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I don’t quite know how to start this story off, it makes my stomach fill with knots of anxiety every time I think about this moment, never mind writing it out.

I and my ex Jenny had started dating in a shared household, it was she and 7 other guys living in the house initially. One of the guys had moved out so I took his place as they needed someone to fill it asap.

When I originally moved in I didn’t know I stood a chance with Jen, we’d known each other previously in our teens but she had been dating someone back then. I’d always found her cute but we ended up in totally different circles.

About a week or two after I had moved into the shared house I noticed that two of the guys in the place had a thing for Jen, one was Luke and the other was Mark, I thought maybe Mark and Jen had something going on as they’d always get together to watch a tv series they both liked on a Friday night and now and then when I’d end up in the room or needing to get something I’d left behind they’d be under the sheets, clothed but I still thought it could be something. About a month in me and Jen were getting on well, we’d chill and watch stuff together, and was giving me subtle hints and would be eagerly waiting for me to come home from work which was such a nice feeling, imagine walking into a blonde 5' 4" package of soft olive skin, small but perky tits, an outlandishly phat ass shaped like a pear with thicc thighs. She wasn’t the hot type of girl but more of a beautiful cute type of girl, it was like hitting the jackpot for me.

After getting together we found immense comfort within each other which quickly turned towards us opening up about things we wanted to try but had never really found a person to try them with or be comfortable with in expressing them.

Our kinks together came out slowly at the very beginning but then they flowed out of us and it amazed me that this cute girl I had gotten to begin to know slowly but surely started to show me she was pretty much a degenerate freak….. which I loved. She was into a lot of the same stuff as me (I don’t want to give too much away yet) and beyond, so so far beyond. This girl would push me down paths I had only ever fantasized about. We started pretty tame with a little role play, don’t get me wrong the role play wasn’t your average secretary bullshit but more incestuous and extreme/degenerate.

She had an immense love for animals which slowly but surely would always work its way into the fantasies she would make. I’m ashamed to say with how hot and lustful sex was I’d always get too caught up in it all and I’d want nothing more than to please her ( I think this is when I started to lose control in the bedroom and the tide changed to her gaining/wanting dominance ). After some of the early tame stuff, we would always have extreme role plays, humiliation, and femdom, she would always intensely turn up the situations and she now seemed to get off on being dominant and controlling in the bedroom.

It was about here I’d noticed that our sex life had begun seeping into our normal day to day life, she’d gone from this very caring loving person to want to humiliate me without my expressed want in public and degrade me. Before our relationship, I was into cuckold porn in many forms and found myself into it, so while this should have been a bit of a warning flag for me it kind of got me off, as cliché as it is I was purely thinking with my dick.

Any and every time she’d belittle me or cause some kind of a scene in public at my expense it wouldn’t be long before she was rubbing her pussy and telling me to lick her fingers to feel and taste how wet she was. All the pain/humiliation I’d experienced just moments before would wash away with the scent or taste of her, like floodgates of degeneracy opening to wash away my conscience.

Our relationship went from being just that to me being her plaything in such a short time, only three months into our relationship and I had the biggest surprise of my life, I’d gotten home from work and headed up to my room after not finding my girlfriend in hers, upon entering she’s laying on my bed and she’s got a look on her face that lets me know she’s horny and been playing with her self. She tells me to lock the door and lay down and I do, she pulls down her trousers and I immediately catch glimpse of her soaked panties and her juices glistening on her inner thighs and immediately turn rock hard.

She kneels over my face with her pussy directly over my mouth and instructs me to start smelling her pussy before I taste it, I can’t deny that Jen’s pussy always smelled amazing. After inhaling her sweet scent she plants her wet pussy down on my face with her soaked panties and starts using my whole face to rub her wet cunt on. She pulls back and looks at me with an evil smile, and tells me she found something on my computer today.

Just like that my heart stopped, and I could only think, "she’s found my porn stash,' so I keep looking into her eyes. She mischievously asks if I have any clue as to what I thought it was? Sheepishly I manage to croak out a “no-no” and she plants her wet pussy down onto my face again as she starts moaning. I begin to hear porn playing from my computer, Jen starts laughing between moans saying how she found my porn and looked through all of it.

As hot as this moment could have been, I hadn’t planned it and my heart stopped, there was stuff in there that I had yet even to begin to talk to Jen about, I had mom-son humiliation/cuck porn with bullying/feet and foot stuff again to do with cuckolding and or bullying or mom son incestuously. Besides a lot deeper down my degenerate ways than I’d yet to admit, especially now that I was losing dominance in the bedroom.

Jen started getting even wetter as she laughed at my silence, it felt like she was scolding me and punishing me for keeping it from her as she began to snap “ I didn’t know you were so fucking depraved, I’m gonna make so many of your fantasies come true you sick fuck. “ if my heart had stopped moments prior it had now picked back up to about a thousand beats a minute. Every fiber of my body was shoveling blood into my cock making it feel like it was about to burst.

Jen loudly barked at me “I’m in a house with six guys and one pathetic loser, you want me to fuck your friends don’t you loser!?” My mind didn’t know how to react, I never thought I could feel as horny as I did at that moment, I’d conditioned myself for this through all the porn I’d watched but it was nothing compared to hearing those words spoke with such ferocity from someone you cared about so much.

Jen said even louder this time “Tell me you want to see me fucking other guys you pathetic little wimp before I open your door and scream it!“ causing me to snap back to reality knowing that maybe half the house had already heard her I didn’t dare call her on her bluff and slowly managed to muster out a distorted muffle “I want to see you fuck other guys!” as she continued to run and rub her wet cunt all over my face it was her breaking point, the total weight of her pussy now lay on my face with her convulsing after using me as a plaything.

As she got off me and I cleaned up my face, I had a million and one things in my head that I wanted to say, picking the right one was a problem though. My mouth just blurted out “That was so hot.“ to which she smiled and said in a seductive tone “we’re gonna have so much fun now you’ve given me permission to be a little *****!” Jen then sat on top of me and started making out with me pushing her tongue all around every crevice of my mouth and started undoing my jeans, I remember the moment she pulled my cock out and it touched her soaking wet pussy I almost camera there and then.

To say I was pent up was an understatement, she leaned back and looked me dead in the eye, and said “You are not allowed to cum unless I give strict permission ok !?“ taking a bit more of a stern tone at the end.

I didn’t have time to reply before she tightened her grip on my balls with one hand and “ok!!?“ I replied confirming her order and couldn’t help but feel like there was a pure ball of molten lava running around my groin from how horny I was, in the space of 45 minutes my sex life had taken a whole new level yet again that I’d never thought possible.

She brought me to the edge about three times telling me how and what she was going to do to other guys, how when we were going out next she wasn’t going to wear any underwear and let guys feel her up and how I’d be there pretending I didn’t know her watching from a distance, the last one though I’ll never forget, she had edged me twice and began to tell me how she was going turn my mother into a dirty ***** like her and how she was going to take my mother out to town with her one night and get a big group of lads to fuck them both.

She took me to blue ball hell and left me there with explicit orders not to touch myself. Considering I’d be with her the rest of the day I knew I’d have to obey, come about two hours later we were online ordering a chastity device for myself (against my will, using my own money.)

Hearing her say I wasn’t allowed to cum anymore or touch myself without her permission, my girlfriend now had the final piece of control over me, we’d talked about the idea of chastity in the past but I could only begin to think that it would be a real thing sooner than I wanted, my girlfriend was telling me she was going to fuck other guys and I’d pretty much told her I wanted it.

I guess this is just to show/say how things started. I’ll start giving more real stories soon of some of the most illicit things she did for/to me and how it all ended.

I hope you enjoyed the read, I went from more nervous to excited again by writing up the end.
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