I'd always been extremely proud of my beautiful young bride. She was tall and slim with gorgeous long curly reddish blonde hair, she was elegant and sophisticated and drop dead sexy but she seemed to not know it. I felt like the luckiest guy on earth when she accepted my marriage proposal and I'd always assumed she loved me almost as much as I loved her.

When this Covid panic started we'd been married for five years and for the first time she had to stay home a lot more as the kindergarten where she worked had closed for a while so she began using her laptop for chatting. Just to keep up with events around the world you know. Anyway I got home after work a couple of months ago and was devastated to hear that she wanted a divorce. She sat me down with a stiff drink and explained why.

Apparently eighteen months earlier she was on a chat site and saw a photo of this chap who wanted to communicate with, "a classy white English lady" For some reason she was attracted to the man in the photo and sent him a message.

"I don't know about the classy but I'm certainly white and an English lady." She added a normal portrait photo so naturally he immediately answered. She said that first message swap went on for hours. All very innocent she assured me but with a lot of witty banter and a maybe a bit of "cheeky flirting" with a few double entendres on his part. It turned out that this Jacko lived on Barbados and was a whizz kid in the world of computers. He had a business in London and was flying over a couple of weeks later to stay for six months so he could get this business up and running. He said he'd need an intelligent woman to help with some aspects of the job. and it wouldn't hurt if this woman was a beauty like Diana. Of course Diana was flattered but explained that we live a couple of hours driving time away from the Smoke. He replied that it was of no consequence, he'd book a room at a local hotel and she could work from there. It would be very well paid. Eventually she asked what the work would consist of. He said he'd tell her face to face, he suggested Skyping.

After thinking about it for a while, (she even asked my advice about taking on a temporary job, probably related to working with kids as that was what she'd always done,) but I was so wrapped up with my own work problems at the time I hardly heard what she said and just encouraged her to do whatever she felt was right for her.

So she chose to agree to Skype with Jacko and did it the next evening I was working late.

She said, "When we established a line I could see he was sitting in a sumptuous living room with a fantastic vista outside French windows which led to what looked like a luxuriant garden. I was a bit surprised to see he wasn't wearing a shirt but it was late morning there at the time and I realised it was probably quite hot because he had the doors to the garden open. I must admit I felt a shiver of anticipation when I saw his gleaming triceps and momentarily had a fleeting thought about him sitting there naked and chatting with me. But I banished that vision immediately and chastised myself silently for being such a wicked woman and entertaining such wicked ideas."

"So anyway we started chatting again and I was thoroughly enjoying the joking conversation so when he started on about the job again I asked him what I'd have to do exactly. That's when he stood up and went to close the French windows. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. He really was naked! He'd been sitting there all the time in the nude. He said something like, "I hope you don't find nudism offensive Diana." I couldn't speak! I'd been struck dumb. I was speechless. I thought about slamming the laptop shut but I couldn't. That would've appeared very prim wouldn't it. I've seen a naked man before haven't I. I know I was blushing furiously when I shook my head gormlessly and stared at his thing. I mean like really stared! I mean, yours is lovely and everything and I love it very much but this thing was bloody enormous. It hung halfway down his thigh and looked to be as thick as my arm! I stuttered and muttered something about it being quite normal to walk around one's own house in the nude if one so desired. He smiled and using the palm of his hand he lifted the monster up and with his other hand cupping his colossal testes he said, "It's my desires that you'll have to take care of Diana."

"I know I should've closed the laptop but I couldn't. It was like I hypnotised. He was shamelessly stroking himself! Right there in front of me! I was stunned! My eyes were glued to what he was doing with his hand! I mean I've always known that men do that. Even you've done it sometimes haven't you. But I've never actually seen anyone doing it, and doing it so openly."

"He smiled again and said, "Would you like to see it when it's hard Diana?"

"I must've been beetroot red. After a long second I managed to nod my head."

"He laughed, "I didn't quite catch that darling. You'll have to speak up."

"So I croaked, "Yes. Yes I'd like to see it when it's hard."

"You'll have to help then love."

"I squeaked, "Help! How?"

He grinned, "Show me what you're wearing under that school ma'ams dress."

"I was flabbergasted and I really did slam the top down on my laptop then."

"If I'd've been thinking clearly I would've left it at that and told you what had happened when you got home. But I wasn't thinking clearly. My minds eye was ful of the vision of him stroking that mammoth penis. and he wanted me to show him what I had on under my dress. To tell you the truth that was why I'd shut the laptop. Not because I didn't want to show him what I had on but I was wearing my normal M and S bra and pants and I didn't want him to see me in them. I dashed upstairs and got out that peephole bra and split crotch g-string set you bought for me which I've always refused to wear 'cause it's so slutty. I stripped and put them on. I was surprised to see the state of my nipples. They were stiffer than they've ever been and stuck out through the holes in the cups almost arrogantly. As if they were advertising my arousal. and when I pulled the g-string up my legs I couldn't help noticing they weren't the only parts exhibiting signs of excitement. I was as wet as a fish. I looked at my reflection in the wardrobe mirror and was embarrassed to see what a randy ***** I resembled. My lips were dangling through the gap and pouting wantonly. I was literally dripping. I was trembling so much I could hardly do the buttons of the dress up again when I put it back on."

"Anyway I ran back down and got reconnected. Jacko was still sitting at his desk apparently quite unperturbed by what had happened."

"Sorry about that," I mumbled. "You took me by surprise."

"Okay," he laughed. "I thought maybe you were shocked by what I was doing."

"Well I was," I admitted. "But my curiosity has overwhelmed my shock."

"So you'll do it then? Show me so I can get hard?"

"Yes okay," I whispered and stood up again to start undoing the buttons for the second time in as many minutes."

"He stood up again too and started stroking what I now thought of as a black mamba lewdly saying, "Slowly Di. Tease me."

"I finished undoing all the buttons but held the dress closed with one hand while I took a few deep breaths, then I pushed one side off my shoulder so it fell halfway down my bicep where it stayed due to being snagged on the turgid teat that was sticking out through the hole in the bra. I repeated the movement on the other side so I was showing the top half of the slags bra. My breathing was ragged when I shrugged my shoulders causing my breasts to jiggle and the dress to free itself from my unbelievably prominent elongated nipples."

"Jacko whooped with delight when he saw the bra and what it was showing. The snake lurched in his hand and inflated even further. "Oh wow Di!" he cried. "You've just put that on especially for me haven't you you sexy little tart!"

"I couldn't deny it so I blushed and nodded my head then I let the dress fall to the floor and opened my legs. The only man other than you to see that part of me. I wanted him to look. I wanted him to see it and tell me what a slut I am. and most of all I wanted to see his reptiles reaction."

"Oh you fucking beauty," he groaned with what I like to think was awe. "You dirty skanky bitch! That is one fine cunt you've got there baby. Pull it open for poppa honey. Let me see that clit I'm gonna be chewing on."

"It was my turn to groan as I did what he wanted. I reached down and grabbed a labia between each of my thumbs and forefingers then I slowly pulled them up and outwards to ****** my pea. I felt so rude. I've never done anything like that before have I. Standing there letting a total stranger look into my dribbling vagina. I saw his gigantic cock harden in his hands and whispered, "I'm coming! I can't help it! This is so disgusting. Soooooo sexy! I can't stop it! Look! Can you see! I'm coming!"

"and I did. Standing there in front of the laptops camera I shuddered and twitched and my tummy heaved and rolled as I orgasmed."

"I collapsed onto my chair and I was still reeling when I heard Jacko say, "You wanna see me spunk Di? You wanna see how much spunk I make?"

"I looked up at the screen and panted, "Yes. I want to see you spunking now and I want to see you doing it a lot more of it in future."

"There! I'd said it! I was making it plain that I was going to be his willing sexual plaything."

"He smiled, "Okay then. But I want to see you fucking yourself too. Will you do that for me Diana?"

"I nodded. "Yes. If that's what you want. I'll sit here with my feet up on the desk so my cunt's close to the camera and I'll enjoy fucking myself with something nice and fat like you. I want you to watch me and see me come while I'm watching you do the same."

"He laughed. "What you gonna use then Di? You got a dildo as big as this?"

"No," I marvelled at his size now he was fully erect. "But I've got a salami in the kitchen."

"Run along and get it then there's a good girl."

"I still can't believe that I did it but I did. I was so on heat I staggered away and got that Parma salami you like so much then I tottered back to where the laptop was sitting and waiting with its audience of one. Without a trace of hesitation I sat back down and put my feet up on the desk then I shuffled my bum forwards so my cunt was even closer to the camera. I could see how I looked in the little picture at the top left hand side so I know I looked completely deranged and totally mad with a sort of sexual frenzy I've never experienced before. I ran the tip of the salami up and down between my lips a few times saying things like, "Is this what you want to see sir? You want to see Diana fucking herself with this fat meat roll while she imagines it's you sliding your beautiful ginormous black horses cock into her?"

"He laughed, "Yeah. Do it Di! Let me see how that pretty little cunt looks when it's stuffed full of meat."

"God I was so ashamed of myself afterwards. But I couldn't seem to stop myself. I didn't want to. I was already coming again before I got the damn thing in. But I did get it in. and I wanked for a good twenty minutes before he let me see him ejaculate. It was like one long orgasm. Peaking and floating then peaking again. and again and again and again. I was humping my loins at the camera when I heard him grunt, "Okay! I'm gonna come now Mrs W. You ready for this?"

"Yes!" I goes with my eyes bugging out of their sockets. I said yes 'cause I thought I was. But I wasn't. Never in my wildest fantasies has a man come like that before. It was fucking amazing! It squirted out of shot you know. Right off the edge of the screen, He was moaning and grunting and jacking it off and I was creaming myself wildly watching it happen. I knew then I just had to have it. Have him. I wanted to feel that thick sperm spurting deep inside me and to feel it splattering my lily white skin."

"So anyway, we Skyped most days while you were at work and in between the interminable mutual masturbation sessions we arranged the meeting and how things would work out so we could spend a lot of time with each other while he was here. Sadly the couple of weeks turned into a couple of months but he arrived in August and as you know that's when I began spending a lot of time in Bristol, ostensibly looking after two kiddies but in reality I was taking his magnificent black salami every day and all night on those nights when I had to stay over because the train drivers were on strike or there were leaves on the line or whatever."

I managed to speak at last. "Yes. I remember there seemed to be a lot of things that kept you away. Not to mention the month long French holiday you had to go on with the family."

"Yes. That was a lie too. I'm so sorry darling. I just didn't want to hurt you. The thousand pounds you gave me to use as spending money in Paris actually went on things that he likes me to wear, when he lets me wear anything at all which isn't often. You know, more peephole bras and split crotch g-strings, stockings and suspenders and a few really revealing dresses. Things that I'd never have worn normally but my life's been turned upside down since getting to know him and I've changed into a sex mad animal."

"So anyway, when he had to go back to Barbados he asked me to go with him but I couldn't do that to you. But now....... I miss him so much darling. I hope you understand. I still love you, you're such a sweet, good and kind hearted man. But I need Jacko. I need his sex. That's why I want a divorce so I can fly over there to be with him knowing I'm not having to lie to you anymore."

I began to cry then and sobbed that I didn't want to lose her. She walked over and cuddled my head against her breast stroking my head and murmuring, "But you already have darling. I'm his now. I'll do anything for him."

I slipped a hand under her bathrobe and stroked her hip. "Can't we come to some sort of arrangement?" I pleaded. She opened her legs and my hand instinctively moved onto her smooth bald mound.

"Like what?" she asked.

"You could winter on Barbados and then come back in the summer."

"But with Jacko," she sighed happily and shucked the robe altogether.

"Yes. Okay," I instantly agreed. "He can stay here with us."

She took hold of my wrist and guided my hand between her legs to the sopping cavern of her vagina. "But you'll hear us all the time. I've become very loud since he's taught me what sex is really all about. and you'll probably see us a lot too. He likes to fuck me spontaneously you know. We're both naked, (or I'm as good as naked,) all day so whenever he gets a twinge he just takes me there and then. You'll probably have to watch me taking it all over the house at any time."

I began to slide three fingers in and out of her while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. "Yes well, it that's what it takes to have you here I'd be willing to suffer that torture."

She looked down at my tented trousers and smiled, "It looks as though you actually like the idea darling."

I groaned, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees," and unzipped my fly with my free hand,

"Naughty boy," she grinned. "You want to watch your prim and proper wife wailing and screaming with ecstasy while the black man takes me to previously unknown heights of pleasure with his gigantic ebony cock?"

"Oh yes," I sobbed and began to ejaculate all over myself.

"Well well well," she laughed and cocked a leg over mine so her glistening pudendum was an inch in front of my eyes. "Drink my pee and I'll tell you what else he's done."

I stuck my head forwards but turned my face up so she could carefully place her dripping crevice on my wide open mouth. She giggled and I felt a trickle of warm urine begin to flow onto my tongue and into my gulping throat. "He filmed everything. From the very first moment we began Skyping. Of course I didn't know until we met and he told me. I never saw any camera pointing at the screen of his computer but let's face it..... I wasn't really in any fit state to be thinking of ulterior motives or looking for hidden cameras. I only had eyes for him and his amazing cock. Anyway he filmed it. and then he filmed everything we did during the six months we were in Bristol. Like hours and hours of it. and he's made a web site called "Dirty Di splays and displays then Di plays and plays and plays." It's had over a million visitors." The stream into my mouth grew stronger and I looked up to see her staring down at me while she cupped her small breasts and wanked their stiffly quivering teats. "Can you imagine darling? Over a million strange men have seen your slut of a wife masturbating with all sorts of things while she's telling a black man how much she loves his big cock and then they've all seen her worshipping that same cock and willingly taking it in every orifice time after time after time. and he goes on for ages too. Not like you. Five minutes and goodnight Irene. Oh no. He fucks for hours sometimes. and even after he's come he doesn't lose interest in me like you do. On the contrary. He likes me to act like a real ***** so he can stay hard or get hard again and then he wants to fuck me some more."

I swallowed her piss and licked her dribbling fount.

She moved back and said, "I think it's time you saw what your randy wife's really like when she's making love with a man she's really in love with."

She told me to get undressed while she brought up the site she'd referred to on her laptop then she told me to sit in front of it and watch.

On screen she did the striptease she'd told me about and as soon as I saw her whoring underwear I began to get another hard on. "Why wouldn't you ever wear stuff like that for me?" I whined.

She crouched down next to my chair and took my sticky cock in her hand. "Maybe I thought it wasn't worth the bother. You know...... two minutes with this is hardly my idea of heaven darling. I mean I love you and it but really........." then she leaned down and popped the slimy worm in her mouth. Something else she'd rarely done since our honeymoon. I moaned, "Oh Diana," and grew under the assault of her clever tongue. Her lips were mashed against my pubes and I felt as though the tip of my erection was almost touching the back of her mouth. She began to slowly nod and suck. "I groaned, "I love you darling," and watched her on screen as she put her feet up on the desk and started running the end of the fat salami up and down between her splayed labia.

When she eventually pushed the first inch past her lips and into the juicy tunnel beyond I heard her gasp, "I want you doing this to me with that humungous black cock of yours. I want it in me darling! Please! You look so good! It looks so fantastic! Three times bigger than my old mans! It's incredible! Quite stupendous and totally cunt watering! Look at me! I've never had anything this size up me before but look how easily I'm taking it and that's all because of you and your magic wand there!"

She started sliding the thick meat roll in and out of herself and yelping with pleasure. I sobbed, "I'm gonna come Di."

She stopped sucking and let me spring out of her mouth saying, "Scoot forwards onto the edge of the seat and pull your knees up to your ears so I can get at your bum."

I peered at her with stupefaction as I followed her orders. She had never ever so much as touched my bottom. Now she was regarding me with an interested gaze as she slowly put her index finger into her mouth and licked it lasciviously. Still watching my face intently she introduced the wet digit to my sphincter and tickled it. I gasped "Oh my God Diana!"

She smiled and pushed against the tightly clenched muscle. I groaned again and ejaculated all over my stomach.

Diana grinned and sank in up to the knuckle giggling, "I thought so you disgusting pervert! Look at you! What a mess you've made! Aren't you ashamed of yourself you filthy queer?"

I started crying again and sobbed, "But I love you my angel."

"I know you do baby," she said as she stood up and put her finger in my mouth. "Don't worry. I think your sex life's about to take a turn for the better as well. Just not in the direction you'd probably envisaged or hoped. Watch the next bit and you'll see why."

The "next bit," was a film of their first ever live meeting. Jacko was obviously filming and he'd managed to pick Diana out of a street full of Bristol shoppers. and no wonder I thought. She stood out in the crowd as being the most stunningly beautiful divine creature God ever put breath into. Her long thick reddish hair was loose and bouncing around her face and shoulders. It appeared to be a sunny August day and she was dressed accordingly in a light, thin, armless, button through, yellow summer mini-dress which was cinched at the waist with a wide white belt. She looked vivacious, full of energy, excited and yet somewhat nervous all at the same time. I heard Jack call out, "Hey there Diana! Over here. Hey. Hi there. Wow you look gorgeous. Come her and give me big wet sloppy kiss hello."

Diana was blushing attractively when she moved in so he had to move the camera out. He turned it so the viewer got to see him for the first time. Damn he was a good looking bastard as well. and my wife was kissing him right there on one of Bristol's main streets with dozens of passers by either smiling or frowning at the public display of affection. She held his face as if she were afraid he might break the kiss before she was ready to and I could plainly see her tongue flickering out of her mouth and into his. Eventually she moved her head back and said, "God I've been wanting to do that for months."

He laughed and said, "Yeah me too. Would you like to go for a drink and something to eat or shall we just go for a stroll around the city?"

Diana blushed an even deeper shade of crimson and said, "Have you booked a room somewhere?"

"Yes I have ma'am," he replied. "The Clifton hotel just around the corner."

She tucked her arm through his and said, "Why don't me make the best of room service then?"

He raised his eyebrows towards the camera then switched it off.

It restarted in the hotel lift.

Diana was undoing the buttons down the front of the dress and was saying, "See. Just like you wanted. No underwear."

She pulled the top half of the flimsy garment open to ****** her small but perfect ivory coloured unfettered breasts tipped with their bright scarlet quivering nipples which resembled a pair of solid rubber cigarette tips.

Jacko pointed his camera at the one up in the corner of the cubicle to make the point that someone else was probably watching and asked, "and below?"

My sophisticated wife leaned back against the wall and pulled the sides of the dress apart as she opened her legs and croaked, "As requested sir. and completely bald as you demanded."

"Oh yes Diana," Jacko chuckled. "You're a very good obedient white slag aren't you. Pull it open for me. I wanna see how wet it is."

As though it was something she did every day Diana reached down and pulled her labia down then out and up. The walls of her fuck tube shone like a belisha beacon.

"Wet enough to take your enormous black cock you handsome beast," she smiled.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he concurred and zoomed in on the palpitating organ. "and talking of beasts..... I'm gonna fuck you like a lion with my donkey cock until I come like an elephant deep in your fertile womb."

Diana gasped, (with shock or desire, I couldn't tell which but I suspect it was the latter,) and cupped a titty with one hand whilst using the other to rub her bared clitty.

"Oh yes please! Talk dirty to me some more darling! I'm gonna come!"

He chuckled some more and said, "I can't wait to see you on your knees with my hard on in your filthy little mouth, sucking me while you wank before turning round and pulling the cheeks of your fine arse apart while you beg me to bugger it!"

Diana squealed and began to slide down the wall. Jacko laughed and put a hand under her chin to hold her up. "You like that idea don't you Lady Di?"

"Yes," she whispered and trembled with the effects of her climax. "I told you. Anything you want. You can have it all. I'm yours. I'll do everything you ask me to."

"Good girl," he lauded. "Here we are. Undo the belt so your dress is fully open for the walk to the room."

"Yes my lord," she mumbled and began loosening the belt. "I'll take the dress off if you like," she helpfully suggested. "It'll be ever so embarrassing for me if anyone else is out there but I don't care. I'll do it if you want me to."

"Good idea," he encouraged her. "Give it to me."

Diana took it off and handed it over whilst stealing another long tongue dancing kiss. When the doors opened contrary to her previous claim she hesitantly poked her head out and surveyed the terrain before stepping out into the corridor. "Which way?" she asked breathlessly.

"Here," Jacko said and walked off to the left confidently. Diana trotted behind him in nothing but her high heels and she nearly collided with him when he suddenly stopped and said, "Oh no. It's the other way I think."

Grinning at his obvious ploy she enquired the room number then checked the two nearest doors and said, "No you were right the first time. It's three more doors along this way. You wouldn't be playing at trying to make me stay out in the open for as long as possible would you?"

"Moi?" he laughed innocently. "As if I'd do something underhand like that. If I wanted you to stay out in the open naked like that I'd just start to kiss you again."

Diana immediately threw her arms around his neck and said, "I'll stay naked all day and night as long as you keep kissing me again and again."

She licked his fat lips then flickered her snake like tongue into his mouth when he parted them slightly.

The camera roved down her back and I could see that she was rubbing her loins on the thigh between her legs.

Jacko broke the kiss and said, "Come on. Let's get into the room. My tongue's not the only thing I want to put in your mouth."

Diana giggled and ran to the door of room 737. She leaned against the wall next to it and started masturbating again as she poked her tongue out at him before she said, "Come on then master. Give the dog your bone."

He laughed and unlocked the door with a card saying, "You might be a horny on heat bitch but you sure ain't no dog darlin'."

Diana dropped onto all fours and crawled into the room with her taut buttiocks jerking enticingly whilst looking seductively over her shoulder at him and licking her lips.

Jacko followed her into the spacious room and closed the door then he put the camera on an adjacent sideboard and unzipped his jeans.

"Come and get it momma." he grinned as he pulled out an abnormally fat length of black meat.

"Oh my God!" Diana gasped. "It looks even bigger in reality than it did on screen. It's magnificent!" She crawled towards him mewling, "What a specimen! I can't wait to get it in me!"

Reaching up reverently with one hand she took hold of the monstrous limb and began to stroke it. "I love it master! I never dreamed they came in this size! It's fucking gorgeous! I'm gonna scream the place down when you fuck this bastard into me! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she murmured as she began to kiss the dangerous looking extremity.

I was crushed. Completely devastated by the sight of Jackos massive attribute. I think I sobbed, "Oh no," because Diana crouched down behind me and reached round so she could take my little acorn between her thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze it whilst cupping my empty ball sac with the other hand and whispering in my ear, "You see why I have to be with him now don't you darling? I mean look at the size of the thing compared to yours. When I have his in my hand it's so fat I can't get my fingers to meet around it and I can use both hands to wank it off whereas with yours...... well look. A finger and thumb and it's disappeared. Okay it's soft now but let's face it even when it's hard it's only about an inch in diameter and four inches long isn't it. Jacko's three times that size. It's incredible. It makes me feel like a real woman when he holds me down and forces that monumental colossos into me."

"Yes. Alright. I get where you're coming from," I sighed. "Or I should probably say I see what you're coming on. But doesn't my love for you play a part? He'll never love you the way I do. I bet he'll just use you until he gets bored with you and wants another cum dump. That's all you are to him. Another frustrated white housewife who he can fuck as long as he fancies it."

"Oh yes my darling," she cooed and wanked my soft willy harder. "I'm sure you're right. But I don't care. He's been using me for months and I want to get as much of it as I can before he gets bored."

I watched her on screen persona finish licking the huge member in her hands and opening her small mouth wide to begin servicing her new lover orally. My tiny penis twitched and she giggled, "Oh you like that don't you. You like to see your timid wouldn't say boo to a goose wife making love to that disgustingly XXL nigger cock with her lips and tongue and mouth don't you? Don't you Timmy!" she eventually barked.

"Yes," I whimpered. "You look so sexy with black cock in your mouth!"

She laughed, "and everywhere else too. Wait until you see the things he does to me that first weekend."

I groaned and surprisingly began to harden again between her thumb and finger.

She whispered in my ear, "I let him bugger me. Hell he made me beg him to do it. Wait until you see how much I loved it. Weird that I didn't like it that time you did it isn't it. It just seemed so perverse with you but with Jacko it's one of the most erotic experiences I've ever enjoyed. He's done it dozens of times now. He loves how I react when he's up there. Yelling and screaming and coming coming coming!"

A spoonful of semen oozed out of my hard on and ran down onto her finger and thumb. "Nothing left huh?" she sniggered. "Never mind. Maybe later. After you've seen me getting fucked and buggered by that monster."

So for the next few months I spent every possible moment watching the films on her site. My black rival spent literally weeks inside my adorable and adoring wife. and the dirty bitch obviously loved every second of it. I wasn't allowed to make love to her any longer, (she claimed that she was saving herself for her lover and she felt like she'd be cheating on him if she let me,) but I heard her Skyping with him every night, (sometimes for hours at a time,) and fucking herself with whatever he told her to use. She'd bought a load of vibrating dildoes, love eggs, anal beads and butt plugs but he wasn't above getting her to improvise with kitchen implements or items of food. I've seen her masturbating with the rolling pin, a bottle of champagne, (not all of it naturally but a good half of it,) bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, pears and even an extremely large aubergine. and I heard her orgasming loudly until the break of dawn sometimes.

Then came the trip to Barbados. That was hell for me too.

She Skyped with me nearly every day so I had the dubious pleasure of seeing her having all sorts of filthy sex with her lover and his friends. Oh yes. He farmed her out to whoever wanted her apparently and an awful lot of the islanders were obviously infatuated with the randy white lady who liked to perform the most disgusting acts in front of her husband who watched from 8.000 miles away.

They got back last week and I became their official film biographer. It's almost a 24 hour a day job because they're both naked all day, (well he is, Diana wears scraps of sexy garments sometimes,) and if they're not actually having some sort of sex then my wife spends all her time trying to get him aroused again.

Oh yes, and they both like me to clean her out after he's finished with her.

The most demeaning act is when they fornicate with her bum jutting out over the edge of something, (bed, couch, chair, table, kitchen work top,) and they make me lie or sit underneath their copulating parts until he ejaculates inside her then as he withdraws his sperm gushes out and splashes down into my face. On those occasions Diana acts as though I'm not even there and she'll sit up telling him how wonderful it was while she holds herself open and farts the rest of his seed out to drench me. That's particularly degrading.

So we're still married but not wed anymore. To all intents and purposes Jacko's the only man who counts in her life and they don't care who knows it. She's told all of our friends and both of our families about her new lifestyle so I get a lot of sympathetic looks and well meaning advice but that's all I do get.

I'll never leave her and she knows it. C'est la vie.
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