So hubby got his wish. I had fucked another man. However I would never have thought how much it would change things. First off my hubby can't keep his hands off me. In the week since Tony and I played sex has gone from 2 or 3 times a week to 2 or 3 times a day. I don't know how long this effect will last, but damn it's good right now.

The 2nd thing is how I feel. It's like the sexual part of me has been turned to full power. I pick sexier clothes to wear. I leave an extra button undone and sway my hips more when I walk. I suddenly want other men to desire and lust for me. None more than Tony. He sent me a text Sunday night saying he would be here 9am Tuesday. I told John and it made him as hot as it did me. Knowing he would be watching made the thoughts even hotter.

Tuesday morning I was preparing myself. As I was doing my hair and make up I had John touching me and talking a mile a minute. I finally said do you want a blow job to calm you down? He had his cock out in a hot second. He was rock hard and I suck him deep into my mouth. With my right hand stroking his shaft and my left rubbing his balls he did not last long. I looked up and said MMMM later today I will tell you how Tony's compares. He then left and I was able to finish getting ready.

I chose a black lace baby doll top with no panties and a pair of black 4 inch heels. How different from a week ago. Today I wanted him to know he had full access to me. I was looking at myself in the mirror when the doorbell rang. I almost came just at the sound.

I went down and swung the door open. The thought that a neighbor might see added to the thrill. Tony looked me up and down and said Oh Kat you are an absolute Goddess. Then he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me very passionately. Both his hands slid down and cupped my ass. He lifted me and my legs went around him. He then turned us around closed the door and leaned me against it. If anyone did see they would have no doubt about what was going on. We continued to kiss for several minutes then said we better go to the bedroom, John won't want to miss anything. I giggled and said no that horny boy will be waiting.

Now Tony knew that John's 2 cameras were positioned above the headboard and on the dresser. When we entered he placed me at the foot of the bed with him behind me. I stared strait at the camera as Tony ran his hands over my body. He pulled my nighty up over my head then rubbed my pussy. My eyes rolled up into my head as he massaged my clit. He sunk several fingers into me. Bringing them out he made a point of making sure that John would see my juices as brought them to my mouth for me to lick them clean. He then returned to my clit and I came for the first time

I turned and started undressing him. He made no effort to help, another sign to John of how much I wanted him. When I lowered his boxers I stroked his cock till a large drop of precum formed on the tip. I looked at the cam and licked it off.

After sucking him for awhile and getting him totally undressed he placed me sideways on the bed with my spread legs aimed strait at the dresser cam. Then he sat next to me looking at my pussy while playing with the lips. He opened them, pulled them and rubbed my clit. Finally he put 2 fingers in and massage my G spot till I came again.

My god I was in heaven. Tony then started eating me. Between his tongue and his fingers I was soon gushing through another cum. I could not take anymore. I screamed Oh God Tony, please fuck me. I need your cock now. This shocked even me, I am not very vocal in bed. Tony took full advantage however. He came up and started fingering me and asked quite loudly, so you want my BBC? Yes I said. I am not sure you want it enough was his response. God Tony please I need it right now! He turned his head toward to camera and smiled, then said one more time Kat, what do you need. I said your BBC, please baby! He then got between my legs and slid that fantastic hunk of meat into me' I came again within a few strokes.

He fucked me for a few minutes then got me up doggy. He kept making comments about how good my pussy felt and how I was made for black cock. No one had ever said anything like that to me during sex but I found myself loving it.

He then put me onto my back again. After a few strokes he said open your mouth. I said what? But he was already moving up and repeated open your mouth. I did just as he arrived and he shot a rope of cum into my mouth. After several more ropes he stuck the head in my mouth for me to fully drain. His aim was not perfect and there was cum on my cheek and upper lip. After he took his cock out I scooped it into my mouth and then smiled at the camera.

Tony and I laid there and kissed passionately for about 5 minutes. Just another bit of show for John. Just to show how much I was giving myself to Tony.

I love this new life. I have a perfect marriage with a loving husband and I have a lover who uses me as his fuck toy. Why in the hell did I wait so long.
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