It was coming up on our 30th wedding anniversary and I’d spent years fantasizing about seeing my wife with a big-cocked, black guy ever since we saw “Behind the Green Door” together. Shortly after we married, we were a normal horny couple and ventured out to see the movie, one of the first mainstream interracial porn films that gained wide acceptance. It really got us worked up and afterward we headed home and had some hot sex. For me, seeing a big, black cock sliding into a pretty white woman immediately made me picture my wife in that situation. I think it solidified, in my mind, the fantasy of seeing my pretty blonde wife having hot, steamy sex with a well-hung black guy. Years later, I mentioned to my wife my thoughts about watching interracial sex and while on vacation, we surfed some porn together and she found a video called “Monsters”, I think, which showed these three big-cocked black men having sex with a young white girl. We watched and then had some hot sex. Other days, we’d watch it while we were having sex and she seemed turned on by it as their “monster” black cocks penetrated every hole this girl had. But her attraction to interracial sex seemed to fade after a while. However, mine persisted. It was my fantasy, and I knew I’d never be able to convince my blonde wife to try a big, black cock. She’d never go for it. So, I came up with a plan.

As an anniversary present to me, I asked her if she’d consider just allowing me to take pictures of her just being with a black guy and maybe get a pic of her holding his cock: no sex, just posing for some pictures. I said she could stop it at any time or decline any pose or pic.

She was really hesitant but with some prodding, she said she would think about it. I gave up hope but after three days she agreed to it with the stipulation she had to approve the guy by seeing pictures of him and choosing him, if we could even find one she would approve of. I was excited that she even agreed to that much. She reiterated that she hated having pictures taken of her like that but she would do it this once for our 30th anniversary.

I almost came in my pants when she agreed. I didn’t reveal the rest of the plan to her. The rest of it was if she could agree to a black guy from the pics, I would set up a meet in a hotel away from our town. I would meet him in the hotel bar while my wife remained in the hotel room I rented and explain the plan to the guy. In the bar I would explain my real plan to him. The plan would be to make her believe the plan I told her but the real plan would be for this big-cocked black guy to use his wiles and move things along, step by step, and hopefully in the end have her submit to sex with him. I hoped if I could get her to the point where she was holding his huge cock, she would give in to the lust and closeness of the situation and go all the way. It was risky move because he’d be coming there definitely looking to get laid by a willing white wife. Would it work? I was going to try. This plan might blow up in my face if he thought he was being scammed.

But this was all just fantasy unless she could pick a guy she found attractive. So, it took nearly two months of writing to prospective black guys, asking them to send pictures of their face and body and running them by my wife for approval.

It was always something: he’s too old, he’s too fat, he’s not good-looking enough, I don’t like the way he’s looking at the camera. The guys always wanted pictures of her as well and she’d only let me send body pics, no face. So, three of the guys declined because of that, even though I assured them she was very pretty.

When I was about to give up, I found him. This guy looked too good to be true. He looked about 30, built like a body builder and he was actually very good looking with a killer smile. When I showed her his pics, she instantly looked interested. She stared a while and said “Hmmm, he’s kind of sexy.” My dick twitched. I didn’t push her though. I left her alone to ponder the choice on her own, hoping she’d go for it. On the other hand, I was a little worried because he was the only one who didn’t send pictures of his cock. I knew it was unlikely but some black guys actually did have small dicks but I figured even if he did, it would most likely be bigger than mine.

Somehow, I felt he wouldn’t have a small dick. After an hour of examining his pics, she hadn’t mentioned him not having a cock pic attached like all the rest did.

She said “Maybe we could try this one.”

“Great!” I said a little too quickly.

“But” she added “just some sexy pics, touching only, no sex, right?”

“Yeah, babe, just like we agreed on.”

I noticed a sparkle in her eye and hoped she was a little turned on and maybe already even imagining some intimate situations with him. But I thought even if she wouldn’t cave in, I’d still have some pics of her holding a black cock that would keep me jacking off for months to come.

We were set! I e-mailed him back and arranged for us to meet him in a nearby large city in two weeks. It was far enough away from the town we lived in that our privacy should be safe. We could have a Friday night of fun and my wife and I could spend the rest of the weekend fucking and reminiscing about it. The last hurdle was hoping she wouldn’t get cold feet and back out before I met with him and explained the plan. I also hoped he wouldn’t back out if he got pissed off that I’d led him along without solid intent to follow through and him getting to fuck my wife. I could end up getting hurt if he got pissed. But it was worth the chance. Besides, the upside would be there would still be the possibility of sex for him if we both played things right.

I was excited as the weekend got closer and I detected some excitement in my wife as well as trepidation as the date approached. I made the room reservation with two king sized beds in it, figuring they’d stain one bed and later Diane and I could use the second bed. I e-mailed him the hotel info and the time and date I would meet him in the bar.

The day of the meet I asked my wife is she was ready for the photo shoot and she nodded with a little smile.

“Remember,” she said, “just some touching and a few sexy pictures, you pervert.”

I agreed.

“You’re gonna owe me for this anniversary gift but it might end up being a little fun,” she added.

We drove to the city with my wife looking hot as hell and acting a little giddy. We checked in and at 6 pm I left my wife getting dressed in the room as I headed to meet Marcus.

I walked into the bar and he was standing there waiting in black dress pants and a cream-colored shirt. The sleeves of his shirt were taut against his muscular arms. I shook his huge hand and we got a booth in the back where it was darker and less open to prying eyes. I was nervous and I guess it showed because he said “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. I’ll treat your wife right.”

Wow! Another twitch.

Then I told him there was a problem but that I had a plan and if he would listen to it this could work out as planned. He leveled an unbelieving look at me. “Let’s hear it.”

“First, my wife would never go for this outright. She’s very conservative and I’ve pushed her for years trying to get her to try interracial sex and she shut me down every time.”


“So, I told her my plan was just to take some sexy pics of you two together and maybe a couple of her just holding your cock. I don’t know how big it is but my thought was if we could get her that far, I thought she might just give in to the lust and closeness of the situation and go all the way. What do you think?”

“Has she ever seen a big black cock before?”

“Not that I know of other than maybe in a picture. Why?” I asked.

He smiled.

“That’s a good plan. And I can almost guarantee that if we can get it in her hand, it will be all over but the cleanup.”

“You sure?”

“As sure as I can be.”

“So, you’re not going to punch me for misleading you?”

“No,” he said punching his fist into his palm, “Just kidding. No, this should be fun. You’ll get to watch me work. And I’d bet you right now that I’ll be inside your wife tonight.”

“Wow, that’s awesome. I can’t wait. But we have some things to get out of the way first.”

“Oh yeah, here,” he said producing a piece of paper from his pocket.

It was blood test results and doctor’s checkup on him dated three days earlier. It was clear on all counts.

“Great! Another thing, if you do end up having sex with her, I want you to wear a condom even though your blood tests are clear. It’s an outside chance but still possible she could get pregnant. And I’ve brought some different sizes with me for just that occasion.”

“I understand, no problem. And,” he added, “I haven’t had sex since so I’m still good. In fact, it’s been 4 days so my first load should be a gusher,” which was oddly exciting thinking of my pretty wife receiving that ‘gusher’ load.

“That’s exciting.”

He felt it wouldn’t be a problem. I was awed by this guy’s confidence.

“The last thing” I said, “is that she wants to see a picture of your cock before she makes the final decision to come down here and meet you.”

He said “Where? Here?” he said starting to unbuckle his pants.

“No!” I said, “I was thinking in the bathroom over there.”

He got up and said “I’ll meet you in there in a few minutes” and walked off.

I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about the prospect of him seducing my wife and him cumming in a gusher. Images flitted through my head.

After a few minutes I went into the men’s bathroom and locked the door behind me.


A few seconds later he came out of a stall holding the biggest piece of black cock meat I’d ever seen.

“Holy shit!” I let slip out.

He smiled and said “Think she’ll like it?”

“I can’t see how she wouldn’t,” I said chuckling. I aimed my phone’s camera at his cock.

“We’ll just see what she thinks of it. Is there something to give its size some context for comparison?”

At that, he grabbed my free hand and slapped his meat into my palm.

“How’s that for context?”

I stared in awe at what looked and felt like a six-pound hunk of hardening black cock meat. Reflexively, I squeezed it and couldn’t believe its size and heft.

“Are you going to take a picture,” he said, “or jack me off?”

I felt embarrassed and quickly took a shot of its massive girth/length lying in my hand. I dropped it and he zipped up.

“I’m going back to the table and text her this pic.”

“I’ll be right out,” he said.

At the table I texted her the pic. It took a minute but she texted my back.

Is that your hand?


Holy shit, I’ll be right down. (with a big smiley face attached.)

I told him it seemed like she liked it and was on her way down from the room.

I wanted to fill him in on some of her likes and dislikes to hopefully increase his odds of scoring with her. He listened intently.

“Just to help out, if you guys do get to that point, she likes it from behind while being held in the upright position and kissing her lips from behind, something I can’t accomplish.

“Why’s that?”

“My size.” He understood.

“Also, if possible, I’d like to see you cum on her body or best case, on her face, but she’s never let me do that, so it may be out.” He felt it wouldn’t be a problem. This guy had confidence and a huge cock to help.

As we waited for Diane, he said he had a requirement of his own.

“If your wife and I end up getting naked and getting it on, I want you to take your clothes off as well. I think it would be awkward for all of us if you left yours on.”

I thought about that.

“Okay,” I said, “but I’ve got a pretty small dick and I don’t want any humiliating jokes at my expense.”

“Fair enough,” he said, “Anyway, I don’t do that.”

Okay, settled.

Minutes later, Diane showed up at the door to the bar wearing a short, flimsy sundress and black heels. She had on just enough makeup and jewelry (including her wedding ring) and she looked hot! I waived her over and I stood up as she approached the table, as did Marcus. He towered over her.

“Babe, this is Marcus. Marcus, this is my wife, Diane.”

He took her hand, dwarfed in his own, and kissed it like something out of a romance novel. She blushed and smiled. He was playing it perfectly. I indicated for her to slide into the booth on my side but Marcus gently grabbed her arm and guided her to his side. He slid in beside her with his arm around her shoulders. She looked like a little girl seated next to him. She seemed amazed at the size of his arms and touched the rippling muscles of the arm that was around her.

“You are a beautiful woman, Diane. I’m surprised your husband would let you near a man like me.”

“Thank you. I’m surprised as well but it’s our 30th wedding anniversary and this is his gift from me.” She paused. “He did tell you it was just some sexy pictures of us and maybe a few clothes off?”

“Yes, he filled me in on everything except how beautiful you are. He should get some fantastic pictures and we’ll only do what you’re comfortable with. Say stop at any time. You’re in control here.”

God, he was smooth.

“He could take some now as a warm-up, if you’d like?”

“Okay,” she said perking up.

He pulled her in close and I snapped the pic of him hugging her shoulders. Then he kissed her hand again and held the pose.


After he kissed her hand, he placed her hand in his lap and she looked down in surprise at the bulge under her hand inside his pants. I clicked a pic of her looking surprised at his crotch although his lap was below table level. He kissed her cheek and she blushed deeply but never moved her hand from his cock.

“Did you like the picture your husband sent you?”

She smiled sheepishly.

“Yes, well, yeah but…is that thing real?” she said looking into his eyes.

“Check for yourself,” he said like it was the commonest thing.

She looked shocked and scanned around the darkened bar.

“You mean here?! I couldn’t!”

“We’re in a dark corner at the back of a basically empty bar,” he said reassuringly. “No one’s around.”

She still had her hand in his lap, resting on his throbbing cock.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. Hubby there can keep watch and warn us if there’s a problem.”

She looked at me sheepishly and asked “Should I?”

“Why not?” I said, “It will make a great picture.

“Why not!” she said to me, an evil little grin crossed her face.

I snapped several pics while she fumbled nervously with his zipper and struggled to wrestle his giant hunk of black cock free from his pants.

When it sprung free, she gasped as it stood 8 inches above the table top, leaving the bottom 2-4 inches unseen from my side of the table. Immediately she grabbed the bulging monster cock, me happily snapping away. While holding his big, black cock with her lily-white hand, I could see her wedding ring pressed against the black skin of his big cock. I snapped pics non-stop.

She was now giddily smiling at me and the camera like she was a little girl opening a Christmas present early.

“My God,’ she said looking into his eyes, “This thing is HUGE! I didn’t know cocks this big existed.”

With his arm already behind her, he gently grabbed her neck, turned her head to face him and planted an open-mouthed kiss on her that took her breath away. I could see their tongues playing about inside their mouths and Diane lost control. She was kissing him back like I’ve never experienced from her. Her hand was slowly jacking up and down his turgid cock. I was momentarily lost at the sight and my cock hardened. I finally remembered my phone and started taking a video of the action, which was hot as hell. That would be food for masturbation sessions for years to come.

He broke off the kiss and my wife remained there, mouth open, tongue slightly out and she continued to slowly massaged his cock in her wedding-ringed hand. She finally closed her mouth and he tucked his cock back in his pants. She looked disappointed.

“Maybe we should head upstairs,” he said.

“Uh-huh,” was all my wife could manage.

This was going better than I ever expected. She already had his big cock in her hand and she was kissing him. Marcus gave me a wink and mouthed “Sure thing.”

As they walked off arms around each other’s’ waist, I intercepted the approaching waiter and handed him a twenty.

“We’re good, thanks!” I told him as I hurried off after Marcus and my wife. I jumped through the elevator doors just as they were closing. Marcus was pulling playfully at the bottom of Diane’s frilly sundress and she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the crotch of his pants.

Upstairs, I opened the door for them and Marcus swept Diane off her feet and carried her into the room like it was their honeymoon. She giggled at the gesture and hugged his neck.

He sat her on the edge of one of the beds and asked “Should we get undressed so we can start taking pictures?” She nodded quickly at him and instantly unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there in just her black heels and the red mesh micro panties I bought her on-line, her waxed pussy showing through the mesh. She looked fucking hot!

Marcus was a little surprised but lost no time doffing his shirt, pants and shoes, no underwear underneath.

As my wife sat back down on the edge of the bed, I said “How about another shot of you holding Marcus’s cock?” She nodded, smiling, as Marcus stepped in front of her, his black cock bobbing ominously in front of her face. As she reached out to grab it, I started taking pictures.

“Remember, babe,” I told her, “you can stop anytime you want. Okay?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she said staring at the monster black cock in front of her face.

I about dropped my phone when she kissed the plum-sized head of his cock and held the pose there as I snapped some pics. Her pretty red lips pressed up against his giant black manhood was almost too much to bear. I felt a surge in my cock and fought to keep from cumming in my pants.

Click, click, click as fast as I could. Marcus smiled at me and nodded his head.

Wow, that was so easy for him it was like she was drugged.

He said “Clothes?” pointing at me.

I put the phone down for a second and stripped. He saw my little white dick sticking out but went back to watching my wife nuzzling his cock. She didn’t even notice me. She rubbed the full length of it across her face as she smiled up at him. His cock had swelled to an enormous size. Diane was struggling to get her lips around it but she was determined. I almost came again when she sucked his black cock meat into her mouth and started slobbering on it.

“Told you,” Marcus said to me. My wife didn’t even hear him or didn’t care now that she was happily sucking away on him.

When I started pictures again, I switched to video and watched my wife’s lips stretched over his cock meat. As she sucked his giant black cock, I stroked my own inadequate dick as I watched. Marcus looked at me and winked.

As hard as she was trying to stuff his cock into her mouth, Diane could only manage to get about a third of it in. The sight of her gobbling away at his monster black cock was amazing to watch and she was definitely loving it, groaning as she sucked him.

“Why don’t you lay on the floor and get your wife’s pussy ready for me?” It technically was a question but it was stated like an order. I grabbed a pillow for the floor, lay down and put my head close to the bottom of the bed. Marcus stopped my wife sucking him, turned her around and instructed her to kneel on the pillow straddling my head. She did as she was told and I pulled her soaked panties off her before she knelt. As she did, she sucked his cock back into her mouth. It was quite a show from underneath watching his monster black cock disappearing into my wife’s mouth as her tits swung back and forth on each side. I still snapped away as my wife lowered her pussy onto my face. As she settled in, I plunged my tongue into her. I was rewarded with a gush of her juices and I realized she was ready as she’d ever be.

“God! She’s ready,” I said to Marcus. My mouth was still full of her pussy.


I pulled her pussy up some off my face and said “She’s soaking wet,” I managed to tell him.

He sat on the bed and lifted my wife up under her arms and sat her on his lap, she straddling and facing him. From my prone position I could see his huge, stiff cock pressing horizontally against Diane’s pussy and ass crack. I was still snapping pics as I stood up.

My wife was locked in a deep soul kiss with Marcus and she was rubbing her wet pussy back and forth across his eager cock.

“I think she’s ready, aren’t you honey?” he asked. She nodded vigorously.

“You’ll need a condom on then,” I reminded him. He gave me a quizzical look.

“Well, put one on me then!”

I was stunned but he was serious and it was NOT a request. I pulled one of the Magnum condoms out and tore it open. As I approached him, my wife looked back at me, lifted her pussy up off of him and said “Please hurry, dear.”

I hesitantly grabbed his juice-covered cock and slid the huge condom down tightly over it. I stood up.

“Well?” he said looking at me.

With that, I grabbed his sheathed cock again and slid it into my wife’s waiting pussy. She slammed her pussy down on his cock and grunted. She got almost eight inches in and started working her pussy up and down on it. I couldn’t believe how easily that big thing slid in although she still had 4 inches left to work in. But she was gushing juices and seemed to take him without pain, yelling “Yes!” with each thrust. She bounced away on his lap and I resumed taking videos of the hot action.

My dick was straining to be stroked but I was busy.

Diane was screaming “Oh yes!” over and over each time she slammed her pussy down. I got as many picture and video angles as I could before Marcus stood up, got behind her and entered her from behind with one arm around her waist and the other holding chin so he could kiss her while he was fucking her from behind.

Her favorite, most erotic position. I knew she loved that position and didn’t get to do it because of the size of my dick. But Marcus had no problem with cock left to spare. He thrust his cock inside her as he thrust his tongue into her mouth and I could tell she was in heaven. She groaned non-stop and her body started shaking uncontrollably.

“God babe,” I said, “You’re the perfect black cock slut.” At that, she screamed as she came hard.

At one point she groaned “Oh God, I love you!”

I ached in my chest when she said that. I was still rock hard and flogging away at my dick. I couldn’t blame her. He was a magnificent lover with a huge cock and he was giving it all to her.

I switched to video and recorded a jewel as I whacked away at myself. I was getting close so I stopped and concentrated on pics & vids. It was so erotic watching the two of them go at it: watching as he pounded away at her pussy and me knowing she was loving every minute of it and cumming non-stop.

After a long time pounding her from behind, Marcus pulled out and flipped Diane on her back on the bed. I could tell she was still cumming, lying there with her pussy gaping open as he climbed between her legs to enter her again. She squealed and came hard as he lunged in, burying his cock to the hilt. He laid across her white nakedness with his whole dark body, pinning her to the bed and pounding her deeper into the mattress with each thrust. He thrusted harder and each one caused my wife to grunt “Uh, uh, uh.”

“Baby, do you love his big, black cock?” I asked. The answer was obvious.

“God yes!”

“Then tell him.”

“I love your big, black cock. I love how you fuck me. I love you.”

There, she said it again. It was hot to watch and hear but it still hurt.

He kept fucking her and started whispering in her ear as he pounded. I kept clicking photos or taking videos but I couldn’t hear what he was saying to her, only her responses were audible. As he whispered, she replied:

Yes, God yes.

I will.

Oh yes.

I love it.

I love your big, black cock.

I love you.

I’m your black cock slut.

I’ll tell him it’s your pussy now.

Yes, cum inside me.

Cum inside my pussy.

Yes, deep inside me. Make me yours.

I will, I’ll tell him.

This was hot as hell but some of those responses started worrying me. She loves him? Again? Well okay, she was caught up in the moment. I will, I’ll tell him? Tell me what? Marcus started grunted as he thrust away and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I hoped the condom could contain it all because he predicted a gusher. He looked into my wife’s eyes as he fucked her.

“Tell him,” he commanded.

She looked worried, her milky white body still buried beneath his glistening, muscled black body, his giant cock buried deep inside her. She turned to look at me standing there naked, a spectator.

“I want him to cum inside my pussy, baby,” she said breathing heavily. She was scared of her own lust but excited as hell.

“What?” I was stunned. My wife who would never touch a black man wanted Marcus to cum inside her.

“We talked about this. Always use a condom so you don’t get pregnant or something else.”

She closed her eyes as Marcus continued thrusting into her.

“I know. But it’s what he wants. It's what I want too. I want it bad. And…he wants you to take the condom off of him.”

I stared unbelieving at her as he continued pounding away at her pretty married pussy. My wife’s pussy. She said she loves him and now she wants me to take the condom off his big cock so he can cum inside her.

What do I do?

He pulled out of her briefly, and his massive cock hung like a horse. I did as requested. I took the sloppy condom off his engorged black cock.

Then he said “Put it back in.”

Another order. I obeyed and it slid right in, a perfect fit now that he had stretched her out. She wrapped her arms around him and he began thrusting his big bare cock into my wife, her legs high in the air and shaking uncontrollably.

“Say it!” he told her.

“My pussy is yours!”

“Say it!”

“God, I want your cock!”

“Say it!”

“Cum inside me, you black God!”


“Cum inside me! Cum inside me! Cum inside me!” she chanted uncontrolled as he picked up the pace, slamming the full length of his naked black cock meat into my wife.

She kept chanting that phrase until he lunged inside her, grunting and filling her abused pussy with his black seed. Her legs shook and she yelled “Yesssss!” as he continued to thrust into her, slowing and finally laying atop her with his full length inside her, draining all his cum into her.

When she finally stopped shaking, he got off her, holding his big cock, climbed up her body and released the remains of his gusher onto her face. She would never let me do that. He stuck his swollen black cock into her mouth and she greedily lapped up his juices and swallowed whatever wasn’t splashed across her face. He slowly stroked his cock as she sucked on the head. When he stopped cumming, she dutifully cleaned it off until he was satisfied. I took several pics of her cum-stained face and the cum flowing out of her gaping pussy. I realized I was beating my dick although I had already cum on the floor the same time he was cumming inside my wife.

As he got up and headed for the bathroom, my knees buckled from cumming so hard and I sat on the bed. Moments later it sounded like a horse was pissing a huge stream into a bucket.

My wife lay spent, thoroughly fucked by a big-cocked black master. She had a little smile and she sporadically shivered in orgasm aftershocks.

“I’ll get you a washcloth, honey.”

I walked to the sink as Marcus exited the bathroom. His black body glistened in the dim room-light and his cock swung heavily before him like a pendulum.

“I told you I’d treat her right. Now she’s a slut for big black cock, just like you wanted. Isn’t that right slut?” he said to her. He wasn’t bragging, just stating fact.

“I’m your slut for big black cock, baby.”

“That was hot,” I told him.

“Well, I’m not done with her,” he said smiling at me. “She begged me to stay the whole weekend and fuck her hard.”

“She did?”

“Yeah, she’s got a bad case of jungle fever now. Clean her up and then we’ll be in the freshly made-up bed.

I went back to her with a hot, wet washcloth and wiped the cum off her face. She was still laying sprawled across the bed, his cum running out of her pussy. He was right, his first load was a gusher and she loved it all. It soaked the bed, her pussy and face.

“He wants you in the clean bed with him after I’m done cleaning you up. I guess I’ll sleep in the chair.”

Diane got up slowly and cum ran down her leg. I wiped that up too and she crawled into bed with her black lover, as he instructed. He engulfed her with his hard-looking arms, looking like he was protecting ‘his’ woman. I could tell she was eating it up. She loved the attention from him.

I heard Marcus say to me “You can sleep on that bed.”

So, I did as the Alpha male ordered. I found a semi-dry spot to curl up in.

During the night, I woke up twice to the sound of him pounding Diane’s pussy and the second time fucking her oiled ass, all the while she professed her love for him and his huge black cock. It was disturbing listening to my wife but I couldn’t stop watching, taking pics and beating my raw dick.

He was amazing to watch: a glistening black Adonis with a massive cock.

The next two days was more of the same but I also ordered meals and drinks and served them in-between sexual bouts. They fucked together, ate together, showered together and lay cuddling until her pussy recovered enough for another pounding. Diane was his woman the whole time and he rewarded her with orgasms from his giant cock all weekend long.

She was exhausted but she never stopped smiling and worshipping him and his cock.

Sunday was actually our anniversary but she spent the day underneath him with his meaty cock filling her stretched pussy.

In the end, as he was leaving, my wife clung to his muscled arm, naked and pleading for him not to leave. She even begged him to come live with us. But he refused.

She stood in the doorway, naked, and watched as he walked away. She was oblivious to other people in the hallway watching.

I was naked on the bed when she plopped down next to me. I was playing with my dick and started playing with her breasts.

“I know it’s been a wild weekend but do you want to mess around?”

She pushed my hand away from her.

“No, he was serious about me not having sex with anyone else. I’m hoping we can meet him here next weekend. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

“Babe, you said you loved him. You asked him to come live with us.”

“I know. I didn’t mean it.”

“You sure sounded like you meant it.”

She pondered that for a while.

“Okay, yeah, I kinda did mean it. But Jesus, babe, he was fucking my soul. Wasn’t he amazing?! Have you ever seen a cock that big? His cock was monstrous and made me cum almost non-stop. I’ve never cum like that before. Oh my God, did you see the size of his cock? It’s the size of your wrist!”

I paused.

“Yeah, I saw it. If you’ll remember, I held it. And yeah, it is amazing. And you looked amazing underneath him with that big, black cock inside you.”

Diane smiled and laughed.

“It felt amazing! And this ‘was’ all your idea.

I didn’t laugh. She was right.

“And your little dick was hard the whole time.”

“My little dick? Thanks.”

“Well, comparatively,” she said.

“I know.”

After a minute I said “Have I lost you?”

After a while she said “No. I still love you but…”


“He said my pussy belongs to him now. And I have to admit I love his cock and want more of it, a LOT more of it. And if I don’t follow his rules, I could lose him.” She paused. “And this was all your idea.”

I couldn’t speak.

Then she said “I’m sorry I said I love him and I’m sorry I hurt you. But in the heat of the moment, I meant it. All I wanted was for him to cum inside me. It shocked the hell out of me too but God, I wanted it with all my body and soul. I still do.”

“So, what can we do about that? Can we work it out knowing I still love you but can’t live without his cock? Please?

I caved in.

Now she sees him whenever he’s available, usually once a week. Sometimes with me watching. Sometimes she goes on her own and stays for days, me sitting at home worrying if she’ll ever return.

I still love her and I remember…I asked for this.
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