20230509_155829 x scooter.jpgMy wife has long preferred older men but as she has gotten older herself it seems that at 60 younger men have become a possibility for her. It's an interest I've done my best to encourage but she has been saying that 25 is about as young as she has any interest in considering. That unexpectedly changed a few of weeks ago as the hot Texas summer slowly gave way to the more moderate Fall.

Our yard guy was getting more work than he could handle himself even with his usual helper so he hired a neighborhood kid to help with the local overflow from time to time. The kid lives down the street from us and seems to be hard-working and industrious. I've asked him to do a few things in the yard a couple of times but haven't talked to him. My wife has talked to him on occasion and was impressed with his energy, politeness, and hard work. I'll call him O.

Though we have seen him around the neighborhood he's not regularly employed by our yard guy and I frankly haven't paid that much attention to when he's at work on our yard or where exactly on our street he lives. Lately, my wife has noticed and told me about him and a friend of his riding down the street and in a nearby park on scooters.

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday my wife and I had been drinking all afternoon and by the time I fired up the BBQ at about 8 pm that night to do a couple of steaks the both of us were pretty toasted. My wife was in yoga pants and a tight top without a bra looking damn hot to me. It wasn't risque but she can be a little shy so normally she'd be a little more circumspect about her dress in the neighborhood. However, it was dark, and she decided to go as she was and collect our mail in the box across the street.

I was in the backyard getting the grill ready. I didn't realize she wasn't in the house and was expecting her to bring out the steaks. When she didn't show I went looking for her and saw on our security cams that she was in our driveway surrounded by a couple of guys on scooters. I watched a bit to make sure she was ok and it was clear whatever was happening it was amiable.

Five minutes talking to a couple of young guys after dark in our driveway was at first sort of a passing curiosity, but when it became ten minutes, then fifteen what I initially took to be some causal conversation seemed like it could be developing into something much more.

As I watched I noticed that each time my wife moved and it looked like she might be ready to head in they repositioned their scooters to block her exit and keep her between them. It seemed obvious that they had some interest in her beyond talking to an old lady in the neighborhood getting her mail and I found my interest increasing exponentially as time went on.

As I was to learn later from my wife, one of the kids was O, our yard guy's part-time helper, and the other was his friend, who I will call T. They were quite proud of the fact that they had bought the scooters very cheaply because they didn't run and got them into running condition. My wife took an interest and asked them a lot of questions. If they weren't savvy enough to realize she had quite a buzz on they must have interpreted her responses as exceedingly friendly and interested.

T was the more aggressive of the two. My wife characterizes him to me now as an “eager beaver” and even in her inebriated state, there was little doubt in her mind that he wanted to fuck her. O was more reserved. I'm sure he also wanted to fuck her but he was not so obvious about it. T took the initiative and asked my wife if she'd like to go for a ride on his scooter. She told him she didn't know how to drive it and he said he'd show her.

He sat her on the scooter in front of him, and showed her the hand brakes and the throttle, but told her not to worry about the throttle, he'd help her with that. All she needed to do was keep both hands on the handlebars, steer, and squeeze the breaks if he told her. He wrapped his left around around her waist and put his right hand over hers on the throttle, and off they went.

I figured they'd take a trip around the block and it wouldn't be long but it was getting late so I went and turned off the gas to the BBQ assuming we wouldn't be having steak that night. I went back to the security cams but minute after minute passed and there was no sign of them. Five minutes, then ten, then twenty. At that point, I began to think about what might be happening and was finding it increasingly difficult to think of an innocent explanation....though perv that I am it might be more honest to say I was hoping more and more that there was no innocent explanation.

My wife showed up three hours later even more intoxicated than she'd been earlier and collapsed into bed. She was out instantly and all I could do was imagine where she'd been. My imagination in these circumstances did not lead to innocent explanations and soon I was jacking off to what I'd hoped had happened.

Once they left our driveway, T, had his right hand over my wife's on the throttle. His left hand was around her waist, but as he increased speed he slipped his left under her top and began to feel her big tits, thumbing her nipples. T got them going pretty fast and my wife was afraid to take her hands off the handlebars, or move her hands and apply the brakes, worried about crashing. And anyway, T had his hand over her right so she couldn't grab the brakes on both sides anyway.

T fondled her big tits for a bit, then he slipped his hand down her yoga pants and fingered her. At some point he must have realized that my wife was afraid of crashing and wasn't going to resist his groping and used it to his advantage, racing up and down neighborhood streets... but they had an unspoken objective. O's parents were off for the weekend and no one was home there. They pulled up at O's house and asked my wife to come in and have a drink with them before they took her home.

I called them kids, but O clocked in at 18, a high school senior, and his friend T is 19, having graduated high school last year. O raided his parent's liquor cabinet. Young as they were they realized it was in their best interest to keep my wife *****. They got two strong drinks down her before they made a move. T came up behind her. Both hands are now free, one went to her tits, the other down her yoga pants to finger her cunt as he kissed her neck.

O watched his friend with her until he told him, come on, get in on this, and then he approached and kissed her. As O made out with her his friend groped her and fingered her cunt. T lifted her top and exposed her tits, then pulled down her yoga pants and slipped his cock into her from behind. My wife surrendered herself to the lust of the moment without a thought of the possible consequences. T didn't last long before he was filling her married pussy.

My wife stepped out of her yoga pants and O took her hand and led her to the living room sofa. They laid down together and made out for a while and then she slid off the sofa to her knees. My wife told O she'd been wondering for a while now what his cock was like and O sat up and laid back watching her unzip his pants and extract his cock. He was already hard so it wasn't an easy release. “Very nice.” she told him once she finally got it out.

“Is it bigger than your husband's?” he asked.

She replied “Oh yes!” taking it into her mouth.

She was taking his cock down to the balls and in a very short amount of time, he said with some surprise “I can feel it in your throat. Fuck, I'm going to cum.” And he did, she felt his cock twitch in her mouth as he shot one, two, three, four, and a final fifth jet of cum down her throat. Then she felt his friend's hands pulling her up and leading her into a bedroom.

“Will you suck my cock like you did O's?” he asked, “That was awesome.”

O stayed on the sofa a little dazed and when he finally got up and followed his friend to the bedroom he was greeted by the sight of my wife on her knees sucking T's cock. Seeing that, O was instantly hard again and said “It's my turn to fuck her now.”

“All right bro,” said T, “help me get her on the bed.”

“No,” said O, “you and her finish first and then I want to fuck her.”

With his friend there watching my wife suck him T didn't last long. As she sucked him she milked his balls with her hand plunging her mouth down on his cock and into her throat repeatedly, until she felt his legs begin to shudder and his knees going weak, signaling he was about to cum. She took him fully down her throat and he unloaded and fell shakily onto the bed.

There was an awkward moment as T stood up contemplating what he should do next and O helped my wife to her feet and kissed her. They stood just making out for a few minutes as T pulled out the chair to O's desk, sat down, and watched. O had shed his pants and his stiff cock poked between her thighs as they kissed. He finally broke their kissing, stood back slightly, and took her big tits into his hands, looking at them in awe. Then he bent down to take them into his mouth sucking on one and then the other. He told her he'd wanted to feel her tits and suck them since the first time she came out to talk to him.

O told her how sexy and beautiful she was, that he'd dreamed about it but never thought it would happen. She said she'd thought about him too but never imagined it happening either...she couldn't believe that someone his age could be interested in a married 60-year-old grandmother. In that moment it was just the two of them. T had vanished from their thoughts even though he still sat quietly watching.

They tumbled into the bed making out, her legs open, and O's cock poking desperately at her pussy. She reached down and guided it into her as O began to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and made out with him as his young cock thrust in and out of her. It had been years since she'd felt as aroused as she did with O. In her head, T had been fucking her but O was making love to her. She had taken the edge off him when she'd sucked his cock and now he was displaying his stamina. They continued for so long that T got tired of watching and left the room.

When they finished she told him I'd be wondering what happened to her and I was probably worried after all this time. Will your husband be mad he asked? I don't plan on telling him she replied to put him at ease. Can I see you again he asked her and she told him she wasn't sure. T had left so O took her home on the back of his scooter.

The included photo is how she was dressed that night but without a bra
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