This is a FANTASY and not reality

My wife complained that we hadn’t been away for a break for a long time, and maybe, she suggested, that I should book a surprise weekend away. I decided that even though it was nearly the weekend, I would find somewhere in one of her favourite cities. While searching for hotels on the internet I realised that I had probably left it too late as all the regular hotels we would stay at were fully booked. I became very frustrated as all the searches led to either very bad accommodation or no vacancies. Finally, I found a place with a vacancy and not wanting to lose the room I booked it quickly. I should have read the website more thoroughly, but instead I just printed out details of the booking, and directions to get there.

I told my wife to take the Friday off from work as I had a surprise and when the Friday came we packed early and left. We couldn’t check in until 3pm so we stopped on the way for lunch and at just past 3 we had found the hotel and I was parking in the car in their small car park. From the outside it looked wonderful and was as described on the website – a bijou small hotel.

We checked in and the lady on reception told us that the full details of the hotel could be found in the hotel room and she hoped we enjoyed our visit. We entered the room and my wife gasped. The bed was massive but it wasn’t that that made her gasp. She pointed and said ‘what is that’. I looked at the wall he was pointing at and several things caught my attention. The first was a glass panel where a connecting door to the next room would have been. Behind the glass was a blind and next to it was a large red button with a label that said ‘to remove the privacy screen push here’. Further along the wall was a large flap on the wall (probably 30cm square) being held up by two bolts.

My wife looked at me and asked what kind of hotel was this and I had to answer that I didn’t know. I told her how busy the city was and there were no hotel rooms free and after a lot of searching I had found this room but to be honest hadn’t read much about the hotel. My wife went over to a chair and sat down. On the table next to it was a folder which she picked up and opened. My wife had had a very vanilla sex life and had only fucked 5 guys before meeting me so what we were about to learn was a real eye opener. I pulled another chair up next to her so I could also see the folder’s content, but I told my wife to read out the content.

‘Welcome to one of a very few Lifestyle friendly hotels in the UK. You can experience all levels of fun here from the open playrooms in the basement to whatever activities you can find to do in your bedroom.


In your bedroom is a large bed to cater for the number of people you want to invite to play or just for the two of you to try new things together. You will find ties already fixed to each bed leg if you want to try out bondage.

Each couples room is situated so that on one side is a single room for a guy, and a couple’s room on the other side. We try to make sure the rooms are full for your pleasure. Each wall has a glass panel. This consists of two sheets of glass with a blind in between. If both rooms push the red button then the privacy mode is lifted and the two rooms can see into each other.

If you want limited physical contact with the neighbouring room then just open the wooden flat to reveal a gloryhole. Of course you could always invite your neighbours over to join you on your bed as well.

As a memento of your stay you can film everything that happens in your bedroom. The cameras are always filming and you can take the memory stick from the recording device (hidden in the bed side cabinet) when you go --- this is the only recording that exists as we keep nothing on site.


In our basement are some small and large playrooms. These are open to all hotel guests but the public also have access between 4pm and midnight. Some of the rooms are themed but most are just comfortable places to watch and join in. To enter these playrooms you can use the rear staircase and can leave your room in as much or little clothing (even naked) as you like to go to the playrooms.

We don’t want you to feel under pressure so please play within your comfort levels.

My wife asked me if I really didn’t know what kind of hotel it was and I said I didn’t and we could easily just pack and go home if she was uncomfortable. She took a few seconds and then said that we could just use it like a hotel and we didn’t need to do anything else there. We unpacked and went out for dinner and a restaurant we had been to before and that I had booked a table at. During the meal we shared a bottle of wine, and as we walked back to the hotel I suggested we buy some more wine for the hotel room. We went into the office licence and got a bottle of wine, and my wife suggested we got several cans of mixed drinks so I bought several rums and cokes and several gin and tonics.

We were back in the hotel room for about 10pm. My wife then said that she wondered what kind of people stayed at a hotel like this. I jokingly said ‘just like us, as we are staying here’. She said ‘no, I meant are they married people who play, and if so how do they get started into swinging?. I looked at her and asked if she wanted to get into swinging ‘Good god no, I was just wondering’. We sat and drank the bottle of wine and then had some of the mixed drinks. It was soon nearing 11.30 and my wife suggested we went to bed. I asked her if she wanted to play a ‘dare’ game. She asked ‘like what’.

I said ‘well, we are in this room, no one knows us here and this is a good chance to try and push boundaries, therefore if we play dare games based on the toss of a coin we can let fate decide on what we do’. My wife said she wasn’t sure and I replied that there was nothing to lose as what we did in the room, stayed in the room.

My wife said she needed to go to the toilet. When she returned she said ‘Ok, I am game but nothing too outlandish’. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. I got a coin and said how far would she let fate lead us, but she would put on the mask that she had found in the room. She said let us do every question we were thinking of if we both agreed the question. I said Ok.

The first question was whether we should play --- Yes was heads, tails was no. It landed on heads.

Ok ….. so we were going to play. I said are we both up for opening the privacy screen between our room and the single guys room. My wife said yes so I said let’s start gently so the first one is what the guy would see if he is there and also had released the privacy screen. Heads fully clothed, tails some degree of undress. It landed Tails. ‘Ah I said, we can do another coin toss- heads fully naked, tales in just underwear’. It landed on tails and I was a little disappointed. My wife stripped down to her underwear which was very sexy and when ready I told her to stand in front of the glass and push the button. The guy must have already pushed his button as the screen between the two glass panes lifted. My wife stood there and as the screen reached the top we watched as a naked guy, stroking his cock walked towards the glass. He was looking my wife up and down. I told my wife to pose for him suggestively and she cupped her breasts and then ran her hands over her ass. I asked my wife if she was ready for another coin toss and she said yes.

Heads – Strip naked --- tails close the blind. It landed on heads and my wife looked at me. She asked if I minded if a stranger saw her naked and I told her it would be a great turn on. She slowly removed her bra and pants and stood naked in front of this stranger, who was stood looking back at her, stroking his hard on. The bed was in the centre of the room so that any ‘action’ taking place could be seen from both the ‘privacy’ panels. I suggested she sat on the bed and put on a show for the stranger. She said she couldn’t but I said she could, and all she needed to do was close her eyes while she fingered her pussy. She sat down on the bed and opened her legs. He could now see my wife’s pussy lips. She laid back and pulled her feet onto the bed, but opened her legs wider giving him a better view. She fingered her pussy and I stripped off so I could wank as I watched. Whatever reservations she had they were soon lost and she brought herself to orgasm. I pointed out to her that her new fan still hadn’t cum so it was time for another coin toss. Heads she would get up close to the glass and pull her pussy lips as far apart as possible to give him a good view, or tails she would open the panel in the wall and if his side was open she would have to stroke his cock through the gloryhole. I threw the coin and it landed on heads. There was a sigh of relief and she went over to the glass, bent forward pushing her ass against the glass and showed him her open pussy. It only took him a few seconds before he shot his load against the glass on his side.

My wife hit the red button and the privacy screen closed. I asked her why she was so quick to close the blind. She said that she now felt embarrassed. I asked why because we would never meet the guy and he just had a wonderful experience. He had clearly found her sexy but my wife was unsure. We cuddled on the bed and I started fingering her clit. I gently played with her bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then stopping. I then suggested another coin toss. Heads the privacy panel would stay closed, tails it would be opened (if the guy on the other side wanted it to be) and I would fuck her with the guy watching. The coin landed on tails and I jumped up and hit the button and the blind opened. The guy was still naked and he watched as I mounted my wife and fucked her. After I had pumped my seed into her I suggested she go and bend over in front of the glass panel so he could see my cum inside her. As she did so a big dollop fell from her pussy and landed on the floor.

My wife said he looked so lonely on the other side stroking himself and she said ‘let the toss of a coin judge if he gets any help’. She picked up the coin and said if it landed on heads then she would open the hatch to the glory hole …… and aptly if it was heads she would give him head. I think both of us were praying for heads when she tossed the coin and when my wife said it was heads there was a glint in her eye. She quickly removed the latches to find his cover already open. It was quite a big hole and his cock appeared through it. I watched as my wife knelt and started to lick this strangers knob. She took her time with the ridge and finger his shaft. His cock then disappeared and his hand appeared. It reached through the hole and started squeezing my wife’s tits and playing with her nipples. She didn’t seem to mind this attention. After a few minutes I suggested she stood up. As she did his fingers quickly found her pussy and he inserted them into her recently fucked pussy. His clit play and finger fucking soon had my wife writhing in an orgasm.

When she had regained her composure she knelt down and his cock again appeared. She took it in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. I could tell when he started to pump his cum into my wife’s mouth and it surprised me when she allowed all his cum into her mouth. With me she pulled my cock out as soon as I started to shoot and took little in her mouth. This time she seemed to swallow it all. When she pulled away she came over to the bed and opened her mouth to show some remaining cum, and then kissed me passionately. As we laid on the bed she asked me if I had enjoyed watching her with another cock and I said yes. She eventually got up from the bed, closed the gloryhole hatch and hit the privacy button so the screen closed.

I awoke first in the morning and went for a pee. On the way back to bed I hit the privacy button and the screen opened. The guy was in bed, but he looked up and saw me. I signalled to him to be quiet. I went back to the bed and removed the duvet to ****** my naked sleeping wife. I started to caress her and gently wake her up. We started kissing and I was soon on top of her sinking my cock into her. She did know we had an audience and had no inhibitions and soon as she orgasmed I pumped my cum into her pussy. We cuddled for a while and then she said she needed a piss. As she walked to the bathroom she realised we had an audience and she turned to me and said ‘you bastard’ and slammed the bathroom door.

When she finished in the bathroom I went for another pee and I was expecting for the privacy screen to be closed on my return. Instead my wife had opened the gloryhole and was on her knees sucking the guys cock. She saw me and said ‘as you have had your fun I thought I would play you at your own game’. She then stopped sucking his cock and as the cock withdrew she said through the hole ‘please play with my tits’. His hand appeared and started playing with her nipples. Like the evening before she stood up and he finger fucked her. She told me to lie on the floor below the gloryhole so I could see what was happening as he brought her to an orgasm.

He replaced his hand with his cock through the hole and I was waiting for my wife to kneel and suck him again so I started to move. My wife looked at me and asked me where I was going. She wanted me to remain where I was. She moved backwards and took his cock in her hand and started to rub his knob on her pussy. Then she pushed back and her pussy swallowed his cock. He started to thrust and soon he was cumming inside my wife. When my wife pulled forward some of his cum dropped onto my head and she moved away.

She told me to lie on the bed and then she mounted my cock, her pussy still containing some of the stranger’s cum. I saw the stranger was now standing at the glass privacy screen watching my wife riding me. I didn’t last long and soon pumped my cum into her moist pussy.

As we laid there cuddling, still being watched by the guy in the neighbouring room, I asked my wife what had gotten into her. She replied ‘what do you mean, apart from that lovely stranger’s cock that had filled my pussy? Well I dreamt last night that I had fucked the guy yesterday through the hole rather than just sucked him and when I woke up this morning I was all wet and you were so ready to fuck me it was great. However afterwards I saw you had opened the privacy screen without asking me and we had an audience I didn’t know about. I was angry that you had done this without asking me, even though I would have agreed if you had asked. Well, when you went to bathroom I decided I wanted to fuck another guy. You have been asking me for ages if I wanted to fuck other men so I knew you wouldn’t really mind, and it felt so good.’ I told her that I had enjoyed it and hoped this was the start of more fun encounters with stranger’s cocks.

The rest of the day was odd. We did our usual visits to sites and shops in the town and had a wonderful lunch before returning to our hotel room late afternoon. At no time did we mention anything about the night before or her fucking another guy that morning. Surprisingly, as soon as my wife entered the room she hit the privacy button on the single room wall. It did not open, so she hit the button on the couple’s side. It did not open either suggesting either that the people in the room wanted privacy or that there was no one in the rooms. My wife appeared disappointed but went about getting ready to go out again for dinner.

I had booked a table for dinner and we went and walked there as it was nearby. On the way there my wife whispered to me ‘thought you might like to know I have that present you bought me a few Christmas’s ago, the red crotchless, breast peep hole teddy’ I hadn’t noticed until then how prominent her nipples were and I took her hand and led her to a dark doorway. I kissed her and managed to get my hand up her dress so my fingers could feel her bare pussy. She shivered but then pushed me away and said that I had better behave myself.

Throughout dinner my wife made suggestive comments and we didn’t waste any time getting back to the hotel room. We hadn’t reset the privacy screens but on our return to the room they were still both closed. My wife was very disappointed but still decided to strip down to her teddy. She went and knelt in front of the gloryhole and opened it. She looked through, and then at me saying that there was a man next door getting changed. I told her to stick a finger through the hole to get his attention and it worked. Soon a cock appeared and she sucked it to life. I noticed the privacy screen was still not open, but my wife was enjoying this cock. I wasn’t sure if it as the guy who fucked her this morning or a new cock. My wife then stood up and started to rub his cock against her ass cheeks and then her pussy lips. I thought I was going to get another show of her fucking another guy, but instead she pulled away. She looked at the privacy screen, and then looked at me and winked. Without saying anything she picked up the mask, put it on and she left our room and closed the door behind her, dressed in her teddy with her tits and pussy on full view. About a minute later the privacy screen opened and I saw my wife standing in front of it. She turned and faced the guy and I watched as they kissed. She then turned to face me with the guy still behind her and I watched as he fingered her pussy and played with her large tits.

My wife then pointed towards the gloryhole and gave me a graphic sign language that if I pushed my cock through the hole she would suck me. This unfortunately meant I couldn’t see her but thought the idea of getting my cock sucked sounded good. As soon as my cock disappeared through the hole it was enveloped in my wife’s mouth. Her tongue worked around my knob and it was the best blow job I had had in ages. One of the things that was exciting was that I couldn’t see what the guy was doing with my wife, but from the movement in her body that I could sense, he was clearly doing something. I couldn’t last long and my wife swallowed my cum as I emptied my balls into her mouth.

I withdrew my cock when I was totally drained and moved to the privacy screen to see what my wife was up to. She was bent over, hands resting on the wall above the gloryhole whilst the guy was stood behind her and had his cock buried n my wife’s pussy ----- she must have had him inside her while sucking my cock. I went back to the gloryhole and put my hand through ----- I could now squeeze her tits as they swayed with his thrusts.

Then her tits were gone as she moved away. I went back to the glass pane and watched her being led to the bed. I watched her lie on the bed and then he got into the 69 position above and start to lick her clit as she sucked him. She soon had an orgasm.

I watched as he then mounted my wife and fucked her, sliding his cock into her slowly and deeply. I could just make out her groans and moans. Every so often he looked over his shoulder at me to make sure I was watching and this was accompanied by several fast and very deep thrusts, to show me how deep he was inside my wife. He then got off my wife and laid on the bed and I watched my wife mount him. From where I was I could see his cock sliding in and out of her. He had real staying power, way more than I ever had and my wife was getting a really long fuck.

My wife was really enjoying the attention her pussy was getting. Even with the walls and glass in between I heard her scream at him ‘come on, fill my cunt with your cum’. She sped up her actions and then there were several hard and deep pushes as his balls emptied into my wife. She stayed on top of him for a while, kissing him, and then rose up. I could see his cum dribble from my wife’s pussy. She stood up and came over to the privacy panel, turned round and bent over. She held her pussy lips open and I could see his cum in her pussy.

As she left she asked him something and then he gave her a business card, and she got a pen and wrote him a message. When she got back into our room I asked her why she had exchanged details and she told me not to worry as she had remembered the rooms all had cameras and the guest could take the recordings when they left and she had asked him to send her the recordings of their fuck.

We went to bed, and as I tried to play with her, she told me that I wasn’t going to fuck her tonight as she liked the idea of some other guys cum being inside her as she slept. We fell asleep. About 2 in the morning we were both woken by a light coming into our room. My wife said that the privacy screen had been opened on the other side, where there was a couple’s room. We got up and went over to see what was going on. There was a mature lady, in her 50s, and 6 guys. One of the guys was also in his 50s or even 60s and his cock was caged and he was sat on a chair in the corner. I guessed he was the cuckolded husband of the woman in the room. The other 5 guys were of mixed ages. From the time I guessed they had probably been in the playrooms in the basement and now those were closed she had brought the fun to her room.

She was taking it in turns sucking the guys’ cocks and when she saw us watching she signalled for us to go over and join her. My wife looked at me and said ‘If you think I am going to let you fuck another woman, then think again. But I am going over as I want to be gang banged as well’. She put on her mask and left our room completely naked. One of the guys moved from the bed and opened the door and in walked my wife. I watched as the two women were now the play things for these 5 men, as the other guy watched on. My wife was sucking, stroking and fucking any cock she could get hold off. A few days ago my wife had never fucked another guy during our marriage, and didn’t want to, but through a twist of fate and a wrong hotel booking I was watching my wife turn into a real slut…… her inner monster had been freed. After the third guy had shot his load into my wife, and I was stood stroking my hard cock my wife signalled me to go over to the glory hole. I opened my side to see my wife knelt down looking through it. She told me to place my face at the hole and she kissed me and then said ‘thank you for allowing me to explore this part of me’. She stood up and pushed her ass against the hole. I could smell and see her cum filled pussy and I pushed my hand through to finger fuck her. She pulled away quickly and then bent facing the hole. She told me that her pussy wasn’t for me tonight but told me to shove my cock through the hole. Lips were wrapped around my cock and my wife expertly brought me off in her mouth. She then said that it was time for me to go bed and I wasn’t to watch anymore. She closed the gloryhole hatch and then stood in front of the privacy panel and waved goodbye as it closed.

I went to bed imagining what was happening next door but the exertions of the day finally caught up with me and I fell asleep. Next morning I awoke to find my wife next to me in bed and when I pulled the sheet back I found her naked and coated in cum. She stirred as I cuddled her but she then said that she was very tired, and her pussy was very sore after last night’s escapades and she just needed more sleep. I went out and got some breakfast and when I returned she was still in bed. As we needed to check out by 11am I started to pack our bags and she stirred again, and sat up in bed. I asked her what had happened last night and she said she would tell me all in the car journey home, but she had enjoyed herself even though she had gone too far. I said I was intrigued and she pulled back the sheet and opened her leg. Even now several hours later her pussy was red and her lips a bit puffy. Her pubic hair was matted with cum and there was dried cum on her inner thighs. She told me to smell between her legs so I moved closer and there was a strong smell of stale cum. She then stood up and said she needed a shower. 30 minutes later she came out of the shower and quickly dressed.

I pulled out the memory stick from the socket to take home our video as a keepsake and my wife pointed to a nearby panel. She asked me if I had seen it and I said I hadn’t noticed it before. ‘Well, last night I learnt what it was. If you press the upper button it sends a message to all the single rooms that your room is interested in adding company to their play. If you press the lower button then you can type in a specific room number to invite just that room’. I asked how she knew and she said ‘I will tell you on the way home’

The car journey started off very quietly. Then she started to tell me. She apologised as she went a lot further than she had expected but the mood just took her and things just naturally flowed. It helped that I wasn’t there but that I was close by if needed. It was a buzz to being ‘naughty’ without me and the teasing that came with it, me knowing that she was with strangers but not knowing exactly what was happening. It started off with her playing with each of the 5 guys in the room, being watched by the cuckolded husband of the other lady. Every so often she called him over and told her to lick her pussy, preferably just after a guy had cum inside her, and then he made her clean up my wife as well. My wife said that he remained caged all night and the wife told her that he had arrived caged, and would return home caged and his cock got no action all weekend. She then said after the 5 guys were totally drained, all cumming in both of their pussies, they left and she sat chatting with the lady. She said her husband had encouraged her to fuck another guy as he watched and she enjoyed it so much she carried on, eventually turning it into full cuckolding. She fucked on average at least one new cock a week and had set up her own website about her cuckolding life. She had several hundred members and came to the hotel every few months to create bareback gangbang movies and some of the guys tonight were members of that site.

My wife said they sat chatting for 30 minutes or so and she was encouraging my wife to push her boundaries more and to turn me into a cuckold. My wife then looked at me and asked me that when I had talked with her a few times in the past did I have any idea of the numbers of guys I would be happy seeing her fuck at the same time. I said that to be honest it wasn’t about numbers but about her enjoying herself and it looked like the 5 guys was a reasonable number. She then paused and said ‘oh, wouldn’t you want to know I had been with more men’. I looked puzzled and she continued her account of what happened.

My wife told me that after chatting for 30 minutes the lady said to my wife that she needed more cock and if my wife wanted more she could stay …… but she had to invite the guys. My wife asked how and she was told about the button that signalled their room number in all the single rooms saying cock was welcome to join them. My wife pushed the button and it didn’t take long before the first knock on the door.

Within 5 minutes there were 9 naked guys in the room, all with hard ons wanting a mouth to suck their cock or a pussy to fill. My wife said over the next 90 minutes she and the other woman got fucked in every position and both had had each guy cum in their pussy at least once. Eventually the other lady called time and the guys left, soon followed by my wife. She said she walked down the corridor dripping cum from her pussy and entered our room to find me fast asleep. She said that as I wasn’t pacing around I must have been happy with her off fucking other guys. I said I was happy but it had shocked me a little that in under 4 hours she had had 14 strangers empty their balls into her.

She then said that she apologised that she didn’t let me watch, but she was becoming self-conscious and couldn’t relax knowing I was just watching. She said she also gambled on the possibility that the lady would send her the in-room filming files so I could watch it all later, and she had promised she would send it. I said that I would have preferred to have watched, and maybe even in the room but I understood that would have made her nervous. The conversation then seemed to end naturally and within a few minutes my wife was asleep as I drove the rest of the way home pondering what had happened at the weekend.

Over the next few days there was a strange silence about the previous weekend’s events and it seemed we just slipped back into the regular lifestyle. I had fucked my wife a few days after we got back but it was nothing to shout about and in fact her liberation the weekend before seemed forgotten. It was nearly 2 weeks before there was any change. I got home from work as normal and we ate dinner. Afterwards as I went to sit in the lounge my wife said she would be a few minutes. I noticed in the lounge that my wife’s laptop was connected to the TV. My wife entered the lounge dressed in a new short silk dressing gown. She went over to the TV and turned it on. I saw it was set up to play the lap top and there was a paused video.

She then sat next to me. She looked me in the eyes and said that she had been unsure how to bring up the subject of our weekend at the hotel. She said it had been a real eye-opener for her and she had come away feeling very sexy and desirable. She had enjoyed all the cocks she had played with and that had pumped seed deep inside her pussy, but then she said that her best bits though was when she could be herself and not be self-conscious with me watching (or as she thought, judging her). She didn’t want to hurt me and needed to know what she could do in the future. She then said ‘however, I know this is double standards, but I will not let you fuck other woman or want other woman touching your cock’. She pointed at the TV and said that she had now received the videos from the single guy’s room which he had edited to only include the period she played with him, and the woman had sent her all of the films taken during her stay which included a lot more fucking than just with my wife. She said that she had set the film up at the point she entered the room, but we could watch all the film another time.

She pressed play and the film began. She said that she wanted to know how I felt watching her on film as if she was allowed to fuck other guys she wanted times when I wasn’t there but she would film it to show me later. She told me to strip off and she stroked my cock as we watched. Over the next 4 hours we watched the whole session and her getting fucked by 14 guys (several cumming in her twice) and we fucked several times as we watched. When the film finished my wife then looked at me and said:

‘I have been looking online about cuckolding as I wanted to know what her husband was doing and why this was turning him on. It is a fascinating thing and I really got turned on reading about it and watching videos. I would really like to put your cock in a cage and then go out on my own, fuck another guy and then return home so you can clean my pussy up as I tell you all about what happened. I would then decide when to uncage you’. I looked dumbfounded but the idea did turn me on. I asked what she had in mind. She said that she had booked the same hotel in 8 weeks’ time. She wanted to try lots of new things and if I was to be really a cuckold then I would have no say. I told her to find a coin and give it a toss. If it landed on heads I was a cuckold at least for that weekend, but if it landed on tails then I would decide how her pussy got used. It landed on heads and now I am looking forward to a cuckolded weekend away.
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