IMG43.jpgI regarded the spacious room displayed on the computer screen with more than a little curiosity and waited nervously. I could see the man who lived in the villa must've been quite successful in whichever field of enterprise he was engaged in. I knew it was a man because my darling wife Diana had made me watch, (or maybe I should say allowed me to see,) dozens of films of the owner of the house having sex with her four or five times a day every day for the six months he'd been in England. It was an excruciatingly torturous episode in my life and I wouldn't wish the same fate on my worst enemy, but Diana appeared to take great pleasure in seeing me squirm with my feelings of humiliation, inadequacy and belittlement while I sat glued to the screen and stared in horror as her enormously endowed black lover used her oh so willing body animalistically when he regularly pumped her welcoming holes full of his sperm.

Eventually I saw Diana enter the room through the open French windows and sexily undulate her way over to where her laptop must have been sitting on a desk of some sort.

"Hello darling," she cooed and leaned forwards to rest her forearms alongside the computer. "Sorry to keep you waiting but Jacko insisted on fucking me by the pool in front of a couple of his friends and you know how long he takes to come."

"Yes," I grunted sulkily.

Seemingly unperturbed by my obvious lack of enthusiasm she breezily asked, "Do you like the monokini he bought for me?" and stood up straight again so I could see it.

"That's supposed to be a swimming costume is it?" I queried with what I hoped was a semblance of irony. "It looks more like two bits piece of string snagged over your hips!"

"It is," she giggled and opened her legs. "Everyone thinks it's terribly sexy. It gets them all horny."

I watched two thick ribbons of spunk ooze out of her sweet vagina to dangle either side of the crotch string.

"What do you mean everyone and them all?" I asked peevishly.

"Well everyone who's seen me in it so far," she explained. "There are six members of staff," she giggled again, "stiff members of the staff I should've said. and Jacko asked a few friends round to meet me. They're all very friendly. VERY friendly if you know what I mean."

"I'm afraid I probably do yes," I mumbled.

She put her hands behind her head and shook her small titties at me laughing, "Oh don't be like that darling. You want me to have a good time while I'm here don't you?" "Yes of course," I replied. "But I didn't realise you were going to be the new bike for everyone who fancies a ride."

She cupped her breasts and started wanking the long, turgid, crimson nipples. "f that's what my sweetheart wants then I'm only too happy to oblige."

Just then the net curtains in front of the French doors billowed open and a guy I hadn't seen before walked into the room. He was another big black guy and he was naked. He also sported an erection which wouldn't have looked out of place in a stable.

"Hey Di," he chortled. "Jacko said I can fuck you while you're chatting to your old man. Is that him?"

"Yes," Diana smiled. "Well I see you're ready for business already."

"Yeah well watching you fucking Jacko got us all riled up. We're all gonna wanna get into you as soon as possible I should think."

My gorgeous wife leaned forwards onto the desk again and waggled her bottom at him then looked into my eyes as she said, "Okay. As long as you don't mind sloppy seconds who am I to complain?"

The new stud moved up close behind her raised bum and glanced down at where he was going. He pulled the string out of her crack and held it to one side.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" he sighed when he thrust his hips forwards. Diana's eyes rolled up in their sockets and her mouth fell open with surprise before she dropped her head onto the desk to rest it on a cheek. "Oh my God!" she cried. "You're as fat as Jacko."

"Yeah. Your lucky day huh? Having two this size in the space of a few minutes. and he's right. Your cooze is just awesome. It's like sliding your cock through a disembodied tightly clenched silken gloved fist floating in a bucket of elvers swimming in warm oil."

"and you feel like having a baby in reverse," my dazed spouse responded. "So fucking big!"

She closed her eyes and raised a leg so she could put its knee on the desk by her elbow. "Christ yes!" she gasped! "That's so good Harry! Fuck me faster babe!"

"Barry," he grinned and grabbed hold of her hips then began to speed up with his long thrusts. "My name's Barry."

"Oh yes!" Diana wailed. "Sorry. I should've remembered. You look a bit like that Barry White too don'tcha."

"Bur I'm a better fuck!" he guffawed and slammed his loins against her wet sounding buttocks.

"I bet!" she panted. "So good! Fucking fantastic! I'm coming already!"

She looked back at her screen and squeaked, "You wanking again Tim? Stand up so we can see how small it is."

Humiliation upon humiliation. I stood and showed her my proud four and a half inches.

Barry huffed, "Fucking hell! No wonder you're so in love with us. That's really pathetic isn't it. Did you ever get off with that?"

Diana sneered at what I was doing and said, "No! Never! I faked it sometimes if he stayed in long enough for me to do it but that wasn't often! Two minutes if I was lucky. I always finished myself off when he got off me."

and I thought she'd always climaxed with me.

"I guess that's why you go so crazy when you get fucked for a long time by us then huh?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed with a shout. "That and your size!!! and the look of it! When I see how I look while I'm getting fucked by real men! With cocks like stallions! With the staying power off lions! and spunking like elephants! and you're all so black! My pretty little white and pink cunt looks so disgustingly happy when it's getting stretched so wide open by yout monster cocks! I love to look down and see it!"

Her eyes flicked towards her screen and she sniggered, "I like to see it even more than my dear husband does and look at him, you can see how much he loves it."

I'd come on one of the thongs she'd left behind for me to use in those exact circumstances.

Barry laughed and reached for her small titties, "No wonder you never got pregnant if that's all whitey has to offer you. No worries on that score with us lady Di. We'll get you fat for sure." His massive hands crushed her pert ivory breasts then tweaked, tugged and twisted their abnormally elongated teats causing her to groan with masochistic glee.

"Yes I want black babies!" she yelled at me. "Every nine months another one or even two. I'm nothing but a brood mare for any hung nigger who wants to cover me and donate his sperm."

The curtains behind them opened again and more naked men walked into the room. I counted five. All of them grinned when they saw the scenario being played out in front of them and they all immediately began to stroke themselves erect.

The leader of the pack said, "Jacko reckons she can take six at a time so we're here to put her to the test."

Another laughed, "I'm the thinnest so I'll go up her arse first."

The former spokesperson said, "I want the dirty cocksuckers lips around this."

Another said, "She can wank Jake and Tommy until others finish in her and I'll try to get between those fine little tits."

Barry said, "Okay Mac. You sit on the couch there so her hubby can see everything and I'll bring her over and sit her arse on your cock."

Mac did as requested and held his hard on up off his belly. Barry easily lifted Diana off the desk so she was suspended in mid-air by his cock inside her. She wrapped her legs behind his thighs and buttocks then reached up over the back of her head so she could get her linked hands behind his head and her taut body was the shape of a bow. Her ribs were outlined distinctly. Barry carried her over to the couch then told her to get off his cock. "But not for long I hope Bazza," she cried as she unlocked her legs and allowed him to disengage.

"No. Don't panic lady. We'll just get Mac up your asshole then I'll get back in."

Diana smiled and kissed him then shuffled backwards above Macs thighs until she felt his knob head touching her bottom. With a frown of concentration she reached back and pulled her buttocks apart then began to lower herself onto the proffered phallus. "Oh fucking hell man! This bitch sure is tight and hot! Ain't gonna take me long at all in here!"

Barry turned back to the onlookers and said, "Bring that laptop over here and put it on the floor so her old man can get a good look at his snooty wife with her asshole full of the black mans cock. Diana get your knees up by your ears so he can see it properly."

With a moan of lust she put her hands behind her knees and pulled them up until they were as suggested, alongside her ears.

The laptops camera showed an unhindered view of her happily grimacing face above the sight of her usually tiny anus obscenely stretched around the thick black root of Macs supposedly thin erection. It's girth was at least twice that of mine and my sweet wife was obviously loving having it up her bumhole. She turned her head and licked his cheek saying, "Don't come too quickly Mac my love. Dirty Di Di adores having cock up her tight arse and greedy little cunt at the same time."

I uttered a sort of "Eek!" which caught her attention so she looked down at me and chided, "Coming again so soon Timmy? You are a useless perverse bastard aren't you. Come on Barry. He's seen enough. Slide that beauty into me again."

For the next twenty minutes I had to watch my divine wife enjoying innumerable orgasms while she humped her supple, pliable, loins up against several different men as they all took turns in her extraordinarily receptive holes or just ejaculated in her hands. She was fairly covered in semen and it was pouring out of her nether regions by the time she stood up and panted, "Bring the laptop outside will you please darling. I'm sure Jacko has something or someone's lined up for me by the pool and I'm in the mood for more."

Sure enough I saw another four naked men as well as the host lounging around the ostentatious swimming pool chatting, drinking and smoking while they bided their time.

"Here she is," Jacko cried when he noticed Diana returning from the house. "Our newest queen of spades. The beautiful nymphomaniac from Cheltenham England, dirty Diana I can't get enough black meat Wilson! Come on Di. My friends here are getting restless. They need a white whore to drain them."

Diana bent over to kiss her pimp and accidentally expelled several large dollops of sperm along with a load of air from both of her recently filled cavities. "Oops! 'Scuse me," she laughed. "I'm not used to taking such big ones."

"How about this one li'l lady?" crowd a middle aged obese drinker in the jacuzzi. "Is it big enough for ya?"

Diana stood up straight and surveyed the proffered phallus sticking up out of the water. "Oh yes daddy," she smiled. "They're all big enough. This place is paradise for a nympho slut like me."

She stepped into the sunken tub and sat on his fat hairy belly. She kissed his ugly pock marked face while she took the next intended ram in hand and introduced it's helmet to her open cunt.

"Oh daddy I love you," she murmured as she sank down onto the beer bottle thick pole.

It appeared she was in love with all of them.

I watched with awe as another of the more mature blacks waded across the tub to crouch behind her bouncing bum and easily impaled her beckoning anus with his rigid shaft. Diana glanced back over her shoulder and smiled then accelerated her tempo sobbing, "Oh wow! You guys sure know how to show a girl a good time!"

IMG44.jpgSuddenly Jackos face filled the screen and he leaned in close to the mike quietly chuckling, "Hey Timmy man. How you doin' there all alone? Enjoying watching your pretty wife turn into a real niggers whore? and whore is the perfect description of her now. I'm making a fortune with her. First of all I created the Dirty Di website and posted all the wanking she did while we were chatting online then all the sex we had while I was over there. That was her introductory offer and only cost ten quid to see, A million people around the world have watched it so far. I wonder how many of them know you both? Anyway, apart from that I've got cameras all out here and over the house so I can stream her activities live 24 7. She's already got more than ten thousand followers who pay a pound an hour to watch her fucking her days and nights away. Anyone who misses something live can pick out sequences from her library and watch it again at their leisure. Then there are these sessions of course. She's only been here for eight hours and she's already sucked me off, begged me to fuck and bugger her and now she's had her first twelve customers. That's a hundred quid each for the pleasure and a complimentary DVD of the action to remember her by. She's fully booked for the first two weeks already, that's twelve guys a day for fourteen days. and the news hasn't even started to spread yet. Your sweet wifey's a fucking goldmine man and I'm mining it for all it's worth. By the time you see her again she'll be fucking ruined but I'll be the richest guy on the island. Oh don't worry, you can watch everything for free and I'll make sure you get copies of everything after I'm done with her. I tell you I've never known a white woman so eager to be blacked or one who loves getting it so much. A real hot live wire you've been keeping to yourself here mate. Lucky for me I found her and realised her potential. Well I'll let you get back to your voyeuristic pastime and happy wanking. See you next year I guess. Tarrah matey."


I still tell her I love her every day but I'm pretty sure she can't hear me over the noise she's always making while she orgasms constantly with the hordes of black cocks she's being forced to take and satisfy. I sort of hoped she might find the numbers of would be customers daunting but to my surprise, (and I must admit secret glee,) she seems to welcome them in the spirit of the more the merrier. I'm afraid her perfect body's going to be nothing but a distant memory by the time she gets home. The animals on the island aren't showing her any mercy as they use every orifice for sixteen hours a day. My poor sweet Diana. I miss her kisses.
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