20230305_202026 young lust dress.jpgDuring the summer in South Texas our grass needs to be mowed every 10 days or so, but when it finally cools down to the South Texas version of Fall and Winter it only needs to be cut once a month at most. As a result our yard guy doesn't need to employ extra help and we hadn't seen O since he and his friend had fucked my wife.

A couple days ago the wife and I were day drinking. Alcohol usually makes my wife horny. She was dressed hot and I was hoping she was going to pose for photos. We'd just started making out a bit when we noticed a car had pulled into our driveway. We didn't recognize the car and neither my wife or I had any idea who it could be. I told her I'd deal with it and went outside to find O walking towards the front door.

“Where's your scooter?” I asked.

“At home,” he said.

He told me the car belonged to his parents and they had sent him to get the oil changed. On the way back he thought he'd stop and see if we needed any yard work done. I could see a very visible look of disappointment on his face and I realized he was hoping to see my wife. I told him I didn't have anything for him but my wife said something about needing work on the backyard garden. I told him to head out back and I'd send her out to tell him what she wanted.

My wife said, “I can't go out and talk to him like this,” referring to her short-skirt, hose, and boots.

“Why not,” I said, “he will love it.”

“He's in the backyard so no one is going to see you.”

She was a little reluctant, but I knew she'd been thinking about him and she'd been drinking.

“Go on,” I said, “he's obviously been dying to see you again. You should have seen how his mood brightened when I told him I'd send you out to tell him what you needed done in the garden.”

She quickly downed the remnants of the martini she'd been drinking and off she went.

Seeing how she was dressed he said, “I'm sorry, were you guys going to a Christmas party or something? I didn't mean to interrupt but I really missed you. I've been thinking about you a lot.”

She told him she missed him too but she thought maybe that after that night and given her age he didn't have any further interest.

I watched them on the security cams but I couldn't hear what was being said. They talked for about five minutes then my wife took his hand and pulled him into the garage.

“There are no cameras in here,” she told him.

“But what about Mr. D,” he asked nervously?

She told him I was watching a movie so I'd be occupied for awhile.

“Does he know what happened that night?”

“Oh God no,” she replied. “Have you told anyone?”

He told her he had not but he couldn't be sure about his friend. He told him not to tell anyone either but he liked to brag. So far though, he'd hadn't heard anything.

“He's hoping to do it again and I told him it wouldn't happen if people found out so I think he's been quiet.”

My wife thanked him, leaned in and kissed him, and they started making out. She guided his hand under her skirt to her pussy and saw the look of surprise when he found it bare despite the hose.

“Crotchless,” she said, “like them?”

“A lot,” he stammered.

“Finger me baby,” she said, and resumed their make-out session.

I was dying to find out what was going on but the only way to see anything would be to open the door leading into garage. I'd have no way to hide and watch anyway and the sound of the door opening would likely bring whatever was happening to a halt, so all I could do was wait.

We have a small table and some chairs in the garage and my wife led him over to the table.

“I want to suck your cock” she told him, “but the concrete is hard on my knees.”

He understood her intentions, pulled his jeans down, and sat on the edge of the table.

“You weren't a virgin the other night were you?” she asked pulling up a chair in front of him.

“No,” he replied. “I have a girlfriend and I've also had sex with other girls at school.”

Turns out he is a football player with all that implies.

“Why me then” my wife asked, “I'm old enough to be your grandmother.”

“You're different,” he said, “sexier. I love that you're older.”

My wife took his cock into her mouth and began to suck it. She heard him moan with pleasure and felt his hands stroking her hair. She's an excellent and enthusiastic cock sucker and she could tell O wasn't going to last very long. She pulled off his cock and starting sucking his balls.

“Fuck,” she heard him exclaim and then he was cumming on her face and into her hair, “I was trying to hold off.”

”It's ok, we have time, how about you return the favor,” she said, standing up between his legs and kissing him.

She hiked up her skirt and took his place at the table while he took her place in the chair and following her directions began to eat her pussy.

When his cock soon returned to life she said “I want to feel you inside me now, fuck me.”

He stood up between her legs and she guided his cock into her married pussy. She reached out, arms around his neck, and pulled him closer for a kiss.

“That's it,” she murmured, “kiss me, fuck me.”

They continued passionately making out as his cock slid in and out of her. My wife came explosively and O, fucked her with renewed vigor until she came again. She felt his strokes lingering deeper and with more urgency and then he erupted inside her. They stood frozen for a long moment and then parted awkwardly.

Something tells me this isn't going to be the last time they're together.
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