51914101919_8316245bde.jpgI wrote previously about my wife and her married friend Darla and a couple of oil field workers they met in a club on their shopping weekend in San Antonio. My wife thought that weekend was it, but she didn't know that Darla had kept in contact with them ever since. She had been trying to arrange another tryst with them for months but it there was always a conflict of one kind or another and it was a good seven months before she was finally able to see the way to another get together.

She told my wife her plan. Darla had a very good friend from college she hadn't seen in a long time. She lived in Houston and was getting married again near the end of the upcoming month to what would be her third husband. She had been in contact with their oil field guys ever since that weekend and both guys were hot to hook up with her and my wife again. It just so happened they were going to be off during the week prior to the wedding.

Darla's hubby would be gone out of state for training and she figured I wouldn't want to spend a whole week of my vacation time for a wedding when I didn't even know the people involved, so it was the perfect opportunity to claim they were going to combine some shopping in the big city, hang out with her old friend, help with her wedding preps, and attend the wedding. My wife had her doubts... she wasn't sure she wanted to hook up with them again, wasn't really interested in attending a wedding, and since Houston was only three hours from where we lived, thought an entire week away like that carried too much risk of raising questions and getting caught.

Darla had been trying to make something happen for months so she wasn't about to give up on the plan and set about trying to persuade my wife, even badgering her into going if that is what it took to convince her. She almost ran out of time but in the end she eventually got her way. They told me they planned to leave early on a Monday morning, stay for some shopping, wedding activities, and just general hanging out, and drive home Friday evening after the wedding.

My wife knew full well I'd decline to go, so she told me I was welcome to come along but would understand if I wasn't interested and didn't want to use my vacation time. She said since I'd be working all those days while they were gone and have to watch the kids at night, I'd barely have time to miss her. I had no reason to be suspicious and was actually relieved that she didn't push me to go with her so I gave her my blessing for the trip. I even agreed to pay half the hotel bill for her and her friend Darla to share a room, Darla's hubby making up the other half.

I'd have never guessed or even imagined that I'd also be paying for their fuck buddies. It was quite a shock, though I can't now say an unpleasant one, to learn recently that my wife told them that since their husbands were paying for the hotel room they were going to need to wear the beds out.

One of the guys responded with something like “Baby, we're not only going to wear the beds out, we're going to wear those married pussies out too.”

Darla replied, “We're going to take that as a promise, so you'd better be up to it.”

Darla and my wife had agreed before they left that this was probably going to be the only time they could get away for several days like this so they needed to make the most of it. If they wanted to try something new they would try it, if they had fantasies it was possible to experience they would indulge them, and they would do their best to help the guys live out their fantasies, but no scat, no golden showers, and no ass to mouth.

When they checked into the motel they told the desk clerk that their husbands would be coming later in the afternoon and instructed him to give them their room number and send them up. They weren't waiting long before the guys showed up and were hot to get started. The wives had brought a couple bottles of vodka with them and had already started drinking before they arrived and were ready to go too.

They started making out and soon both Darla and my wife were kneeling side by side sucking cock. But this time they were all together in one room and it wasn't long before they guys wanted to sample each other's girl, so they told the wives to switch so they could determine which one was the best cocksucker. They agreed it was my wife and even Darla concurred.

The guys didn't want to cum before they'd had some pussy, and OOW (the other oilfield guy from the first trip) pleaded that he would be cumming down my wife's throat shortly if she didn't stop - and he wanted to fuck her. They had welcomed the guys into the room dressed in mini skirts, hose, and heels, and were still dressed when they were pulled up to the bed on their backs, again, side by side. Their pantyhose were crotchless and they must have looked sexy and beautiful with their skirts up to their waists and their cum fuck me heels in the air as they welcomed those hot cocks back into their married cunts.

After everyone had cum at least once the girls said they'd spent a lot of time getting dressed and putting their makeup on, so how about getting out and about before they settled down in the room for the night. One of the guys drove, while the other was in the back seat with both wives, making out, getting his cock sucked, and fingering pussy. OW was driving and said he knew where there was a good adult bookstore with gloryholes, asked if the wives had ever been to one –they hadn't-- and if they'd like to check it out –they would.

The place was pretty crowded for a Monday afternoon and they had to wait a bit for an empty booth. The booths were too small for four people so they split up. OW stood and fed quarters into the video player while my wife sat and sucked his cock, and before long, there was a cock poking through the gloryhole and he told her he wanted to see her suck it. The guy didn't last long at all and OW slipped quickly out of the booth and told a very embarrassed guy to pass the word around that there was a wife in the booth sucking cock.

Word apparently did get around because it wasn't long before another cock was poking through the hole and my wife was sucking strange cock number two. Darla meanwhile was taking care of the line up in another booth. My wife lost track of time sucking cock after cock for so long that OW had to leave the both three times to get more quarters for the video player. At one point he started inviting a guy here and there into the booth and watched him fuck my wife while she took care of cocks at the gloryhole. She doesn't know now how many cocks she sucked or even how many fucked her but she does know she swallowed a lot of cum. When pressed she says probably 4 different guys fucked her and she must have sucked at least 20 cocks.

When they finally left her jaws were sore, her stomach was queasy, and she felt completely debauched and degraded, a feeling she didn't particularly care for. Darla hadn't taken as much cock but she was also feeling used and unloved and they both wanted to just go back to the motel room and soak in the tub for awhile. It was quiet in the car on the way back and a little awkward since they only had one room and they asked the guys to go entertain themselves while they took the room and recovered.

They soaked in the tub keeping the water nice and hot, and considered if they'd let things go too far and should ask the guys to leave. They decided what was done was done, wouldn't be repeated, and they would stay and do what they'd been planning to do and agreed to, but they'd take it easy for the rest of the night. The guys returned, they all went to dinner, then came back to the room, drank and made out and fell asleep. My wife had gone to sleep with OW but woke up to him and Darla in the next bed and OOW in bed with her. When he saw she was awake he began sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy while she watched her friend making love right across from her.

When they finished Darla looked over at my wife and told her it was their turn to watch her and her new lover, and for the rest of the week they both kept their new partners. They had all slept late and by the time they'd finished it was time for lunch. They went out for the afternoon shopping, the guys watching them try on clothes.

A salesgirl at one store asked if the husbands had any thing they'd like to see on their wives and Darla shocked everyone by saying, “Oh honey, our husbands are back home working to pay the rent, these are our boyfriends.”

At the next store she asked if their husbands could come back to their dressing room so they didn't have to keep coming back out into the store every time they tried on something new. This time the salesgirl was shocked when she brought something for my wife to try on to the dressing room and found her riding her 'husband's' cock. My wife told her to just put it on the hook and she'd try it on after she'd tried the clothes she already had. The salesgirl was clearly flustered by took it all in stride. As they left my wife told her "Sorry, we're on our honeymoon, it's all a little new.”

That night at the motel the guys asked the girls to put on a show for them and they did. They made out, sucked each other tits, fingered each other, and finally ate each other's pussy's for the first time. OOW fucked my wife while she ate Darla's pussy and the OW fucked Darla while she ate my wife. That drove the guys nuts and they asked to see it over and over again throughout the week.

The next night they guys took turns DPing and spit-roasting them and watching them do each other in between fucks while they recovered for the next round. The night after that when my wife called I had no idea both guys were taking turns in her ass while we talked and she told me how much her and Darla appreciated being able to take their trip, how much they were enjoying themselves, and how much she loved me.

Their last night together they went out clubbing and the girls drew a crowd making out with each other in the club. Back at the motel things were really heating up and OOW told my wife he loved her as they fucked.

She responded with something like “Oh, baby, I love you too, let's make love together.”

He asked her, “What about your husband?”

“I love him too, but he can't make love to me like you do.”
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