does the rest have in store for us.’
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