Di at work.jpgFor our honeymoon we went to Agadir in Morocco for two weeks. It proved to be the catalyst for how our marriage evolved from then on. When we got to the hotel Timmy was tired after the last two days of partying and travelling so he said he wanted to go to bed for a while. I said I'd go up onto the roof and look out at the vista.

While I was up there taking in the astonishing views and exotic scents one of the valets brought me a drink and stayed for a chat pointing out places of interest and telling me places to go and places to avoid.

I was innocently sipping my cocktail and made a comment about how beautiful it all looked from up there on the roof which caused him to put his hands together and bow saying, "My eyes can see no further than the beauty standing before me."

I turned and looked at him open mouthed with surprise then realised that with the setting sun behind me he could probably see my silhouette quite plainly through the thin summery dress I was wearing.

"Why thank you Aziz," I smiled. "That's very gallant of you."

He looked up with those big. wet, oily brown eyes and said, "I only say what is obvious. I am a big fan of your English television programme Coronation street and I have admired the lovely Deirdrie Barlow for many years since I was a small boy. You look very much like her and I say that as a great compliment. You are a very beautiful woman and I think your husband must be a very silly man to let you out of his sight for a moment. I know if you were my wife you would overwhelmed with my love all day and night."

The drink was making me giddy so I giggled and said, "All day and all night? With Deirdrie Barlow? Can you give love all day and all night then Aziz?"

He smiled and said, "For a woman like you I would make sure she knew she was loved all the time yes."

I saw movement in the baggy pantaloon type thing he was wearing so I licked my lips and said, "and how would you do that darling?"

In a trice he'd pulled a drawstring at his waist and the garment fell to the floor revealing a half hard extremely thick circumcised cock swaying in the fresh air.

He lifted the heavy looking limb and began to stroke it saying, "I would worship you with this as often as I could and if that was not enough I would get help from all of my friends."

"Oh you filthy sod!" I exclaimed and sat down on the low wall built around the perimeter of the roof. "Do you greet all your female guests like this?"

"No," he grinned, "but you are exceptionally beautiful and I feel a strong attraction to you."

"I can see that," I remarked as I watched his handsome penis swell and inflate and thicken and lengthen and rise.

He shuffled closer and said, "If you show me more I can show you how much I will adore you."

I mulled over his proposition for a second them I put my glass on the wall and pulled the top of my dress down to bare my small breasts.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw them and their rigidly turgid crimson teats. "Oh Allah I thank you," he muttered and moved closer. I cupped the apple like titties and began to wank their stiff nipples whilst watching him begin to jerk himself off in earnest. It was fully hard and terribly impressive by that time. "Show me then," I urged.

"Oh yes Mrs W______!" he gasped and began to ejaculate into my hair, face and all over my bobbling titties.

I sat there and squealed, "Oh! Oh Oh! You naughty boy! Oh! Oh my God! Oh! Fuck! That's wonderful! Oh shit! Fantastic! Christ! Oh ! Oh! Oh! Is it ever going to stop?"

Eventually it did of course. He was panting, "I'm so sorry Mrs W______. Your beauty made it impossible for me to hold back."

"S'ok," I smiled."I'm flattered and I take that as a great compliment." Then I leaned forwards and took hold of his still erect cock so I could lick the last drops of sperm off its tip.

"Will you like me to fuck you now Mrs W______?" he asked in all seriousness.

I looked up at him then pulled the hem of my dress up to ****** my total nudity underneath it and said, "I will like you to kiss and lick this first."

"I am honoured," he murmured and knelt down between my open thighs.

I carried on playing with my breasts and tweaking my nipples while I smiled down at the young man licking my sloppy cunt feverishly. "There's a good boy," I praised and glanced over at the open door we'd both used to gain entry to the rooftop. I could see someone was watching us through the crack between door and jamb and I had a pretty good idea of who it might be so I bent my legs up and put my feet on the servants shoulders whilst allowing my knees to flop outwards then I said, "Get your tongue right up there my lovely and I'll reward you with a tasty fountain."

He pulled me open and clamped his lips inside mine then he stuck his clever tongue deep in my tube and began to fuck me with it.

As usual it didn't take me long to orgasm. While I was coming I squirted short bursts of pee into his open, suctioning mouth and encouraged him to drink it down.

Once my climax was waning I put my feet back on the floor and congratulated him on a job well done. He stood up and wiped his chin with the back of his hand saying, "I will like to spritz for you again Mrs W______. Look what you have made me get."

I looked. He was still mighty hard. I smiled and said, "Come here and I'll do it for you."

He moved closer and stood between my carelessly open thighs staring down at my fingertip which was rolling my oily clit around and around. I wrapped the fingers of my other hand as far around his cock as I could and he burbled, "Oh Mrs W______ you are so a sexy lady," when I began to wank him off. Seconds later he started spunking again. That time it arced out and splattered my lower tummy, my hand and my gaping cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," I murmured admiringly. "Two huge loads one after the other. You are a virile young fucker aren't you."

"Speaking of fucking," he grinned and slipped his monster into me with embarrassing ease.

"Oh!" I exclaimed as I wrapped my legs around his waist and crossed my ankles behind his back. "Cheeky bugger! You might have asked first!" I reached up and put ahand behind his head so I could pull his face closer for a kiss. I began fucking his mouth with my tongue in time with the smooth fucking he was giving me down below. All too soon for my taste he pulled back and grunted, "I come again now Mrs W______?"

I used my calves to pull him in tight and smiled, "Okay Aziz. Pump it up me."

He groaned and humped me faster while muttering what I assumed were prayers in Arabic and I felt his big dick throbbing and pulsating as it spurted yet another load so deep into me I'm sure I felt it splashing into my womb. He collapsed on top of me so I uncrossed my ankles and let him go. After he'd slipped out of me and was sitting on the floor watching his sperm dribble out of me I made him promise to knock on our door when he finished work that evening.

With that date organised I stood up and rearranged my dress then left, (on quite wobbly legs,) to go back to my new husband.

He was pouring a glass of wine when I walked in. "Nice view?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Not as good as the one you had I daresay," I quipped. "Is that for me? I need it after that,"

He had the good grace to blush when he stammered, "What.... what do you mean? Not as good as the one I had?"

I took the proffered glass and took a sip then said, "Don't play the innocent with me Timmy W______. I saw you peeking through the crack between the door and the wall. Why do you think I put on such an exhibitionistic show?"

He smirked, "But he was already coming in your face and on your tits when I first got there. That wasn't for my benefit."

"No," I agreed. "He was so pretty and he's got such a lovely cock, I was going to have him anyway but knowing you were there only made it better."

"Look at the state of you," he said wondrously. "You didn't even have the shame to clean up afterwards."

"No," I giggled and lifted the hem of my skirt then put a foot up on the arm of a chair. "I thought you might like to do that for me."

He stared at the thick dollops of semen I'd managed to hold inside and was only then releasing before suddenly dropping to his knees and crawling forwards. He caught the dangling blobs in his open mouth then like Aziz had done twenty minutes before him he clamped his lips over mine and began to suck.

I patted his head and said, "Good boy. I thought you'd like that," then I finished my wine.

At nine-o-clock prompt there was a tap on the door. I stood up and pulled my transparent white nylon negligee tighter around me so everything was plainly displayed then I told my excited husband to let Aziz in. Naturally the young man was surprised to see a naked Timmy there and even more surprised when he entered the suite and saw what i was wearing. I sashayed towards him and told him to get undressed. He glanced back at Timmy who was already sitting in a chair watching the scene play out in front of him but without a word or any display of hesitancy he did as requested. Once he was naked too I kissed him and hefted his mighty tool in my small hand.

"Look at the size of this bugger darling," I chuckled to my wanking spouse. "You can see why I'm going to have to have a lot more of it while we're here can't you."

"Yes sweetheart," he replied. "It really is a magnificent specimen."

I began to wank it and said, "You hear that Aziz? He thinks it's magnificent too."

"Yes I am very happy he likes it. Am I too fuck him too?"

"Maybe later," I smiled. After you've fucked me again a few times."

"Mmmmmmmm of course Madam. Whatever you want."

I crouched down in front of him and said, "I want this up me. As often as you can manage it tonight."

"Certainly madam. You are so beautiful I can manage it very many times I'm sure."

"Good," I sighed and opened my legs so I could put a hand between them while I stroked him with the other and began to kiss the stiffening member. I licked it from stem to stern the looked up at him submissively while I slid my pursed lips over its bloated purple knob.

He put his hands on my head and groaned, "Oh you are very excellent at that Mrs W______-"

I began to slowly move my head back and forth while I cupped his massive bollocks.

"Is it okay if I come really quickly this first time madam? I assure you it will have no effect on the efficacy of my erection."

I sucked harder, nodded faster and "Mmmmmmmm#d" my agreement.

"I come now then," he gasped and began to fuck my face.

I let him slip out of my mouth and started wanking him off hard and fast saying, "Do it like this then. I like it when you spunk in my face."

"Oh yes madam. So do I;" he grinned and observed my manual technique with interest. "Oh you are very excellent at that too madam. Here it is."

He leaned his top half back and quietly wailed, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Allah!" as he began to ejaculate through my jerking fist. I turned my head from side to side to get an even distribution and while I was doing that I noticed Timmy was spunking over himself too. "Dirty pig," I thought to myself as I got drenched for the third time that day and climaxed on my wriggling fingers.

When my lover had finished I stood up and moved into the bedroom. "Come here Aziz. Let's get comfortable for the fuck."

"You don't want to clean up first?" he asked with curiosity.

"No," I smiled back at him over my shoulder. "I want to let your seed cover me and dry on me."

I sat on the edge of the bed then lay back and scooted forwards so my bum was over the edge and my upper body was only supported from the small of my back upwards. I held my arms out to Aziz and said, "Get my legs over your shoulders darling and get into me like that. and you," I sneered at my husband, "You lie on the floor underneath us with your head against the bed so you've got a worms eye view of his giant python snaking in and out of me." I sniggered at an afterthought, "A worms eye view for a worm with a cock like a worm."

Aziz slid into me easily and I started yelping with pleasure every time he thrust forwards. There was no finesse involved in the rutting, he just looked down at me loving it and slammed his ram rod into me like a well oiled piston in its cylinder. When he announced he was about to come I gasped, "Do it inside me! I want your babies!"

He groaned, "Oh Mrs W______ I love you very much," as he jammed himself deep into my tunnel and began to spurt into my womb again. I joined him in a mutual climax then when it was eventually over we kissed and I told him to pull out slowly but to keep his hands behind my knees sohe could hold my legs bent up in the same position. As he withdrew I heard myself loudly farting a mixture of air and spunk out of my just loved hole. I knew the semen would be gushing into Timmys face so I laughed and said, "Don't you dare wipe any of that away worm! I wanna see you drenched with it just the same as I am. Now take over holding my legs up and clean me out!"

Aziz knelt on the bed next to me so I could lick his cock clean then he lay down next to me and we kissed and cuddled for a few minutes while Timmy cleaned me out.

When I'd had enough I slapped his head and told him to go and get us a drink. The sight that greeted him when he returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses caused him to stop dead in his tracks and gawp. I was on my knees and elbows with my negligee flicked up over my back, Aziz was crouched behind me with a fistful of my hair in his grasp while he jackhammered his latest colossal erection into me gaily.

I looked at Timmy and panted, "He recovers quickly doesn't he?"

"Yes," Timmy nodded and stared. "Can I take some photos?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed with joy. "Pity you can't film it." (This was in the days before video cameras were included in the mobile phones.)

He put the bottle and glasses down and ran to get his phone crying, "I'll buy a video camera tomorrow," over his shoulder. I closed my eyes and revelled in the sensations emanating from my electrified loins muttering, "I bet you will."

We spent the next two hours posing for the camera in every sexual position we could think of until Aziz fell exhausted onto the bed. "You are too much for me alone my dear Mrs W______. I think I'm going to need help with you."

I knelt over his thighs and let his last sperm donation belch out to plop down onto his cock saying, "What kind of help darling?"

"I have friends," he grinned. "I'm sure they would like to please a woman like you. They also like the Coronation street Deirdrie."

I kissed him and said, "When can they be here?"

"Diana," Timmy interjected warningly.

"You shut up and clean us both," I barked.

"Both?" I heard the query in his voice.

"Yes both," I reiterated and glared back at him.

He choked back a sob and crawled onto the bed behind us.

Aziz did me proud, (excuse the terrible pun,) and woke me half way through the night by rubbing his erection up the crack of my bottom. I turned around to kiss him and all too willingly threw a leg over his to make access to my core easier. It was a sensual romantic fuck and I came three times before he did. Naturally I woke my husband who was curled up on the floor next to the bed and made him watch the copulating then do his cleaning duties. In the morning I wanked and sucked my lover awake before riding him to three more satisfactory conclusions. (For me that is.)

Aziz left to go to work, we went for breakfast then I said I was quite fatigued after the nights fornication so I decided we'd lie out by the pool and rest. I put on one of the micro mini bikinis Timmy had bought for me and was pleased to see the white silk triangles only just covered my nipples and clitty. "The Arabs'll fuck you if you wear that in front of them," was his opinion. I pinched his cheek and giggled, "But that's what you want them to do isn't it? That's why you bought them."

He blushed his acknowledgement of the indisputable fact then said, "Aziz told me there's a good camera shop just down the street. I'm going to go and buy a video camera."

"Alright," I concurred. "Make sure you get a lot of films and batteries too. I've got a feeling you're going to be doing a lot of filming over the next fortnight."

About half past ten I was laying under a sun shade when Aziz appeared with a refreshing drink for me and a large black man in tow.

"This is my very good friend Leo," he introduced him. "He is also a big fan of Coronation street."

"Yes indeed," boomed the jovial character. "Aziz is right. You look very much like Deirdrie Barlow only much much sexier. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance Madam."

I looked him up and down and was instantly overwhelmed with feelings of animal lust. Was this how my married life was going to be from now on? I sincerely hoped so.

I sat up and for the benefit of anyone listening in on the conversation I said, "My masseur. Jolly good. I'll just go and get ready then. You know which suite I'm in? I'll expect you in five minutes."

Leo grinned and bowed saying, "Very well Mrs W______. I shall be there in five minutes."

I was still in the shower when Timmy let him in but Leo didn't allow that to bother him. He walked into the bathroom and ogled me lasciviously caressing my own naked body while he began to undress.

"Aziz says you like a big cock Madam?"

"Yes," I confirmed as I watched him push his pants down.

"Is that big enough for you?" he grinned and waved the enormous limb at me.

"Fucking hell," I muttered and began to orgasm. "That is fucking abnormal." It was as thick as my forearm and about the same length too. "Come and wash my back you handsome devil."

He joined me in the cubicle and we began to kiss. I licked his tongue and he crushed my titties. I put both hands on the enormous member and felt it begin to harden. As my orgasm washed over me I opened my legs and pushed the monster down and between them then I reached behind myself and rubbed at least an inch of the bulbous knob which was sticking out behind me. It hardened further still once it felt my labia were kissing and sucking on it.

He broke the kiss and said, "Turn around please madam. I think your husband wants to see your pretty face when I bless you with my little Leo."

"Nothing little about that," I muttered as I did as instructed and saw Timmy crouched down on the other side of the glass with his new video camera pointed at us.

I raised my arms into the internationally accepted surrender position and put my hands against the glass, Leo slapped my bottom and barked, "Wider," so I lifted my left leg and slid my foot up the side wall until it was higher than my head presenting myself in a standing splits position.

"Oh you're a very supple lady," Leo laughed and rubbed his huge billiard ball sized dick head against my gaping cunt.

"Yes! Give it to me," I pleaded. "Please fuck me with that leviathan!"

Luckily the combination of my unbelievable arousal, the soapy shower gel and my willingness to accept it proved enough for him to gain entry albeit with a slight struggle. It was an extremely tight fit but he got it in.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" was all I could yell when I felt the bugger slithering up me. The side of my face and my chest was pressed against the glass and as I found out later I looked like I was suffering great pain, but I wasn't. Ecstasy was what I was suffering. Once again the size was something I'd never had the pleasure of experiencing before and I was loving it. I looked sideways out of the corner of my eye and saw Timmy zooming in on my face then tracking down my wet body squashed against the glass before coming to rest on the point of our juncture.

"I'm coming," I shouted for everyone's benefit although that was pretty obvious to everybody who was there. Then with his big black hands gripping my slim waist Leo started to really fuck me and I could only yelp and groan with each thrust of his strong hips. After a couple of minutes I was like a rag doll in his hands and on the end of his magnificent cock. He nibbled my ear and said, "Okay. Let's move the the bedroom. I want you like the animal you are."

I nodded and waited for him to disengage so I could get out of the shower, (if I could still move that was,) but once I'd lowered my leg he just put an arm around my waist and picked me up then carried me into the bedroom like that, flailing around on his axis until he dropped me onto the bed and grabbed my hips again. He held me up on my knees and started banging me as though I was a hapless sex doll which is sort of how I felt at that moment in time.

"Oh...... my...... God!" I cried stutteringly. "That...... is..... so...... fucking...... good!"

He pulled my hair so my head come up and through gritted teeth he growled, "Sexy bitch! You gonna get my baby now!"

"Oh yes!" I screamed. "Give it to me! Squirt your filthy nigger spunk deep into my fertile womb you horny sod! Go on! Fuck it! I want your baby you big black bastard!" He rammed his cock into me one last time before I felt him erupting and spurting his semen into my cervix.

Once he'd finished I collapsed flat out on top of the bed then looked round at the cameraman and panted, "Get ready for this load Tim. Gonna be a hell of a lot for you to clean up."

But we were interrupted by the melodic chimes of the doorbell. Timmy ran to open the door. It was Aziz and another friend of his who worked in the dining room. "We have half an hour lunch break Mrs W______ and this is my good friend Njuru. He is from Senegal and also has a very large equipment."

They were both undressing even as he spoke. "I see Leo has given you much pleasure and has left a lot of sperm inside you so we will have no trouble following him. But as you can see there are two of us. Where would you like the second one to go?"

I let my leg fall off the side of the bed so its foot and knee were resting on the floor and I felt the semen gushing out to run down the inside of my thigh. "My mouth," I said. "I know what you want but you're all too big for that."

Aziz crouched down behind me and slid his fat cock straight into my recently vacated cunt with ease. "What is it you think we want Mrs W______?" he chuckled.

"My arse," I sighed. "I don't know why all you men seem to be so fascinated with it but I can assure you you'll never get those big cocks up there."

"Yes you have a very splendid little arse Mrs W______ and I'm sure with a little patience and loving care you will soon learn to accept our adoration of you there too."

"You think Deirdrie would let you do it to her?" I asked fatuously.

"Oh she does," he laughed. "Every time I wank she begs me to give it to her there and since you will be the subject of my fantasies in future it will be you who's begging for it."

Njuru knelt by my head so I took him in hand and said, "Well I never say never, but that's a pretty tall order. I'll tell you what I'll do. If you're so dead set on seeing me take it up the bum Timmy can do it. He's only scrawny and thin. It'll be a start won't it."

I started sucking Njuru and Aziz said,, "Yes. Alright. You're right. That small thing will be a good start. Let me get under you."

We changed position so I was on top and once I'd impaled myself again I reached back behind my buttocks and pulled them apart saying, "Your lucky day today Timmy dear. Come here and fuck my ass."

"Yes darling!" he squawked and leapt up onto the bed to crouch behind me. I went back to wanking and sucking Njuru whilst fluidly sliding up and down on Aziz.

I felt my husband direct his tip against my tiny shiny pink puckered crater then POP! He was suddenly in. "Ugh!" I grunted around the cock in my mouth before taking it out and saying, "There. He's up it. This what you wanted to see? The posh lady with three cocks in her at the same time?"

"Yes," Aziz grinned. "But I won't be truly happy until I see my cock in there."

I looked into his eyes and said, "But you're so big darling. You'll split me in half if you get this thing up there. But I'm coming! Thinking about it turns me on! Fuck it Timmy! Go on! Hard and fast! I'm coming!"

Timmy grabbed my hips and rabbited away in my anus crying, "I'm coming too my love! Sorry but it's too tight and hot and so fucking sexy!"

Njuru said something as well which I soon learned was Senegalese for, "I'm coming too," because he immediately started to ejaculate into my face and hair.

So the three of us came together, my orgasm naturally lasting a lot longer than the two mens. When I'd finished Timmy had already slipped out of my rectum and had retrieved the video camera from Leo so he could film his spunk trickling out of the hole. I licked the last pearl off Njurus knob then Aziz rolled me onto my back and got his elbows under my knees so he could hold my legs wide open and see his cock slamming into me then he began to fuck me with his no frills no nonsense style. I came three more times before he did.

"We must get back to work now," he said unceremoniously as he got off me and started to dress. "I will come back this evening."

No "May I?" or, "Is it alright if I do." Just a bold statement of fact.

"Yes alright," I sighed put a hand between my legs. "I'll be waiting."

He grinned and he and Njuru headed towards the door while he called back over his shoulder, "But Leo doesn't have to work. Maybe you'd like him to give you another massage." Then they were gone.

I smiled at the black giant and said, "I'm still waiting for the first massage."

He grinned back and took himself in hand saying, "That internal massage is my speciality Madam. I'll give you a few more this afternoon if you like."

I beckoned him towards me with a crooked finger and said, "I think I can take a few more of those incredible massages darling. Don't you Timmy?"

Timmy was changing the film in the camera so he would be ready for the next round. He looked up when I spoke to him and saw what was happening. "Oh yes darling, absolutely. and from the look of it you're going to get your next one right now."

I lay back and opened my legs and arms and Leo moved into both valleys. I welcomed him with a passionate French kiss and pulled him close with arms and legs. "Fuck me again darling," I murmured against his fat lips. "Squeeze that gargantuan black cock into my tight little cunt and fuck it till I swoon with ecstasy. Pump me full of your hot nigger spunk so I have your black babies."

"You a dirty ***** with a filthy mouth ain'tcha Madam. Leo gonna make you scream with joy don't you worry."

There was a loud squelching sound as he entered my spunk filled cunt so I giggled and said, "So much spunk. I've never been so full. My friends said the honeymoon would be romantic with lots of love making but I bet none of them ever had anything as wonderful as this happen to them during theirs."

Leo grinned down at me _and said, "and you're gonna get a lot more before this honeymoon is over Madam."

I closed my eyes and moaned, "Ahhhhhh yes.That's exactly what the doctor ordered. Go on boy. Fuck me senseless."

Although I didn't actually lose consciousness during the next hour I was certainly transported to another world of pleasure as he turned me this way and that while he jerked his monumental penis into me and transported me to a place of multiple orgasms which had me spasming spastically on the massive meat roll. By the time he began to ejaculate I could only babble a long series of, "Ya ya yaaaaaaahs!" It was the greatest sex I'd ever experienced. I fell asleep before Timmy had finished licking me out.

I was woken at six by Timmy kissing me softly, (the lips of my mouth,) and when I opened my eyes he whispered, "Aziz and his friends are here darling. Shall I tell them you've had enough for today?"

"No," I murmured. "I don't want to disappoint anyone."

I sat up and looked through into the lounge area where I saw Aziz, Njuru and two other boys undressing.

"Staff from the kiitchen I understand," Timmy said without being asked.

"Okay," I smiled wearily. "Show them in."

And that was how the fortnights excess went. An hour by the pool in the morning then getting massages from Leo for the rest of the day with Aziz and his pals dropping in intermittently to break up the routine. Before we left I made Timmy give Leo a cheque for a thousand pounds so all the time he'd spent with me didn't leave him out of pocket and I also got him to promise he'd visit us here for a two week holiday so we could celebrate our anniversary with him. He's done that every year except for last year when it proved too difficult for him to get into the country. I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof for the month preceding his visit, like the grinning Cheshire cat who gets the cream when he's here and like a tearful pussy when he has to leave. I spend days masturbating whilst watching the porno movies my dear sweet husband makes of us enjoying each others bodies. I must admit they're rather good and even if I do say so myself I look exceptionally disgustingly erotic when I'm accepting that ginormous black tool of Leos. In a moment of madness I allowed one of my few female friends to watch a bit of a film and with her eyes bugging out of her head all she could say was, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God" over and over again. Naturally the news that I'm a black mans bitch was all over the town the very next day.

Anyway now I don't have any female friends but I do have a regular stable of black studs.

That's why every day's like a honeymoon for me.
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