club outfit x flickr 800.jpgBack in the 80s my wife had a married friend, Darla, who when they first met was a divorced mom several years older than her, though engaged to be married. Their friendship got off to a slow start but by the time Darla's engagement had ended and she had a new husband they were starting to hang out together. Daytime meetings were a little difficult as both were moms with young kids and babysitters were not so available during school hours and neither had much allowance for babysitters in the family budget.

At some point, the two of them realized they both had built-in full-time babysitters and moved most of their time together to evenings after both husbands were home from work and could watch the kids. My wife was never much of a party-goer or club type, and their girl's nights started as time spent shopping, going out to eat, and occasionally a final stop for a nightcap.

They couldn't always make it happen but they tried to get together about once a week. Usually, they were home by 10 PM or so, not long after the malls had closed and they had stopped off for a drink and to wind down before getting home and back to kids and family responsibilities.

Eventually, they asked us husbands if we would watch the kids for them to enjoy a shopping weekend in San Antonio, and of course, we agreed. Neither of us had any reason to suspect anything and neither of us had any idea of what they had planned.

Darla had a custom van set up for the occasional camping outing at state parks and she wanted to take it on their trip. As we had only one vehicle at the time it was pretty much the only practical choice anyway. They left together on a Friday morning, planning to do some shopping that afternoon, find a hotel for the night, and have dinner....or so they said. They were going to shop until they dropped on Saturday, spent one more night, and drove home Sunday afternoon.

As I found out many many years later what they said they had planned and what they had planned were very different. They did shop on Friday afternoon for something to wear later that night, and they did have a late dinner, but after changing clothes in Darla's van they headed straight for a club.

The actual plan was to go clubbing, see if they might encounter any interesting guys, and then use Darla's van to fuck. They had agreed that my wife would get the first chance to use the van and Darla would go next, if things worked out the way they hoped.

They split up inside the club and lost track of each other for a while, but it wasn't long at all before a young Hispanic guy approached my wife and asked if he could buy her a drink. I say young now, but given that, at the time my wife was in her mid-20s, they were really both about the same age. They sat together drinking at the bar, one thing led to another, and my wife found herself publicly making out with a stranger, a liberty she had never indulged with me, always claiming to dislike such a public display of lustful affection. When we were still dating she'd even slapped me once for putting my hands on her ass while we were dancing.

When the make-out session progressed to the point her new friend has his hand under her skirt fingering her married pussy my wife decided it was time to move things out to Darla's van. He didn't require much convincing and they headed out to the parking lot with his arm around my wife's waist. In the van the make-out session continued with her skirt up, and “Club Guy” - by the time my wife had told me about this she'd forgotten his name so that is how we refer to him now - got his hands between her leg again and fingered her wet cunt as they kissed.

My wife had cheated before but only with men, she knew through work or other activities, never with a stranger she had just met less than an hour before in a club. With a rather large buzz from all the alcohol the thought was making her feel more than a little slutty and she rather shamelessly announced to CG ” I want to suck your cock.” as she unzipped his pants and extracted it with some difficulty from his tight jeans, already hard.

“Looks like you're ready for me.” she told him. His cock was nice and thick, bigger than mine, sporting a nice purple helmet, but for her still an easy sucking length. She loves to suck cock, and has told me many times that she especially loves it when her oral talents make a guy weak in the knees and get him trembling as he is about to cum down her throat. She engulfed his cock with one motion until her lips were wrapped around the base and she could feel his balls against her chin.

Then she felt him shudder and realized if she kept it up it wouldn't be much longer until he came and she wanted to fuck, not end things with a blowjob. “Don't cum yet,” she ordered, “I want you in me.” CG had been sitting on a bench seat in the back of the van, my wife kneeling in front of him to suck his cock. She laid back and opened her legs saying “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me.” He dropped between her legs and rather frantically tore out the crotch of her pantyhose, rolling the rubber my wife handed him onto his throbbing cock, then plunging it into her cheating cunt.

She wrapped her legs around him digging her heels into his back but if he noticed he didn't care. Their mouths were locked together as he pumped in and out of my wife, fucking her pussy with his cock and her mouth with his tongue. She threw her hips up to match every thrust into her and strained to cum before her tight pussy drained him, but he couldn't stop himself from coming and it was over for her much too soon. They endured some awkward moments and he apologized and thanked her before scurrying out of the van and out into the darkened parking lot looking for his car.

My wife made her way back into the club searching for Darla to let her know the van was clear for any time she wanted to take her turn. She found her friend sitting with two young offshore oil rig workers enjoying a party weekend before their upcoming copter flight back to the rig on Monday. Darla introduced my wife, Denise, to her new friends, and both seemed chuffed at the prospect of hooking up with two horny married women on their for the weekend.

Before my wife could sit down and join them, Darla jumped up and excused the two of them for a trip to the lady's room. She told my wife that if it was alright with her she wasn't going to use the van, she wanted everyone to get to know each other a little better in the club and then head to a motel. My wife told her “Ok, we'll see, maybe, if I like one of them and we can agree on who gets who.”

So she joined them, had a few more drinks, fueling and maintaining her buzz, and found herself in the mood for the prospect of continuing festivities. It didn't take long before the four of them were making out, and it didn't take a whole lot of making out before the guys were fully charged and ready for more. The guys had been a lot more circumspect about their drinking, concentrating, and keeping their horny married friends ***** and well-lubricated with alcohol, so neither woman was in a condition to drive.

Darla rode up front with her new guy and my wife got in the backseat with hers. They weren't even out of the parking lot before my wife and her new man were back to heavily making out, but in the relative privacy of the car, he got her tits out to suck on and was fingering her openly. Even though it was only a short drive to the nearest decent hotel the two of them were already fucking before they got there. My wife only paused fucking long enough to hand Darla our credit card and tell her to get two rooms, not one as originally planned when the van was going to be for fucking, and a hotel room a private respite for just the two of them.

My wife's oil worker, we'll call him OW, peeled himself off her and each couple made their way to their room. Here my wife gets a little sketchy and reserved with the details but they continued fucking as they had in the car, without a rubber. He promised he'd pull out when the time came, but of course, when the time did come, so did he, and without making even the slightest attempt to extract his cock from the hot grasping wrapper of my wife's married cunt.

At that point, she decided what was done was done and rubbers were forgotten about for the rest of the weekend. They slept, fucked some more, slept again, fucked some more....slept briefly again...and OW relentlessly pounded that cheating pussy each time he was able to recover. More or less the same was occurring in the room with her friend, or so my wife assumed. As Saturday dawned, shopping was forgotten. They took a break with the guys, ate, became couples for the weekend, held hands walking along the Riverwalk, made out, had dinner, more drinks, and headed back to the motel for more fucking.

Late that night, while OW slowly pumped his cock into my wife, she called and told me that Darla and she were having such a good time and were so worn out from all the shopping they'd like to stay over on Sunday and just relax around the motel and recover before having to drive back home, if that was alright. I had no reason to object. Darla's hubby it turns out was not so sanguine about another day of babysitting, but then the kids he was babysitting were step kids he didn't even yet know all that well, not his own.

Of course, there wasn't much relaxing, but there was a lot of drinking, making out, cock-sucking, and fucking. OW fucked my wife more times that weekend than I had in the previous few months. That weekend completely changed the character of their previous girl's nights from innocently friendly girl time to what my wife now says is what a girl's night is all about meeting and fucking hot guys.

From my perspective, nothing had changed. My wife never left to meet her friend dressed in anything but jeans, a modest top, and running shoes. She took a denim miniskirt and a small top in her purse, changed into them in her friend's van, and donned the heels her friend kept in the van for her. I've included a photo of her in that skirt and top, taken by her friend.
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