1699054588952.pngOnce our kids reached their teens my wife's days began to free up and she had more opportunity to cheat. Once they were grown and on their own she not only had more opportunity, but while I was at work she didn't have to worry about anyone unexpectedly walking in on her should she let something happen at home. So, weekdays were wide open for cheating fun.

One weekend after we'd gone to the local Sam's and were back home my wife told me she'd gotten hit on after we'd separated for a few minutes to look at things in different parts of the store. A middle-aged Hispanic man had approached her and told her how sexy she looked, and that he hoped her husband knew how lucky he was. She thanked him and he told her he owned a couple of Mexican restaurants in town and invited her to drop by for lunch sometime when she was out shopping....on the house.

She had told me about being hit on before because she found it flattering and I think she wanted me to know there were guys out there still interested to keep me on my toes. What I didn't know until years later was that every time she told me about being hit on, it was because she was interested in the guy and ended up fucking him. This time as it turns out, was no exception. She told me she wasn't going to go of course, but she had appreciated the interest and the invitation.

She did go. About two weeks later she was in town shopping while I was at work and on impulse decided to stop by one of his restaurants. She told herself if he wasn't there, that would be that she'd have lunch and move on. If he was, she'd let things play out and see what happened. He was there. She didn't even have to ask for him because he saw her come in, recognized her, and personally guided her to a table. He told her to enjoy lunch and stick around until the rush was over and he'd come by later to talk.

While my wife patiently waited for the crowds to clear he started having martinis, her drink of choice, sent to her table. By the time he finally did sit down to talk, she was pretty much at the 3 martini line: 2 martinis under the table, 3 martinis under the host. He asked where her husband was and she told him I was at work. After chatting awhile he told her he didn't think she was in any shape to drive and said he thought it would be best if he drove her home in her car and had one of his employees follow to take him back to the restaurant.

When they got to our place there was no sign of an employee following and he told her his ride back got delayed by a problem at the restaurant and would be there shortly. He told her “Let me make sure you get settled and I'll call and get him to hurry up. Once inside he said “You're home safe now, let me pour you another drink. My ride should be here soon and I'll be on my way.” She told him where to find the liquor and he sat down beside her on the living room sofa, handing her another martini.

He told her he was glad she decided to take him up on his lunch offer and drop by the restaurant. The door is always open to you he said, any time you're out and about and decide to get lunch just drop by, and if I'm not there, ask the waitress to have someone call me. My wife was wearing the same short dress as in the photo at the top of the story and he told her she was looking especially lovely. Then he leaned over, wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and pulled her toward him to kiss her.

He kissed her and she pulled away saying “I can't. I don't know why I stopped for lunch, I didn't mean for anything like this to happen.” “It's just some harmless kissing,” he responded, pulling her closer and kissing her again.“You have such luscious full lips, I wanted to kiss you that day in Sams.”

“Oh God,” she said quickly weakening and dismissing her previous lie, “I wanted that too.”

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him on top of her, kissing him back. “So tell me why you came to the restaurant,” he demanded, “you had to know this is why I invited you, is this how you imagined it would go?”

“I didn't know what would happen,” she said, “but I guess this is how I hoped it would go.”

Restaurant guy, RG...she never has told me his name....lay atop her on our sofa, kissing her deeply, as he worked a hand up under her dress between her legs and found her sopping wet married cunt soaking through the crotch of her pantyhose. He rubbed her clitoris as they made out and her hands searched for and found his belt, unbuckled it, pulled down his zipper, and with some difficulty extracted his large thick rock hard cock.

“I've thought about this for the last two weeks,” he told her, “I was beginning to think it was never going to happen. I was so glad to finally see you in the restaurant today. I didn't just want to kiss you two weeks ago in the store, I wanted to take your hand and pull you out into the parking lot and fuck you right there in my truck. But I wanted to take my time doing it and it didn't seem practical with your husband there with you.”

“Fuck me, make love to me.” purred my wife, opening her legs wide around him and welcoming him inside her.

RG reached down and tore open the crotch of her pantyhose, and stroked his cock briefly up and down her slit, pausing before plunging into her and asking: “Fuck you or make love to you, which is it?”

She replied, “Both, I want both, I want you to fuck me and make love to me.”

“Beg me to fuck you,” he told her, “I want to hear you beg for my cock.”

“Please, please, please fuck me, I'm begging, please give it to me.”

“So, to be clear,” He asked with his cock still hovering outside her married pussy, pressing ever so slightly against her cunt lips, “you want to cheat on the man you love while he's working to support you?”

My wife said, “Oh my god yes, I want to cheat on him, I want you to please, please fuck me.”

RG slowly pushed his cock into my wife, feeling her cunt walls stretch around it, ”You're pretty tight for a mom.” he told her.

“You're just big,” she replied. “God it feels so good, I needed this cock, you should have just dragged me out of Sam's that day and taken me.”

As RG slowly fucked her she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to kiss him again. Tongue found tongue and their mouths locked. They melted into each other and became just one two-backed creature of unbridled lust, a monster of love, building to the glorious climax of sexual betrayal and adulterous pleasure. An afternoon of lovemaking with a man she barely knew. A sweet, wonderful, fulfilling betrayal of her love and marriage vows, pure beautiful ecstasy that cannot be indulged and enjoyed any other way.

In an afternoon of passion, RG flooded my wife's unprotected womb with load after a load of hot cum, time after time, until he lay fully spent and empty, his shriveling clockmaking its last slow exit from my wife's sloppy cunt, the cuckoo clock on our living room wall signaling its ironic warning of my impending arrival. The lovers finally gathered their senses and RG slipped away, now a passenger in a nondescript black SUV that registered no recognition of the husband headed home to his loving wife after a long day at work.

For RG and my wife, it was just the beginning of a sexual adventure and the kind of afternoon that would be repeated regularly, week after week, for more than a year, with RG, and not just RG, inside my wife more often in that single year than I had been for the previous ten or even twenty.
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