This wife gets approached with a Coupon for a free massage and what ensues is her in the middle of a 3 on 1 scenario. If you enjoy it or don't let me know either by reaching out or leaving a comment.


Michaela bounced in the door of their modest house and greeted her husband Roger with excitement. “What has got you so happy today?” He asked her as she stood in front of him. As he looked at her, he thought back on their life together and still believed he had one of the most beautiful women he had ever known. At 42 years old she was still a knockout. She was shorter than himself and thin. She typically wore her hair short to where it barely reached her shoulders and seemed to constantly maintain a bright blonde color. He looked down her light frame and wondered how she could work at a bakery all day and not get any flour on her at all.

“A customer came in today and was very sad. I asked them what was wrong, and they told me how they had a free pass to a new spa here in town but that they couldn’t go, and they were very unhappy. Then they asked me if I would like to go and I told him that I couldn’t take it for free but that I would be happy to trade him for a slice of pie. He said that was fair and gave me his coupon. Isn’t that great?” Michaela told him as she waved the coupon in front of his face.

He grabbed the coupon and looked at it skeptically. A man gave her this coupon. That doesn’t sound like a good thing. He looked at the coupon and to him it looked real. He still had an itch in the back of his brain that told him this wasn’t real and something else was happening here. “I’m going to get changed and head over there. After the week I’ve had I could use some relaxation and a nice massage.” She said as she left the room. Roger took the coupon to a computer and looked up the name of the spa. Right away it appeared on his computer and the website was setup beautifully.

The front page showed the name of the spa and below that there were pictures of the location and the staff. There were also pictures of the different procedure rooms and this seemed to satisfy his feelings. Before he was completely satisfied, he went back and looked for reviews on the Spa. He quickly found reviews and noticed that they were all 5-star reviews from over 200 previous customers. They had descriptions like ‘Jean has magic hands, after leaving my massage I feel like I could take on anything.’ Another read ‘It seemed like there were hands massaging me everywhere. I will be going back for more.’ After reading these he closed his computer and walked to their bedroom. When he arrived, he saw her pulling a white dress with three-quarter length sleeves over her head. He stood in the doorway and noticed her blue lace boy short panties and that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Not wearing a bra?” He asked her.

“What for? They will tell me to take it off anyway and I don’t want to get oil on it. You know that they use oil and it could ruin my bra.” She told him as she looked in the mirror and smoothed out her dress then tucked her hair behind her ears. His thoughts as he looked at her were scandalous. He wanted to fuck her right now. He loved it when she didn’t wear a bra. Especially in this dress because when she bent over, he could see down her top. A few times she had worn it and he watched as other men and some women took the chance to look down her dress. He could already feel his dick getting hard.

“Then why are you wearing sexy panties?” He asked her.

“You saw them huh? It’s because I still want to feel pretty and being seen, even by a woman, is better if I wear pretty clothes. If it bothers you I will go change.” She said as she turned to face him and pulled her dress up to her waist and placed her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Even from the door he could see her pussy through the lace fabric and she saw his look. She shook her head. “No sir! If you have fun now then I won’t be able to relax with your cum running down my legs during the massage.” She scolded him. Then walked to him at the doorway and leaned up and kissed him lightly. She put on her boots at the door grabbed her coupon from him, then she opened the door and walked out. Barnapapa was left alone once more. Only this time he was horny and wondering if someone would get to see her bent over.

Michaela drove to the spa and the outside was nice. It wasn’t spectacular but she figured that it didn’t matter what the outside looked like if the massages were good. She walked in the door and was greeted by a large man. He was at least 6 foot 5 inches tall and 250 pounds of muscle. She was astounded and a little afraid as he looked at her from behind his desk. He smiled a welcoming smile at her and welcomed her to the spa. Then another man came out and introduced himself. “Hello, Welcome to The Spa Fortune. I see that you have one of our ‘Special Coupons’” he said to her as he cocked his head to the side and winked at her. She was confused but nodded her head, yes.

“Please follow me madam,” he spoke as he turned and walked down a long hallway. It was so long that she looked back to see the receptionist looking at her as she walked. This made her uncomfortable and she slid her hand behind herself to make sure her dress was sitting low. At the end of the hall the man opened a door and walked inside. He handed her a towel and told her that she should change out of her clothes and then lie on the bed in the center of the room.

She looked around the room and it was setup like a typical massage parlor is to look. A long white massage table in the center of the room and soft lights surrounding the room which gave it a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. She suddenly felt silly about her feelings. The man hadn’t left yet and instead he handed her a glass of water. “Drink this. It has special herbs in it that will help to make you relax.’ He told her. She took the glass and walked around the room slowly. She noticed the green plants and an incense burner with the smell of Lavender floating through the air. She walked up to a square mirror which was hung on the center of the back wall and was 4 feet by 4 feet with a fancy thick border around it. She looked at herself in the mirror as the attendant spoke to her. She drank from her glass and enjoyed the taste of the water and the cucumber that was in it.

As she looked at herself, she wondered when each line had appeared on her face and reached up with the hand not holding the water and touched her face then drew it down to the top of her dress’s neckline. “Ma’am, please have a seat.” She heard him say behind her. She turned and didn’t see anywhere to comfortably sit so she eased up on top of the massage table where she crossed her legs causing her dress to ride up a little when she did. The attendant finally introduced himself. “I’m Andre and will be asking the entry questions. They will seem a little personal, but they allow us to make sure that we massage the correct trigger points. We’ve found that many of our partner companies only worry about processing you through quickly and never pound down to the real issue that’s preventing you from a climax of your feelings. We want to penetrate that area that’s often over looked.”

Andre pulled a chair off the wall and opened it, setting it down in front of Michaela. As he sat down his face was at the same level of her knees. She was very aware of what he might see if she opened her legs. She wasn’t sure if this excited her or scared her. She reminded herself not to uncross her legs. The problem was that by just thinking about it, made her want to uncross her legs and the longer she waited the more uncomfortable she got. Then, as if her body was acting by itself, she watched as her legs uncrossed then saw Andre look at her legs. She didn’t intend to open her legs but as a habit she always did. Her dress opened for his eyes and she knew he saw her lace panties. This caused her to blush a crimson across her cheeks. “What must you think of me. I’m so sorry about doing that to you.” She apologized to Andre.

“Don’t be silly madam. You are beautiful and I am a lucky man to be able to see that. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Your husband must be very happy.” He told her. She wasn’t used to being flattered like this and lowered her head and avoided his eye contact as he stayed sitting in front of her. She also didn’t cross her legs again. She left them slightly spread so her panties were visible to him. Andre enjoyed the view in front of him.

There were other viewers that she wasn’t aware of though, and they weren’t happy that they couldn’t see between her legs. Behind the mirror stood the large man that she noticed when she came in and standing next to him was the one that gave her the coupon at the bakery earlier in the day.

“This scam of massages is the best idea there ever was. Men buy massage and spa coupons for their wives and girlfriends all the time. All we have to do is get them worked up and they are all ours.” The smaller of the two men said.

“Your right Viktor, it’s like they come here asking to be fucked hard and sent home to their husbands and boyfriends filled with cum.” The large man said as they both looked into the room through the two-way mirror that Michaela studied herself in a few moments earlier.

“Erik, have you started recording yet?” Viktor asked the mountain of a man. Erik looked at him and nodded then flicked a switch and a bank of screens came on in the room. On each screen was a different angle of the same place. And in each place was Michaela centered and in high-definition color. “These tapes are selling so fast that we are making more money fucking than we would if we robbed a bank. Let’s see what she says on the questions. I hope she answers them all.”

“I just need to grab my clipboard under the table here.” Andre said as he leaned forward toward Michaela. Instinctively she opened her legs wide allowing him access to his goal. Andre loved her reaction and took his time retrieving his clipboard. “Did you know that blue is my favorite color before you came in here? Are you trying to seduce me madam? You know that you wouldn’t be the first one to try that don’t you? But you would be one of the prettiest.” Andre said to her as he kept looking between her legs.

“Oh stop.” She said as she blushed harder and waved his comment away. Andre sat back in his chair and she closed her legs a bit but still left them wider than they were before. “It’s not like it matters anyway. You will be seeing me in them and a towel in a few minutes so I don’t see a reason that I shouldn’t start to get comfortable now.” As she reasoned with herself on why she was letting another man look up her skirt she leaned back resting her arms on the table behind her and looked on at Andre. She could feel her pussy moisten and dampen the material of her panties.

“What a mature observation. However, it will be my associate Erik that will be starting the massage. I am just performing the intake portion and making sure that you have everything you need. I do enjoy the view though and will check in on you during the massage to make sure you are taken care of.” Andre said as he held his clipboard up with his pen. “Now, I’m going to ask personal questions that seem intrusive, but they do help us to better help you.”

“Alright, I think I’m ready.” She said quizzically.

“Your married correct?” Andre asked as he pointed his pen at her finger with a diamond covering her ring finger.

She leaned up, pulled her hands in front of her and looked at the ring. As she adjusted it, she replied. “Yes, 18 years now.”

“How often do you fuck?” He asked her.

‘Wow, that’s very forward.” She said with a shocked look.

“I tried to warn you about the questions. We’ve found that speaking about your history and specifically the questions about your sexual history initially makes you uncomfortable but eventually leads to a richer experience with the relaxation.”

“About three times a month now.” She said.

He then followed that up with another one. “Do you want him to fuck you more?”

“It would be nice yes.” She answered.

“What is your favorite position?”

“I enjoy when we fuck doggystyle because he can really power into me." As she spoke, she could feel herself answering with less tentativeness and more strength.

“Are you squeamish with nudity? Either male or female. Let me tell you why this is on the questionnaire. It seems that often during the process we can get the warm lotion and oil on our white linen pants in the process and it makes them quite transparent. We let the customer and the masseur decide if pants should stay on at that point.” He said and looked to her for her reply.

“That makes a lot of sense, and no, I don’t mind nudity.” She answered and smiled to herself at the thought of getting to see a cock. She hadn’t seen another dick this close in a very long time and relished the chance to see one.

“Alright, that’s all of the questions for now. Please undress and when you are ready please lie face-down on the table. You can choose to leave your panties on or take them off and the towel is there for you as well. We will be back in a few minutes to get started.” He told her as he pointed to the towels sitting in a stack of five on a table and then he walked out the door. Michaela walked back toward the large mirror and leaned down, caught the hem of her dress. As she did that the men on the other side of the mirror took the opportunity to get a sneak-peak by looking down her dress. She then pulled the dress up and over her head in one fluid movement.

She then stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. She reached both hands up and felt her nipples. She was amazed at how hard they were and how aroused she already felt. She then lightly pinched one while looking in the mirror and biting her lip. Releasing her nipple she then let that hand trail down her small stomach and inside of her panties. As the hand went into her panties, she closed her eyes and sighed deeply. The men watched and pushed their growing erections to the side as they saw her then pull her hand out and look at it before putting it in her mouth. She then turned from the mirror and Viktor and Erik stared at her ass and enjoyed as she climbed onto the table. Her breasts sagged down as she climbed into place.

Once down she draped the towel over her butt. Even though she left her panties on she still wanted to protect at least some of her modesty. She was a married woman after all. When she laid down, she placed her hands on each side of her and her hands lightly pressed against the fabric of her panties. As soon as she was lying down Erik left the mirror and high-fived Andre as they passed each other. He knocked lightly and opened the door. “Hello madam, my name is Erik and I will start the massage here today. During the massage I may ask for your permission on certain techniques and if you seem comfortable, I will push forward without speaking. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you let me know. Is that alright?” Erik asked her gently. Without lifting her head, she nodded and whispered a yes.

Erik removed his shirt and picked up the warming oil on a small table near Michaela. He poured a small amount into his hand and then reached out to her and lightly wrapped his hand around hers and made sure to press against her with the back of his hand. He then pulled her hand out toward him at her side. He began working the oil into her hand and massaging each joint gently. Then the palm and the back of the hand. As he moved up her arm, he would move slightly closer to her. He made sure that her hand remained at the level of where his cock was. His goal was almost complete as she would feel him shortly. He got more oil and returned to her arm. When he reached her upper arm and flank she felts his pants.

“O… I’m sorry. I guess I don’t know what to do with my hand.” Michaela apologized.

“Don’t worry, we are very used to this. Please just leave your hand where it is. If you like you can open your hand and rest it on my thigh.” He said and placed her hand high on the inside of his thigh. The placement was intentional as he knew that his growing cock would soon push under that hand. Erik was an actual masseur and provided pressure where and when she needed it, but he also took liberties at her sides by allowing his hands to drop to caress the flesh of side of her breast that was showing. Michaela was becoming more relaxed until she began to feel something other than Erik’s thigh on her hand. She thought she should move it, but her body wasn’t listening to her mind. She was to relaxed to do anything right now. As she felt the pressure under her hand grow, she allowed it access. Soon she felt his cock in the palm of her hand. Erik continued his massage being sure to push back and forth with his body and hips causing her to rub up and down his shaft.

“I shouldn’t do this.” Michaela said as she jerked her hand away and leaned up on her elbows. “I’m sorry to grope you like that. I got carried away and you are just trying to do your job.” As she spoke, she looked down and was amazed at the size of what she saw. The oil on her hand had made his pants transparent like Andre had warned her it would.

Erik looked at her line of site and saw the transparent material and asked Michaela, “Would you mind if I removed these? They are already of no use in hiding my modesty and you will not see it anyway. As far as apologies go, there is no need. If holding onto my cock helps you relax, I will not be complaining. I don’t care about what my manager says. I take my customers comfort to be more important than worrying about your hand.” He told her and when she nodded her head, he pushed his pants off his hips and let them drop to the floor. Then he looked her in the eyes and allowed his eyes to wander down her face, neck and finally he gazed at her breasts which hung down as she was leaned up on her elbows.

“I bet you see a lot of great tits. Not like my 42-year-old hangers huh?” She asked with sadness in her eyes.

“Madam, if I may be so bold. Your breasts look fantastic. Without asking for approval or warning, he reached out and lifted her breast lightly in one of his large hands. He heard her gasp but make no other sound. “If my girlfriend had breasts like your I would play with them all day." As he spoke to her, he was gently squeezing her breast and rolled her erect nipple in his fingers. Michaela shuddered as a small orgasm coursed through her body from his touch. “How would you like a more intimate style massage? It would still be free.” He asked her and left his hand in place as he saw her thinking and biting her lower lip to keep herself quiet.

“Yes, Yes I think I would like that Erik. Just our secret right?” She asked as she looked at him with hope,

“Of course. But there is also an option in the sexual massage for the thousand fingers treatment. Imagine if instead of just myself massaging each part of you like this” he asked as he gripped her breast a little tighter. “There would also be other masseurs massaging other parts of your body as well like this.” Then moved his free hand onto her thigh and allowed it to slide between her leg’s inches from the gusset of her panties.

“Thousand fingers please.” She said with a giddy expression. She was so worked up that she was almost willing to fuck this man. With other people in the room she knew she would be safe.


Erik reached over and knocked lightly on the wall. He knew that Viktor and Andre were watching them and didn’t need to do anything for them to be able to hear what she wanted but he put on the show for her. He wanted her to feel like this was the first time this had ever happened and not a planned occurrence. Shortly after the knock Michaela heard the door open and looked in the reflection of the mirror to see Andre walk in then behind him, she saw Viktor enter as well. “You’re the one with the Coupon!” She said to Viktor while Andre kept massaging her ******* breast.

“Yes, yes I am. You see, we are a new business and people are hesitant to come to this part of town, so we find that word of mouth needs a little help. I hope you are satisfied with Eriks massage skills so far? I see that he’s showing off, huh?” He answered as he nodded to Eriks thick cock standing near her.

“Madam would you lie on your back as we take our places?” Erik asked her as he finally released her breast. She looked uneasy but slowly turned over and pulled the towel up to cover her chest. Suddenly with two other men in the room she felt uneasy having her breasts ******* but loved how confident Erik felt with his cock still pointing at her and she wanted to reach out and stroke his cock again.

She laid back and felt electricity course through her body. It felt like little pins were poking her all over and she worried that she was becoming so wet that her scent may be stronger than the sweet smell of lavender in the room. At least she knew that there would be no funny business now. All she had to do was enjoy three strong men massaging her.

As she closed her eyes Erik placed a scented hand towel over her eyes. It smelled like Tea Tree oil and Sage and she felt her body relax. “I will begin working on your head and Viktor and Andre will begin at your feet. As we move up and down your body, we will get close to and possibly break some of your comfort zones. Is that alright?” He asked her.

“Of course.” Was the only reply she was able to provide. Erik stood behind her and began to massage her scalp through her hair while Viktor and Andre each took a foot. Erik seemed gentle with his touches and the others seemed in sync but with more pressure in their massage. Michaela thought it must be because of the body part. Slowly she could feel Erik move down her neck and shift his body to her side.

Erik looked at his friends and gave an evil smirk as he stood near her head and continued his massage of her neck while at the same time his cock was getting dangerously close to her face. “Madam, I will be putting a sheet between your upper half that we are working on and the lower half so that if your breasts become ******* you don’t have to worry about them.” He told her. There was no sheet but as long as she kept her eyes covered then she wouldn’t know it was a lie.

“If you think it’s best.” She said. After that Erik became bolder and added oil to his hand and massaged her shoulder and upper chest. As he did his cock grazed her lips and he made sure it was a gentle tap, then on his next motion he did it again. He watched as each time he did it she would lick her lips and smile. On the third time he intentionally placed the head of his hard cock at her mouth and she licked the head then pulled back for a moment. She whispered, “I’m sorry”

Erik leaned down to her head and whispered in her ear, “If it heightens your experience then you can enjoy it. I know that it felt good to me.” Then he stood up again. Instead of massaging her again he gripped his cock and held it to her lips. He then pressed firmly, and she opened her mouth allowing the head to enter. As she began moving her head up and down his shaft in small movements Viktor and Andre watched and continued their movement up her body.

They watched Michaela take more and more of Erik in her mouth. They were slowly moving up to her thighs and as they put pressure on the inside of her legs, she slowly opened them as wide on the table as she could manage. Both men looked at each other and smiled. Viktor pointed at Andre and then pointed further up her body then motioned that he would stay there.

Michaela was so excited to have such a big cock in her mouth that she wanted more. She leaned up on an elbow and the towel slid off of her face. She looked around the room and noticed that there was indeed no sheet blocking the men on her legs from seeing the fact she had Eriks dick between her lips. She didn’t care anymore. Let them watch as she enjoys herself. This was her massage after all. There wasn’t any harm in it. She looked up at Erik and began giving him a blowjob in earnest. She always prided herself on how quickly she could make Roger cum and expected a quick show here as well.

Following Viktors direction Andre moved to her stomach and began applying the warming oils to her lower abdomen and worked it upward. He slowly pulled the towel off her body until it had fallen to the floor. Viktor as well continued his movement upwards. He was rubbing the insides of her thighs and with each stroke he was getting closer to the lace panties guarding her.

Erik wrapped a meaty paw gently around Michaelas head and helped her take more and more of him with each bob of her head. Andre was massaging just below her breasts and as he moved the light sag in her breasts was running over the tops of his hands. He moved further up and enveloped each breast in a hand and after applying more oil to his hands and paid particular attention to her areoles and began lightly pinching her nipples. He then took turns in massaging one breast at a time and ran his hands in circular motions while listening to her start to whimper. As her whimpering increased, he would begin to pinch her nipples harder and he watched her face and enjoyed it intensely when he pinched her tightly and her eyes popped open and they saw each other but she continued to suck Erik.

Viktor was at her panty line and felt that the time had come and that she was ready. He rubbed two of his meaty fingers along the crotch of her panties and felt the intense heat coming off of her. Removing his fingers, he reached up with both hands and gripped the waistband and pulled the panties down. He didn’t ask her to raise her butt or if it was alright. As he looked at what she was already willing to do, he saw that she wouldn’t even realize what he was doing now. Once her panties were off, he tossed them in a corner of the room. Then he returned to her, now with her unguarded sex he placed his two fingers on her smooth pussy. “Do you shave regularly madam?” He asked her from between her legs as he slowly pushed those same two fingers in her for the first time.

Her eyes went wide and all she could manage to do was make the sound of a yes and she nodded her head slightly.

“Erik, she looks very uncomfortable in this position. Let’s make her more comfortable.” Viktor said as he removed his hands from her breasts. He also motioned for Andre to get out from between her legs. Erik never left her mouth though. And as she continued to attack his now throbbing member the two other men moved her body until she was draped across the table. Her breasts and head off one side and her ass raised on the other. She felt her legs dangle in the air and when she flexed her toes, she could just barely drag them across the flooring.

While Erik stayed in her mouth, she saw Viktor come and stand next to Erik. She wasn’t sure what he wanted because she only had one mouth and it was occupied for now, so she reached between his legs and wrapped her dainty hand around his dick and began stroking it roughly. Viktor looked back at Andre and nodded to him. Andre lined his cock with Michaelas pussy. With her legs slightly apart, it presented him with a great view and target for the head of his cock. He stepped closer and allowed the head of his cock to enter her.

Her pussy swallowed him and kept asking for more. He pushed slowly until he was completely inside of her. He gripped her hips on the table and began to saw in and out of her. Each time he pushed in he would drive harder. She found it difficult to continue the blowjob she was giving Erik and sadly pulled his cock out of her mouth but tried to wrap her small hand around his shaft like she was doing to Viktor.

Viktor asked her, “Are you enjoying your complimentary massage? We do hope you will return again for another session.” As he reached under her and roughly grabbed her hanging breast, he looked back at Andre, ‘Make sure to prime her because we will be checking for pressure in a minute.” He told Andre from across the woman that use to be a loving and faithful wife. She was now taking cock from three men she had only just met.

Lost in the pure carnal way she felt and the intense orgasm she was feeling she barely noticed when Andre moved his hand and placed his oiled thumb at her asshole. She felt him rub around the rim before allowing his thumb to slip in. She thought of all the times that Roger had tried to get her to try anal but each time she refused him. She felt that it was unclean and thought it would hurt to much. But she was allowing these men to use her in ways she never thought possible. Andre began his vicious assault on her cunt as he seemed to be trying to fuck her through a wall. He also moved his other hand to the center of her ass and placed his second thumb at the edge of her asshole next to the one already inside of her.

She was sure she understood what was about to happen but the moment he stuck two thumbs in her ass, she almost ********** from the feeling. She had never felt so filled up as she did in that moment. Her cunt was filled with a cock that wasn’t her husbands, her asshole was being stretched by that same man and she was currently stroking two other men with her hands as they took turns groping her tender breasts and pinching her hard nipples. She had already lost count of the number of orgasms she had experienced and was well aware that not a single man had cum yet.

Andre began using his thumbs to push and pull Michaela forward and back as he pistoned his cock in and out of her. As he did this his fingers would spread wider apart. Once he felt satisfied, he removed his thumbs and Michaela felt a small sense of sadness that they were gone until she realized that he was also pulling his cock out. She audibly whimpered like a lost puppy until she felt warm oil between her cheeks.

The men in front of Michaela watched as her eyes shot wide open as Andre placed the thick bulb at the end of his cock directly on her asshole. She wasn’t sure she wanted to do this anymore and thought briefly about just trying to stand up. Before she could make up her mind he pushed forward, and she felt the head break the ring of her asshole. “Holy Shit guys! This bitch is so fucking tight. I don’t think she’s ever fucked in the ass before. Have you?” Andre said to the men and asked her as he started small movements. He wanted her to be able to get use to the movements because he knew that when Erik got back here, he wasn’t going to be slow and gentle. He could already see that he wanted his turn at her holes.

“NO…. NO….you are the first…my husband wanted….TO…but I said NO.” she screamed her answer through successive orgasms. She didn’t even know until now that her asshole could give her so much pleasure. After a few more pumps Andre pushed in deep and held her hips in place. She felt him jerk a couple times before pulling his spent cock out. When he pulled back, he looked down and watched as his cum began to dribble out of her hole.

“Fuck, you guys gotta feel this. She milked my balls empty. That ass is amazing. I’m gonna get a drink. Anyone want anything?” he asked before he walked to the door, opened it and walked out of the room, leaving it wide open. Michaela looked in astonishment as he just walked out like nothing happened and he was going for a stroll. Erik and Viktor began debating who would get to fuck her next and Viktor used his brains to come up with a plan that benefitted both of them. He had Michaela stand up as he took her place laying on his back on the table. Then to Michaelas surprise Erik wrapped his meaty hands around her small waist and lifted her off her feet. He then placed her on top of Erik. She straddled his body and felt his cock just slide right into her cunt like it was waiting for him to come calling.

As she sunk deeper on his dick, she closed her eyes and hummed a satisfied noise. She felt Erik climb the table and kneel behind her, pushing her forward. She didn’t know what was happening, but she went with his motion and she leaned forward which placed her breasts right in Viktors face. He lifted his head off the table and sucked in a nipple and began sucking and lightly biting each nipple in turn. Erik looked down and saw her winking asshole that was still pushing cum out and he lined his head with that hole and quickly dove forward before she could protest his action.

“OHHHHHHH. FUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK!” She screamed loudly. “Thats hurts so much! Please stop!” She begged.

They all stayed motionless for a few moments and Michaela was scared at what had just happened and if these men were going to just fuck her and use her. She then felt movement and she decided that she wasn’t going to have them not listen to her. “I said STOP!” She demanded of them.

“We did, you crazy bitch. That’s you fucking us.” Viktor said to her. She then realized that she was indeed moving and driving each cock deeper inside her. She felt them each and wasn’t sure which one gave her more pleasure, but she stopped caring and her mind went blank as she began bucking hard on both of them. Viktor and Erik looked at each other and smiled then noticed that Andre walked back in the doorway and stopped in his tracks.

“Guys, take it easy on her. She’s gonna have a shit fit later!” He told them.

“Damn it, I’m feeling like a broken record,” Viktor said out loud. “We aren’t fucking her anymore. She’s so fucking wild that she’s fucking us and I’m about to cum deep in her tight pussy.”

“Me too.” said Erik. “Fuck, it’s to late.” As he said that Viktor could feel Erik's cock twitch with each stream of cum he shot into Michaela's ass.

“Hold on you son of a bitch. I’m right there at the best orgasm all day.” Michaela screamed in Viktors face. Then he watched as her face crunched up and then as her whole body went limp he exploded in her gushing pussy. Erik pulled out but Michaela remained motionless on top of Viktor. Viktor had Erik pull her off of him and after Viktor moved, Erik placed her back on the table facing down and the cum pooled between her open legs. They draped a towel over her body and began a soothing record then left the room.

When she started to become more aware, she felt like this crazy dream took place and stood up. She dressed in her clothes and as she left the room she looked around for the men. She found them and they greeted her as if they didn’t just give her the best sex of her entire life. They gave her another free coupon but said that it was so that she could refer a friend for a free massage and that if she were to become a repeat customer, then she would get discounts. She took the coupon and walked out the door. She felt a breeze under her skirt and realized that her panties were left behind. She could still feel cum dripping out as she walked to her car and for some reason that made her happy.

She wondered what she could tell Roger then decided that she would just tell him it was a fantastic massage and they were all so nice. That wouldn’t be a lie and it’s not like it will happen again right?
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