The true story of my wife Linda and our marital relationship.

I was 24 when I married Laura and she was only 20. We had dated for four years prior to that and so she was virgin until I came into her life, never having had any one but me. She had transformed from a skinny young pimply faced girl when I first met her to a lovely sexy lady after we'd been married a few years. After we moved away from our hometown and I got her away from the influence of her family, I was able to convince her to start wearing sexier cloths and more make-up. I even had her get a MAMMARY AUGMENTATION that brought her nice 34B's to some great looking 36D's. That, along with her enrollment in a Health Spa, allowed her to obtain a really sexy body to go along with her sexy cloths. By then she was almost 25 and she was beginning to get more and more seductive.

I encouraged her to entice other men, to tease them at parties, and to show off to them. And of course, my Laura did as I asked her to. She had always adored me and looked up to me as her superior. (Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was a college grad when she met me, and she had barely gotten out of high school) She had no marketable skills and only wanted to be a mom and a housewife her entire life. She felt that without me in her life she was lost and once I realized she would do just about anything to please me I used it to my advantage. One night, I had invited a business college of mine to our home. he was a consultant to our department, and I knew that if he gave my department a favorable rating my career could really take off. He had seen the picture of my wife on my desk, where she's in a seductive low top dress. I knew he liked what he saw and was determined that he get a chance to see more when I invited him to our place. I made sure that Laura wore a very low-cut blouse with no bra, a short skirt with no panties. When I told her I wanted her to go braless and panty-less she told me that she was chagrinned to do it, but at the same time it did make her feel really naughty. I knew right then that she'd go along with my plans for her for the evening.

After dinner, we sat around talking and having an after-dinner drink. I had made sure that there was plenty of liquor before dinner, lots of wine with the dinner and pitchers of after dinner drinks. After Laura and Jack were well imbibed, I asked him if he enjoyed seeing Laura in her low-cut blouse. When he said 'Sure' I asked him if he'd like to see more, His immediate response was, 'Of course!'

While I was baiting him with this conversation, Laura just sat demurely looking off into space as though the conversation wasn't about her at all. Now though, I demanded some action of her as I told her to give Jack a little better show than she had so far. I told her to unbutton the next two buttons.

She did so reluctantly. "Are you sure, honey? What if we get Jack all excited?"

I told her that was the idea and invited Jack to stand directly over Laura so he could see all the way down her blouse and peak at her big brown auroras and sweet pink nipples. With that Laura blushed but did as I said and unbuttoned her blouse and even leaned over further for Jack as he stood over her looking down her sweet bosom.

Naturally, I told her that there was no point in Jack straining to see her full tits and that I wanted her blouse off completely. She murmured a short protest and I simply said, "Do it, baby!" She knew from the tone of my voice not to hesitate any longer and removed her blouse completely leaving her sweet 36D tits completely open to Jack's viewing pleasure! Jack couldn't believe his luck and stepped back to see the full impact of my wife's succulent breasts being offered to his eyes.

I then added the fuel to the fire by telling him that her tits had been augmented but that they still felt really natural and that she still got very easily excited when her tits were played with. He said, "Your kidding." and I demonstrated to him I was not as I began tweaking my lovely wife's nipples between my finger and my thumb. It didn't take but a minute before Laura was beginning to wiggle under the sexual feelings that I was giving her. When she was sufficiently aroused, I told Jack to see for himself.

Again, he said, "Your kidding!"

I thought, for a very articulate guy most of the time, Jack seems to be fairly dumbfounded. I TRULY enjoyed the moment, knowing that I was the puppet-master and both Laura and Jack were playing to the way that I pulled the strings! By now, I'm sure you've figured what followed - lots of playing with Laura's tits before I asked her to lift up her skirt and show Jack her newly shaved pussy. Lots of sucking on her titties to make her even hotter and eventually having her take Jack's cock out and play with it before sucking on it, and before it was eventually rammed right into her newly shaved wet, hot, sweet pussy!

We had GREAT sex that night and from then on, she agreed to fuck whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted. We set a couple of rules:

(1) Never fuck a guy more than twice [No LOVE involvement]
(2) ALWAYS tell me about it or have me watch it!

We even had her engage in a few gangbangs, as well as her seducing some young boys, etc. It was great sex fun for almost another 10 years. I definitely played the dominant role in our marriage - often coercing her to fuck this guy or that one! I enjoyed making her my slutty wife and encouraging her to fuck my business cohorts, etc. I have written other stories about our adventures that were on the Dark Wanderer pages years ago.
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