Hey everyone! It's Kathy again. Willing to share some stuff that happened to me from my past in hopes of clearing my mind and getting things off my chest. Like therapy! Though I could never tell a therapist about this experience. I couldn't tell anybody! Anyway, I was in my late teens when this took place.

Now, do you remember those days when you first started fooling around with the opposite sex... hormones were out of control almost all day... every day!! They say boys get it really bad but I must say, I know I had to be worse than any boy! I think it all started when I was snooping and I found all of my brother's stash of magazines and videos. Had no idea this single event would have such an impact on my life.

I would rush home every day after school just to lock myself in my room with a couple of mags or filthy video. I wasn't a virgin but I was quite inexperienced. These magazines and films began changing me. I was learning things all my girlfriends didn't have a clue about. For instance, I was the first girl (of all of my friends) to masturbate. And my brother's stash of stuff was the reason why.

There was one specific type of film and magazine that my brother had more than any other. I guess they were his favorite. Which I found kind of disgusting and very strange. They were Interracial! And all with black men and white women! What was wrong with him? I wanted to confront him but that would mean ******** myself in the process. So I only played with all the other "normal" magazines. Over and over and over...

I would masturbate to these every night and wake up in the morning thinking about the night before. My panties were wet all day long with my mind filled with sex! I look back at these days as some of the best and funnest of my life! Yeah, I know you now remember these days too.

I was walking back from the corner store when I saw this older black man standing by this van with the side door open. I got kind of scared and was about to cross the street and walk there instead-but then he saw me and I didn't want to look like a scared little racist white girl trying to avoid him, so I took a deep nervous breath and started walking faster so I could just get this pass-by over with.

He was smiling and licking his lips as I tried to walk by him but he quickly cut me off on the sidewalk by standing right in front of me. He was about, I don't know....50? More? Really black with a potbelly and his shirt riding up ******** that gut. He was missing teeth and his Afro was all wild and he was obviously ***** or something...

"Hey, little girl...look at you...Mmm-mmm. What's your name? Boy, you sure are sexy for such a young thing...Bet all those white boys are eating you up, aren't they? But that's nothing compared to what old Benny here can do to you...Hahaha...Don't be scared girl, Im only fooling. Let's get in my luxurious van here, girl. Lots of pretty young white girls have been inside Bennys van. And Bennys been inside of a lot of white girls in his van! Hahahaha.....don't be scared girl. Im only fooling!"

That was the last thing I heard as I moved around him and started walking real fast! Im sure you can call it a swift jog or downright run! He was so disgusting! He was rude! He smelled bad of stink and booze! He was old and fat! He was still making my skin crawl! Eww! And he was a liar, too! Expecting me to believe he's had girls just like me inside his van! Yeah right! If he kidnapped them maybe. I was so angry I could explode! If I ever see him again Im gonna tell him so. Or better yet, call the police so they could take him away and I'll never have to see that stupid face again!

That night, I couldn't sleep at all. Something was happening to me. I would like to say I couldn't sleep because I was still so pissed... but that wouldn't explain why my hands were down my panties the whole night and all I could think about was that disgusting black man. Or maybe he wasn't so disgusting? Could I have been wrong? He says he's had some white girls come to visit his van. Only a horny slut would go into his van. All I know is the next morning I quietly went to my brother's dirty stash again, but this time I only grabbed some of the interracial stuff he had!

The first thing I noticed was that all the white girls were really pretty and young, so maybe "Smelly Van-Man" was being honest? Maybe girls like this kind of thing. Ok, I have to admit. That's not the first thing I noticed. I'm just embarrassed to admit it was those huge, monstrous black dicks that were making me insane. What the...They were so ugly and they didn't look real. Nothing could be that huge and ugly. And the pretty girls were licking it and putting them in their mouths! The few boy's dicks that I've seen couldn't be called the same thing that these men had! A different class of dick. And what are these pretty girls doing? It doesn't look like they're being ****** against their will. Actually, quite the opposite! They're all either smiling or in utter satisfying climax!

Then I found out that all those ugly monstrous dicks couldn't be that ugly and disgusting at all...because I'm ashamed to say, I just came harder than ever with my finger rubbing my teen clit and my face buried in a filthy BBC magazine. Right then at that moment, I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I was going to do. I had to find out for myself. And all I have to do is see that van again.

I was playing with myself non-stop, day and night. Even my mom mentioned that I haven't left my room in days and asked where were all my friends? Friends? I can't tell my friends any of this! This has to be my big secret! No one can hear of this...Perhaps, only to be told many years later, at this very story site...that you're reading right now...on this internet thing of the future!

I very quickly became quite infatuated with big black cocks. I was really going crazy! At first, all my fantasies were about being taken or being made to do things with a BBC. Now, my thoughts are of me forcing myself on a BBC! It was so wrong and so dirty...and so unlike me, that it made it so hot. I knew what I wanted to experience and I knew if I waited too long, I would find a million reasons why I shouldn't. So that very next morning, I went for a walk to the corner store.

Chances are, the van won't be there anyway. And I've been working myself all up for nothing. That thought, all of a sudden, made me sad. What if he isn't there? Could I just wash this all from my mind and go back to being the boring Kathy I was before I found all my brother's magazines? That thought made me even sadder! God, I hope he's there.
As I was walking towards the area his van was parked that afternoon, I didn't see anything. So many raw emotions were running wild inside me. I felt like I lost a best friend! Tears were actually filling my eyes! What the heck is wrong with me? Those hormones!

Instead of turning around and going home to take this defeat while crying in bed, I decided to buy something to drink at the store. As I dried my eyes and stepped into the parking lot back entrance, there it was!! The luxurious van of "Smelly Van Guy"! I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life! So happy, that I didn't think twice about checking to see if the side door was open and if he was inside, asleep, or even with one of his young white girls he told me about. I gave a little knock and checked the handle and it was unlocked. It was now or never and I didn't hesitate to open up the door!

With my heart pounding loudly through my chest, I quickly opened up and there was no one inside. What was I going to do? You got it, I jumped in and shut the door behind me. He already invited me in last time so I looked at it as a long-lasting invitation. Besides, what guy wouldn't like to come back to his van and see a girl like me waiting inside! OMG! I can't believe this is really happening. I was so out of my mind that I had to touch myself to settle down, only it didn't really settle me down. It made me do something so crazy, I couldn't believe it myself!

On the floor of the van were some of his clothes I guess, and I saw a pair of black briefs and without even thinking, I grabbed it and brought it to my nose and my mouth! The smell was intoxicating! It wasn't that good but it sure wasn't that bad and my tongue came out and licked them as I inhaled them! I felt like my whole body was about to cum and I felt dizzy! I was about to panic and steal his black briefs and run home to make love to his briefs somehow! But before I could move, the driver's side door opened up and he climbed in and shut the door.

He must have sensed me because he turned around quickly, with an angry face like he didn't recognize me or thought I was robbing him or something! He squeezes through the seats and has jumped on me with a knife that he pulled from his belt and now has against my neck as he's completely on top of me, pinning me on the couch.
"You think you could keep coming back here and ripping me off. Over and over? Well, I caught you now bitch. Finally. Caught you." He was so close I could taste his breath and his eyes were burning mine. He didn't smell like booze so he must have just woken up because morning breath was definitely apparent. But I was now shaking. He must have been so ***** when he last saw me that he doesn't remember? Can this really be happening? I've never made such a huge mistake.

I tried to explain but he wasn't hearing it. And when I continued to explain, he reached down and got a scarf or something and within a second it was tied in my mouth tightly around my neck. I couldn't speak, only growling sounds which he told me to stop. And I did as he got another piece of clothing and tied my wrists together. He says, "You're lucky I hate the police as much as I do....or you'd be locked up right now for breaking and entering, trespassing, and robbery. Where's my stuff bitch?" I kept pleading with my eyes that I didn't take any of his stuff. Then he grabs me tight around the neck and asks me if I'm ready to negotiate then? I look at him and nod yes as he smiles for the first time and a feeling of relief washes through my whole body. Then he tells me not to move as he gets back up front and starts up the van.

I can see out the front windshield that he's headed for the hills that are close by. As he drives, he keeps ripping off beers he must have gotten for breakfast and by the time we get to his destination, he's drinking 4 or 5 beers. He must have been at this spot before because you can't even see it from the road and is covered in bushes and trees so we're pretty secluded. He walks right up to me and just stares down at me for a minute. I look up at him and he slowly puts a hang slowly down my face then behind my neck and pulls me forward. He tells me not to resist and he won't send me to jail and my stomach is turning inside out filled with anticipation and butterflies. I nod yes to him and he pulls my face to his crotch hard and holds me there till I can't breathe. But right then I get a whiff of what I had smelled from his boxers and it does something to me! All of a sudden, Im not in a panic and I could somehow breathe fine as I take in that sexy smelly musk from this man's dick!

Feeling the object of my desire growing harder against my whole face and inhaling his scent has turned me into an animal. I start rubbing my own face hard against him and begging for him to take the scarf out of my mouth so I can feast on his old black cock but he says he can't understand what I'm saying but he fully understands what he's doing! I've only had my mouth on one little white dick in my young life and wasn't quite sure what to do with it but this man's huge hard cock was driving me so crazy that I knew exactly what I was going to do with it if he let me! And after a few more minutes of teasing me like this, he finally started to slowly untie the knot behind my head.

I was at such an overwhelming, lustful pitch...that as soon as my mouth was free, I tried to suck and swallow his cock through the sweats he was wearing. It's like I was possessed! With my hands still tied, I reached up and pulled the waistband of his sweats down to the ground as his huge black cock sprung into view and it was a masterpiece! Just as ugly and deformed as the monster black cocks from the magazines! So menacing that I had to confront it head-on. But right then I got such a strong whiff of that manly addicting musk of his that without thinking, my nose went in search of the direct location of this magnet scent! And like a drug agent sniffing dog from the airport, I quickly found the source and waited for my reward which was rubbing my face in his balls and licking the taste like ice cream!

I wasn't even aware of what my display might have been doing to him this whole time till right that second when I heard him yelling out how he has never met such a horny white slut before and how he's never going to let me out of his sight and how he can't believe he's about to cum so quickly! I barely understood anything he was saying and right then, a gallon of hot cream was shooting all over the place in a thick stream after stream! I swear I wouldn't have believed it if I weren't seeing it with my own two eyes, which were now getting covered in hot cum!!

All of a sudden, I was so proud of what just happened! Me...this inexperienced young white girl made this seasoned veteran of sex and white girls... cum by only licking and sucking his balls!! That's only like... getting to second base, where I'm from. And I made him lose it! He sits back on the couch completely spent as I get down on the floor of that van and grab a shirt of his and begin to clean cum from my hair, face, and body! There was cum everywhere! And it must be the originating source of his musky scent. It smelled so good that I was getting high from it!

When I was cleaned up enough I turned to clean my old black partner and it seems he dozed off while waiting. I grabbed another piece of clothing off the ground and crawled over to him and was surprised how he only has a little cum on his leg and some in his nappy, out-of-control pubes. I quickly cleaned his leg and was about to wipe up his crotch when I wanted...no, I needed a good inhale from this sexiest spot on this man! He was almost snoring as I bent over with my eyes shut and guided by my nostrils to this pungent heaven. Again, a trigger went off in my lust for this black cock and I madly cleaned up the cum in his pubes and I gave his balls a complete bath in my mouth.

He woke up and tried to push me off of him but my mouth was again suctioned to his black balls! He soon gave up his fight and again, from only sucking and grinding my face into his balls, he exploded another gallon of hot cream all over the place. I was very proud once again and I asked him if he could please put his wonderful black cock inside me because I want to experience everything with him and he tells me there's time for that later. Then he admits he hasn't cum twice like that in decades, but three times he has never done. As I reach to his soft cock with hands still tied I tell him, "Oh I think I love challenges and I know I love this black cock, so let's see about that..."

This time he stands up and pulls his sweats back on and gets away from me fast saying Im trouble and Im going to break his cock. Telling me, "Later baby. I promise. I intend on getting all of that young pussy over and over again baby. Now let me take you back home so you can do me a load of laundry and come back with them all nice and clean and folded nice... then I give you this cock for as long as you want, ok baby?"

That sounded like a good plan and I was so happy and couldn't wipe the smile from my face the whole ride home. When he pulls up in front of my house I look at him and ask how did he know this was my house? He says he remembers from when I ran off a couple of weeks ago and he made sure to follow me and find out where I lived. I was overcome with joy again! I tell him that I usually do homework from after supper till bedtime and my parents rarely check up on me so I'll come back then. He says he'll be parked somewhere on the block and for me to come anytime I like. I grabbed a bag and put all his soiled clothes inside it and gave him a kiss on the cheek and went on my way.

I kept peeking out my window and he hadn't moved his van the whole time I did his laundry and ate and got ready to sneak out and see him! But that's going to be part two of this experience. If anyone wants to hear it...
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