This is purely a fantasy

I was sat in my car waiting for my wife. It was nearly midnight and she was late. I had dropped her off at 6pm and she said to be there for 10.30. I had gotten here early and now had been waiting for nearly 2 hours. This had given me plenty of time to contemplate on how I had arrived at this position, waiting for my wife to get into my car after being fucked by another guy.

I should start at the beginning 6 months ago.

Our sex life had become stale and we were lucky if we fucked once every few months. It had led to arguments and accusations and finally to marriage counselling. I am sure what happened wasn’t what the counsellor expected to, or would have suggested, but it just evolved.

At the first session we were told to open up and be honest about our feelings. My wife said that sex had become boring and she didn’t enjoy it, and loved masturbating when I was at work. The counsellor told her that there was a difference between sex and Love and when we wanted to have ‘sex’ we needed to look on it as love making, part of a happy love filled marriage. She also suggested that if it was just sex we were after then maybe spice it up by role playing.

We were both uncomfortable that night when talking about it, and neither felt happy about role playing. We gave it a try and we pretended I was a stranger and my wife was fucking me for the first time. Sex was better but not as good as when we had first met.

Over the following counselling sessions we were told about creating a mood for love making, to plan times when we would be intimate and also to find new places other than our bedroom. We started to take our role playing to new heights but things took off after a particular evening. We decided that tonight my wife would play the ****** and me the punter. She dressed sexily and we drove to a quiet spot near an industrial estate. I dropped her off on the corner of a road and said I would drive around the block and come back and pick her up in character. I took a few minutes longer than expected but as I approached her I pulled over. I loved the view of my wife stood on the corner. I then drove up to her and pulled over. She approached the car window as I lowered it and she was really in character – she asked me if I was looking for some fun and when I said yes she asked me what I wanted. I asked her the price and she told me £20 for a blowjob, £30 for sex, £40 for a blow job and sex. I agreed to pay £40 and she got in the passenger’s seat. I started to turn the car to head home but my wife (now the ******) asked where I was going and she directed me to find a quiet, unlit spot on the industrial estate.

When I had parked up my ****** wife told me she needed paying in advance. I handed over the money and she unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock. She started to suck on it and tasted my pre cum. I reached up her dress to find she wasn’t wearing any knickers (when we got home later she told me she had taken them off while waiting for me to pick her up). Her pussy was very moist and my fingers slipped inside easily. She stopped sucking my cock and sat back as I finger fucked her and made her cum. She then told me to pull my trousers down. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her bareback (she later confessed this idea only came to her mind as she realised we didn’t have any condoms with us). I said yes and she charged me an extra £20 which I paid. She then manourvered herself onto my lap and lowered herself onto my cock. She rode my cock for a short while and I couldn’t hold out and told her I was about to cum. She sped up and as I spurted inside her pussy we were pushed back into reality as a car and lorry drove past us. We didn’t have time to clean up – I pulled my trousers up and my wife got back into passenger seat, with my cum dribbling from her.

When we got home we agreed that this type of roll play was great. I decided that the next time it would be at a hotel. I booked a room at a hotel 50 miles from where we lived, and where we had never been. I arranged for my wife to meet me there so we would both drive from work. We would carry very little with us and she would arrive and go and wait for me in the hotel bar. Unfortunately I got held up by traffic so arrived nearly an hour late. I checked in and got the room key and then went to find my wife in the bar. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. She was sat at the bar in between two guys. One of them had his hand on her knee and they were laughing. She saw me enter but did nothing to move. I went to the bar and ordered a drink and made eye contact with my wife. She carried on chatting with these two guys. I went and sat at a table and watched my wife. The guy kept moving his hand up and down her leg and she did nothing to stop him.

After about 30 minutes the guys stood up and left, after kissing my wife on the cheek. I gave her a few minutes and hoped she was ready for the role play (with me feeling ever so jealous). I walked over to the bar and ordered another drink. In character I looked at my wife and said that I hoped her husband and his friend hadn’t left her alone in the bar. She said that neither of them were her husband, who was alone at home whilst she was out for some fun. I asked her if she wanted another drink and when she said yes I ordered her one. I asked if she wanted to join me at my table. She said it would be OK if I didn’t make any lewd suggestions like the last 2 guys who had invited her to one of their rooms for a threesome. I said as I was alone I couldn’t offer a threesome and we both laughed. We role played in the bar and then I suggested that we continue drinking in my room. We went to the lift and when the lift door closed we kissed passionately. In the bedroom I stripped my wife to find that she had shaved off her pubic hair, something that she had never done before. Her pussy lips stood out and my face was soon buried between her legs.

We fucked several times that night and she liked the idea of the role play in which she was cheating on her husband. After my balls had been drained for the third time we cuddled and chatted. She confessed she had liked the way two strangers had come to chat her up and that they had really offered her a threesome. I asked her if she liked the idea of fucking strangers and she said she fantasised about it but wouldn’t cheat on me. I asked her if I gave her my blessing to fuck other guys would she want to give it a try. She said she had to think about it.

We took it in turns organising the role playing evenings but interestingly we both pushed the boundaries with each one. Eventually when it was one of my turns I decided I would push the boundaries to see how comfortable she would be naked in front of other people. There was a naturist Spa a few miles from where we lived and in the past I had suggested we give it a try out but my wife had always resisted. For my role play I suggested we meet up in the spa. She agreed. The night came and we drove there. After parking the car I suggested we arrive separately so we tossed a coin to see who would go in first. I won the toss and left her to join me 5 minutes later. In the spa I was given a towel and a key to a locker and quickly changed. When I went into the main area I was surprised at how many men were in there, most carrying their towels with their bare cocks on display.

I went to the drinks area and after getting a cold drink I sat watching the entrance area. I saw my wife go to the changing room and emerge a few minutes later with a towel wrapped around her waist covering her lower half, but her tits were on open display. Her tits are large and wobbled as she walked through. She passed me and I watch as she went to the sauna area. I could see the entrance to the showers and she removed her towel and went for a shower. She reappeared a short while later, but was now chatting to a naked guy who must have been in the showers as well. I watched them both pick up their towels and go into one of the saunas. I gave them a few minutes and went to join them. I entered and said hi to both of them. They were sat opposite each other and my wife had her legs open so he could easily see her pussy lips. I listened to their conversation about everyday things but he did learn she was married and she learned he was single.

This wasn’t how the role play was to go but I decided to let it continue. When they decided to leave the sauna I gave them a few minutes before following them. Over the next hour they were inseparable, trying out the steam rooms, Jacuzzi and small pool. I noticed a lot of guys were also watching my wife and if she went into a Jacuzzi it quickly filled up. I joined them in the Jacuzzi a few times and eves dropped on them. I heard the guy telling her all about the ‘private’ rooms round the back where people could go and play. I then heard him say to my wife …’if you are interested I can show you the rooms’. My wife looked at me and smiled, and then looked back at him and said ‘I don’t think my husband would like that, but let’s see how the evening goes’.

My mind was going crazy – was she really thinking about fucking this guy. I needed a cold drink (it was a shame the spa only served non-alcoholic ones) and got out the Jacuzzi, leaving them to discuss her possible infidelity some more. A few minutes later she was stood at my side at the bar. We tried to play as if we didn’t know each other to anyone watching. She told me she was really getting turned on. In the Jacuzzi (as I had sat opposite) her new friend had had his fingers inside her pussy and fingered her clit, and she had stroked his cock under the water. She also said that a few other guys had tried to play with her nipples and had stroked her legs under the water. I asked her what she wanted to do next, and she said she wasn’t sure. Her drinks arrived and she said she had better go and take him his drink. I wasn’t sure what I should have said.

I sat for 5 minutes then decided I should find my wife. I couldn’t find her in the sauna, steam room or any of the Jacuzzis. My heart started to beat faster as the only place I could think she might have gone was to the playrooms the guy had mentioned. I went to the door and passed through. There was a corridor with doors off it and dog leg at the end. As I walked down the corridor some of the doors were open and generally had a guy or two just sat in there. Some doors were closed and clearly there were people in those rooms …. What would happen if my wife was behind one of these closed doors? I turned passed the dog leg and there was a group of guys stood there in the corridor looking into one of the rooms. I went up as close as I could and could hear a couple fucking in the room. Part of me wanted it to be my wife, a part though was angry and jealous in case it was my wife. I managed to peer into the room and was rather disappointed that the couple on the mattress was not my wife and her friend from the evening. However, I then noticed they were in the room against a wall and had been watching the couple fuck. My wife saw me in the doorway and I then realised her hand was stroking his erection. She knelt down, making sure I was watching (as well as the other guys) and she started sucking this guy’s cock. Some of the other guys were wanking as they watched my wife and a few got close enough so that when they shot their load it hit my wife on the face or tits. She didn’t mind as she concentrated on the cock in her mouth. I could tell when he started to cum in her mouth and she swallowed everything. He then led her to the mattress. I heard her say that she couldn’t fuck him and he replied that he just wanted to taste her. He buried his head between her legs and licked her to orgasm. I did notice that a few guys did move close and at one point she started to stroke other cocks that then shot cum onto her.

When she recovered from the orgasm she said that she needed to go and clean up and she left him in the room. She walked past me and signalled to me to enter the nearest free room. Inside she locked the door and started to apologise. All I could do was kiss her passionately and push her down onto the mattress. Her pussy was so wet from the guy’s attention my cock slid into her and we fucked. The other guys’ cum on her body added to the thrill and as she orgasmed I emptied my balls into her. We lay in this embrace for ages and when I pulled out my cum oozed from her. We chatted and I asked her what had stopped her fucking the guy and she said it was nerves and not knowing how I would react. She liked the idea but wasn’t sure that she could cope if I fucked other women.

We left together and at home we discussed what had happened further. The next role play night was going to be her choice, and I told her to be as wild as she wanted. A few weeks later she told me that she had got a plan. She would drive and I had to comply. The night came and she dressed sexily. As we got to the front door she raised her short skirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing any knickers. She drove for about an hour and we ended up on an industrial estate so I thought she was going to play the ****** again. But I was wrong. One of the units had lights on and she pulled up in front of it. She asked me if I was OK with her doing whatever that might happen that night. I said it was her evening. We rang the bell and the door was opened. She paid the admission fee and was told the fun would start in about 30 mins so we should get a drink first. I noticed a poster that said that it was a ‘New Cuckold Party’. I looked at my wife and she smiled.

The room was full of guys and 5 couples. A bell rang and everyone went quiet. A guy appeared and explained the rules for the night. He would invite a woman go to the first container and pull out a piece of paper which would have the act she would undertake and the number of guys. Each guy wore an elastic band on their wrist with a number – the guys were all ages and body builds. The woman would then go to the next container and pull out the number of pieces of paper that had been mentioned on the first. Each of these pieces of paper had a number correlating to one of the guys. The partner of the woman would then go to the final container and would pull out another piece of paper that identified in which room the act was to take place and/or the location where the partner had to be. The man said that in some cases a woman might only have one experience for the night, others might have 2 or three depending on how long they stay and how receptive the men are. He then said that the rules meant that all the individual guys (not the partners) were guaranteed to be called upon at least once.

The first woman was invited forward. She pulled out a piece of paper and read out what her experience was going to be:

You will go to one of the private rooms with 5 men and will fuck all of them’

She smiled and was presented with the next container and pulled out 5 numbers. She read them out and the men were asked to come forward.. For her venue she pulled out ‘one of the private rooms’. Her husband pulled out his ‘punishment’ from another container ….. and it said ‘you must sit at the bar and wait for wife to return’. He was then presented with the ‘risk’ container which had an equal number of two options – Condom or bareback. He sighed with relief when he pulled out condom. The 5 men were then asked to strip off so that the partner could see the choice of cocks that would be pleasuring his wife.

I was no longer sure I wanted this but it was too late to back out. The next woman was called forward and undertook the same process. She pulled out to be fucked by two guys and pulled out their two numbers. The location was again one of the private rooms. This time the partner pulled out ‘to watch but tied to a chair, with cock in cage’. He then pulled out ‘bareback’. He was told that as he had bareback he had to pull out of another jar which had 2 options – Clean her up afterwards, or not to clean her up afters. He pulled out ‘clean her up’ and he was told when she had finished he would be released and he would have to lick her pussy clean.

The next woman was called forward. She pulled out to ‘fuck 4 men including anal’. She then pulled out the 4 numbers. The next venue was really odd …. It was the ‘camera room’. She was told the action in this room was broadcast live to a waiting audience on the internet. The guy doing the comparing said that was a good activity for that room. The husband drew out ‘to be sat in the room blindfolded, hearing everything but seeing nothing’. He pulled out ‘condom’. They left to go to the room.

The next woman called forward was my wife. She pulled out her activity and read it out ‘ be the central target for a Bukkake for 10 guys, the first two numbers drawn also fuck you ’. The guy doing the presenting said she had one of the easiest of all the challenges. She then pulled out the location, which was the main room which meant everyone not playing would get to watch her. She then pulled out ‘bareback’ for the two guys to fuck her. It was my turn and I pulled out – To strip, put on a cock cage and watch her and then ‘to clean her up afterwards’. The guy said that the 10 guys drawn out could go and start getting ready whilst he sorted out the last two women and he handed my wife a cock cage.

My mind started working overtime and I had no interest with what the other women’s activities were. My wife told me to get my cock out and she put on the cage and locked it. She told me to strip off, go and sit down and enjoy the show. As she walked away she said very loudly ‘i am going to enjoy all these stranger’s cocks’. I watched as my wife stripped and then joined the men who were now mostly naked and sporting semi of full hard ons.

The other guy who had yet to be pulled out of the container to play with one of the women started to position themselves to watch. They were told they could watch but not wank as they needed to save themselves for when they got selected later.

I watched my wife start to kiss some of the guys as she stroked cocks and guys felt her naked body. I was watching my wife preparing to cheat fully on me, with a roomful of strangers watching. In one way it was like watching a porn movie, but my wife was the star and a load of guys were using her for their sexual pleasure. This was different than at the spa in that I knew sooner or later she was really going to fuck another guy for the first time in our marriage, witnessed by so many others. My wife was soon on her knees sucking and stroking the surrounding cocks. One of the guys pulled away and managed to lie on the floor and manoeuvre his head under my wife and into her crotch. She rose up to give him access and he started to lick her clit. It didn’t take long before she had an orgasm and the first guy shot his load over her tits. The guy licking her was one of the lucky guys who had been selected to fuck her. She told him to stay lying on the floor and she moved down his body. He was lying with his feet pointing towards me so I had a good view of my wife’s ass as she moved down him. She looked over her shoulder at me and made sure I had a clear view. She held his rock hard cock and rubbed his knob along her pussy lips. I then had a good view as she lowered her pussy down onto his shaft and his cock disappeared up her pussy. She gently rode him for a minute and then changed her position so she was more upright.

She was no gently rocking on his cock as the other guys got their cocks sucked. I watched a couple of them shoot their loads over her face. My cock was trying to harden but it was painfully restricted by the cock cage.

The noises coming from her as she sucked, and rode this guy and then I heard him say he was cumming and I watched as he pushed his hips up so his cock would go as deep into her as his balls emptied. She kept him inside her as she sucked another guy off and he came over her face. She then told the next guy who was to fuck her to lie on the floor. She rose up off the first cock, his cum dribbling out of her pussy and she moved over to the other guy and lowered herself onto him. The first guy stood up and she sucked his cock clean of his and her juices (something she had never done to me).

The last few guys shot their loads over my wife and then she concentrated on riding the guy. He suggested she got on all 4s and he fucked her doggy style. He preferred having control and was squeezing her tits and fucking her hard. I heard him groan and shoot his load into her. It then dawned on me that I would now need to lick her clean. Before he pulled out of my wife she told me to lie on the floor. She then moved and lowered her pussy onto my face, dribbling cum falling onto my face. She told me to look at her well used pussy and she held her lips open (with more cum falling onto my face) and then told me to lick a real guy’s cum from her pussy – and to taste the men who had satisfied her.

When she thought I had finished (and after I had given her an orgasm) she said that was enough. The organiser saw she had finished, and had now gathered a bigger crowd as some of the other women had finished also, he told those there to take a 30 minute break and have some drinks, but best if those who were naked remained naked.

Eventually everyone returned to the room. The organiser asked if people wanted another round and all the wives said yes. He then said there was first to be the ultimate gamble. Any wife who wanted to take the gamble needed to step forward. He asked them all to pull a number from a bag. The numbers were 1-6 so this left one number in the bag. He went over to the container with the guys numbers in. He said some of you have not had any action yet so you get to play this game as well. He pulled out a number and asked the guy to step forward. He handed him a dice. He told him to roll it and he had 5/6 chance of getting one of the women’s number, and the women had a 1/6 chance of their number being called.

The guy was well dressed, in his 30s and quite tall. He went to a nearby table and rolled the dice. He said it landed on the 4 and the organiser told the woman who held number 4 to come forward. It was not my wife (with hindsight that seemed sort of OK). He told her that she was now going to leave this place with this guy in his car. They would drive to his place where they could do what they liked but it had to include bareback sex and a creampie and they had to send him photographs to prove it (and if they wanted they could send videos as well). The husband would be given the guys address and he would follow them to the guys house. He would have to wait outside whilst the guy used his wife. He would then drive her home. In the morning both would email them accounts of what happened.

The couple and the guy got ready and left before any more draws were made. When he was ready the compare counted the number of pieces of paper in the ‘men’s container and said that there were still 15 men had yet to play. Therefore the women shouldn’t disappoint them and give their husbands further experience of humiliation. He said the women couldn’t do the same activity as before so if they drew something similar out again then they would redraw.

At this point all the cuckold were naked and all now had their cocks in a cage. He told the women to look at their husbands and imagine their feelings as the women had fun. He asked the first woman to step forward. Her experience was to fuck 5 guys in the main room but any of the guys who had already been picked in the first round were allowed to wank and cum over her. The husband had to watch and then afterwards, the cum covered wife would rub herself all over him and get him coated in cum. They went off to get ready.

My wife was next to draw. Her experience was to be fucked by 10 guys (this was all of the remaining guys so their balls would all be full). The room was the humiliation room. The organiser said that the remainder of the challenge was already decided as it was in the humiliation room. Her husband (me) was to be laid in the humiliation contraption. This would make me lie under my wife with enough gap as not to be suffocated. She would be tethered in the doggy position so she couldn’t move forward or backwards so that her pussy wold be directly above my face. The rule of this game was that the guys would fuck her bareback. In my position I would have a great view of each cock fucking my wife and after they had cum, when they withdrew their cum would slide from my wife’s pussy and drop onto my face and into my mouth. A small light from below meant my wife’s pussy was well lit.

I was put into place and noticed they attached a few cables to my cock ring. My wife was than knelt above my face. Noise then started near to my ears and this settled down and I realised there had to be a microphone near to my wife and I was going to hear everything. Someone asked if she was ready and she said yes and that was looking forward to having her pussy filled by all of these strangers. I saw a hand appear and a guy started to finger fuck her. Then his hand moved and his cock appeared. He was circumcised; about 7 inches long and the cock had quite a pronounced curve on it. His balls were large and dangling in a very hairy scrotum. I watched as he rubbed his cock along my wife’s pussy lips and then thrust into her. I heard her groan as he entered and she said ‘ohhh that feels good’. He fucked her slowly but I could gather from what I was hearing on the speakers that my wife was doing other things and guys must have been playing with her tits. Then I felt a great shock of electricity into my cock. This was soon followed by the cock in my wife shooting its thick spunk into my wife – I could see his balls tense and the tell-tale sign of his deep thrusts trying to push his cum as deep into her as he could. The guy pulled out and his cock dribbled the remains onto my face as cum dribbled from my wife onto my face as well.. It turned out my wife had the control to electric shock my cock and she was told that she had to give me a shock whenever a guy said he was going to cum inside, or if she had an orgasm.

The next guys cock was soon at her pussy entrance. It was thin and no more than 6 inches. He had no qualms of fucking my wife’s used pussy and was soon adding his cum. My wife seemed to forget the electric shock but then my cock was jolted harder and longer than before, which coincided with the guy pulling his cock out and his cum falling into my mouth and over my face.

The next cock appeared. It was completely shaven and was of average girth and length. He was able to fuck my wife for a long time. During the fuck I could hear my wife sucking on some cocks and heard her say ‘oh my god, I can’t wait to have that monster inside me’. The electric shock came as I heard the guy fucking my wife he was about to cum. Yet again I watched balls tense and a cock get pushed as deep as it could into my wife as the semen pumped into her. He didn’t stay inside her too long and his cum poured onto my face.

Then it was time for my worst nightmare. I heard my wife say to a guy … ‘I really need your cock inside me, I am sure my husband will feel so inferior’. I watched as this massive black cock appeared. It was 9 inches or more long and very thick. It was lucky my wife was lubbed up from the earlier guys cum and her pussy was looser than normal as it had been receiving so much attention. He slowly pushed his massive knob into my wife and then one hard push to fill her, and as he did the escaping air made my wife’s pussy fart. She groaned very loudly with each push into her. He would slowly pull his cock almost all the way out and then push it into her as he could, usually releasing a pussy fart with each push into her. My wife was clearly enjoying this from all her groans. He was able to reach round and finger her clit as well. My cock was trying to harden in the cage as what I could see and hear was turning me on. Then I got a large electric shock that went on, for the whole length of my wife’s very vocal orgasm.

The shocks stopped and the black cock started to move again. The penetrations went deeper, harder and faster and my wife was crying out for him to fill her with his hot spunk. I heard him saying he was about to cum and he thrust very hard, luckily her straps held her in place above my face as his cock pumped its white juices into my wife. As he pulled out there was a torrent of cum that poured out and I found myself opening my mouth and trying to catch it so I could taste him. My wife was saying ‘hope that my husband is swallowing your cum’.

The next few guys quickly fucked her, shot their load and pulled out. I counted 10 cocks had cum inside her so expected to be freed. Instead another cock pushed into her … I heard her saying ‘it is great that some of you want to fuck me again’. It was clear some of the guys were back for seconds. The first few didn’t produce too much cum. Then he was back ….. the big black cock. For a second time I watched him give my wife a massive orgasm, impaled on his engorged member. It took him ages to cum and when he did I would guess there was just as much cum as the first time. I heard her say to him as he pulled out that she would get his email afterwards as she wanted to ride his cock again. She was soon finished and she was untethered and I was freed. My wife stood next to me and asked if I had enjoyed myself and I said I had. Looking at me, my beard and hair full of other guy’s cum, she replied ‘good as I will be doing this again’.

We were all invited back into the main room. The women were in different levels of dishevelment and cum covering. The husbands were told to lie on the floor (their cocks still caged). The wives were told to squat over their partner’s face so they could smell the cum in the well-used pussies. They were then told to lower themselves so their husbands could lick their pussies and taste any remain cum. The husbands were told that their cocks would be freed only when they had given their wife an orgasm. We all licked their clits until they had cum, and our cocks were freed. The women were told to get on all fours and the husbands were told to reclaim their wife’s pussy in front of the guys who had been pleasured by these women. None of us took long in cumming in our wives, and for me it was the loosest and dampest my wife had ever been … her pussy being so well used throughout the evening. When the last guy had cum the guy who organised the event said he had hoped we had all enjoyed our initiation into the cuckold world.

The husbands were told to dress and go and get our cars and pull up outside. The wives were told to collect phone numbers/emails from any guys they wanted to meet up with again and as I left I saw my wife go to the black guy. I pulled up outside and my wife came out naked and got in. I watched as the other wives did the same. My wife said that they had been told to remain naked on way home and torment their husbands by wanking as they described how good the other cocks had felt inside them. On the journey home my wife couldn’t stop talking about this big black cock.

At home we went straight to bed and all of the next day we chatted about the experiences and how we had both felt.

A few days after the event I got a strange email. It was addressed correctly but I did not recognize the sender. The message title was ‘Cuckold Induction’. When I opened it it said that a true cuckold should have a reminder of the first night they became a cuckold. Part of the evening that had been planned by your wife was that you would be sent a film as a reminder. We have created a wonderful film of your wife being used by strangers. There was a link to a file share company and when I clicked on it, it said there was a large video file that was nearly 3gb in size. It took ages to download and I read the rest of the message as it downloaded. The message said that I couldn’t watch the video unless my wife was there and once the video was watched it was an agreement by me that my wife could fuck anyone she wanted without asking me. Also, in 12 month’s time I must drive her to the club for her first anniversary and the club would provide her with all the cock she needed, whilst I sat outside waiting to take her home.

Was my wife going to become a true slut?

The answer was yes. She got home and told me than I should have received an email. I said I had and that she knew I had a video of the night and she wanted to watch it. I set it up so it could play through the TV and after dinner we settled in to watch it. There were many camera angles showing my wife being fucked and there was also two cameras in the Humiliation room ---- one that gave almost exactly the same view I had of the cocks entering my wife’s pussy, and another on my face so you could see the cum dribbling onto my face. I watched as my wife started to finger her pussy when the large black cock appeared. She looked at me and said ‘so you can now see why I loved this cock inside me’. She told me to strip and lie on the floor and she lowered her very damp pussy onto my cock. As she rode me she described how hi cock’s girth stretched her walls and how his knob pushed hard against her cervix. I was soon pumping my cum into her, and all she could say was that when he shot his load into her she felt the powerful spurts inside her.

After the film finished we had a long chat. My wife said she had really enjoyed the evening at the club and wanted to do it again (or something similar) where what happens is out of our hands. She knew it was selfish of her wanting all this sexual satisfaction but she did say that I would be getting more sex, and it would be better quality than before. I wasn’t sure and I asked her how often she wanted to fuck other guys. She wasn’t sure but did say she wanted it regularly, and didn’t want me there all of the time. I felt hurt a little, but also very turned on. I was aware if I said no it would cause a major rift but if I said Yes I wasn’t sure where it would take us a couple.

My wife came up with a solution. At the beginning of each week we would roll a dice. An odd number meant she wouldn’t meet another guy. An even number meant she would be allowed and if it was a 6 that was thrown that she could arrange to play with more than one cock. She was a little disappointed that her first throw was an odd number. However, we realised that the excitement built up during the week until the next time came for a dice throw. The second week she threw a 2 so was allowed to meet another guy. She had already decided who it would be ….. the big black cock from the club. She emailed him immediately and he quickly responded with his phone number. I only got half the phone conversation but it was all about how she wanted his cock back inside her. I heard her plan the meeting for the following night before ending the call. She told me that I was to drive her to his house for 6pm and then pick her at 10.30. I could wait outside, drive around or find something else to do but I was not to go into the house.

That is how I have found myself outside this house waiting for my wife to finish fucking and come home with me, full of another guy’s cum.
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