I'm not sure if telling this will end up in some legal trouble or even the possibility of jail, but enough time has passed and it was only a local scandal. If it had been picked up nationwide, I probably wouldn't continue writing this. Perhaps, I had better start from the beginning.

My names Kathy and at the time, I was living with (who I believed to be) my soulmate Dave. We were together for almost five years in two different stints. First in High School and then again a decade later. We fell in love all over again though I believe the love never stopped. We were the new and improved couple that we were in High School and we both openly admitted that our searching or dating was over because we found each other. And soon we would marry and live happily ever after.
Well, things never go as planned, do they. Dave had gotten us into a sexual lifestyle that was unknown to me, but I went along with everything Dave suggested. And it was hot. First it was flirting with strangers in bars or anywhere really. With Dave by my side it developed into flashing strangers than even making out with some guys in our car. Dave would love it as he would take pictures and we would make love all night long, going through those hot pictures.

Then Dave introduced BBC to our games and the level of sexiness went through the roof! We purchased real life-like black dildo's and toys that we used alongside the movies and DVD's of filthy interracial porn and I was hooked fast! I began to love everything about BBC and Dave would say its just a matter of time before I will be experiencing the real thing! This stayed in the back of my head and the anticipation was getting to me. I would ask Dave (over and over) if he's sure we should take this to the next level because it was already going well and we could just keep it at this level forever. Plus, who knows what might happen afterwards and he reassured me (over and over) that everything would be fine and nothing can stop us.

This was all his doing! I never even thought of black guys or BBC's before Dave started bringing them into our bedroom through all the stories, video's and BBC online sites. My parents weren't really racist but they would disown me if they new I was secretly playing with and lusting after BBC. All my girlfriends too! The girls at work...all of them would just die. They have their prim and proper, country club lives and would completely freak if they saw my toy collection. Maybe they were all racists, I don't know.

A couple months later, we had progressed to an actual meeting with a BBC. We went on all the nasty BBC chatlines and interracial dating sites and Dave put an ad up and we waited to see if there was any interest and I was shocked at just how much interest there was! Which was so hot that Dave and I couldn't even get through them all because we would attack each other after reading only a a few of them. They were so hot! If I thought (before) that we could just go on like this without having any actual BBC contact, that sure changed that night. All the fantasy had become real with actual men with names and voices and dirty, dirty wants. And they all wanted ME!

So we went on to meet one black man and I wish I could go into detail of what we did but it turned out to be the single worse day of my life with Dave freaking out. He went from taking pictures and video and even masturbating to the action...to a jealous lunatic who threw the guy out and broke us up right on the spot! And he threw me out of the apartment and I had to go back to my parents in a complete haze of what the hell just happened. My parents were shocked as well. I would call and call Dave and he wouldn't answer any of my thousand calls. I was so hurt and out of my mind that I couldn't see that he obviously couldn't handle what he created and I had to pay for all that.

Just as I was coming to this realization and I thought the worst was behind me, Dave made it a point to let everyone know his version of what happened and with accompanying photos! Even my parents! He told everyone that he had suspicions that I had started cheating on him with a black guy and the pictures are from one night when he came home early and caught me with my black lover. Nobody believed me. Because my side was just as bad. That my boyfriend had gotten me into this kinky lifestyle and I met up with a BBC to fuck. Much better. I was holding no cards and pretty much let Dave paint this picture of me around town. I fell into a deep whole of depression and guilt and anger. I had to get out of there.

Two months later, I left all that behind me and got a nice apartment near the woods with mountains and a lake and nice people...even got a job at the local market within five minutes! Things were looking bright. Quite lonely, but it was a new start and I was on the road to better days. One thing for sure...As the smoke was clearing from my last sexual experience, I began to finally THINK about my last sexual experience and how incredibly hot and insane it was, right up to the part where asshole ex through his little fit. I remember holding that big black cock in my hand for the first time. Bringing it to my lips and kissing the dripping black cockhead. Tasting how sweet his pre-cum was. When he put his hands in my hair and guided my mouth up and down his fat black cock. The scent that was intoxicating. His big sagging black balls that I took in my mouth like I've been doing it all my life when in reality, I've only done a handful of times. With the lack of a man in my life at the present, these dirty memories were getting me through my lonely nights.

It was becoming an obsession again. I was rubbing myself to climax three times a day with thoughts of black cocks and black men and being taken and used and death to my ex. No, I never thought of the asshole again. One thing I knew I needed...my toys! Within three working days my package arrived at my front door from my latest online purchase. Delivered in an unmarked box. Better days have definitely arrived. Some people just have the worse luck!

I was driving around, trying to familiarize myself with my new neighborhood when I could hear sirens in the distance. I haven't even seen a police car since I've been up here. I was already at a stop light so, I couldn't move and just waited for the commotion to go by. Looking through my side view mirror, I see a police car attempting the pit maneuver on the vehicle it was chasing, only the move sent both cars into a violent turn over crash and it happened so close to me! I was just staring through my little mirror not knowing what to do. All of a sudden, a black man with a gun gets in the passenger side of my car and has an enormous sized pistol pointing at my face and tells me, "Drive! Now bitch!" I was still in shock as I floored the gas pedal and almost wrecked through the intersection. Another two or three police cars approached just as we sped by.

I was terrified and tears started to run down my face as the gravity of the situation was becoming clear. I asked where did he want to be dropped off and he yells back at me, "Drop me off? They're gonna be everywhere looking for me bitch! Take me to your place, fast and shut up and let me think! Those fucking pigs were trying to kill me!" I asked him what did he do and he jabbed the gun in my side and told me to drive and shut up again.

When we parked behind my building a few blocks away, I was sure someone would see us and hopefully call the police because neighbors have always been out when I parked. He jabbed the gun back in my side and grabbed a good amount of hair in the other hand and demanded I take us quickly to my place. As we're walking by other apartments we can hear every television echoing the live broadcast of the scene I just left. That's why no one noticed us walking by. As soon as we were in my apartment, he put the gun in his belt and grabbed the remote to watch the same live broadcast. But he didn't let go of my hair. The news reporter was giving me some good information about my abductor as he held me up close to him and he inadvertently kept pulling my hair back tighter.

Flashed across the screen: Suspect Escaped From Courtroom Downtown, Beat a guard and stole his gun, possibly has hostage and has a very violent background of gangs and drug dealing and is a suspect in two other murders. To which he kept saying, "Lies, lies. Their gonna fry me if they catch me." I didn't realize he was just talking to himself. I thought he was talking to me so when I asked him why are they saying these things if they're not true, he got real angry and said, "Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up! Damn white girls never listen! But you're gonna learn to listen to me bitch!"

I know I should have been really scared, but I wasn't. For the first time of this terrifying, horrible situation.....I wasn't feeling like a victim. Something about his hunger for everything really, was affecting me differently. I'm sure he hasn't been with a woman in some time. I could feel his breathing on my neck. All my fantasies lately were almost identical to what was really happening! Then when he said, " I should give you a good spanking like your daddy had to give you hundreds of times when you were a little bitch, Cuz you a disrespectful girl.....always mouthing off and in trouble.....huh girl..."

I knew my response right there, at that moment...could define this entire adventure. Could change how he handles things from here on in. Or handles me. "I wasn't always in trouble. I was a good girl most of the time." Then he let go of my hair. Allowing me to move my head and turn to look at him. Neither of us said a word. Our eyes spoke in volumes. Even slightly smiling to one another. The impossible connection was made! Which was instantly broken by the sirens driving right by my apartment and skidding tires. Then more sirens. It sounded like a manhunt was definitely the order of the day.

He says, "Don't move!" as he ran to the window to see the action out front and I just stood there in place. Finally getting a chance to fully view my captor. Very impressive. He takes the gun from his waist as he peers through the curtains and I realize there's a nice distance between us and all his attention is elsewhere.... Maybe I'm his first hostage or something but I could probably make a dash for the back door or even climb out a window like any good captive girl would do, but I wouldn't think of it. I just started getting the dirtiest, kinky thoughts about this man and what he could give me.

It seemed like a few minutes before he turned and looked at me and had this expression on his face like he was shocked I was still there, telling me that it looks like they're going door to door asking and searching peoples apartments. He started to panic so I went to him and I told him to go and hide in the shower and if they come here, I'll tell them I'm alone. He says, "And why would you do that for me bitch.... You're gonna tell them where I am and I'm gonna shoot up the place!"
"Look, I promise. I don't want anybody getting hurt. You're just gonna have to trust me....or have a shootout in my apartment and probably get killed. Its up to you....and if you must, I prefer slut to bitch..." He gave me this half smile, distrusting look and waved the gun at me as he walked towards my bathroom. Here was another moment of truth. This can all be over quickly if I tell them the truth. If I cover for this criminal.... I may get a reward and he'll feel indebted to me.

I hear some pounding on my front door. I was about to put on the performance of a lifetime! I open up and a cop was already walking away and just turns real quick and tells me to lock all the doors and windows and to stay inside till another officer comes to tell me its clear. That was it? I guess if I was really captive I would've ran to him in horror. Since I didn't, they assumed I was safe.

I go to the bathroom and tap on the door. "Hello...um....Police. Come out with your hands up!" He comes out with a smile on his face and says, "You really are bad. You'll be getting that spanking soon enough..." Then I made a quick turn and stuck my butt out to him and when he tried to give me a slap, I quickly pulled back in and he completely missed my butt! I started laughing as he began to chase me around the living room and kitchen. I didn't know where this was going, but I'm going to make the best of it. I know where I wanted it to go... and I always knew that if he gets harmful in a way I cant handle, all I have to do is open my front door and the police can grab him.

I know this sounds insane but you have to remember what I just went through back home and being in my new environment where nobody knew me, kind of gave me the liberty to get lost in this. After my ex teaching me all about the forbidden fruit, then letting me taste the forbidden fruit, then casting me away to hell. This could be the "Fuck You" revenge to everyone back home. Not to mention I haven't had any sexual contact in months. I was getting caught up in this wild fantasy that was chasing me around my apartment. I deserve it and so does everyone back home.

I wanted another taste and this time, it was going to be on my terms. I was going to have this fun. Especially when there's absolutely no future in this. This fantasy man will be back in jail soon and that's it. Talk about no strings attached! What, am I going to fall in love and be on the run with him being chased by every law enforcement agency? This isn't a movie. This is just a horny girl looking for a little redemption and hoping to get a little sexual gratification to come along with it. This BBC situation just fell in my lap and the alternative is a scary shootout in my apartment so....as insane as it might sound, what would you honestly do in the same situation?

I was just about to let him catch me when he dove over my coffee table and tackled me on my couch. I completely surrendered to him. When he had me pinned and we were at a standoff, just staring into each others eyes....it was me who brought my mouth to his and it was me who started kissing and it was me who gave him my tongue. His kiss was rough and out of control, which I guess you would expect from a guy who escaped police and kidnapped a young, pretty white girl who is trying to seduce you?

He cuts off our kiss and tells me that if I think this kiss is going to get me out of my butt whooping, I am very wrong. In one quick swoop, he gets up and lifts me up with him and twirls us around sitting back down with me perfectly positioned on my stomach right over his lap. Either he's a magician, a professional swing dancer or he does this everyday because that move was unbelievable! I was about to jokingly tell him that when all I could say was "Ouch! Ouch! Stop it! Ouch!" He wasn't playfully spanking me...He was hurting me as if I was being punished! He tells me that evrytime I get out of line, I will get 20 spanks. Then he orders me to start counting off spanks starting now at one. But he's already spanked me five or six times! And hard! When I tell him this he says he's going to double it to forty if I don't start counting now. So I do.

So far, this hasn't gone quite as I planned. I like it rough but this was beyond that... and I was almost crying. And by the time I got to twenty(more like 30), I was. He stopped spanking and it was dead quiet for a minute. Still slightly crying, I just got up and went to my room, slamming the door and pouting on my bed like a spoiled, upset teenager.

He soon came and tapped on the door saying, "Hello....This is the police again. Come out with your hands in the air." That was cute and almost had me laughing. Instead I told him that I cant put my hands in the air because they're rubbing my burning, aching butt. He slowly walked in the room telling me that I knew I was being bad and I knew I was getting a spanking and if I get out of line again, now I know what to expect. He lay down behind me on the bed(spooning)saying he was sorry and cuddling up to me. I could feel his hot breath on me once again and my spoiled act was fading fast.

With me still rubbing my burning buns, he says, "Here...Let me help. Just relax and I'll make it all better." He nudged me so now I was laying on my stomach and he got up and scooted down to where he was now sitting on on my calves and he started to rub my butt as I was. But his rubbing felt a lot different than when I was doing it. The same rough hands that spanked me so hard are now the same hands that are so sweetly and softly caressing my butt. It wasn't just soothing my butt...he was soothing my soul. I was getting wet again. And involuntarily lifting my hips up to him. And when I heard myself moan, he turned into an animal and quickly pulled down my shorts and panty and dove his mouth and tongue everywhere in me from behind. I screamed instantly and he just kept eating me out like I've never been eaten before! I was in ecstasy from the first moment and there was no let up in my black convict. I must have cum ten times from his vigorous attack of my drenched pussy and ass!

I couldn't take anymore and thought I was about to pass out when he finally stopped licking me and I felt him getting off the bed. I couldn't even turn around. I just lay there trying to get my baring's back when I felt him on the bed again and at the same place he was, sitting on my calves. I didn't know or care what was happening as I was in Climax Heaven and barely getting my breath back.

Then, I had to bury my head in my pillow to keep me from screaming again because his huge super-fat black cock busted by my pussy lips entry way and ****** its way deep inside me! I came instantly but this felt different from the others I just had. This one had me speaking in tongues and completely losing my mind!!! And it seemed to never end! I had never had anything so big and fat inside me! The mere size was stretching every nerve into orgasm! He kept pounding me from behind and I was on another planet. A cum filled planet that I never wanted to return from!

This had to be why Dave freaked out months back. Why he ultimately couldn't handle it. Because he knew that any girl on the planet, experiencing this BBC feeling could never return to a life she once knew. Everything would change. I don't know how many minutes, hours or days he was pounding my tight white pussy but all of a sudden he grunts and fills me with gallons and gallons of burning hot cum. I think I really did pass out for a few moments. He was collapsed on top of me and I was in heaven and getting squished. I could barely breathe but I didn't care, I could have stayed there till my last breath and I would've been happy!

He finally rolled off and onto his back and I heard, "Why don't you go shower off." And like a robot or sexed zombie in a BBC trance, I didn't even speak, I just walked to the shower. The water started to wake me a little and halfway through the shower I was almost back to somewhere near normal. I finally didn't feel cum dripping down my thighs anymore so that was good. I was just about to turn the water off when the curtain was pulled aside and my convict came into my tiny shower. And that triggered something in me that I've never felt. I don't know what it was but he asked me if I was done and going to leave and I looked into his eyes and said, "Not a chance baby" and I got on my tippy toes so I could kiss this god. As our lips met, my hand went down to the object that has changed everything! That I want to be dependent on. Daily, if not hourly! I was lovingly grateful, I think.

I turned him around so the stream of hot water was splashing his chest and I stood behind him, messaging his strong arms and shoulders in soap. He was so big I tried to get a look at his masterful cock but couldn't. Finally (from behind him)I lathered my hand and reached around to wash his cock. When I first touched it, I almost melted on the spot. It hung halfway down his thigh and though it was so soft, it was thick and solid. And within a few seconds of my touch, his cock started to grow again. I told him, "Oh my god...I'm sorry but I need to be introduced to your black cock personally. Right now...." and I got out of the shower and took his hardening cock in my hand and pulled him to the room by his cock leash. I led him(BTW)walking backwards because I couldn't take my eyes off his King Cock in my hand! It was truly magnificent!

I tossed him down on his back on my bed and quickly climbed up on him and now I was sitting on him, on his thighs. I had two hands on his cock and just staring in awe as I slowly jerked on it. Mind you, this entire time there are still helicopters circling overhead and sirens blurring...the electricity and power between us had drowned out the "real life" noises all around us. And right before my true introduction to this lovely cock, a pounding on the door proved there still was a "real life" that ruled over our fantasy world. His eyes bulged out in fear as he ran to his gun and I told him to leave the gun and hurry back inside the shower. He returned to his "real life" ways and told me he'll shoot everyone if they come in. He gave me that same distrusting look from before and I was kind of insulted after the things we've done since I saw that look.

I was naked with no time to dress so I thru on a robe and tied it on just as I opened the door and stopped the pounding. A different cop was at the door and he wasn't walking off with a quick message. This one was more at tentative. "What took you so long to answer the door, mam? Are you alone here? Are you aware of the situation at hand miss? We're looking for an evil, very bad man. A child molester."

"Child molester? I didn't hear that on the news? He's a child molester?" I asked him.

"So you have been watching...Yes mam. He's not the kind of person you'd want around." He now was scanning my body and seeing my state of dress and I can only imagine how my hair must look. And the way he looked at me as if he knew what I've been up to this last hour. I started to slightly panic. Am I paranoid or is a child molester in my shower? I was shaking as the officer asked me if I'd like him to come in for a while and that smirk on his face gave away his true intentions.

I said, "No thank you. Are you guys gonna keep making rounds before you leave? I would really appreciate it. I hope you guys catch him."

"Yes mam. I'll come back personally to check up on you. Maybe take you to dinner if you don't have any plans?"

"That might be inappropriate, officer. But.... Thank you..." and I shut the door. When I turned around, he was standing there completely naked like a bronzed god. It looked like his marvelous cock needed me as much as I needed it, so I walked right to him and got down on my knees. I looked up to him as I grabbed his cock in one hand and guided it into my mouth. If he would have me... If he would take me away with him... I would love doing this for him every minute of every day. I got so incredibly turned on at that moment that I could actually feel moisture running down my thigh.

His cock started to really grow and I wondered how much longer I can keep sucking him. Right when he says to me that he's going to "Fuck the life out of me" I have what feels like a heart attack as the loudest crashing sound takes over the whole room and there's even smoke and a smell of explosion and before I can even attempt to understand what's going on, I'm pushed off and away from the greatest cock I will probably ever know and there are uniforms and rifles and it seems like a thousand screaming cops rushing by me and tackling my black god to the floor.

All the commotion was too much for me and I started to uncontrollably cry and I wasn't quite sure why? Was it because this ordeal is over and the police have their man or was it because this ordeal was over and they took away the cock of my dreams. Maybe it was a little of both. I was getting some disapproving looks by most of the police officers and thought it must be my paranoia again but then I heard them talking about arresting me too for Aiding and Abetting! What? I tried to tell them that I had no choice and I was ****** when the cop in charge says they've been watching and listening for a while through these tiny cameras that fit under doors and through open windows and it sounded a little different to them from what I'm saying now. They told me they found him through the license plate of the car he took in the street. Mine.

I didn't know what to say. I just stuck to my guns as they pull my naked lover away whos yelling at me and calling me a liar and a bitch again... So loud all the neighborhood can hear. All the way till he's in the back of the car yelling that I'm lying and a slut that seduced him and I wanted it more than he did and on and on. I guess it would be too hard to prove because they didn't arrest me though in the courts of my new neighborhood, I was guilty as charged. What are the chances of a person being run out of two different towns all for the same reason?
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