I last wrote about my wife getting hit on and eventually hooking up with someone we now call Restaurant Guy (RG). He had fucked my wife for the first time on a Friday, and she admits now, albeit reluctantly, that she suffered through the weekend anxious for me to go back to work on Monday so she could see him again. It seems that for almost a year she spent just about every weekend anxious for me to go back to work so she could resume her fun with RG.

When Monday came she didn't have long to wait. I was still en route to the office when RG called her. He told her he enjoyed the time he spent with her on Friday and would love to get together again. My wife usually plays it coy, but this time she blurted out that she'd been thinking about him all weekend and thought she'd go nuts waiting for her husband to go back to work. She didn't think she could hold out another day. RG told her he was happy to hear that, he had some things he had to do at the restaurant, but if it was alright with her, as soon as he could get free he'd drop by. My wife told him that I usually come home for lunch, but have to be headed back by one, so anytime after 1:30, just to be safe, would be wonderful.

He didn't wait one minute past 1:30. My wife opened the door to him and fell into his arms before the door was shut. While kissing her, he pinned her up against the wall in our entry hall and lifted her dress. She wasn't wearing panties or hose. She fumbled with his belt and zipper but managed to get his cock out, and it was already rock hard. “Spread your legs a little more,” he ordered, “you want my cock?”

“God yes, fuck me.” she breathlessly replied.

It wasn't long before he was flooding my wife's cheating cunt with a big load of hot cum. "When do you expect your husband home?" he asked her.
She told him I didn't have a long commute, but no earlier than six. She asked him if he'd like for her to get him more time. He said yes of course, so she called me and told me she wasn't feeling good, and asked if I could stop and pick up groceries. She emailed me a long list, knowing it would take me some time, especially since the grocery store was several miles off my route home. Of course, she couldn't know exactly how long, but the risk of me showing up unexpectedly was part of the fun. She asked me to call when I was on my way home from the store..... and they kept fucking until the last minute.

Their relationship grew into a long-term affair. My wife was seeing RG 3-5 times a week for about a year, but obviously, she hasn't told me about 150 to 250 hookups, just some of the highlights. It wasn't long before he was introducing my wife to his friends as his married girlfriend. They were quite open about their relationship, holding hands, kissing, making out in front of his friends, and just generally being a couple.

None of his friends were getting as much pussy from their wives and girlfriends as RG was getting from my wife. When his friends complained about their partners he'd tell them they needed to find a sexy wife like mine to fuck. Even with my wife right there he'd tell them how much she loved to fuck and what a fantastic cocksucker she was. This of course made them curious and soon they were coming on to her, RG ribbing them that if they played their cards right he might let them try her out. His closest friend was particularly persistent about getting to take him up on his offer and eventually, he gave in and convinced my wife to date him.

She couldn't get out much in the evenings with arousing suspicion so their date was a lunch date. She met him at Red Lobster and followed him after lunch to RG's house. She enjoyed the date, her first actual date in some time, and decided she was willing to do more. RG was waiting to make sure his friend didn't get too carried away. He brought them drinks but generally stayed in the background. It wasn't long before they were making out on the sofa. The friend got her tits out and sucked them, but got a little frustrated when she opened her legs to him and his progress was impeded by her pantyhose. “How about giving a bud a hand?" he called out to RG. "Tear her pantyhose open so I can fuck her, will you? She's every bit as hot as you've been saying.”

As he sank his cock into her cheating pussy he told her, “Fuck baby, your cunt feels so fucking good.”

“Didn't I tell you?” RG spoke up from across the room.

“You did but fuck, this shit is so much better than you ever let on. I may have to take this slut away from you. I'm gonna need a lot more of this.”

As his friend plunged his cock in and out of my wife RG asked “You want to have some fun?”...and of course, the reply was a big fuck yes I do.

"What are you doing?" my wife exclaimed seeing RG digging into her purse. "There's nothing for you in there."

Out came his hand with her cell phone. “I've got an idea he said handing it to her, call your husband at work and tell him you love him.” She refused at first. Then he asked her, “Do you love me?”

"Of course." she said.

"Then prove it!" he told her, “Call your husband, do what I asked, it will be a fuckin' rush.”

Nothing about that call that day stood out to me. Even after she told me years later, nothing about it rang a bell. She had called many times over the years to say she loved me, but no more than a handful were when she was with someone else, and not once did I ever have a clue she was having sex with someone. She says now she deserves ID and she told me once more how much she loved me.

“Let's see your cocksucking skills now,” he told her after she hung up, taking the phone back from his friend.

“What are you going to do with that video?” she asked him. “I don't want that getting posted on the internet.”

“Don't worry," he responded, "I'm just going to show it to our friends to help them appreciate just what a hot fucking cheating slut you are. Tell the camera that you love your husband.”

“You know I do.” she responded. as she took his friend's cock into her hand, preparing to suck it.

“Say it,” he ordered.

“I love my husband.” she exclaimed talking into the camera.

“Then why are you here with us getting fucked and sucking cock?” he asked for the benefit of the video.

“Because I also love cheating on my husband,” she replied, “the two things are not mutually exclusive no matter what some people may think.”

“Take that cock into your mouth and suck it.” he commanded. “Show us what a loving wife you are.”

“Oh yeah, swallow that cock!” his friend told her. “Fuck,” he gasped, “it's down her throat” as my wife's mouth engulfed his rigid meat until his balls were pressing hard against her chin.

“I told you she was fucking good, didn't I?” bragged RG.

“You've been holding out on us,” taunted his friend. “You need to share shit like this with your friends man, stop being such a selfish motherfucker. Once everyone else sees the video of this slut taking cock they're all going to want a piece of her.” Listening to them talk about her made her feel disembodied, like she was floating above it, looking down, and enjoying it with them as just a spectator. It was like they were talking about someone else, and at the same time she knew it was her they were talking about, and she was surprised at how much it was turning her on.

It made her want to act and perform for the camera. She looked up wide-eyed at the man whose cock she was sucking. RG handed him the camera and said “The way she is looking up at you is hot, get some closeups of her face with her lips wrapped around your dick.”

“She's a real meat eater,” the friend said as he aimed the camera down at the wife inhaling his meat. “The whore loves the way we're talking about her. I bet her husband would have a fuckin' stroke if he saw what a hot slut his wife is being for the camera right now.”

Unfortunately, I have never seen the video, so I didn't have a stroke, but I can and do stroke to what my wife told me about that afternoon. an Academy Award for her phone performances.

RG took a video of his friend slowly pumping his cock into my wife as she talked to me on the phone. We talked about couple's stuff.... what we could do for dinner later, if we should watch a movie, how she loved me and missed me, and wished I was with her, and at that, the friend exploded into her cheating cunt. As he got up off my wife, RG handed him the phone, silently mouthing, my turn, you get the video, and pointing at the phone. He got onto the sofa between my wife's legs and plunged his big fat cock into her, making her stifle a gasp.

I don't remember noticing anything, much less saying anything about it, but she tells me now I asked what the noise was, if there was something wrong, She said no, everything is wonderful at the moment, I've never felt better. I miss you but I don't want the afternoon to end. She said maybe I'd better let you get back to work, and RG shook his head no, telling her later he wanted to listen to her talking to him while he fucked her, he wanted to cum in her like his friend.
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